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Black Men’s Leather Sneakers

Looking After Your Black Sneakers

12 Ways to Style Black Sneakers | Mens Fashion | Outfit Ideas

People think polishing is only for dress shoes, but your leather sneakers are still leather, and they need looking after. This doesnt have to be anything too elaborate. Before you take them out, spray your black leather sneakers with a good quality water repellant. Give them a polish with black shoe cream every few months. And clean them after each wear with some basic cleaning wipes. This will stop dirt, dust and grime from getting into the leather. Remember: sneakers come down to maintenance. You can have the best quality mens leather sneakers on your feet, but if theyre cracked, dry, and covered in muck, it wont matter. Looking sharp starts with your shoesand sneakers need to look razor sharp.

Ecco Mens Soft 8 Tie Fashion Sneaker Black

  • High maintenance
  • Need for protective spray

Ecco has designed an incredibly unique but totally sexy version of the black sneaker. It has almost a loafer-like feel when you put it on, but definitely has the same support and bounce of a traditional sneaker. These sneakers will come with a little extra maintenance to keep them looking fresh and pristine, but just looking at these shoes you will love putting in the extra time and care. You can throw these on and off without untying and they go with a variety of different outfit selections. I wouldnt go super formal with these, like a wedding or prom, but really almost any occasion youll be happy youre rocking these.

Uniform Standard Series 1

Uniform Standards Series 1 design was the brands first offering back in 2018. The minimal mens sneaker is made up of clean lines, premium materials and sublime hand-finished detailing. We love wearing Series 1 in its Triple Black colourway because its so versatile these smart leather trainers can be worn to add a contemporary touch on smarter outings, or to upgrade your everyday wardrobe.

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    Timberland Mens Groveton Leather Chukka Sneakers Black

    • Non-athletic
    • Small in the toe

    If you have ever been lucky enough to own a pair of Timberland boots you know that they are one of the longest-lasting and most comfortable boots on the planet. They may be a bit heavy but that just reminds you of how well-made and tough they truly are. The same goes for these sexy Timberland sneakers. They have an aggressive look, the matte black finish is mean and stands out, while also being kind of subtle. You will get a ton of double takes when people see these shoes on your feet. Not only that but folks are going to ask you what kind of shoes they are, dont be surprised when people are shocked to hear that they are Timberlands. Not just your fathers bootmaker, they are killing it in the sneaker game as well.

    Polo Ralph Lauren Mens Faxon Low Sneaker Black

    Grenson Shoes Mens Sneaker 1 Black Trainers, Calf Leather ...
    • Wear easily
    • Not very athletic

    Ralph Lauren is another household name in mens fashion. Not only are they known for some of the best looking shirts on the planet their brand Polo is actually the namesake of those very shirts. If you were wondering before this post if they made mens shoes, I have your answer right here. Not only do they make sneakers, but they also make some very attractive sneakers. These are the shoes that are more on the formal side than the casual side, but then again, that is the great thing about casual, there arent any rules. You can wear these to a meeting with clients or to a BBQ on the weekend. Do what you want and wear these sneaks while you do it.

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    Reebok Mens Legacylifter Cross Trainer Black

    • High maintenance
    • Sizing

    Looking for the ultimate workout sneaker? These Reebok cross-trainers are the shoe that you need in your life. These sneakers were made for running, jumping, lifting and playing. They have extra ankle support and are designed to hug your foot in all the right places. While I wouldnt wear them in a super-formal setting like a client meeting or presentation to your co-workers you can wear them for most casual events. You can even throw on some jeans or dark khakis and feel confident that the shoes and outfit go together nicely. They arent just a sneaker to wear when youre working out, they are a fashion statement!

    Lifo+: Extra Flexible German Outsole

    Your feet have the amazing ability to adapt to any terrain. Bring back your natural range of motion with the Lifo+ outsole. Its as lightweight and flexible as the sole of your own foot.

    Lifo+ soles are also slip-proof, even on wet surfaces. Really, weve tested them ourselves.

    • Thin, lightweight sole
    • Reliable even on wet surfaces
    • Maximum flexibility

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    Acne Studios Faux Suede Ripstop Sneakers

    Acne Studios have an impressive range of sneakers to choose from, but the Faux Suede and Rubber Trimmed Ripstop Sneakers are especially appealing in black. The all-black design creates a sleek appearance and offers the wearer even more versatility. Other highlights include the padded collars, rubber trims, and soles. As well as the stylish and breathable mesh linings, and pull tabs. Add these shoes to your collection if you want to stand out from the crowd!

    Jordan Air Jordan 4 Retro Black Cat

    How To Wear Black Sneakers/How To Style Men’s Black Sneakers

    Re-releasing in early 2020, the Black Cat Jordan 4 hardly flew off shelves. It wasnt until it was found on the feet of many stylish celebrities that it began to surge in price. The sneaker features a black nubuck upper with matching details around the eyelets and laces. Black hardware and netting combine with the black outsole to finish off the black on black look. This sneaker is the perfect candidate for daily wear, it begins to look better with age.

    Sole: Rubber 100%Outer: Suede 100%, Nylon 100%Price: From $888

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    Comfort Line: Shoes That Fit From The First Step

    No need to break your shoes in. Our Comfort Line shoes will fit you the moment you put them on. Theyre lightweight, flexible, and above all, comfortable.

    Your foot will finally get enough spaces for your toes and experience free movement. Our Comfort Line shoes give you the same benefits of barefoot shoes with the added cushion of a soft insole to soften every step.

    • Enough room for your toes
    • Ultralight, elastic, and flexible shoes
    • Softens the impact on your heels
    • Ideal for barefoot beginners

    Are you ready to go barefoot? Just remove the yellow insoles to transform your shoes into barefoot shoes made by physiotherapists.

    Jordan Air Te 2 Low Black

    • Need for protective spray
    • Pricier than most sneakers

    The Jordan brand has come a long way in the past couple of decades. Originally created for the GOAT Michael Jordan, the shoe transformed rather quickly from a basketball-only shoe to an everything shoe. Yes, these are still one of the premier basketball shoes on the planet, but they have become more of a fashion statement and everyday shoe than just a shoe to hit the courts with. These Jordans specifically have the lines and grace of the traditional Jordan, but they also look great and can compliment a slightly more formal outfit. I have worn Jordans to weddings as well as pick-up games. Either way, your feet are well covered in these gorgeous and extremely popular sneakers.

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    Puma Mens Basket Classic Fashion Sneaker Black

    • Can’t adjust the fit
    • Not a formal shoe

    Traditionally sneakers have laces and a tongue. These sneakers are anything but traditional. If you are looking for a no muss no fuss, reliable, casual sneaker, then look no further. Lugz has a very simple but sexy design for the fan of the simple slip-on sneaker. Obviously, you shouldnt wear this to the office, unless you have a casual Friday that you can wear some jeans too. These sneakers would be great for that, or for a night on the town, you can wear them sockless or with ankle socks and shorts. Lugz has given us a totally cool, insanely simple and comfortable sneaker that goes with most outfits. Picking up a pair of these will slide them straight into your most trusted sneakers.

    Best Brown Leather Sneakers For Men In 2022

    Black Synthetic Leather Sneakers for Mens &  Boys

    Published on July 14, 2021by Karlton Miko Tyack · Shoes

    Looking for a pair of brown leather sneakers to add to your wardrobe? Read on to see our top picks.

    While black and white sneakers go with any color you pair them with, brown shoes can seamlessly travel from the casual realm to more formal situations.

    Part of the reason is that brown comes in a wider variety of shades, from Americana and professorial autumns to swanky and upscale ebony. Throw in the patina potentials, and youve got endless hues.

    Weve rounded up the eight best brown sneakers for men. Whether youre looking for one classic pair or trying to diversify your shoe closet with a few shades, any of these options can add a distinguished quality to your collection.

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    Nike Mens Air Monarch Iv All

    It seems impossible to think about a list of all-black sneakers for men and not give some thought to Nike. When you look at a shoe like the Nike Mens Air Monarch IV Cross Trainer, you can see why they are always in the conversation for the best sneakers. Apart from looking incredibly cool, it features rubber soles that ensure that every step you take is in comfort. The rest of the shoe is constructed with high-quality leather, which also features a few perforations to encourage airflow. This stops your feet from getting too hot and sweaty and, by extension, protects you from conditions such as athletes foot.

    Going back to the rubber sole construction, the elite design ensures that these Nike sneakers are durable and long-lasting. The robust soles also mean you can traverse any terrain without too much hassle and discomfort. This is an excellent pair of sneakers to use in the gym or to go hiking with. If you arent a fan of exercise, they can also play the role of everyday wear. There is no limit to what the Nike Air Monarchs can do, and due to this, it comes highly recommended. For more cool footwear like this, check out our guide to the best moccasins for men.

    Cf+ Material: Dry Feet Rain Or Shine

    Whether youre jumping in puddles with style or climbing up a hill in the heat of summer your feet will always stay dry.

    Our shoes are made from the highest quality European material CF+ . The outside stays dry while the inside absorbs and reduces moisture.

    Even better? CF+ is extremely durable. You can scratch them with a fork and you wont see a thing. Finally, shoes that wont get scuffed up the moment you wear them outside!

    • Wicks away sweat from your feet
    • Waterproof
    • 100% vegan

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    Kick It Your Way Every Day In Mens Shoes

    What do your shoes say about you? Are you a baller, or prefer to just chill? Do you rep the tried-and-true from the old school, or are you more the cutting-edge type?Like most of us, youre probably somewhere in between. Which is why were glad youre here. Because youll find a little something for whatever your mood, whatever your outfit, or whatever statement you feel like making.

    Ney Workers Club Dellow Canvas Sneaker

    FULL REVIEW of Men’s @Adidas Grand Court – Black and White Leather Sneakers

    Stepney Workers Club is a brand based in East London, and its Dellow Canvas Sneaker deserves to be brought to your attention. The design is simple and created using traditional methods with subtle stitching, a canvas upper and vulcanized rubber outsole. Although this design is simple, it is the minimalistic approach that appeals to men who want versatility and footwear that is timeless yet relevant.

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    Nike Mens Air Force 1 Mid Trainers Black

    • Sizing
    • Snug fit

    Nike is a shoe juggernaut. They are the number one name in shoes and there isnt much of a debate on the topic. From their original basketball shoe to the Jordan brand they do it all. IF you comb through the thousands of pages of Nikes entire catalog to date, you are bound to find at least one sneaker that speaks to you, most of you will find that shoe on the first page. Air Force One is one of those shoes that hit the ground and took off. Now Nellys song about the shoe may have made them more popular, they are a cool enough shoe to stand on their own. With an assortment of colors and style, youd hard-pressed to not find a shoe that you love. Getting them in all black says that you are more serious with your shoe game. While these arent the perfect shoes for a board meeting, they will get you through just about any other situation.

    Lugz Mens Flip Casual Shoes Black

  • Utility shoe can be worn for whatever
  • Very comfortable
  • Price point is lower than most
  • Cons:

    • Not an athletic shoe
    • Protective spray recommended

    Now if youre a heavy boot fan, you probably have come across the Lugz brand a few times. Lugz is known for making cool and affordable boots that really do last. Their boots are the kind of footwear that you can really beat on and have the peace of mind to know that they are going to last you for years and years. If you need a sneaker that you can really wear until its time to retire them, then these Lugz sneakers are a great choice for you! Get them muddy, splash around in some puddles, clean them up and you can wear them to the office the next day. You are going to love beating on these shoes and will be surprised how resilient these bad boys can be.

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    Puma Cell Endura Rebound

    If chunky sneakers are your style, then you will be pleased to find the Puma Cell Endura Rebound on this list. Unlike your classic, sleek shoe, this design is a little more complicated and created with optimal comfort in mind. The original Cell Endura model gained popularity in 1998 this new creation is more modern, without losing its original appeal. Expect breathable sneakers, thanks to the overlays, and completed with EVA midsole for extra support and shock-absorption.

    Puma Suede Classic Sneaker Black

  • Multiple uses, formal to casual
  • Light and Comfortable
    • Protective spray needed for suede
    • Narrow

    With extremely popular designs and a classic look and feel this retro version of the suede Puma sneaker is a must-have in your collection. Pumas are lightweight, comfortable and have a trusted name in the shoe game. This sneaker has a retro look with the class and style of being suede, so if you have the outfit to compliment the shoe, you can wear these in a more formal setting and get away with it. With the right pair of black slacks, you can even rock these at the office and nobody will even know that you are wearing sneakers, they have that kind of look to them. They feel like sneakers but at first glance, they look like dress shoes. Youre going to feel extra confident leaving the house with these kicks every day.

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    Common Projects Original Achilles Leather Sneakers

    Minimalistic designs have their appeal, and this is something that Common Projects excels at, as proved by their Original Achilles Leather Sneakers. The shoe speaks for itself, so instead of adding fancy extras or interesting texture, these sneakers have a simple yet stylish appearance. Made in Italy and crafted with black leather and rubber soles, the one defining mark is the brands gold stamped serial numbers, which add a welcome pop of color.

    Common Projects Original Achilles Low

    Hey, its the minimalist tennis-style shoe with the gold digits. This simple shoe stuck out amongst the Jordans of the time and brought levels of minimalism to the footwear market. This shoe is for the man who only wants to impress those who know, and the shoe stands out only by the gold style code on the heal. CPs can be dressed up as much as they can be dressed down, catering to the individuals own sense of style. The Original Achilles Low is by far the most popular and superior in its genre.

    Made in: Italy

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    Pf Flyers Sandlot Center Hi

    PF Flyers Sandlot Center Hi sneakers made their debut as one of the most sought-after athletic offerings on the market, and thanks to years of trusted use, theyve become an iconic part of footwear history. While they do sport a subtle green badge on their ankle, these all-black offerings are a testament to timeless wear, thanks to a classic, vertically-ribbed toe box, treaded outsole, and Posture Foundation insert. If youre looking for a pair of retro sneakers to round out your all-black wardrobe, the Sandlot Center Hi are certainly an attractive acquisition.

    New Balance Mens 574v2 Sneaker Black

    Valentino Calfskin VL7N Sneakers (Black/White) Unboxing and On Feet (4K) | 2020
    • Narrow
    • Can clash with the wrong pant

    New Balance, made famous for their comfortable running shoes and unique color combinations, is making some of the coolest shoes in the world. The all-black New Balance running sneakers are a great twist on their classic bright color scheme with white trim and soles. These all-black sneakers look angry, they stand out, but with the right pants, they can be deceptively discrete. A dark jean or black pant will go well with these sneakers and will blend the darkness of the shoe nicely with the color of the pants you choose. You can wear a khaki with them but be prepared for the sneakers to stand out even more. This selection is such a good looking and sharp twist on the all-black sneaker.

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