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Best Sneakers For Women With Wide Feet

Best Tennis Shoes For Wide Feet 2021 Full Guide

The best shoes for women with wide feet | Style Real Talk

December 4, 2021 By John Doe

Ive often seen many people complaining about the comfort level of the shoes, even if the size they choose is completely fit lengthwise. So, whats the issue in this regard? The main problem is with the width of the feet. Many people have wider feet even if their size is smaller and hence they face problems in playing sports like tennis. An easy way to ensure maximum comfort and stability is to select the best tennis shoes for wide feet.

Such shoes will be offering you complete stability and firmness along with due cushioning while you are trying to outclass your opponents. Fitting always matters, no matter if you need women tennis shoes or men tennis shoes, you always need a perfect fit. If your feet are flat then check out flat feet tennis shoes.

However, the main question arises here that how can one find a perfect pair of shoes with wide feet adjustments? The answer is simple. Ive compiled up a list of some high-quality tennis shoes for you to consider.

So, lets take a look at best wide foot tennis shoes one by one:

Best Overall

  • Additional material at toe & 4foot
  • Michelin superior grip & durability

Talking about some initial features first, the shoes have got an additional amount of mesh at the upper. That makes it plush breathable flexibility. It provides a dry and moisture-free environment. In addition to that, reinforced TPU improves durability and protects the shoe from abrasion resistance.


What Will Bring Down The Swelling In The Feet

There are many ways to bring down the swelling in the feet. The most effective one is to elevate your legs and feet while lying down. You can put cushions under your legs and feet to raise them above heart level.

If the swelling is from diabetes, then do it at least 1 time a day. If it is from being pregnant, then several times in a day is suggested.

Best Sneaker Boot: Vionic Shawna Bootie

Formulated with Vionic Vio-Motion footbed technology, these high-top sneakers were specifically made for people who experience plantar fasciitis. The stylish leather shoes come in medium or wide. Many reviewers note that the arches are not as high as the other brands, which means less strain. Available in five different colors, they make a good pair of daily shoes. If youre interested in true sneakers, theres also theWalker Classic. Plus, you might want to check out the brands selection of sandals, slippers, and ballet flats as well.

Upper: Nubuck or Nappa Leather | Outsole: EVA | Size: 5 to 12 | Heel Height: 1.25 inches | Weight: 8 oz. | Fit: True to size

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/10women Ballerina Walking Flats Shoes

Dream Pairs Womens Sole-Simple Ballerina Walking Flats Shoes$22.99

Dream Pairs Womens Sole-fina Walking Classic Ballet Flats Shoes$23.99

These Ballerina Walking Flat shoes for women come in a trendy and stylish design.

Hailed as one of the most beautiful ballerina flats in 2022, these flats are also very functional, with the sole designed to provide extra foot comfort and protection.

The insole is composed of a latex ultra-soft lining, and the flexible rubber outsole maintains a firm grip for easy traction whenever required.

In a modern style, these ballerina-design flats for women are versatile, and you can pair them with a wide range of female ups and downs.

Regarding colors, these ballerina walking flat shoes come in gorgeous-looking colors: black, cream, silver, and many more.

Best Extra Wide Womens Shoes For Swollen Feet

The Best Running Shoes For Wide Feet Reviewed In 2018 ...

For ladies looking for something fashionable and comfortable, these Skechers will do the trick. Theyre available in extra wide sizes, so your swollen feet will thank you.

Read our full review below.

The best extra wide womens shoes for swollen feet in this list are from Skechers. The reason is that these shoes are made with 100% synthetic and durable fabric material.

The material is light in weight that allows people with swollen feet to wear these shoes in comfort. To enhance inner comfort, this shoe has a soft Ortholite insole.

It comes with a shock-absorbing midsole that reduces the impact on your feet when you take a step.

Want to know the best part?

These Skechers shoes provide better flexibility to make sure you can walk an unlimited distance. The upper part of the shoe is made with breathable mesh uppers.

This prevents moisture and sweat buildup inside the shoe and allows vapors to escape easily. It means you can wear these shoes in warm weather too.

What you will love:

  • Breathable Material: The synthetic and breathable material allow your feet to breathe
  • Lightweight: These shoes have lightweight so that you can wear them easily for a long time
  • Ortholite Insole: The Ortholite insole is soft that provide more comfort

What Do the Customers Say About It:

According to what 95% of the customers say: The synthetic material protects feet from germs. The lightweight allows wearing the shoe for a long time. The breathable material protects feet from sweat


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Wide Sneakers For Women And Wide Width Shoes

Another brand that tends to fit my wide width feet, even though their shoes only come single wide, is Saucony. Many of my everyday sneakers are from SauconyI like to wear retro looking sneakers.

Fun fact: you can often buy mens shoes, two sizes smaller than what you normally wear, and get away with that for your sneakers. Why? Because mens shoes are cut wider overall than womens shoes.

This is true even with womens shoes for wide feet. Mens shoes are nearly always wider.

Ive had good luck lately getting extra extra wide sneakers or wide width running shoes from Brooks. I buy the mens version, where a D wide is the same as a womans extra wide.

Brooks also sells wide sneakers for women but mens tend to fit me better. Nonetheless, you can shop Brooks at Zappos, and get free shipping and returns! In fact, I recently bought a second pair of Brooks sneakers this way.

Leather Platform Clogs That’ll Keep Your Feet Happy All Darn Day *and* Go With Just About Every Outfit In Your Closet Their Rounded Toe Design Has Already Made Plenty Of Wide Feetreviewers Believers That You Can Combine Style And Comfort I’ll Pass The Tissues

Promising review: “I love, love, love these shoes. I usually wear about a 9 US size, sometimes 8.5 or 9.5, but I have wide feet, especially at my toes. I also have pretty high arches. These shoes are cute, supportive, and comfortable. I can wear them for hours without pain or blisters. I would recommend these to anyone and I will likely buy them in another color.” emies

Get them from Amazon for $91.88+ .

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/10women Low Wedge Ankle Strap Flat Shoes

Evalinda Ankle Strap Flats

Another pair of great flat shoes for women are the Low Wedge Ankle Strap Flats.

Designed with safety and comfort in mind, the padded insole and ultra-thin lining confer an extra layer of support.

The flats insole is made of premium latex, designed to provide your feet with cushion-like protection and comfort.

Some of the most comfortable flats on this list, the Low Wedge Ankle Strap Flat shoes come with rubber outsoles for extra grip.

My favorite flats right now, these beauties are durable, comfortable, and above all, very stylish.

Coming in a wide range of colors, including black, light blue, white, red, you can wear them all year round.

These Streamlined Running Shoes From Nike

Top 5 Most Comfortable Sneakers For WIDE FEET!

You can choose from a rainbow of colors, from basic black to neon green.

The flexible knit upper of these Nikes provides room for your toes to splay while also allowing your feet to breathe. The foam interior is plush, while the reinforced heel offers good support. The mostly black color keeps their style subdued, with a pop of pink others will notice only after you’ve passed by. Available in 11 sizes, they come in women’s whole and half sizes from 5 to 12 and wide width.

“Good looking and easy to walk in, one reviewer writes. “My arches feel supported, I can wear them all day as I work from home in loungewear and my feet feel comfortable and no toes are squished.”

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Best Heeled Boots: Ecco Shape Sculpted Motion 35

Dr. Lee vouches for Ecco, citing the brands freedom fit which is designed to allow the toes room to move. As in, you dont have to worry about your toes feeling squished or crampedwhich can take some trial and error when searching for the perfect booth that can weather the summer slush and winter blues alike. One shoe that fits is the Motion 35 from ECCO, a stylish contemporary take on the ankle boot. Its footbed is anatomically shaped to cup your heel and cradle your foot so you dont feel the wear of a day of walking on your body.

Upper: Leather | Outsole: FLUIDFORM sole | Size: 4.5-11.5 | Heel Height: 33mm | Weight: 15 ounces| Fit: Narrow

Are Some Running Shoe Brands Wider Than Others

As a general rule, New Balance not only makes many running shoes in various widths but they also have a wider toe box than many other brands.

Brooks is another running shoe brand that has a wider toe box and also offers many of their models in a wide or extra wide.

Altra and Topo two footwear brands that make running shoes that promote barefoot running also have a very wide toe box. These go from wide to extra wide depending on the model.

There are also a few brands that tend to run narrow. Nike is notorious for making shoes that are very narrow. Asics is another brand that is tight in the midfoot and heel and may not be good for runners with wide feet.

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Solomon Speedcross 5 Running Shoe

Heres a special shout out to all you trail runners out there. Way to get that dose of nature in on every single run and make all us city dwellers jealous. If youre looking for a high-rated trail shoe to support your craft, the Speedcross 5 shoe from Solomon is full of high reviews. These are known for a tough grip to allow you to run over rocks or other terrain with ease. Plus you still get plenty of cushioning so youll land soft wherever you go. Theres even a mesh system to keep debris from getting in your shoe and irritating you as you run. These are, of course, great for running, but you can easily use them for any hiking or climbing you do, too. Reviewers say they are comfortable but still stand up to tough conditions. One wrote, Love them! Went running in very muddy area today and no slipping. Shoe is very comfortable, fits well, and no rubbing. Definitely recommend.

Saucony Womens Cohesion 14 Wide

Top 19 Best Running Shoes for Wide Feet for 2020

The Saucony Womens Cohesion 14 Wide is another good option if youre looking for wide widths. This shoe style has the choice to pick either wide or regular width.

Saucony is a brand with a long history. They were founded in 1898 due to generations of runners in their blood. Saucony aims to give runners a challenge everyday and provide the customers with boundary-pushing products that allow them to run faster, easier. Saucony has evolved from simply being a local factory to now being global.

VERSARUN cushioning is placed in the shoe to absorb impact and reduce pressure. The upper has been redesigned and heel support has been added for a more comfortable yet secure hold.

The different components of the shoe are ideal for long-distance runs, rough terrain and any other type of mileage. Consider this pair of shoes if youre looking for a reasonably priced shoe of high quality.

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How Wide Should Running Shoes Be

There isnt a single standard for how wide running shoes should be because runners have all different foot shapes and widths. For all feet, the shoe should fit snugly enough to prevent the foot from moving or sliding around inside. The most important things to pay attention to:

  • You should be able to spread your toes.
  • Your foot should not feel constricted at all.
  • The shoe should cup your heel comfortably.

If you doubt whether its the correct width, try pinching the material on the sides and top. You should be able to grip a bit of the fabric.

How To Save On The Best Wide Width Shoes

If youre on a budget, you may be able to keep the cost of buying what I deem to be the best wide width shoes on the lower side. And what are the best?

The ones made with wide feet in mindand not just in wide widths. And you want to shop at stores that understand about extra wide footwear for ladies.

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What Sneakers & Shoes Are Best For Wide Feet

Whether its high heels or sneakers, we all enjoy wearing shoes that offer some flair to our outfits and give us a boost of confidence! However, for women with wider feet, finding wide fit shoes and wide fit sneakers that are chic and stylish can be challenging. Well not any more with Sole Bliss wide fit shoes!

We often think that sneakers are automatically going to be comfortable but if you have wide feet, you may find that a lot of sneakers hurt your feet. That is why it is important to look for wide fit sneakers.

There are several reasons why shoes for wide widths can help your feet. Wide fit sneakers have a wide toe box which decreases the pressure on your toes, prevents foot cramping and avoids unnatural stress on your joints and ligaments. If you suffer from bunions, the best wide fit sneakers will also stop the pain that bunions can cause. If you suffer with hammer toes, claw toes or mallet toes, a wide foot sneaker will stop your foot from rubbing against the roof of the shoe.

Sole Bliss is the leader in women’s wide fit sneakers and shoes for wide widths. From wide feet and hammer toes to bunions and painful joints, all our shoes have a wide toe box which will cushion and accommodate these foot problems.

Now women all over the world can enjoy indulgent comfort and style with our wide fit sneakers and shoes for wide widths, which are specially designed for women with wide feet, bunions, hammer toes and other foot problems.

Best Womens Wide Dress Shoes

BEST Sneakers that are WIDE FOOT Friendly! 2020

If youre looking for the best womens dress shoes for wide feet, Ive found luck with many of the brands Ive already mentioned. This includes Rockport and Rockport Cobb Hill. Many have super cute wide width heels, too.

I got a pair of gold Total Motion Salima Ankle Strap Pump in a recent Trunk Club shipment. They are from Rockport. So that goes to show you that when you sign up for Trunk Club, you can request womens wide dress shoes among other kinds of shoesand other clothing.

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Strappy Pumps So You’ll Always Have A Formal

Promising review: “If you have a wide foot, you will fall in love. I put this shoe on and wanted to cry. My feet are short and pretty wide with high arches. Shoes NEVER fit me correctly. Pumps always are too long by the time I find my width, and then are so painful to wear/hard to walk in. I ordered these in the ginger snakeskin and they are amazing. They fit me like a glove I literally felt like Cinderella. It is so hard to find reasonably priced and fashionable wide width dress shoes… not to mention so well made.” Chootie

Get them from Nordstrom for $140+ .

Kswiss Hypercourt Express 2

Durability guarantee: NoWhat we love: Even in their standard width offering, these shoes offer a generous fit that suits wider feet well. The uppers are also pliable to help accommodate wide feet comfortably. The Hypercourt Express 2s deliver lightweight performance and a cushioned feel underfoot. For men, these shoes are also offered in a wide 2E model.

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Final Thoughts On Best Wide Width Shoes For Women

One more thing to add when it comes to buying shoes. You know that Im a big believer in supporting companies that stand behind their products. Its the same with shoes.

While Nordstrom and Zappos may not advertise their lifetime warranty for shoes or guarantee like other companies do, I know from first-hand experience that both brands will stand behind the shoes they sell to you. They both get top marks in customer service. That, along with offering high-quality shoes, are reason enough to me to shop with them regularly.

Heres the deal: Ill take fashionable wide width shoes, even if they arent always the cheapest. Finally, Im still on the hunt for wide width designer shoes. To me Josef Seibel shoes are a designer shoes brand, even if they arent technically wide width. But I havent found a bunch more. If you know of other wide width designer shoes for wide feet or brands that I should add to this review, please let me know.

And if Ive missed any category of womens wide width shoes that you think I should cover, please comment below. If I can find something to recommend, Ill be sure to update this wide shoes review.

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