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Best Sneakers For Crossfit Training

Brooks Womens Glycerin 19

BEST CROSS TRAINING SHOES 2021 | Top Shoes for CrossFit, Gym, Men, and More!

The Brooks Womens Glycerin 19 is the perfect neutral running shoe with maximum cushioning!

This shoe is perfect for runners who want a plush, comfortable fit.

The soft transitions and super-soft cushioning will make you feel like youre running on cloud 9!

Plus, this shoe is a certified PDAC A5500 diabetic shoe and has been granted the APMA Seal of Acceptance.

Compared to previous models, those on the market today have so much cushioning.

There is a noticeable difference from the little cushioning offered before.

So you can rest assured that your feet will be well taken care of in the Glycerin 19!

Who Shouldnt Buy The Nobull Ripstop Runner

  • Athletes for whom weightlifting is more of a priority in training should opt for a more versatile cross-trainer or a weightlifting shoe.
  • Anyone who wants a heavier shoe for greater stability.
  • If youre on a budget, these shoes are a bit pricey. You can definitely find cheaper options out there.

Light and breezy, and with great cushioning thanks to the phylon midsole, youll find these shoes arent going to weigh you down on your runs. There is a small trade off with regards to stability, but unless the bar is bending for your squats, you shouldnt have a problem.

How Will I Know If A Training Shoe Is Appropriate For Crossfit

Most brands dont usually market their shoes using the CrossFit name because Reebok is the only brand licensed to do so. But they have found a way to work around this restriction by naming their CrossFit-dedicated lines of shoes after specific terms used within the CrossFit community like Nikes Metcon line. Brands like Inov-8 tend to market their CrossFit trainer shoes as functional fitness shoes as opposed to everyday training shoes.

As for the construction, a surefire way to tell if the footwear is ideal for CrossFit is if it has a rope-guard in the midfoot. It also has a more robust exterior thanks to the toe guard, midfoot rubber cage, and heel counter.

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Best Crossfit Shoes For Running: Nike Free Metcon 4

Best CrossFit Shoes for Running
  • Not easy to put on
  • May not stand up to rope climbs

So, heres what happened: Nike took the Free running shoe and the Metcon training shoe and they had a baby. And you got the Free Metcon, specifically the Free Metcon 4, which we tested.

This is a great blend of both shoes. You get the foot hug feeling that the Free running shoe offered, but still have that stability that the Metcon has always provided. In testing, we found that the Free Metcon 4 moves really well with the foot when running, especially on treadmills. It weighs 11.2 ounces, so its not quite as light as a straight up running shoe, but its not as heavy as the more CrossFit-specific shoes are.

The Free Metcon 4 has a lot of features that cater to CrossFitters: a wide heel that is great for squatting movements, webbing along the midfoot that forms to your feet for support on agility movements, and a flexible forefoot for running. The bottom tread is incredibly grippy and feels great when doing any kind of running or jumping.

We did notice that the Free Metcon 4 runs small. If you have a very narrow foot, you may get away with sticking to your actual size. Otherwise, going up half a size may give you a little more room. These are supposed to fit snugly, but you also dont need to lose any toenails. Lastly, this is a great shoe for running workouts, but the outsoles might not withstand rope climbs.

Check out my full Nike Free Metcon 4 review.

Why The Right Gym Shoes Are Important

Reebok CrossFit nano

Just like a running shoe protects your feet, knees and joints in addition to making your run easier by offering you a cushioned, springy surface to add to your step, so too do the best gym shoes enhance your workout. An upper which is high on your ankle, with a flat surface underneath you, can help stabilize you while performing moves like a barbell squat. Thats why a lot of the shoes have excess rubber around the heels and outer/inner parts of the sole: to create a stable surface.

Expert trainer at F45 Training, Rachel Penrose, is no stranger to HIIT. She says: Finding a good cross training shoe can hugely benefit your workouts. With workouts such as Metcon , becoming so popular, having a shoe that can cross over between a strength workout to a cardio workout, all the while supporting your foot correctly, benefits your body enormously.

Your feet are the base of your body and unfortunately a bad gait can result in numerous niggles and injuries travelling up your whole body. It is super important to have the correct tools to assist your workouts.

Many of the other features of these shoes help you perform, from the HOVRs energy-boosting foam midsole to the Nano 9s burpee-guarding toe protection. High-impact training such as jump squats, and most CrossFit workouts require you to protect your joints just as much as runners do, especially if youre working out a few times a week or more. Why not make the investment for better performance and a safer workout?

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How Often Should I Replace My Crossfit Shoes

Normally, wed suggest that you replace your shoes when they wear out or blow out. However, you should expect to get at least a few years out of each pair before they become unusable. And with new styles and designs coming out every year, youll be buying shoes before they do.

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Top Pick: Nike Mc Trainer

The Nike MC Trainer is taking my top pick for the best budget shoes for strength training. This model comes in at a price point of $70 USD which is less than half of the price of other Nike training shoes like the Nike Zoom Metcon Turbo 2.

I like the Nike MC Trainer because its performance is overall really strong for strength training despite its budget-friendly price point. For heavier strength training, the medium-density foam midsole does a good job of providing you with enough stability.

Additionally, the full rubber outsole also supports multi-directional activities and grips different training surfaces really well. This is a good model for those that like to strength train and do some versatile training on a weekly basis and dont want to break the bank.

There are a few quirks and drawbacks to this model, which I discuss in my full review, but there really arent any glaring issues with this shoe that would knock this models overall performance for recreational strength training.

  • Best For: Lifting, HIIT, and CrossFit-Style Training
  • Heel-to-Toe Drop: 4mm

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On Cloud X Training Shoes

The Cloud X Training Shoes are a fantastic option for the lifter that wants to tackle runs on a regular basis and doesnt plan to train super heavy. In regard to hybrid performance, I have three things that I like about the On Cloud X.

First, this is one of the few cross-training shoes that you can lift with that actually feels comfortable and responsive for running. The CloudTec midsole is responsive and forgiving for runs ranging from 1-7ish miles.

Second, this is a good model for those that want a shoe for lighter lifting and class-style sessions. This shoes stability is pretty good up to about 275 lbs, so if youre lifting lighter than that, then you should enjoy the level of stability this shoe delivers.

Third and lastly, the On Cloud X can double as a daily wear shoe on top of being a strong hybrid performer. Of all the cross-training shoes up here, the On Cloud X is the model to go for if you like blending running and lifting together on a weekly basis and want a shoe for daily wear.

  • Best For: Shorter Runs, Light Lifting, HIIT, Agility
  • Heel-to-Toe Drop: 6mm

No9 New Balance Womens Fresh Foam Roav V1 Running Shoe

Best UA Training Shoes In 2021 | Picks for Lifting/CrossFit, HIIT, and Budget

New Balance Womens Running And CrossFit Shoes


  • Truly Unique: The New Balance Fresh-Foam Roav V1 running shoes are the ultimate in informal Athletic style. Pairing a bold, attractive look with Plush-Comfort, these cushioned running shoes are in a League of their own
  • Fresh-Foam Mid-Sole: Feel like you are running or walking in the clouds. The first of 3-Proprietary technologies in this athletic shoe, Fresh-Foam Mid-Sole cushioning is precision-engineered to give an Ultra-Cushioned, low-weight ride
  • Endurance Out-Sole: Step-Up your game, without wearing out your favourite running shoes. Durability Rubber-Outsole technology gives superior durability in High-Wear areas to support get more out of the shoes
  • Ultra-Heel: These neutral running shoes boast a Head-Turning heel that performs as well as it looks. The Ultra-Heel design hugs the back of the foot for a Snug, Supportive-Fit. This unique heel works Along-Side the bootie Upper for all-day comfort
  • 8-millimetre Drop: These low-weight shoes feature a Heel-To-Toe, drop of approximately 8 millimetres. Due to variances built during development & manufacturing processes, references to 8 millimetre are approximate
  • CONS

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    How To Choose The Best Cross

    Finding the right pair of cross-training shoes is hard enough as it is. But since boutique fitness is all the rage and nobody commits to just one type of exercise anymore, finding the pair thats perfect for all your workout needs can feel near impossible. The fact of the matter is: its probably best to buy a pair of shoes for each fitness discipline that you dedicate yourself to.

    For example, you might be bogged down with questions like: I do a lot of running but I love the occasional hit class, so what shoes do I go for?. In this instance, wed recommend purchasing a pair of cross-training shoes for those HIIT classes you do, but only if theyre regular, and – if your budget can stretch to it – buy a pair of trainers specifically for running so that youre best supported in each discipline. No one shoe is perfect for every occasion.

    Youre not going to want the stiff heel support in a running shoe as it could cause injury and, conversely, youre not going to want that overly bouncy and flexible design when youre throwing dumbbells around in the middle of a CrossFit class. This is why cross-training shoes are crucial. Theyll give you the right balance of support and flexibility to ensure youre comfortable and safe during functional workouts.

    But what else should you look out for?


    It helps to know how the shoe is constructed so you can be more informed when it comes to making a decision and know what features of the shoe are best suited to your needs.

    Best Value Crossfit Shoe: Nike Metcon 8

    Best Value CrossFit Shoe
    • Priced at $160 or more, depending on style
    • Runs a little narrow
    • Some reviewers find running in Metcons to be uncomfortable

    I think Nike saw what Reebok was doing with the Nano and said, Hold my beer. And then came the Metcon, which, in my opinion, gets better with every iteration. In fact, I would have put the Metcon 8 as my top pick, but, as Nike shoes do, it runs a little narrow, so it may not be the best fit for most people.

    That said, I dont have a wide foot, so I dont need a wider shoe. I wear my Nike Metcon 8s a lot: for box jumps, cardio, deadlifts, and basically anything else that would require cross training shoes.

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    So, heres why I like them: First, the Metcon 8s have what all the other Metcons have, which is a firm, stable heel ideal for squats, and a cushioned foam forefoot in the midsole that makes it ideal for plyometrics and running.

    The all-rubber outsole is hardcore. As anyone who does CrossFit and uses CrossFit equipment knows, you need a hard bottom to withstand climbing ropes. Similar to the Nike Metcon 3 shoes, the Nike Metcon 8 has an extremely breathable upper. The large perforations in the material truly do make a difference, especially when Im working out in hot conditions.

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    Who Shouldnt Buy The Reebok Nano 9

    • Trainees looking for a heavier shoe for squats and deadlifts.
    • Those who prefer a stiff-soled shoe with less give.
    • Athletes who want more ankle support during training.

    The Nano 9 is a great multifunctional shoe that is especially attractive for people who enjoy staying light on their feet. At this price, theyre very hard to pass up.

    Under Armour Hovr Rise 4

    Reebok CrossFit Nano 2.0

    The Under Armour HOVR Rise 4 has all the bases covered for CrossFit. HOVR is used for the midsole cushion, and it does an excellent job of combining comfort and stability. What contributes most to the stability, however, is the TriBase tech built into the outsole. It keeps the back half of the shoe rigid, so your feet are always planted and steady during heavy lifts or compound movements. The outsole is also durable and grippy on all surfaces, indoors and outdoors. The Rise 4 can handle any exercise the WOD throws your way. See the full review.Price: $110

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    New Balance Womens Fresh Foam Tempo V1 Running Shoe

    New Balance Womens Fresh Foam Tempo V1 Running Shoe is the perfect choice for a modern woman on the go.

    These shoes are designed with data-driven research and state-of-the-art technology to provide a snug, custom-like fit that is also stylish.

    With a lightweight feel, these shoes will help you push past your personal best.

    The sleek profile makes them perfect for any activity.

    This shoe is designed to provide maximum stability and support, while still being incredibly light.

    The Fly Mesh material is softer and lighter than ever before, keeping your feet cool and comfortable.

    Additionally, the Nike Zoom Air responsive cushioning on the forefoot ensures maximum elasticity under the foot.

    The one-piece Fly Mesh fabric also provides ideal breathability on the back of the foot. Despite all of these lightweight materials, this shoe still provides solid support.

    The dynamic fit technology adapts to your foot perfectly, providing you with the stability you need when you need it.

    How We Tested And Picked The Best Crossfit Shoes

    The shoes we picked to test could all be considered great for CrossFit and general training. Granted, some of the shoes we tested simply wont work for certain people either due to the looks or fit, but our picks should work for the majority of people. After some deliberation, we narrowed down our specifications to the following list of features ordered in no particular order.

    Overall Construction: The shoes we recommend are some of the best available and are often priced as such. They should be constructed with high-end materials and last a minimum of 6 months under heavy training conditions.

    Value: The price of the shoe should be in alignment with its performance. If a shoe costs $150 but performs just as well as a $100 shoe without any outstanding features, then it has poor value.

    Appearance: We understand that this is a subjective quality and as such, it plays a small part in which shoes we chose. Rather than basing it solely on our views of the shoes, we also took the opinions of others as to which are the most aesthetically pleasing.

    Fit: Shoes mostly fit depending on the dimensions of your feet, however, we tried to choose shoes that fit the widest range of people. All of our top picks can be used by those with thin or wide feet and combine a locked-down feel with great comfort.

    Comfort: If you train as much as we do, youre going to be spending a lot of time in these shoes. They should be comfortable both during training, runs, and after training.

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    Nike Zoom Metcon Turbo 2

    The Nike Nike Zoom Metcon Turbo 2 is a stronger performer for jump rope sessions and HIIT-style workouts. This model features a Nike React foam insole with an additional Zoom Air packet in the forefoot.

    For jump roping specifically, the Zoom Metcon Turbo 2s Nike React foam insole with the Zoom Air packet gives this model a nice responsive performance. When jumping on the forefoot you get a nice level of pop from this.

    This outsole construction on the Zoom Metcon Turbo 2 also helps provide this shoe with a nice maneuverable fit and feel. I think if you like a more minimal feeling shoe that fits more athletically, then youll enjoy this construction feature.

    I think this model will work best for those that plan to do jump rope, HIIT, lifting sessions, and athletic-style workouts on a weekly basis. The Zoom Metcon Turbo 2 is a relatively stable cross-training shoe with a nice level of responsiveness.

    • Best For: Jump Rope, Lifting, HIIT, Agility, and Classes
    • Heel-to-Toe Drop: 4mm

    Mizuno Womens Wave Inspire 17 Running Shoe

    THE BEST crossfit shoe for running | RAD ONE Detailed Review

    The Mizuno Womens Wave Inspire 17 Running Shoe is a top-of-the-line shoe that provides optimum shock reduction, durability, and a superior ride.

    It features Enerzy Foam technology for increased responsiveness and springiness, as well as a U4ic Midsole for optimal cushioning.

    The X10 Outsole provides long-lasting wear and tear resistance.

    The Fan Wave Plate ensures a stable and comfortable ride.

    The engineered mesh upper is both breathable and durable, making this shoe perfect for high performance crossfit athletes.

    Order the Mizuno Womens Wave Inspire 17 Running Shoe and enjoy the run now!

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