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Good Running Sneakers For Beginners

Sneakers That Help Fast Runners Go Faster

Best Running Shoes for Beginner Runners.


  • Pros: Stretchy upper and cushioned sole offer comfort and support for long runs on different types terrain
  • Cons: Firm foam feel might be too firm for some runners

This is an every person’s shoe. The upper is an incredibly comfortable and stretchy fabric that keeps your foot in place, prevents blisters and allows airflow, while the sole has a solid amount of firm cushion underfoot, providing support and speed. These features make the 1080v11 especially supportive for running long miles on every type of terrain. Plus, the Fresh Foam midsole cushioning is precision engineered to deliver an ultra-cushioned, lightweight ride.

How We Picked The Best Running Shoes For Beginners

We chose the best running shoes for beginners by poring over the details of each model. Through wear testing, interviews with shoe designers and professional athletes, and our own fit id® data, we chose the shoes we think will work best for most runners in most situations.

You can shop with confidence at Fleet Feet: We offer free shipping on all orders over $99, and you have 60 days to return any gear if you dont like the way it looks, fits or feels. Plus, with our price-match guarantee, you can make sure you never pay too much for a new pair of running shoes.

Best For Asphalt Running: On Running Cloudflow

  • Type of exercise: This shoe is suitable for training and racing.
  • Pro: The company offers a 30-day returns policy for people who wish to try the shoes on at home.
  • Con: Reviewers say that this shoe may not be suitable for wet surfaces.
  • Weight: This shoe weighs 6.98 oz.
  • Heel-toe drop: The shoe has a heel-toe drop of 9 mm.

This On Running Cloudflow shoe comes in five colors and weighs in at only 6.98 oz. The company says the shoe features Helion superfoam, making it lightweight and comfortable.

This model may be suitable for asphalt running of any distance. The company also offers a 30-day returns policy for those who wish to try the shoes on at home.

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New Balance Fuelcell Tc

  • Best for: Competition runs
  • Weight: 174.9g
  • How much?£180

If you are looking for that extra motivation with every stride, then the Fuelcell TC’s are the running shoes for you. The bouncy foam midsole delivers a high rebound and has that propulsive feel when you step, helping drive you forward and maintain speed. You can rely on this pair for competition runs and racing.

Adidas Performance Thrasher 1 M Trail Running Sneaker

Best running shoes for beginners  2019  Solereview

The Thrasher 1.1 M is the best trail running and walking shoe. It is very relaxing, solid, and exceedingly powerful. You will not get any warm spots from them. Despite the sufficient cushioning behind the heel, they are still relaxed with a roomy toe box.

The heel is pretty higher than the toe, which gives a natural running position. The fit is so best that there is no need for breaking them in. in terms of durability, they are produced with very robust construction.

The outsoles give the best traction and a high standard grip when running or walking on loose surfaces. The Adiwear outsole also helps in improving their duration. These walking shoes will last you more than a year even with continued use.

These are among the top running shoes if you are overweight. They have a great tread on turf and dirt and are highly dependable on rugged terrain. The outsoles tend to be quite sticky, so you can jump over without losing grip.

They are also very relaxed if you look for sneakers that you can use in the gym. The stability they give is unmatched even on loose gravel.

They have been made with a pretty different upper from the previous models for the best breathability.

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Visit Your Local Running Store

Now you have some idea of the type of running shoe you are looking for, head to your local running store.

I suggest heading to a store that specifically sells running gear and shoes, or has an area in the store that focuses on running gear.

This is because you are more likely to get the support and advice you need, and the staff are more likely trained on how to identify the correct running shoe for you.

In order to help you get the best shoe for you, go armed with answers to the following questions:

  • How long have you been running?
  • What shoes have you run in in the past? Do you like running in them?
  • Where do you do most of your running?
  • How many miles a week do you run on average?
  • Are you training for a race?
  • Are you aware of any foot problems?
  • You might also consider taking your old running shoes with you to the store. You can sometimes tell from your shoes how you run .

    Salespeople at a good running shoe store will ask you these questions as a minimum. So if you dont get asked these questions when you visit a store, I suggest you look elsewhere for shoes.

    The salesperson should also measure your feet. Make sure he/she measures both feet as one foot is almost always slightly bigger than the other. If this is the case, make sure the shoe fits the bigger foot so you dont lose toenails during your run!

    Once you have answered the above questions and the salesperson has measured your feet, they will be able to provide you with a range of shoes from different brands.

    Nike Air Zoom Tempo Next %

    • Best for: Speed training
    • How much? £179.95

    Designed to go the distance, this Nike iteration of the cult-followed Next % trainers are the everyday companion for comfort and durability. The visible Zoom Air unit gives springy cushioning while the Nike React technology in the heel is lightweight to help keep your stride as efficient as poss.

    Be aware these are designed specifically for shorter ‘tempo’ runs. Hence the name. If you’re looking for an all-rounder, head back up to the Nike ZoomX Invincibles.

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    Reebok Forever Floatride Energy 2

    Looking for any shoes, not just the best running shoes for beginners, is a challenge when you have wide feet. If youre someone who needs or prefers a wide toe box, we recommend the Reebok Forever Floatride Energy 2.

    This is another neutral shoe built for running on the road, indoor track, or treadmill. What you sacrifice in heavy-duty traction, though, you really make up for in weight and comfort.

    These shoes feature a rather thick stack height of 29 mm. A standard drop of 10 mm balances the thick heel out quite a bit.

    Reeboks Forever Floatride Energy 2 lives up to its name as the lightest pair of shoes on our list. The women’s version weighs just 7.3 oz, while the men’s version weighs 8.8 oz.

    Understand Different Types Of Running Shoe

    Best 2021 Running Shoes for Beginners Under $100

    Once you have understood your foot arch type and your gait , you are ready to find a running shoe that fits your needs.

    As mentioned above, there are different types of running shoes that have been designed to support your feet in various ways.

    Here are the main types of running shoe. In order to identify the different types, look at the bottom of the shoe:

    • Motion control shoes. These have a wide and straight shape to them. They are designed for flat footed runners who overpronate. This type of shoe will prevent your foot from rolling in too far. It will also give your foot maximum support and the most control.
    • Stability shoes. These have a semi-curved shape to them. If you have a normal arch and pronate only slightly, then this is the shoe for you. Stability shoes offer a good balance between cushioning and support.
    • Neutral cushioning shoes. These shoes will have the most curved shape to them. If you have a high arched foot and supinate, you should choose this type of shoe. Cushioned shoes absorb the impact that your foot does not naturally absorb.

    If you are still unsure from the above what your gait style is, then you can get it tested at a local running shoe store. More on that below.

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    Saucony Mens Triumph Iso 5 Running Shoes

    Key Features

    Reasons to avoid

    • Strips on the design tear easily

    Sauconys are amongst the best running shoes for beginners. When I think of running shoes I always think Brooks, Asics, Mizuno, and Saucony. To me, these are the most prominent brands that are available today. Whilst there are many new competitors, I havent done enough research on them to be able to comment.

    I own a pair of Saucony, although the ones that I have are the ISOs for Trail Running and theyre great. The Triumph ISO 5 Running Shoes, however, are designed for road use. They boast a 100% engineered mesh. Its Everun midsole also provides responsive cushioning. The ISOFIT is also supposedly meant to adapt to your stride meaning it can support a variety of running gaits.

    The Sauconys contain a midsole drop of 8mm which is shorter than any of the shoes that have been reviewed so far and they claim this keeps your body more balanced and comfortable with each heel strike. The added cushioning these shoes provide is also great for people that have poor knees such as me.

    What Can You Do With Old Running Shoes

    It is generally advised that you retire your running shoes after 300 to 500 miles. But that doesnt mean your favorite pair is unusable after that point. According to estimates by the Environmental Protection Agency, Americans funneled 13 million tons of clothing and footwearrunning shoes includedinto the trash in 2018. Running shoes, which are composed of multiple materials bonded together, arent typically recyclable. But donated shoes in a range of conditions can be put to use. If youd like to delay or avoid throwing away your old trainers, there are ways to do it.

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    Nike Air Zoom Structure 22

    Price: $200

    If youre new to running you may or may not know the term overpronation. It refers to the way your feet roll slightly inwards when you walk or run. Some is normal excessive amounts are not and can cause injury over time. These shoes contain technology that block your foot from overpronating. Its not as heavy duty as it sounds and you wont really notice its there but if you overpronate when you run, this shoe will help keep you on the roads and off the physios table. Elsewhere, it offers lightweight cables that wrap around the middle of the shoe to keep your foot locked in place, and the fabled air cushioning pods in the heel. You may have seen them in Nike ads dating all the way back to the early 90s.

    • Tags:

    Best Cushioned Running Shoes

    The Best Running Shoes for Beginner Runners
    • Best for: Long distance training
    • Weight: 215g
    • Drop: 5mm
    • How much? £125

    Another workhorse, the Clifton 8 from Hoka are a dreamy neutral, cushioned shoe that gives you consistent support without weighing you down. Perfect for taking on longer distances, they offer a stable ride as your pound out the miles.

    ‘Theyre a shoe I dont think about being on my feet and I mean that in the best possible way. I can run for miles and miles of marathon training without feeling the time in my feet,’ says Digital Editor and runner Ces Menato. ‘Theres enough bounce that you dont feel like youre missing out on something super responsive, but mostly theyre an incredibly comfortable shoe.’

    You can wear them for any distance but theyre not designed to give you as much bang for your buck if youre trying to knock out a 5km PB. That said, theyre a great all-rounder.

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    Buyer’s Guide To Finding The Perfect Running Shoes For Beginners

    Are you a first-time buyer of running shoes? Still, you don’t have to worry about anything because the following buying guide is for you! When buying running shoes, you have to keep comfort, support, and cushioning as essential aspects in your mind. If your shoes do not fit properly on your feet, they will come off on their own while running. Furthermore, you should check that the shoes you buy provide proper cushioning with foam and mesh on the upper body for breathability.

    In the following buying guide, we will tell you all about the essential elements of running shoes, features to look at, the price range of running shoes, and some of the FAQs in the following buying guide:

    Understand Foot Arch Types

    Your foot arch will impact how you run and the amount of impact forces that are placed on the base of your foot when you run.

    There are three different types of foot arches: normal, high and low.

    If you are unsure what your foot arch type is, then the easiest way to check is looking at an imprint of your foot.

    You can do this by wetting both feet and standing on a paper bag for about 10 seconds. Once you step off the bag, look at the imprint of your foot made on the bag.

    Heres what to look out for in order to identify your foot arch type:

    • Normal foot arch. If the middle portion of your footprint is about halfway filled, with a curve along the arch, this means you have normal foot arches.
    • High foot arch. If the only part of your footprint shown is your heel, the ball of your foot and your toes, this means you have high foot arches.
    • Low foot arch. If your footprint looks like a complete foot and it is totally filled in without much of an inward curve in the centre, you like have low foot arches (also known as flat feet.

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    How To Shop For Cheap Running Shoes

    Before you dive in on price alone, you’d be wise to visit a specialty running shoe store to try before you buy.

    “I get a lot of customers who buy a shoe online, find it doesn’t work for them, and then come in to get fitted,” Fronsoe said. “Much comes down to how a shoe feels on your foot.”

    Use your time in a shoe store to try a variety of shoes and figure out what works for you in the price range you’re after. Once you know, you can then make it more affordable in a variety of ways. Some stores, like Fronsoe’s Fleet Feet location, have frequent buyer programs offering credit after a certain value of purchases. You can also look for sale tables that feature last year’s versions of shoes most brands update shoe models about every nine months, which means a past version then moves to a discounted price.

    Finally, you can find decent mid-range models online and at big-box stores like Dick’s Sporting Goods. According to Metzler, these stores don’t carry the marquee models but they do have pairs that are functional, and that you can put some miles in.

    Best Running Shoes 202: Our Top Picks For Training

    The BEST Running Shoes For Beginners UNDER £100 | Ft Nike, New Balance, ASICS & Brooks

    Step up your running game with these amazing running shoes.

    The best running shoes are designed to cushion your feet whilst on the road or on challenging dirt trails, but it can be difficult to decide how much to spend to get your footwear right.

    Fortunately, that’s where we come in as we’ve put together this list based on specs, price, and reviews, to highlight some of the key features that make each one of these shoes stand out.

    Whether you’re looking for something built for road running, like the Nike Air Zoom Alphafly Next%, or you’re after something slightly less expensive, like the Brooks Revel 5, we’ve got you covered right here.

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    Reebok Floatride Energy 3 Adventure

    • Best for: Runners who swap between road to trail runs
    • How much? Was £85 now £63.75

    If your runs take you from roads to unexpected terrain, or you’re just not one for following the same track over and over, these are the perfect running shoes. Made for exploration, the rubber outsole provides traction and won’t wear quickly while the Floatride Energy foam keeps you feeling light on your feet and has responsive cushioning. Get yourself a pair that does both.

    Our Favorite Stability Shoes

    The Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21 is a softer stability shoe that delivers a more-controlled ride than a neutral shoe would provide. The shoe reduces pronation with the help of two pieces of foam in the heel area that coax a foot into position. Runners World recommends it for runners with flat feet, noting, however, that the pronation mitigation is subtle enough to work well for a variety of runners. We found that to be true. The shoe has a 12-mm drop , but its equal to that of the Ghost 14. The Adrenaline GTS 21 has a roomy toe box with enough stretch to give toes wiggle room on a run. The shoes upper is supportive, and its laces tie securely and are plenty long enough to facilitate heel-lock lacing.

    Size range: 5 to 13 , 7 to 15 . The Brooks shoes come in narrow, medium, wide, and extra-wide widths in both womens and mens.

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    Hiking And Walking Shoe

    See current colors and pricing> >

    Once you decide you like Zero drop shoes, youre going to want them for everything you do. And its important NOT TO WALK in your running shoes.

    Weird, I know. But if youre taking long walks thats actually a different stride and wear pattern than running. So get yourself walking shoes. Look at me giving you reasons to buy more shoes.

    • 11.6 oz. Mens / 9.6 oz. Womens
    • Zero drop model
    • Not so plush you lose yourself, but a truly comfortable ride
    • Outsole that will work through the wet and dry of your trail time
    • Available now for $170

    Jacqueline says: The 3.0s were my fav trail shoe ever!!! But these are even lighter & grippyer than the previous model. I didnt have to break them in at all. Walked right on the Appalachian Trail for an 8.5 mile section hike & my feet and knees felt great!

    Could you run in this shoe? Of course, but its heavier and not as nimble as the Lone Peak.

    The higher stack and wider base make for a more natural stability in the shoe. Same idea as the maximal design of Hoka. Ive seen a number of folks comment on how nice that is in a cushioned shoe on a long day.

    Looking for more running shoe reviews? Weve got them on our running gear reviews page!

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