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Beckett Simonon Reid Sneakers Review

Beckett Simonon Reid Sneaker Review Are They Worth It

Beckett Simonon Reid Sneaker Review – Are They Worth It?

By now you probably know how important it is to have a sharp white sneaker in your footwear rotation. Theyre probably the most versatile casual shoe you can own. Weve discussed other styles in the past, and in our latest edition of Worth It, were reviewing a new entrant in the minimal white sneaker game, the Reid from Beckett Simonon.

Weve been fans of their products in the past, namely their leather weekender bag, but how does this sneaker stack up? Tune in and find out if we think the Beckett Simonon Reid sneaker is worth it!

The 8 Best Black Sneakers For Men

Published on June 7, 2021by Karlton Miko Tyack · Shoes

The only shoe more versatile than a white sneaker is a black sneaker. Read on to see our top picks for mens black sneakers .

Theyre a safer bet for office casual Fridays, and you can pull them off more easily in a cocktail situation. Ive definitely gotten away with sporting black Koios at occasions with technically anti-sneaker dress codes.

Weve rounded up the eight best black sneakers for men. Each model is classic enough to be the sole all-purpose black trainers in your closet, but distinct enough if youre looking for multiple pairs to serve specific functions.

Thursdays Sneakers Leather Insole

The last leather component worth a mention is the insole, which is Vachetta leather thats about 1.5 millimeters thick. The insole is actually thicker than the upper, an indicator that underfoot comfort was given a real focus here.

Vachetta is a big name in leather and its whats used in luxury designer bags from companies like Coach and Prada. Its all natural, vegetable tanned leather thats minimally treated, chemical free, always from Italy, and unusually soft and fatty for veg tan. This is what goes immediately underfoot, but theres more going on in the sole than that.

  • Made of 30% recycled rubber.
  • Very comfy leather insole and polyurethane midsole
  • Strike points and side walls built with extra durability

To learn more about what makes a good sneaker sole, Ive been talking to the guys who run Koio, Oliver Cabell, and Thursday to try and get to the bottom of the super popular and super expensive Margom outsole.

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Beckett Simonon: Quick Background

Beckett Simonon is a direct-to-consumer footwear company that makes high-quality leather shoes and boots. And since theyve adopted the direct-to-consumer route, theyre able to offer their shoes much cheaper than shoes youd find in the store.

But theyve also found another way to reduce costs all their footwear is made-to-order. Basically, they take a bunch of pre-orders from their customers and then they place one big order with their shoemakers based in Bogotá, Colombia and Oporto, Portugal.

This way they avoid the cost of overordering or warehousing a bunch of footwear. This is why they can make quality footwear at prices much lower than youd traditionally find.

The main downside is that you have to actually wait for your shoes to arrive since youre pre-ordering made-to-order shoes. For example, if I were to order a pair of shoes today they wouldnt arrive until sometime in August. So keep this in mind if youre wanting your shoes ASAP.

Note: They do order extras in case you need to exchange for a different size.

Also, all their shoes are only offered in limited runs so they only take orders until the order amount reaches capacity or the campaign ends. Im not sure if they ever bring back the older styles.

Are Beckett Simonon Boots With Rubber Soles Waterproof

Beckett Simonon Reid Low Top Sneaker Review: Prestigious Casual Shoe

Although equipped with thick rubber soles, their boots are still made using a Blake stitch construction. Similarly, when we asked Beckett Simonon whether the rubber soles provided protection in wet conditions, they reminded us that the Blake stitch still had visible stitching on the sole.

That being said, weve tested their rubber-soled boots in multiple terrains and weather without experiencing any issues. In fact, they performed exceptionally well. Not only were they dragged through mud and heavy rain in Northern France but we also wore them when travelling to Nicaragua.

Despite the heat, we didnt experience any discomfort and the boots breathed very well. If anything, the added flexibility aided in hiking and horse riding. Meanwhile, the boots didnt even let in a single drop of water when treading in deep puddles.

After their heavy-duty use, they were simply rubbed down with colourless Saphir shoe cream and regained their initial sheen.

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Thursday Sneaker Sizing & Fit

  • Comes in half sizes, which is unusual for new brands
  • Buy your normal sneaker size
  • Good shock absorption from the polyurethane and leather in the sole

On a Brannock device my foot is about 11.6 or 11.7, but I wear a 12 with Thursday. They say to order the size you normally wear in sneakers and while a true to size shoe for me is an 11.5, most of my sneakers are 12.

So, no big surprises with the sizing: order your usual sneaker size.

The Premier also comes in half sizes, which is surprising for a product so new to the market. Their competitor Koio, which I like a lot, dont do half sizes and its a huge pain for guys with feet like mine.

For fit and comfort, the combination of very modern shock absorbing polyurethane foam and the very old fashioned shock absorbing Vachetta leather makes for a lovely balance that offers great shock absorption and comfort when Im walking.

  • Wide variety of quality leathers
  • Very flexible and good at absorbing shock

Beckett Simonon Geller Trainers

In case you hadnt noticed, we really dig Beckett Simonon. Their price still puts them in the range of being an investment shoe, but nowhere near as much as something like the Achilles Low.

Nike specializes in flashy athletic style, even with their simplest shoes. The all-white classic looks best with casual and athleisure wear.

The Air Force One Lows tend to be a favorite for men with big feet, as their sizes run large. It definitely gives off an old-school style thats instantly recognizable.

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Where Are Beckett Simonons Shoes Made

When Andres and Nicholas first launched, they outsourced production to factories in South America and India and carried inventory, which meant they offered products in-stock and ready to ship. The founders discovered that early business model forced them to relinquish too much control over the manufacturing process and resulted in some early unhappy customers and negative online reviews.

Andres and Nicholas changed course, purchasing a factory in Portugal and training up skilled artisan shoemakers to manufacture directly for the company.

Getting such a level of control on the product was a tremendous step for us, Nicholas told Modern Fellows in an interview. The trade-off is that, right now, we dont have a huge production capacity, but we know exactly what goes into each of our shoes and were responsible for the craftspeople behind them.

In the process, the two also changed their business model. They stopped offering products in-stock and ready to ship and began the current made-to-order system. This allowed us to increase the overall quality without increasing the prices, said Nicholas, and allowed us to create a perfect balance between our supply and customers demand. Theres nothing extra. All products have an owner.

Who Is Beckett Simonon Named After

BECKETT SIMONON – Reid Sneakers Review (2022) | Premium “Made to Order” Shoes

Andrés and Nicholas were inspired by two somewhat unrelated pioneers when naming Beckett Simonon. Drawing from their punk rock youth, the brand is named after Samuel Beckett, the renowned Irish playwright, and Paul Simonon, the bassist of The Clash.

Indeed, Beckett Simonon projects the allure of quintessentially British class. However, its even more poignant when it combines the minds behind the audacious London Calling and the absurd Waiting For Godot.

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Beckett Simonon Morgen Gat Sneaker Review

I thought about starting this article by saying that spring is on the horizon, which means we can finally put our boots away and start reaching for sneakers. But the weather in San Francisco has been so strange lately that I honestly have no idea what season is coming up. My own wardrobe has tilted a bit toward the casual in recent years so Ive found myself thinking about sneakers more, regardless of what the weather chooses to do. The newest pair in my stable is the Morgen by Beckett Simonon, a young brand that some of you are likely familiar with.

If youve been reading this blog for a while then youll probably remember my review of the Beckett Simononboots from about two years ago. The company has grown substantially since then and their line of products has expanded as well. They reached out to me recently asking if Id like to review one of their newer releases, so I decided to take a closer look at something from their sneaker range. While I do like luxe sneakers in concept, its difficult for me to justify spending hundreds of dollars on something that wont last as long as a welted shoe for this reason, Beckett Simonons aggressive pricing sounded like it could be a good option. So with that said, heres a quick background on the company for those that arent familiar.

Option : Different Sneaker Styles And Silhouettes

Branching out into different shapes and styles of sneakers can totally change the vibe of your outfit.

Canvas sneakers, trainers, tennis shoes, and old-school basketball shoes are an excellent match for casual outfits. Plus, they are often the most affordable shoes you can add to your wardrobe.

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Beckett Simonon Black And White Leather Sneakers

  • Construction: Full grain leather, rubber sole
  • Best attribute: Value

I found myself coming back to these the most. The white leather sole contrasted with the black leather is a clean and striking look. Its also classic and timeless.

These work equally well with shorts or pants. Black jeans were my favorite.

Like the Oliver Cabells, the white sole can get dirty quickly, but cleaning rubber is simpler than leather.

Theyre comfortable and supportive. The material quality felt similar to the Oliver Cabells, and the solid base of support was close to the Koios. Also like the Koios, the sole has good height to it.

All of this is impressive, because these are also the most affordable of the three.

Thats probably due to Beckett Simonons unique business model. They only produce to pre-orders and sell direct to the consumer, online only. They also make more than just shoes, like some very nice travel bags.

The Beckett Simonons offer great value. Theyre stylish and comfortable, and theyre built with respectable construction and materials. Ill definitely continue to reach for these.

Beckett Simonon Is Born

Beckett Simonon Reid Low Top Sneaker Review: Minimalist Leather Shoes ...

Refusing to adapt and conform to a system that perpetuated waste, Andrés Niño and Nicholas Hurtado instead channelled their counter-culture spirits of their punk rock youth.

A few months later, Beckett Simonon launched as an independent company operating online solely from their own website. With no middleman, they had complete control of production and their economical use of resources.

However, this new frontier came with a steep learning curve and according to Nicholas, it was a snowball in the most literal and catastrophic sense.

Beckett Simonon grew at an unprecedented and unanticipated rate. Consequently, they experienced issues with quality, logistics as well as customer service. Concerns grew that the business wouldnt work and so they again sought consultation.

On this occasion, they were instead urged to cease with their new venture and return to a more conventional model. However, Hurtado and Niño truly believed in Beckett Simonon and chose to again disregard this advice.

Their combined passion gave them the resources to harmonise their operation. The gambit paid off and Beckett Simonon today has a community of over 25,000 happy customers.

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Beckett Simonon Reids Sneakers Review

Beckett Simonon Reids Sneakers

The Reid Sneaker is perfect for someone who is looking for a more simple and minimalistic addition to their outfit. The Reid Sneaker offers a trendsetting look and will take your casual ensemble to the next level. The sneakers can also be paired with a business style outfit if you feel like dressing your suit down.

For $149, the Reid Sneaker features Argentinian leather, available in four different colours. Shea butter and carnauba wax give the sneakers their sleek and subtly shiny look. The shoe only gets better over time, naturally taking the shape of your foot. The Vanchetta leather lining gives your feet extra space, helping to regulate temperature and absorb moisture. Say goodbye to smelly feet!

Beckett Simonon Chelsea Boots

The Chelsea Boot is a go-to style that everybody loves. This sophisticated shoe can easily be worn on casual or special occasions. Their desirability lies in their timeless simplicity and the subtle leather shine. Everyone will envy you when you wear these. Beckett Simonon offers multiple Chelsea Boot styles, depending on the look you want:

Beckett Simonon Chelsea boots come in shades of brown, black, and burgundy, each priced at $229.

Think back to the last time you were invited out and you had to buy yourself a new pair of shoes. The great thing about Beckett Simonon shoes is that theyre built to last. Youre paying for high quality and reliable footwear for years to come.

Beckett Simonon Sneakers Review

If youre on a quest to find minimalist sneakers that dont scrimp on comfort, Beckett Simonon provides some great options under the $150-mark. The $149 Reid Sneakers are one of Beckett Simonons most highly rated products.

This minimalist pair comes in several color options and include upper material of either water-repellent suede, pebbled leather, and full-grain leather. It also features a herringbone outsole for improved traction.

A dressier option would be the $149 Geller Trainers. Beckett Simmons describes this base material as suede without the worry. They are made with water-repellent calfskin further treated with a liquid-repellent coating to protect from marks, stains, or discoloration.

Common negative feedback on Beckett Simonon sneakers is the length of the laces. Several users find the laces to be too short which makes them difficult to tie. We suggest purchasing laces from other brands if you find this to be an issue.

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Where Are Beckett Simonon Shoes Made

After preserving a challenging investment and development process throughout 2017, Beckett Simonon shoes are now made from their own workshop in Bogotá, Colombia.

Having stood for three generations, the workshop is unique in Colombia as it is the only one that follows the brands processes and methods. A particular hurdle was in acquiring the necessary craftspeople with the skills required to produce their shoes.

Yet, they have succeeded in assembling their own team of the most skilled artisans since the brand was founded in 2012.

However, before Andrés and Nicholas brought Beckett Simonon to their home country, their shoes were manufactured in Portugal.

From Portugal To Colombia

Production initially took place in Portugal largely thanks to a family connection. While Nicholas and Andrés were satisfied with the production quality, they felt that the structure wasnt quite adapted to the vision they shared for Beckett Simonon.

Firstly, large shoes manufactures in Portugal often host a myriad of brands in order to sustain continuous production. As such, Nicholas and Andrés had little restricted access due to the confidentiality of neighbouring brands.

Given that their footwear business was founded upon a Group Made-To-Order model, they needed both creative freedom and production flexibility. Therefore, they sought a solution that would grant them a closer relationship with the manufacturing and design processes.

Why Beckett Simonon Is Worth It

Becket Simonon Review ( Reid Sneakers)

OUTFIT DETAILSGeller TrainerPeter ManningWestern RiseSeiko SNK807

Are you looking for luxurious looking and feeling shoes for a fraction of the cost? Are you willing to wait a little longer to get a great deal? If you answered yes to both these questions, then you should consider buying from Beckett Simonon.

The value that Beckett Simonon provides in the price range is almost unrivaled. You do have the trade off of waiting upwards of three months to receive your made to order shoes, and I think it is well worth the wait.

I am generally pretty critical of products or services, I know this because my wife often reminds me of this trait . Even with my analytical nature, I had to look really hard for negatives with these trainers, and I did not find much.

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The Popularity Of The German Army Trainer

The style of these sneakers is essentially the popular German Army Trainer or GAT, a design that was created for the German military in the 1970s. It has been popular for decades, but has seen a resurgence in recent years as an alternative to the hyper-minimalist sneaker. GATs are still subdued and sleek, but a bit less sterile than the now ubiquitous minimalist leather sneaker. Like most high-end GAT styles on the market, the Beckett Simonon Morgen sneakers have a white leather upper with suede accents, leather lining, and a rubber sole . Theyre made in Portugal, a country with a long history of producing good footwear.

For reference, there are a few other popular GATs on the market. Maison Margiela makes the gold standard GAT, which clocks in at a pricey $470. Epaulet makes a popular model as well, though it hasnt been available in a while. Oliver Campbell offers a similar style thats a bit cheaper. Svensson makes a chunkier mid-priced version. Adidas the originator of the GAT has a style as well, though its not of the same quality as the others listed here. There are many others too, but my point is that the $149 list price of the Morgen sneakers is already pretty competitive.

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