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Best Sneakers For High Arch Support

Here’s The Ultimate Solution To Supporting High Arches

Best Orthotics for High Arched Feet | Seattle Podiatrist Larry Huppin

Ill-fitting shoes are enough to ruin anyones day. Whether youre at work or at home, walking around in shoes that dont fit can cause serious pain and long-term damage, especially to the arches of your feet. Nobody can afford that kind of foot damage just for stylish sneakers, especially if youre on your feet all day. When looking for the right fit, people often think in terms of length and width. Something that is often overlooked when it comes to properly fitting shoes is support for high arches. Depending on how high your arches are, you will look for different types of high arch support.Some people have higher arches than others. Many have what are considered to be very high arches, which is just defined as having significant height at the arch of your foot. When looking for high arch support shoes, sandals for high arches, or the best sneakers for high arches, you need options that give the cushion you need. The following are some of the best options for people looking for stylish shoes with arch support.

Can Running Shoes For High Arches Prevent Overpronation Or Supination

Many runners with high arches also supinate. In other words, your feet roll outwards when you run. Not all runners with high arches will supinate, but its very common.

The good news is that running shoes that are designed for high arches can also prevent supination. The superb cushioning and support in these types of shoes are key features that support this goal.

Most runners do not know that they can still suffer from overpronation if they have high arches. When you land, overpronation can occur if your foot rolls inward too much.

One way to tell if you overpronate is to check the outersole of your shoes. If the inside of the shoe is worn much more than the outside, theres a good chance that you often overpronate.

Shoes that are designed for high arches can correct this problem since they can alleviate pressure that you often feel on the ball and heel of your foot. In addition, arch-supporting shoes are great at distributing your body weight evenly across your foot to cushion the impact from running.

Keen Mens Detroit Xt Waterproof Boot

KEEN is a footwear company based in Portland, Oregon. The brand traces its history back to 1999 with the invention of the Newport Sandal by its founder and namesake, Martin Keen. However, the company was only founded in 2003, four years after the invention. The KEEN line of footwear spans from sandals to heavy-duty work boots and shoes.

The KEEN entry on this list of shoes with effective arch support is the Detroit XT Waterproof Boot. Based on hiking footwear form and function, this KEEN waterproof boot is heavy-duty yet comfortable enough to wear every day. It features an anti-slip outsole for added stability and a footbed design that features their proprietary KEEN KEY TECH FLEX technology as well as their trademarked METATOMICAL footbed design for superior structured arch support.

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Hawkwell Women’s Running Shoes Breathable Walking Sneaker

Hawkwell women shoes have the special EVA sole that offers the best cushioning to your feet. These are light in weight sneakers that are designed with the knit vamp as well as have the mesh to give breathability feature. In this way, you feel great freedom and does not get irritated a these keep your feet dry. One of the exceptional features that you see in these shoes is the cloudfoam memory sock liner that offers the excellent superior step-in comfort. These all features helps in reducing the pain, tiredness and foot fatigue. Walk as long as you can and remain tension free as the shoes will not hurt you.

Why do we like it?

  • EVA sole
  • Superior quality

Our Verdict

  • We want these shoes because these are extraordinary comfortable as they are designed with special EVA sole with special cloudfoam memory sock liner. The shoes are best for patients with various foot ailments.

Orthofeet Proven Pain Relief Orthopedic Walking Shoes

10 Best Running Shoes for High Arches Reviewed in 2018 ...

These orthopedic shoes are designed for people who suffer from flat feet, heel pain, and other foot ailments. They provide pain relief and support that can be felt instantly. The orthotic insole absorbs shock and provides additional protection. The ortho feet technology gives these shoes their unique comfort and support.

These Best Shoes For High Arches And Standing All Day also feature a lightweight sole that is comfortable to wear all day long. This design is great for wearing at work or when youre on the go. You can wear this shoe during any activity and not worry about the pain in your feet and ankles. These orthopedic shoes also come in a variety of colors and styles, so you can find a pair that fits your personal style.

If youre searching for a comfortable and stylish way to keep your feet happy, look no further. These orthotics can be worn all day without your feet getting tired. The soft EVA footbed and Orthofeets exclusive anatomically designed arch support provide superior cushioning and comfort. With a wide range of arch support and cushioning, you can be sure to find the right fit for your unique needs.

  • This isnt worth the money

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Vomii Pu Memory Foam Insoles Plantar Fasciitis Arch Support Insoles For Women Men And Kids

  • HIGH ARCH SUPPORT & ERGONOMIC DESIGNVoMii for High Elastic Memory Foam Insoles.
  • SHOCK ABSORPTION & REDUCE FOOT PRESSUREGEL pad under the heel is to absorb shock and reduce stress on heel, ensures reduction of muscle fatigue in feet & legs.
  • VELVET & PU MATERIALThe high-quality and durable medical-grade Velvet can absorb sweat and remove moisture, very breathable, making your feet fresh.
  • SIZESInsoles size can be cut according to your shoes, in the back of the insoles have a clear cut line.
  • 100% RISK FREE PURCHASEComplete customer satisfaction and 1 year guarantee.

What Are The Most Common Symptoms Of High Arches

The symptoms for high arches are not too severe. Youll experience heel and ball pain in your foot and possible knee pain or back pain. You may also experience frequent ankle sprains. Youre likely to experience some calluses, corns, or blisters due to your shoes. Another common symptom is Plantar Fasciitis which will need to be diagnosed by a doctor.

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Currex Runpro Worlds Leading Insole For Running Walking Comfort Shoes

  • Designed to help reducing injuries & pain from plantar fasciitis & other common foot problems
  • Appropriate for all shoes with removable liner / if added to other shoes you may need to go half size up for your shoe.
  • Each insole boasts a different shape, arch height & flex, allowing for a customized fit
  • Blue-HIGH, Orange-MED or Red-LOW? Your foot-type determines the color!

Dunham Mens Burlington Oxford

Review-Hyperspace Sports Gel Shoe Insoles for High Arch Support,Plantar Fasciitis,Orthotic,Flat Feet

The Dunham brand has been around since 1885. It was founded by two brothers in Vermont, USA. Their first boots were built to provide protection to pioneers who braved the outdoors of New England. Today, after more than 100 years into the business of shoe manufacturing, Dunham still continues to make sturdy high-performance shoes that provide comfort and optimum support.

Dunham enters this list with the Burlington Oxford. This shoe features a classic design in full grain leather thats treated to be waterproof. The seams are also sealed for full waterproofing. For enhanced comfort, the footbed is made of EVA. The Burlington Oxford also utilizes a nylon stability shank in the midsole for sturdy arch support. This also guides the foot to a more neutral gait, preventing over pronation.

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Find The Best Designed Walking Shoes For Your Feet

Cunha says to look for a shoe designed with smooth, solid leather uppers that are not only highly durable, but also flexible and comfortable. It is important to pick a shoe that offers as much durability and protection as possible without sacrificing comfort or flexibility, he says. Another thing to look for? The flex point of a walking shoe, which is the point at which it bends while walking. For optimal comfort, the flex point of the shoe should match the bending point of your foot when it doesn’t align with your foot it can cause problems like arch pain or plantar fasciitis. You can check the flex point of the shoe by holding it by the heel and pressing the toe of the shoe onto the ground The point where the shoe bends and creases is the flex point.

Verdict And Our Recommendation For 2021

And there you have it! As you can see, if you have a problem with high arches, you can easily find stylish sneakers to wear at any time and for any occasion.

Our rating of the best Asics for high arches provided by experts from, proves that all the models present in our list provide excellent foot support, cushioning, and breathability. We believe that the best training shoe for high arches is Asics Gel Venture 6. Theyre great at keeping your feet in a stable position, which helps to avoid further problems with health. Besides, all the models are unisex and available in different colors. So high arches are no longer a problem with the best Asics!

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What Do High Arches Mean Arch Support For High Arches

High arches are when the arch of your foot does not touch the ground when standing. When you have high arches there is more pressure on the heel and balls of your feet. Most people have high arches due to family heredity. If your feet have suddenly changed your high arches could be due to a medical issue and you should see a physician. High arches can cause foot pain, according to problems linked to high arches are:

  • Plantar fasciitis Inflammation of the plantar fascia, which is a ligament that connects your heel to your toes and supports your arches.
  • Metatarsalgia is inflammation of the ball of your foot
  • Claw toes is when your toes bend into a claw-like position.
  • Hammertoe is when the second, third, or fourth toes toe bends at the middle joint, which creates a hammer or Z appearance
  • Foot and ankle instability

Wearing a cushioned shoe for high arches, a cushioned high arch insole or orthotic can alleviate the pressure and pain from having high arches.

How To Fix High Arches

Best Running Shoes for Arch Support [2019]

First off, having high arches can be a problem as it doesnt allow your weight to distribute evenly across your feet. Instead of your full foot absorbing the brunt of the energy, the load is placed mainly on your heels and forefoot. This can lead to a number of problems if not treated correctly. You might want to look for a Neutral shoe, designed for those with medium and high arches.

The proper footwear might include an insole with a good amount of arch support and stability. This can take the pressure off your landing, as well as benefit your walking motion. Some insoles have an extra metatarsal pad for extra cushion up by the ball of your foot.

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How Do You Know If You Have High Arches

We know a number of ways that can help you determine if you have high arches. One of the signs is that your toes often scrunch up because they never seem to be able to straighten.

Another common indicator of high arches is if you find the tongue of your shoes rubbing against the top of your feet. Because of this, your shoes are often uncomfortable.

The final way to tell if you have high arches is to notice where your weight falls when you stand. If your weight seems to always fall of the outside of your feet, this could be a clue that the arches of your feet are too high.

Most importantly, when you have high arches, only the ball of your feet and heel touches the floor.

Pairs Of Running Shoes That Provide Great Arch Support Picked By Podiatrists

Product photos from retailer site.

From bunions to bursitis, your feet can come with a slew of potential issues . And the anatomy of your feet often has a hand in what kind of foot pain or injuries you might experience, whereas your lifestyle and activity level is more indicative of how often these problems may occur.

Whether your feet are narrow or wide, long or short, no one foot shape or size is safe from some inevitable strife. That certainly goes for all those out there with low or high arches, too.

Even if you’re not familiar with the term flat-footed, which refers to an often irksome condition when one or both feet have little to no arch in the mid-foot between the ball of the foot and the heel, having high arches in your feet is no walk in the park.

To note, there are varying degrees of foot arches from the very low to the very high and there isnt a threshold that needs to be met for someone to be diagnosed with a high arch. However, in cases when the arch is much higher than average, doctors often refer to this as cavus foot.

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However severe your high arches might be, this curvature of the foot makes you more vulnerable to certain issues. Specifically, an increase in the height of the arch leads to excessive pressure on the ball of the foot and extra pressure on the joints of the midfoot, explains Hillary Brenner, D.P.M., NYC- and NJ-based podiatrist.

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What Brand Of Shoes Are Best For High Arches

If youre wondering what brand of shoes are best for high arches, then youd have a few names that jump out right away. Certain brands these days are known for creating shoes with biomechanics in mind, and they have a following of support because most of their products are tailor made for having great arch support and foot stability.

Do You Need Arch Support

Brooks Glycerin 13 Best Running Shoes for High Arches and Plantar Fasciitis

Not all high arches need support. If you arent experiencing pain or problems during running, there is probably no need to look for arch support. Just because you have a certain arch or pronation type, it doesnt mean its something that should be fixed.

However, if you have a visual confirmation that you have high arches and youre experiencing some of the symptoms, arch support is recommended.

Types of arch support in running shoes from least to most supportive:

neutral or no support

stability: support for mild to moderate overpronation

motion control: supports severe overpronation

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Best Overall: New Balance Classics Sneaker

Dr. Cunha says he often recommends this brand for its molded midsoles, which provide excellent arch support. Its designed to help mitigate foot, heel, and arch support for superior comfort and support of the plantar fascia, he explains. With the New Balance Classics Sneaker, wearers are offered plenty of padding around the ankles and in the tongue, plush cushioning on the midsole, a TPU heel insert for extra support, and an everyday silhouette that works well with basically everything in your closet.

Very comfortable, raved one reviewer. Took them out of the box and walked all over Philadelphia for a weekend without any issues. Another shopper noted that theyre best suited for a comfortable day of shopping, running errands and generally being on my feet and shared that they found these to be deep enough to accommodate an orthotic.

Spira Classic Walker 2

The Spira Classic Walker 2 is an update to the original Classic Walker. The original Classic Walker was and still is, a very popular, well-liked shoe. The number 2 is even better! This shoe offers wave spring technology in the front and back. This wave spring technology is great for shock absorption and puts a natural spring in your step. This shoe offers a large amount of cushion and is said to be very comfortable. The major update in the Classic Walker 2 is the amount of room for your toes. There is more toe room in the update. Little toe room was a complaint about the originals and Spira listened to consumers to make the number 2 more comfortable! These shoes are only available in black and white, but they are offered in a variety of widths. The Classic Walkers, if right for your feet, will reduce fatigue and pain and increase energy return. They are water and slip resistant. They include a removable memory foam insole. If you remember, earlier in the article, I suggested buying shoes that have removable insoles just in case the insole doesnt work out for you. Unfortunately, color options are not available for this shoe. Like many shoe companies, the sizing seems to be off, you may need to get a wider size than you usually would. If youre going to be wearing these shoes often, they may have a short lifespan.


  • Color options not available
  • Company sizing off

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The Nine Best Sneakers With Arch Support

Mens Ghost 12 Running Shoes Brooks
Womens Ghost 12 Running Shoes Brooks
Men’s Air Monarch IV Cross Trainers Nike
Women’s Cohesion 10 Running Shoes Saucony
Women’s Devotion Plus 2 Walking Shoes Ryka
Men’s Made in Us 990 V5 Sneakers New Balance
Men’s Ultraboost 19 M Running Shoes Adidas

Designed to enhance your natural gait, these lightweight arch support shoes feature FlyteFoam foam technology to improve bounce as you run or walk. The organic nano-fibers cushion the feet from pressure, and the gel forefoot and rear deliver shock absorption.

Main Features

  • Available in normal and wide
  • 20 different colors
  • Not as cushioning as some other sneakers

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