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Back To The Future Sneakers

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Opens To Everyone

Nikes limited edition self-lacing Back to the Future shoes

Considered one of the greatest innovations in sneaker history and a marvel of pop cultural artifact, the Nike Mags first captured attention as a movie prop, developed by designer Tinker Hatfield and Nike CEO Mark Parker almost three decades ago, in response to director Robert Zemeckis request for a futuristic set of sneakers to use in the 1989 sequel, set in the year 2015. Sothebys global head of e-commerce Noah Wunsch says that 30 years later, the shoes still capture attention. Its a seminal film, and it is the concept of the future. are just amazing to see. They are literally innovation in sneakers they have a mechanism that recognizes your foot to tie the laces itself. Its amazing! he tells The Hollywood Reporter.

Wunsch says they created the auction collection by gathering extremely rare sneakers. The Nike Mags, which took 10 years to develop before being made available to the public, first in 2011 without the automatic laces, and then in 2016 with them, were hard to get from the get-go. Only 1,500 pairs of first-generation Mags went on sale on eBay in 2011, to help raise funds for the Michael J. Fox Foundation and Parkinsons research. The shoes found fans in the likes of Kid Cudi, L.A. Lakers player Anthony Davis and British rapper Tinie Tempah, who bought a pair for $38,000. Only 89 pairs of the self-lacing shoes were created and released in 2016. The pair worn by Seth Rogan at the 2017 Oscars were a prototype, according to Wunsch.

You Can Now Buy Marty Mcflys Nike Air Mag Sneakers From Back To The Future Ii

In 1989, Robert Zemeckis directed Back to the Future II, a sequel to the 1985 feature film, starring actor Michael J. Fox as . Another object of desire that did some time travel, the Nike Air Mag sneakers, worn by the actor himself in the film, were auctioned on eBay in June 2018 for $ 92,100. When arrives in 2015, he discovers a number of technological creations, including drones, smart glasses and videoconferences … most of which are now available to the general public. Among them, self-lacing sneakers, soon on sale by Nike, having once again generated public excitement. To celebrate the release of this new gadget, an exceptional sale is organized on eBay and the star product is none other than the Nike Air Mag sneakers, estimated at $ 59,999. A luxurious gift idea for Sci-Fi lovers.

Nike Air Mag sneakers

Back To The Future Shoes

Over a decade after it first appeared in Back to the Future Part II, an animated bear mascot was seen rocking a pair in the music video for Kanye Wests Good Morning. One year later, Kobe Bryant pulled up to UNDFTD LA in a Delorean, and stepped out wearing McFly Hyperdunks. While not exact replicas, Bryants eye-popping kicks touted the original MAG colourway. Nike subsequently teased a Back to the Future-themed Hypermax, but the silhouettes never came to fruition.

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Nike Mag Back To The Future 2011

Since germinating the idea from a few years back, Nike introduces the MAG, and produces 1500 replicas of the original Back to the Future sneaker. All those shoes were auctioned off to charity, and Nike raised at this time $5.695 millions for Parkinsons Research. You can probably find a pair on the resale market if youre in luck, but be prepared to dish out anywhere from $7500 to $10,000 US.

What Is The Big Dither About Those Shoes You Might Wonder

Nike to Sell Back to the Future 2 Shoes This Year

They are the foremost match of shoes ever produced that would lace themselves, and they light up deoxyadenosine monophosphate well. They were produced specifically for the movie, in which adolescent Marty travels to 2015 using a scientists clock time machine. The master couple that Michael J. Fox wore in 1989 in the sequel sold for a whopping $ 92,100 in the summer of 2018, and the proceeds from the sale went to Michael J. Fox Parkinson s disease foundation. For those who don triiodothyronine know, Michael J. Fox, the beloved actor that played Marty Mcfly was diagnosed with Parkinson second disease in 1991, not long after the third Back to the Future was released. He created the foundation that carries his name, and the money is used to promote inquiry in order to find a cure, and help with the treatment of those in indigence.

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Nikes Back To The Future Sneakers

The name of these shoes is Nike Air Mag in the Back to the Future movie, but Nikes limited edition is called Nike Power Laces, they made their appearance on the big screen in the movie Back to the Future II when the character of Marty McFly wore them to move to 2015, and one of the most amazing features of these shoes is its function to tie itself.

Since then it became a cultural icon and its climb to fame began. It wasnt until 2011 that Nike decided to bring them to life with their first edition, also since their release they announced their partnership with the Michael J. Fox Center for Parkinsons Research.

In its first edition the company produced only 1500 pairs and all were auctioned for charity on eBay, the sale raised almost 10 million dollars in just 10 days and all these profits helped to finance the work of the foundation. In fact thanks to this success Nike decided to release the subsequent 2016 editions but this time with only 89 pairs and with electric laces. And then a last redesigned version that saw the light in 2019.

Currently these shoes are not for sale as they were special editions and can only be purchased from private collectors, the price is not defined because being a collectors product the seller is who usually set the price.

Nike Announces ‘back To The Future’ Sneakers

While we were busy whining on Twitter about the sad lack of hoverboards and flying cars in the real 2015, Tinker Hatfield was hard at work making sure at least one of Back to the Future Part II‘s predictions came true. The shoe designer promised last year that self-tying Nike Mags would become a reality in 2015, and as of today Back to the Future Day, in case you some how hadn’t heard he’s made good on his word.

See Michael J. Fox with the very first pair of Back to the Future sneakers with self tying laces after the jump. Or, if your tastes run a little more retro, find out where you can get 1985 Nike Bruins like the ones Marty McFly sports before he upgrades to the Mags.

Update from Editor Peter Sciretta: After the jump you can now watch Michael J. Fox try on Nike’s self-lacing sneakers for the first time, and then later in the day, demonstrate them on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Angie’s original story from October 21st 2015 follows:

Speculation that today might bring an announcement about Back to the Future sneakers began when Nike tweeted the following at Fox yesterday.

. see you tomorrow.

Today, Fox revealed what that cryptic message had been about.

The letter I received from Tinker today. Thanks

Michael J. Fox

Here is a transcript of the letter so you don’t hurt your eyes:

Hey Michael,

As you well know, innovation never stops at Nike so we’re excited about what lies ahead for this idea. We know if you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything.

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Nike Mag 2016 Version

This time around, Nike only produced 89 pairs of the new and improved Back to the Future MAG. They introduced the Adaptive Fit technology, which is another term for Power laces.

What this does is that it senses the motion of the person wearing them and either release or tighten the laces accordingly. Since there are so few models of this version on the market, if you do get your hands on a pair, they go for around 24K, and they were pairs that sold for up to 50K.

Who Designed These Sneakers

‘Back To The Future’ Sneakers Sell For Over $100,000 | CNBC

These sneakers were designed by the college athlete Tinker Hatfield, he graduated in architecture and started working for Nike but in the department of design of stands for fairs until one day the same brand organized a design contest that only lasted 24 hours and Tiker was the winner of the event.

Despite having no experience in this type of design he managed to stand out above the rest for his futuristic vision, after winning the contest his role within the company changed and then in 1985 he joined the Nike footwear design where he created the Nike Air Jordan and the Air Mag, 2 of the most popular and well known sneakers of the brand.

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Why Are The Funds From The Purchase Of These Shoes Going To Parkinsons Research

The Michael J. Fox Foundation was born in 2000 after it was publicly revealed that Michael J. Fox was diagnosed with Parkinsons at the age of 29. The stated goal of this foundation is to find a cure for this disease, currently the organization seeks to accelerate its research process to try to get an effective cure as quickly as possible, although this is not an easy task.

Parkinsons disease is a chronic degenerative brain disease which affects approximately 5 million people worldwide, this disease is classified as a movement disorder and whose symptoms progress over time, but also often has other effects such as depression, cognitive impairment, excessive fatigue, pain and digestive problems.

Currently the treatments that exist to treat this disease only mask these effects and tend to lose efficacy over time and do not delay the progression of the disease, making the search for a cure even more important.

Go Back To The Future & Shop The Best Of The Franchise

For the uninitiated, October 26 won’t mean much except perhaps the fact that Halloween is fast approaching and we’re in the depths of fall. For Back to the Future fans, however, this day in October will be remembered as the one on which Doc Brown made his very first time-leap. Non-fans of the ’80s movie, don’t switch off just yet. Back to the Future ‘s legacy has brought us some pretty dope offshoots a whole range of Nike sneakers inspired by the franchise being one of them.

From the ultra-rare MAG replica shoe to the Nike “Vandal” donned by Doc throughout the films, these cinematic sneakers are available to shop now at sneaker and streetwear marketplace GOAT.

Shop the Back to the Future-inspired Nike sneakers at GOAT.

Nike MAG “Back to the Future”

Nike Mag “Back To The Future”

The ultimate Back to the Future shoe. Nike pretty much introduced the possibility of self-lacing shoes with this silhouette via the sci-fi film, and ever since, the market longed for its reality. In 2011, it finally happened. Well, kind of. 1500 pairs of the MAG silhouette dropped, albeit without the self-lacing technology, with proceeds going to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. In 2016, we finally got a fully-fledged self-lacing edition, but it comes at a cost.

Adapt BB “Nike Mag”

Vandal High Supreme “Doc Brown”

Vandal High Supreme “Doc Brown”

AlphaDunk “Hoverboard”

SB Dunk Low “Marty McFly”

SB Dunk Low ‘Marty McFly’

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Tfnyct Back To The Future Shoes 2 Light Up Led Shoes Fabric Fashin Sneakers High Top Light Up Sneakers Men Boys

  • Rubber sole
  • ãAdvantageã: The Back to the Future Shoes features a buckle and the Premium stretch cloth and skid-proof rubber out-sole, this will provides you a endurable and safe wearing experience.The unique and amazing design sneakers make you looks more cool and catch all eyes on you.
  • ãUSB Rechargeableã: Each pair of Back to the Future Shoes contains a cable without charger. It is easy to recharge the shoes with USB cable, you can charge any place where you can connect the USB interface. It takes about 1-2 hours to complete the charge. It can be recharge by power bank, mobile phones, computer etc, safe and convenience.
  • ãSpecial Giftã: Back to the Future Shoes is In order to let you have a good shopping experience, we have customized a gift for you
  • ãGreat Choiceã: The colorful Back to the Future Shoes are perfect for the club, party or a night out occasion, also it will be a nice present for kids, lovers, friends and yourself for birthday, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day and other celebration. Please believe that everyone will like them and we will let you enjoy the perfect shopping experience.
  • ãNoteã: Please contact us if you have any questions, we are always thereï¼Due a product with battery, air traffic control, time of arrival is likely to exceed the delivery date, those who mind do not buy!

La Franquicia Back To The Future Se Convirti En Cine De Culto Para Millones Alrededor Del Mundo Creando Tendencia Sobre Objetos Tan Sencillos Como Un Par De Sneakers

Nike Mag Back to the Future

Hace 33 años, para ser más específico un 3 de julio de 1985, Marty McFly y el Dr. Emmett Brown se disponían a realizar un viaje en el tiempo con consecuencias que jamás hubieran imaginado. La cinta Back To The Future y sus posteriores secuelas, se convirtieron en cine de culto para millones alrededor del mundo, marcando generaciones completas y creando tendencia sobre objetos tan sencillos como un par de sneakers.

Si de niño te familiarizaste con la cintas, sabrás que era difícil el que los sneakers de Marty pasaran desapercibidos, pero vayamos por pasos, ya que «Volver al Futuro» como la llamaban en el Cine Permanencia Voluntaria de Canal 5 tenía algo más que ofrecer que viajes en el tiempo, patinetas anti-gravedad, ropa que se secaba sola y por supuesto, un Delorean que todos queríamos tener.

Sí, es un hecho que todos recordamos en la secuela de 1989 de BTTF que Nike introdujo por primera vez un calzado de culto, este calzado se le conoció como el Nike Mag, un sneaker que literalmente venía del futuro puesto que incorporaba la tecnología del auto-lacing o ajuste automático. Además de esta propiedad, su aspecto nos hacía pensar que en un futuro los tenis de Nike serían muy similares.

Es así que, inspirados en la tecnología del Nike Mag decidieron poner manos a la obra para crear el Nike Hyperadapt 1.0, el primer acercamiento para los amantes de la tecnología, los sneakers y Back To The Future al sueño que prometía la cinta en el futuro que se describía.

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Nike Presenta Sneakers Con Tecnologa De ‘back To The Future’

Uno de los inventos más arcaicos de la historia probablemente sean las agujetas. Desde el 3500 d.C. se dice que existen, y aunque en un principio creímos que eran la solución a nuestros problemas de calzado, la realidad es que a veces son más complicadas que un zapato sin cordones porque al desamarrarse, pueden poner en peligro tu vida, sin exagerar.

Por esta razón, Nike ha trabajado para presentarnos el primer par de sneakers que, gracias a su tecnología, se adapta a la forma de tu pie. Aquí los detalles.

El 15 de enero, la marca deportiva presentóAdapt BB, los primeros tenis que están inspirados en los que utilizó en la película Back To The Future .

Además de tener la característica de ajustarse a la forma de tu pie, gracias a dos botones ubicados en la parte lateral de la suela , también cuenta con una app para el celular que te permite controlar este innovador sistema,conocer el estado de la batería, la cual dura de 10 a 14 días, y cambiar el color de las luces de los botones mencionados anteriormente.

Aunque la idea de tener un calzado que se ajuste a los pies de todos nos encanta, este modelo en realidad está pensado para los deportistas, especialmente los basquetbolistas, quienes necesitan algo así de innovador para que su desempeño en el juego sea el mejor.

Si te interesa adquirirlos, podrás hacerlo a partir del 17 de febrero de este año por 350 dólares, aproximadamente $6,600 pesos mexicanos.

What Is The Big Fuss About Those Shoes You Might Wonder

Back to the Future Screencap

They are the first pair of shoes ever produced that would lace themselves, and they light up as well. They were produced specifically for the movie, in which teenage Marty travels to 2015 using a scientists time machine. The original pair that Michael J. Fox wore in 1989 in the sequel sold for a whopping $92,100 in the summer of 2018, and the proceeds from the sale went to Michael J. Fox Parkinsons disease foundation.

For those who dont know, Michael J. Fox, the beloved actor that played Marty Mcfly was diagnosed with Parkinsons disease in 1991, not long after the third Back to the Future was released. He created the foundation that carries his name, and the money is used to further research in order to find a cure, and help with the treatment of those in need.

There are a few versions of these Back to the Future shoes that Nike produced over the years, and we will take a look at the history of this awesome collection today. In 2011, Nike came up with the MAG replica shoes of the original model. If you dont own a pair yet, you might get lucky and be able to grab any of the versions of those futuristic shoes that Michael J. Fox a.k.a. Marty McFly popularized in the 1980s.

Now lets take a look at those famous sneakers. Well start with the collectors Back to the Future pieces, then we will present to you the other franchise inspired models that are a little more accessible than the original ones.

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