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Burberry High Top Sneakers Mens

Burberry Rainbow Vintage Check High

Designer Sneaker Review – Burberry Albert Perforated Leather Check Low Top Sneaker (ON-FEET LOOK)

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Find yourself looking back at the rainbow sneakers featured earlier? Introducing another pair that fuses the rainbow stripes with the tartan design, this time in high-tops. We dont mean to confuse you, just give you more options. Made in pure cotton, breaking in them wouldnt be too hard a time.

Burberry High Top Sneakers For Men

Black House Check Reeth High-Top Sneakers

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Jermaine Canvas High-top Trainers – Mens – Black White

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Black & White Check Porthole High-Top Sneakers

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Brown Vintage Check High-Top Sneakers

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White Mythical Alphabet Larkhall Sneakers

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Beige Sub High Top Sneakers

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Black & White Sub High-Top Sneakers

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Run Star Hike Canvas High-top Platform Trainers – Mens – Black

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Black Louis Spikes High-Top Sneakers

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Black Air More Uptempo 96 Sneakers

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Court Canvas High-top Trainers – Mens – Black

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Grey Chuck Taylor All Star CX High Top Sneakers

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Burberry Checkered Designer Sneakers

Throw minimalism out the window and welcome these checkered sneakers unlike anything youve seen before. The pattern is shown all throughout, even in the oh-so-comfortable inside soles. Take each step with great ease and good grip, thanks to the flat rubber soles.

For sneakerheads who want to invest in a good pair of sneakers, or even just a casual sneaker fan with some money to spare, it is worth checking the British brand. Get your tootsies dressed with Burberrydoesnt matter if theyre high tops or low topswith signature checks that are unmistakable, so your feets cover will speak of quality, class and durability.

Designer Sneakers For Highly Fashionable Gentlemen:

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Burberry Doodle Print Cotton Gabardine Sneakers

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Before you is a considerably more youthful pair compared to the others, as well as modern and edgy, but still not lacking in the distinct Burberry appeal. The honey beige cotton is covered in all sorts of writing, seemingly scribbled with the brand name in different handwriting each time.

Burberry Rainbow Vintage Check Sneakers

Vintage Check Cotton High

Price: US$527.00Buy It

We warned you about checks, didnt we? Behold the signature plaid on these Burberry sneakers, but inserted with colors of the rainbow that manages to make the footwear look even more old-timey. Theyre as fun to wear as theyre entertaining to look at, with non-restricting cotton and bouncy soles to make walking a breeze.

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Burberry Perforated Check Sneakers

Were loving the simple but kicking design of these sneakers. Its devoid of any other adornment except for the perforations that are supposed to serve as replacement for the checks and the striking heel branding. These are great if you want to keep your style minimal, plus, we really cant complain about the airy feeling the holes bring.

Burberry House Check Hi

Price: US$511.00Buy It

These high tops appear to balance the sporty with the casual, as well as dial down the stripes without completely depriving you of colors. Theyre moderately chunky, especially at the ankles, but that is to be desired if you want a snug fit. Plus, the sneakers are caves of comfort for the cotton panels that alternate with leather ones.

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Burberry House Check Sneakers

Burberry achieves equal footing between the tartan design and the relatively plain panels on these sneakers. The round toe will give your toes some wiggle room, and the padded ankle as well as the flat rubber sole will not be a torture to your feet even if they are in these shoes for the whole day.

Burberry Designer Checked Sneakers

Burberry Men’s Sneaker Review | Close Up and On Feet Review

Few people would have the guts to wear these very red sneakers, so why not be among the ballsy ones? The checked sneakers are packing with attitude, which can be attributed to the combination of colors, the rubber soles ready to take on anything, or even the checks. Its probably a bit of everything.

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Top 14 Most Stylish Mens Burberry Sneakers In 2018

If you fancy yourself a sneakerhead, we completely understand. The convenient footwear is great not only for sessions at the gym or your regular sweat-inducing exercises, theyre also ideal for off-duty days. Even in the office, if youre among the lucky ones who are employed by businesses that do not have a rigid dress code. In the golden age of sneakers, which we are fortunate to witness, there are plenty of options that mix function with design. The most coveted designer brands have also dipped their toes into the game, making the sneakers scene more exciting.

Among these labels is the United Kingdoms pride, Burberry. The quintessentially British brand boasts of a long legacy yet has remained relevant through the times, due in part to the classiness of its designs and the practicality of its items. With its sneakers, we see the brand moving forward but still injecting some of its timeless designs, striking a balance between the old and the new, if you will. To prove this, weve compiled some of their most striking sneakers. Fair warning, though: theres going to be plenty of checks.

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