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Best Sneakers For Kids With Wide Feet

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The Best Shoes for Kids with Overpronation – Take Action Immediately!

Your feet get wider throughout the day. They may also be more tired and sensitive if you walk a lot. If you can try on shoes when your feet are in this less-than-perfect condition, youre likely to notice small differences in fit.

But those small issues can become magnified after you wear your shoes on a long run or during two-a-day training sessions. For instance, if the toe box of a running shoe feels a bit snug in the store, it may feel even tighter to the point of being painful when you start racking up the miles.

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Native Shoes Lightweight Sneaker

The Native Shoes Kids Lightweight Sneaker is made entirely of rubber, which is excellent for taking to the pool or the beach!

The wide opening makes it easy to take on and off, and theres a toe cap to avoid stubbed toes and crying.

This kids shoe comes in is odor-resistant and easy to clean, and the lightweight foam sole ensures theyll be comfortable.

Plus, they can be stylish in the color of their choice with 31 options available!

The shoes are AAP approved, so know that theyll be the best choice for your kid.

Also, you dont have to only be in or near the water to enjoy these shoes, they also work for a range of other outdoor activities!

Asics Kid’s Contend 5 Ps Running Shoes

Best Kids Shoes for Narrow Feet

You often hear about parents having problems finding shoes wide enough for their childs feet.

But little is said about parents who have issues finding shoes that are narrow enough.

Asics shoes are an excellent option for kids who tend to find the majority of shoes too wide.


  • Laces, plus a hook and loop strap, enable you to secure these shoes snugly.
  • There are 14 color combos, meaning there is something most kids will like.


  • Some people have complained that the hook and eye strap is short.

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Best Shoe Brands For Toddlers With Wide Feet

Plenty of people have wide feet that are harder to fit. And toddlers can be plagued with girth problems, too. Your average kids shoe is designed to fit a medium width foot.

And when it comes to shopping for wide width shoes for toddlers, the options can be bleak. I cant get excited about plain, solid white plod-along tennis shoes no matter how orthopedically correct.

Kids and parents want fun, playful shoes. Especially my daughter. She wants ballerina shoes in Barbiecore styles. And while a casual Google Search would have you believe that only a couple of sturdy brands fit the bill, there are plenty of stylish options for little wide-footed tiny dancers.

I need to explicitly state I am not a foot doctor or podiatrist. I do not have a clinical background. What I do have is 20 years experience buying shoes for my D width feet and over 3 years of experience buying wide width footwear for my kids.

Through trial and error, and a 9-month stint working in the shoe department at Herbergers in college, Ive learned what works.

Heres how to find out if your toddler needs wide width shoes, and then the best brands to explore.

Try Your New Cleats On

Best Shoes For Wide Feet Toddler [Reviewed 2021]

If youre working with a laced cleat, loosen the laces all the way down to the bottom eyelet. Then, slip the shoes on and allow the upper to adjust itself to the natural shape of your foot. They should feel snug but not too tight.

With the laces open, take a little stroll around the house to get a better idea of how they feel in natural form. Once youve spent a couple of minutes familiarizing yourself with the feel, lace up and note whether or not they still feel comfortable.

The important thing here is you dont want to rush the process. For example, if they feel a bit tight, loosen up some of the laces to give your feet more room to breathe.

On the other hand, if youre working with a laceless cleat, the trying-on process might be a bit trickier. This is because youre more dependent on how they feel initially. If you notice they feel a bit tight, you might just have to spend time breaking them in by wearing them around the house or during training sessions.

Note any hotspots in your new cleats, such as pressure points, which may cause blisters and cramps while playing. The last thing you want is for these to come to light during the game, taking away from your focus.

Most of the time, players simply need a break-in period to get comfortable with laceless cleats. However, they also require a bit more honesty. If you feel truly concerned about their comfort right off the bat, you might be better off going with another pair of shoes.

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Nike Kids Sunray Protect

Do you wish you could find a pair of baby shoes that are comfortable on wide feet and very cute? If so, check out of one our top picks in baby footwear, the Nike Kids Sunray Protect!

This shoe helps keep their feet protected from the suns harmful rays.

Your child will absolutely love the flexible soles and the way it feels when theyre running and playing.

Additionally, these infant shoes are perfect for those warmer days also, thanks to their breathable design!

So, just do it and purchase the Nike Kids Sunray Protect!

What Type Of Wide Shoes Does New Balance Offer For Kids

New Balance is proud to provide a large variety of kidsâ shoes in nearly every categoryâfrom infant to grade school sizes. From running shoes and casual athletic shoes to walking shoes and cleats, New Balance offers wider fits in almost every one of our kidsâ shoe categories. The best way to see what we offer is to visit our site and filter your kidsâ shoe search to include wide shoe sizes.

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Breaking In Soccer Cleats

While breaking open a new set of cleats is a special feeling for any soccer player, the main downside is that youll need to spend time getting familiar with them.

This is called the break-in process.

Luckily, there are some tried and true ways to get comfortable with your shoes before getting out on the field. Follow the steps below and youll feel right at home with your cleats in no time!

Crocs Kids’ Crocband Clog

Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet 2022

Best Beach Shoes for Kids

A sporty looking and waterproof shoe, this is a good pick for vacations.

They can be worn both on the beach and on the street.

That means you dont need beach shoes and street shoes, which is one less thing to remember and one less thing to carry.


  • Solid rubber sole makes these suitable for both the beach and streetwear.
  • Easy for little ones to take on and off themselves.
  • They are easy to clean.


  • Not enough support to be your childs day-to-day shoes.

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The First Walker By Robeez

These shoes are designed to help babies learn how to walk, and they come in a variety of widths to ensure a perfect fit.

Their shoes are wide and flexible making them a good choice for babies with fat and wide feet. They have soft soles allowing them to feel the ground and develop properly from that first step.

Robeez is a firm that specializes in soft-soled shoes and ultra-soft apparel for babies and toddlers. Their flex-soled footwear supports the healthy development of tiny feet. All of their footwear carries the American Podiatric Medical Associations Seal of Acceptance for promoting normal foot function.

We have several pairs of Robeez and I really enjoy their slip-on style for my kids. They have lots of different styles so you can go for a new look each season. They also have fancier styles for special occasions.

I would skip the boots from Robeez if your baby has extra wide feet. They are harder to get on a childs feet, speaking from experience.

Our Expert Caitlin Giddings Catches Up With Runner

RW: At what age do kids need dedicated running shoes?

CG: Lots of kids running shoes come in sizes small enough to fit the earliest walkers. But you can hold off a little before transitioning your child to dedicated shoes designed specifically for runningthough they might find them to be more comfortable for play. As your child outgrows the little kid-sized shoes, its time to look at decent-quality athletic shoes that will let them run and jump, Dengate says. Most of the major running shoe companies also make kids versions of their popular running shoes in youth sizes that will be flexible but still supportive.

RW: Is it wrong to get shoes a size up so that kids can grow into them?

CG: Its an understandable impulse, but you want to be careful here. Theres a fine balance between optimal fit and longevity. Its tempting to buy shoes a bit too large so that your kid can grow into themalso so you just dont have to buy new shoes so frequently, Dengate says. But you dont want the shoe to be too big because theyll be uncomfortable for your child, and can cause them to trip and fall.

RW: How do you know when its time to retire a pair of kids running shoes?

Editor’s Note: Lisa Jhung, freelance writer and author, and Morgan Petruny, a test editor for Runner’s World, contributed to this article.

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Final Thoughts On Kids Wide Width Shoes

Shopping for wide toddlers shoes is much easier than it looks when you have a game plan. Even if you cant find a specific D width shoe, you can look for shoes made out of flexible materials and roomy toe boxes

In the past, Ive had a hard time buying shoes for my wide feet kiddos. But through trial and error, Ive had good luck with the brands on the list. I have shopped for them on their brand websites, at Once Upon A Child stores, or in buy sell trade groups. But if youre looking for a wide size, you may have a hard time finding any pair in your size on the used marketplace.

If youre getting started on your wide foot fashion journey for your kids, dont worry. There are plenty of cute options for wide toddler shoes and extra wide toddler shoes. While one day my kids may be content to wear boring, all-beige extra-wide sneakers, there are tons of stylish pairs to run with now.

New Balance Kids’ 860 V10 Running Shoe

How To Select Shoes for Babies and Toddlers With Wide Feet

Best Kids’ Shoes for Overpronation

This New Balance shoe provides plenty of support to minimize your childs overpronation.

And as the parent of kids with this issue, I can say these are much more appealing than some of the orthopedic shoes that may be offered to your overpronating child.


  • Even though these childrens shoes are good for overpronation, they do not look like medical shoes.
  • As these are running shoes, they provide lots of cushioning in the heel and shock-absorbing insoles.
  • They can be worn for sports and athletics as well as day-to-day.


  • There are only two color options bright pink or dark blue which may not appeal to everyone.

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Can Kids Feet Get Narrower As They Grow

Childrens feet grow and change shape very quickly. I have seen toddlers with wide or extra wide feet whose feet got narrower as they grew. However, I have also seen toddlers with wide feet whose feet remained wide in their teenage years. This really depends on each child, but it is possible that your childs feet change from being wide to a regular width.

Most Sustainable: Veja Recife Logo Sneakers


Veja is a champion of sustainable, stylish sneakers. The brand ensures that its production methods positively impact the environment for example, it procures natural rubber from communities in the Amazon rainforest to support fair trade and organic sourcing. While the brand doesnt offer wide sizing, this style, in particular, has a wider-than-average shape, according to Zappos customers.

Colors: Almond/White, Extra White/Babe, Extra White/Steel, Matcha/White, Extra White/Black, +more | Upper Material: Leather and suede | Size Range: 4-10 | Width Range: Standard

Price at time of publish: $165

Meet the Expert

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Baby Shoes Boy Girl Infant Sneakers Non

Why its great: While these werent designed for wide feet, they can easily accommodate them when you size up. The have a wide opening and are made of a flexible, stretchy mesh. Theyre very breathable and comfortable, with plenty of room in the toe box if you get the right size. They can easily be slipped on or off, or you can use the velcro band to make the opening even wider. They have a rubber sole with plenty of traction and a toe guard, to protect from stubbed toes. You can choose from this style, a mary jane style, or a full slip on with no strap. These also come in various colors, letting you choose the one that you like the best.

Keep in mind: The company recommends that you size up for chubby feet.

Good for: A breathable, affordable sneaker option for babies with wide feet.

Peggy Piggy Baby Shoes

The Best Shoes for Kids with Flat Feet – Let’s Improve Your Child’s Posture

The Peggy Piggy Baby Shoes are the best thing for your little ones first steps!

They feature a rubber sole with great traction and durability and a soft, breathable upper made from multi-spandex.

The lightweight, durable sole is perfect for safe, easy walking, and the built-in memory foam insoles will keep your baby comfortable all day long.

These are the perfect shoes to make your baby smile.

They can be crawling and playing, and you can relax knowing their chubby feet will be comfortable.

Thats enough of a good reason to get a pair of Peggy Piggy Baby Shoes today!

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Stride Rite Adrian Athletic Sneaker

You need to get the Stride Rite Adrian Athletic Sneaker for your baby!

Made with leather and mesh, these sneakers feature a hook and loop strap closure and memory foam footbeds for everyday wear.

Plus, the seamless construction cradles the natural shape of their tiny feet for a custom fit.

Whether your little one is exploring the great outdoors or running around the playground, the Stride Rite Adrian Loop Sneaker are the best types of shoes for your toddler!

See Kai Run Boys Russell Casual Sneaker For Toddlers And Kids

Seers have been making shoes for kids since 1949. Kai Run is a line of shoes from Sees, and they offer the best traditional uppers for your little explorers to enjoy time outside. The breathable fabric will keep their feet dry and healthy as they play. Just remember, its always a good idea to slip on some socks before going outside! With low-top shaft lengths that measure approximately from the arch, this sneaker offers a comfortable fit with everyday wear.

These sneakers are great for playing in or running around town too. They offer a simple design and come in a variety of fun colors. Kai Run shoes also feature durable outsoles to ensure that their footwear will stick with them through thick and thin. Since this line is from Sees, it means you know you are getting quality craftsmanship for your childs feet.

With their signature rubber herringbone outsole, these shoes will keep your toddler or kid engaged on the playground. With wide mouth openings and straps for easy on/off convenience, you can keep fast-moving toes on track with this shoe.

These shoes are lightweight and easy to pack in your childs bag when you want them to have something comfortable to walk around in at the theme park or zoo. They also come with adjustable closures for flexible wear. The rubber outsole provides traction, which means this shoe is great for outdoor use, like when you go on long nature walks.


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Studies About The Best Shoes For Toddlers

The internet can be a really hard place to find reliable information, especially when it comes to finding healthy footwear. There seem to be two sides to the healthy footwear debate. First are those that advocate for a natural, barefoot approach. This position is founded on the belief that your feet are a strong, functional part of your body, and the more we use them in their natural state, the stronger and healthier theyll be.

There are also many that advocate for more intervention, including support and cushion. There are specific instances where some intervention may be necessary, but to assume all people need this is based on the belief that feet are inherently weak and flawed. Support, heels and cushion change the way a person stands, walks and runs, which can often lead to issues not just for the feet, but the whole body.

Even those that recommend more intervention for adults, still tend to agree that wide, flat flexible shoes are the best for toddlers.

The best thing to do is read the research. Here are several studies that cover healthy foot development and the best types of shoes for children.

Meckior Infantclassic Pu Leather Wedding Loafers

How To Select Shoes for Babies and Toddlers With Wide Feet

Take a look at our next pick for the best baby shoes for wide feet, the Meckior InfantClassic PU Leather Wedding Loafer!

This shoe is perfect for your little ones special day.

Made from high quality PU leather, this shoe is soft, comfortable, and will look great with any outfit.

The simple classic design is perfect for both formal and casual wear, and the rubber sole is durable and safe for your baby to crawl, walk, and play.

Make your babys day extra special with the Meckior InfantClassic PU Leather Wedding Loafer!

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