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Best Work Sneakers For Nurses

Brooks Womens Ghost 11

ALL ABOUT MY CROCS | Best Work Shoes | Nurse Kathiana

The Brooks Ghost 11 are designed to minimize impact and keep your feet secure. They have a segmented crash pad, which reduces the impact your feet experience on those extended hours up and down those hospital corridors. These shoes were designed for responsiveness while still providing a cushioned ride. At 8.8oz, youll feel light on your feet as you work.

Many happy customers rave that its become the perfect fit for high impact activities such as jumping, running, and HIIT. But, does it fair well for the 12-hour graveyard shift? Yes indeed, as they boost comfort, responsiveness, and support for a smooth nights work. The Brooks Womens Ghost 11 is our top recommended shoe for nurses who prefer trainers over clogs.

Calzuro Classic Clogs With Holes

These Italian clogs are a cult favorite among everyone from cheesemakers to emergency medicine physiciansand for good reason. With a slip-resistant sole, anti-static material, a genuinely cool silhouette, and a slight heel to reduce fatigue, theyre practically made for nurses. And Calzuro clogs are among the easiest shoes to clean, since they play nice with both dishwashers and autoclaves.

I do 24-hour shifts and these shoes keep my feet happy, one reviewer explains. I especially love how easy they are to clean. In my profession they can get pretty gross, so a run under water in the sink and a wipe down and they are as good as new.

Brooks Womens Addiction Walking Shoes

Girl, when Brooks released their newest and meanest nursing shoes on the block, they were not playing around. Theyre tough but comfortable, rigid but flexible, and damn near irreplaceable.

I kid you not these guys literally turned walking and standing all day into an addiction. You guessed it we could only be talking about the Brooks Womens Addiction Walker Walking Shoes. But just what is it about these shoes that just make you want to be on your feet all day long?

Well, it could be the HydroFlow tech that enhances and boosts the midsole cushioning to provide unbridled shock absorption. Ladies, you know that means good news for battered feet at closing time. Whats more, Brooks went ahead and added dynamic gooey fluid units at the forefoot and heel to make you feel as if you were walking on manmade clouds.

But thats not even the most attractive feature not even by a long stretch. Brooks Womens Addiction Walker tennis shoes incorporate extended progressive diagonal rollbars that present a robust, dual density posts at the arch for pronation control. Lastly, the ASTM certified skid and slip resistant outsole is engendered to cut down any instances of accidents at the workplace.

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Our Top Unisex Pick For Standing:

Sometimes, the simplest things are the best! Thats why we love these Boston Professionals from Birkenstock. The normal Boston clogs are insanely comfortable, and these Professionals pack all that comfort into something thats ideal for a restaurant kitchen or medical facility. Theyre perfect for both men and women.

Theyre loaded with the typical Birkenstock cork footbed, which gives you plenty of arch support, metatarsal comfort, and heel cupping. Youll stay cool, thanks to the open-back clog design, and the wide, soft leather upper gives you some space to expand as your feet swell through the shift. We love the special smooth leather finishes on these Professionals, since they look sleek and classy without being hard to clean or sanitize as necessary. Theyre also equipped with a certified slip-resistant sole, so traction will never be an issue for you.

Check them out!

Nurse Mates Bryar Slip

9 Best Shoes for Nurses &  Standing All Day 2019, Say ...

Just from reading the name, I can easily tell that this show is meant for nurses. The Nurse Mates Bryar comes in a sleek design and super cute color to enhance your overall appearance.

The additional comfortable padding provides extra support and comfort. This is one of the best shoes for nurses with plantar fasciitis. The specifically designed arch helps alleviate plantar fasciitis in nurses.

If youre worried about maintaining a professional look, the Nurse Mates Bryar got you covered. The shoes are made with sturdy leather materials to enhance your professional appearance. This helps increase confidence. The shoes come with a 2.5-inch heel.

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The Benefits Of Using Nursing Shoes

  • The high-quality fabric that goes into making shoes for nurses guarantees longevity and durability.

They come in highly professional yet stylish designs that go well with your scrubs.

Nursing shoes are easy to clean and usually water-resistant.

They are slip-resistant and protect you from workplace injuries.

If you have foot ailments like plantar fasciitis, the arch support provided by nursing shoes can ease your pain.

  • Nursing shoes are comfortable enough that you dont feel pain at the end of a long day.

Now that you are aware of all the benefits of investing in a good-quality pair of nursing shoes, take a look at the factors to consider before you hit Add to cart.

How To Shop For The Best Insoles For Plantar Fasciitis

Over-the-counter insoles are a good first option to try before considering getting fitted for custom orthotics, which usually require a doctors prescription, Dr. Jung says. Just keep in mind that there isnt much research out there on how well store-bought inserts work or which ones are the most effective, says Kamran Hamid, M.D., M.P.H., a foot and ankle surgeon at Midwest Orthopedics at Rush University in Chicago.

Thats why personal comfort counts for a lot. The most important aspect is how they feel to you, Dr. Hamid says. Some are helpful and some may exacerbate your condition.

Its also important to note that store-bought inserts are just one option for managing plantar fasciitis pain. Shoes for plantar fasciitis are also worth looking into, as well as a night splint. So even though you can buy inserts without a prescription, you should still see your doctor before self-treating your foot pain. Its a good idea to confirm your diagnosis before spending a fortune on inserts, Dr. Hamid says.

When shopping for plantar fasciitis insoles, Dr. Jung and Dr. Hamid say you should find one that has cushioning under the arch and heel to provide extra support and redistribute pressure that can cause pain. It might involve a little bit of experimenting, so we rounded up top-rated options to help your search.

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Is Standing For 8 Hours Bad For You

Standing for eight hours is not exactly bad for you, but it may give rise to other issues, especially if you have fragile bones.

This is why workers who have to be on their feet for almost the entire time opt for top quality and durable working shoes. This way, not only do their feet stay neat and clean, but the strain is also not as bad.

The chances of developing joint pain in the future will also reduce drastically.

We have reviewed another shoe pair that will help you 8+ hours standing all day and minimize pain associated with joint issues such as arthritis, rheumatism, etc.

New Balance Mens Fresh Foam Tennis Shoe


New Balance Mens Fresh Foam Tennis Shoeis a hard court sneaker designed for fast movement and control. This tennis sneaker comprises a synthetic and mesh upper that produces loads of breathability throughout the shoe. Because of its athletic design, it employs a lightweight construction with flexible materials that minimizes fatigue.

To improve comfort, this sneaker features a cushioned interior with an ortholite insert and fresh foam midsole. Moreover, the external heel counter improves transitions for better movement. As a result, the shoe base adequately absorbs impact and provides an optimal response on hard surfaces. Finally, the rubber outsole comprises of non-marking materials that prevent unwanted scuffing on slick floors.

New Balance Mens Fresh Foam Shoe is a reliable tennis sneaker for male nurses that value a lightweight design and pivot control. And tts available in numerous neutral and bright colors for those who want to dress up for work.

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Why Do Nurses Need Comfortable Nursing Shoes

Because of the nature of their work and the need to be able to move around fast, it is a must to have comfortable shoes for nurses. Nurses work for about 1215 hours per day, and most of the time they are either standing or walking around. Sometimes, they also need to carry heavy supplies and push hospital equipment. This puts a great strain on their feet and legs.

Without the proper support of good shoes, nurses experience pain and extreme discomfort in their lower extremities. They are more susceptible to experiencing arthritis and heel spurs, and are prone to overstretching the muscles and tendons that hold up the foot arch. These conditions are easily aggravated if they do not wear the proper nursing shoes.

Crocs Bistro Batali Edition

These low-profile Crocs pretty much blend into the backgroundperfect for workers who need a simple, durable shoe. They check all the boxes with an easy-to-clean material, a contoured footbed, and thick toecapsfor a reasonable price, too.

Im an emergency department nurse and these are the only shoes I can wear for 13 hours and my feet and legs dont hurt, an Amazon reviewer raves. Ive been wearing them for 10 years. Wouldnt wear anything else. Plus, they are super easy to clean. Id give them 10 stars if I could.

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How Wearing The Right Footwear Help Nurses Get Through Their Day

Nursing is an incredibly physically demanding profession, which means that poor quality shoes can cause some serious problemsnot to mention painover time. Good nursing shoes will help you avoid accidents and injuries reduce the chances of pain in your legs, back and the rest of your body and help you maintain correct posture and range of motion as you go about your day. Lets take a look at what will be the effect on you when you find the right pair of nursing shoes.

Sketchers Work: Relaxed Fit Sure Track $6500+

Best Nurse Shoe Review: Hoka

The Sketchers Sure Track shoe for women is a great option if you suffer from plantar fasciitis or are simply looking for a light and comfortable shoe for long days on your feet. The Sure Track is a lightweight pair of slip-on shoes designed to provide a roomy fit. As the name suggests, the Sure Track features a durable, non-slip outsole and a solid leather upper. The Sure Track also features a Memory Foam insole, which, combined with its shock-absorbing midsole, provides layers of comfort. The Sure Track comes in various widths, ensuring that individuals with wider feet can find an option as well.

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Avia Womens Avi Union Service Shoe

When it comes to cost, you wont get much better than the AVIA Union Service Shoe. But that doesnt mean that they are of lesser quality in any way. As a matter of fact, they are one of the most durable pair of oil and slip resistant shoes which are widely popular among nurses and doctors who require comfortable shoes. The AVIA tennis shoe is waterproof and easily washable, exceptionally flexible and durable. They also feature removable insoles which is a great plus when you want to upgrade to orthotic inserts. They fit snugly and are known by most wearers to be the most comfortable shoes, even during 10-hour shifts.

Priced modestly and proven by several reviewers as a worthy buy, even after months of wear and tear, these shoes will definitely keep your feet smiling all day long. The best part is that they come in a variety of colors including white, silver, gray and black.

Skechers Max Cushioning Elite Destination Point Sneaker $85 At Dsw

The Skechers Max Cushioning Destination sneaker lives up to its name, thanks to the super-thick sole and lightweight foam midsole. The insoles arent removable, but the extra padding offers hours of comfort, while the rubber sole provides a non-slip grip. And you are sure to stand out in the crowd with the gradient light and dark blueprint!

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Nike Mens Downshifter 9 Running Shoe

Nike Mens Downshifter 9 Running Shoe is a sleek and fashionable low-top sneaker that features several appealing attributes. Firstly, this running shoe comprises a soft textile and synthetic upper with collar cushioning for a snug and comfortable fit.

The shoes interior features antimicrobial fabrics that assist with fighting unwanted odors and bacteria. Breathable lining is also incorporated into the design to wick away moisture and keep feet dry. The shoes midfoot and heel utilizes a closed mesh composition to offer structured support across the foot. Moreover, a full-length insole allows for adequate cushioning along the foots bottom while supporting the users weight.

Finally, the outsole features flex grooves with a rubber traction construction to provide optimal adhesion and power while minimizing fatigue. Nikes Downshifter 9 is one of the best running shoes for male nurses who want supportive, athletic workplace footwear. For those who prefer an alternative color/design, this sneaker is available in a dozen variations.

Nike Womens Lunarglide 9 White Tennis Shoe

BEST 2020 Registered Nurse Shoe Review! (NIKE, DANSKO, CROCS, REEBOK, BROOKS)

A lot of the work that nurses do requires her to run. Thats why its always best to choose a pair of shoes that are designed with running in mind. The Nike Womens Lunarglide tennis shoe is one such example. The shoe is made of mesh which makes the shoe airy and comfortable. The rubber sole is built to ensure that the wearer does not slip. The Lunarglide foam is renowned for its comfy cushioning feel. That is why Nike has used it to support the foot. The fact that the foam is light reduces the weight of the shoe considerably.

Another thing that makes this model very popular is the support without bulk. To ensure that the wearer is provided this, Nike has incorporated the use of Fly-knit material and fly-wire cables. Not only does this provide support, it also helps in breathability. All this put together makes the Nike Lunarglide sneakers a great buy.

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New Balance Fuelcore Nergize Lifestyle Sneaker Starting At $65 At New Balance

Thanks to its REVlite technology, the FuelCore Nergize sneaker offers ultra-lightweight cushioning in an easy slip-on style. The bootie design offers a snug and supportive fit while a New Balance memory sole comfort insert guarantees that every step you take will feel like walking on a cloud all day long. Available in a wide range of fun colors as well as wide widths, the FuelCore Nergize is a practical and stylish shoe that youll want to wear even after your shift ends! Plus, New Balance offers 25% off any full-price item to verified healthcare professionals.

Klogs Usa Womens Naples Mule

One of the most interesting elements of the Klogs USA Womens NAPLES Mule is the fact that nurses and Plantar Fasciitis are actually stated in the product description and features, with an emphasis on long shifts and durability. This suitability comes down to a series of comfort features that have been included, such as the polyurethane insoles. These insole are well-cushioned with great arch support.

There is the chance to remove the insole, should wearers feel the need to upgrade for conditions like Plantar Fasciitis. However, many wearers feel that the support offered is more than adequate. The shoes cope well with a 12 hour shift and have provided great relief from heel pain. There is some breaking in required around the toes, but most buyers like the fit.

In addition to this, this mule shoes have a simple slip-on shape, 1 inch platform and 2 inch heel for a sturdy, practical option for the work environment. They come in a choice of plain black or plain white for the ward and other, bolder options should buyers want a second pair. This means there is a blend of functions that makes this one of the most comfortable, practical and appealing options.

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Our Recommendations For Comfy Mens Work Shoes:

Clarks Tilden Walk Oxford

The Clarks Tilden Walk Oxford is one of our favorite mens dress shoes, period. It looks great, feels great, and it also happens to be an excellent choice for when youre on your feet for hours! We like its synthetic sole, which has all the bounce and traction of rubber without the clunky weight. Wearers love the way the sole keeps them feeling energetic. The elastic side gores and breathable construction of the upper material also make this one of the coolest, comfiest dress options in the second half of your shift. The Tildens leave some room for natural foot swelling, and keep sweat from causing you major discomfort. Oh, and the upper is still made from real leather, so you dont have to compromise your classiness for the extra comfort factor! We think theyre the best compromise between classiness and comfort for guys in professional settings. They do get narrow toward the toe, though, so make sure to size up if thats a problem for you!

Birkenstock London

Nike Mens Flex Running Shoe

Birkenstock Harris

Dr. Martens Vegan 1460 Boots

See full reviews of all these options on our Best Mens Shoes for Standing page!

Nurse Mates Womens Fleet

Comfortable Work shoes for Nurses!

Nurse Mates Fleet makes an excellent selection of shoes that are perfect to be worn all day. These shoes are ideal for people on the go. They provide such superior arch support, and flexibility that makes you want to keep walking. They are also attractive, supportive, affordable and cushioned.

The Nurse Mates fleet shoe is a lightweight shoe. In fact, it is so light that youll probably forget youre wearing shoes. Its cushioning will ensure the shoe adjusts perfectly to your feet for a custom fit. Now you no longer have to complain about aching feet, especially if you spend long hours standing.

Lastly, the Nurse Mates Fleet is fashionable and trendy. It has a rugged laid-back style that compliments your wardrobe perfectly. Comfortable walking shoes that have the benefit of style and elegance? What else could one ask for?

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