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Adidas Nmd R1 Casual Sneakers

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Adidas NMD R1 Shoes Review and unboxing

At its core, adidas has always been an innovator. A quality it no doubt adopted from its founding father, Adi Dassler. In 1924, he set out with a dream of providing athletes with the best possible equipment to help them thrive in their given sports. Olympic Gold medalists like Lina Radke and Jesse Owens wore his shoes and represented his first major achievements. He started off in a small town in Bavaria, Germany making shoes in his mothers laundry room. It just so happens that laundry room would be his launching pad to reach the world.

The Upper Design And Fit

Unlike some adidas shoes with their tendon-crushing uppers, the NMD_R1s upper has a snug but an easy-going fit.

The mesh is soft with a smooth interior, and that applies to the midfoot too there are no stiff overlays. A subtle three-stripes branding is applied via thin, fused layering. So if youre wary of the UltraBoost OGs plastic cage, the NMD proves to be a better choice.

As mentioned earlier, the collar doesnt have the knit band of the NMD OG. In its place are a foam-quilted heel lining and a piped collar with interlocking.

Its not hard to get in and out of the sock-like upper the long pull tab helps too. A rigid heel clip with the classic adidas Trefoil logo acts as a heel counter.

The laces arent very functional. It just makes sense to leave them tied and then use the NMD_R1 as a slip-on shoe. There are only three lacing rows and cinching them tight will only cause creases on the tongue.

But then, the NMD is a casual sneaker so theres no loss of function here the bootie upper feels secure enough during walking or standing.

Even though the NMD_R1s upper is more spacious than many adidas models, youre better off going true-to-size here. If you end up with extra room, itll come in handy after a long day after your feet swells in size.

Three Stripes The Charm

Theres a certain magic to the number three. Theres three bases before you make it home in baseball. Perhaps one of your favorite movie series is a trilogy. Even Genies are supposed to grant you three wishes. But, since no one is carrying their adidas shoes around rubbing them like some mystical lamp, what makes the classic three stripes so magical? The answer is simplicity. Dassler put stripes to begin with to merely bind the shoe together after construction. Something that started out as a fundamental necessity to making the shoe, became the thing that would one day define it. Today, the classic three stripes stand as one of retails most recognizable and prestigious symbols, proving adidas to be the embodiment of the notion that less truly is more.

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Is The Adidas Nmd R1 Durable

You can rest assured that nothing is even going to happen to NMDs Boost cushioning. Weve been reviewing shoes with Boost midsoles for over five years now, and we havent come across even a single instance of the midsole failing.

Theres no Continental rubber here so you wont get the above-average outsole lifespan. At the same time, the NMD_R1s rubber is durable enough to give you around 350 400 miles of useful life.

The upper is all mesh, but there have been no issues reported on the NMD_R1.

Shoes Similar To The Adidas Nmd R1


Theres an extended family of NMDs which use the same midsole but with different upholstery.

The NMD R1 Primeknit, as its name suggests, has a stretchy knit upper. Also, if you want the ribbed collar of the original NMD Boost, youll find it on the Primeknit version.

There are a couple of Primeknit variations with minor differences. Among others, theres one with a midsole color gradient and another with a graffiti-inspired design.

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