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Greatest Sneakers Of All Time

The Sneakers You Need To Know About

Sothebyâs â40 for 40â? Collection

I speak to a lot of young lads who are right into their sneakers. Hell, they probably have more pairs than I do. But, not to my surprise, they know very little about the history of their sneakers, or the history of sneakers that influenced what we all wear today.

Sure, its easy to live in the moment and accept todays products on aesthetic and comfort values, but every single sneaker on the market today has an origin story and were here to shed some light on it for you.

Todays high-tech sneakers like the VaporMax, Ultra BOOST and React Elements are a result of an almost century-long refinement process that has deviated, twisted and turned along the way.

Over the years, there have been so many important sneakers. They might not be the best known, they might not be the biggest selling hell, they might not even be the most loved but they were damn influential on sneakers in the mainstream or the sneaker culture that we are a part of today.

Lets make this abundantly clear, this list is in no way a popularity contest. Its put together on mere influence on the wider market, as well as the culture, so please, dont get upset if your favorite sneaker isnt on the list.

So now schools in session!

Heres a history class worth learning, and probably one youll pay full attention to. Here are 25 of the most influential sneakers ever!

Salomon Acs Pro Advanced Sneakers

Just when you think you’d had enough gorp-adjacent exposure to last you a lifetimethe kids on TikTok are showering in their Arc’teryx jackets!the genre pulls you back in. The ACS Pro is a brand new style from red-hot Salomon, and it’s already a strong contender for sneaker of the year. Dressing like a swerve-y woodland-bound nomad never looked so damn cool.

The Blogger: Patrick Dempsey

Clean. Classic. Timeless. Ask me to draw a sneaker and this is the silhouette I would start sketching, says Patrick Dempsey, who blogs under the alias SneakerGrandpa.

The Reebok Classic is the model that sparked the collecting bug for me. Leather, suede, mesh, nubuck it doesnt really matter. Add in a gum sole and Im set. There have been so many great releases over the years, but the 30th Anniversary pack, which contained collaborations like this one by Tokyo sneaker store Mita, as well as Michigan-based boutique Burn Rubber and the late sneaker journalist Gary Warnett, from 2013 tops my list.

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Nike Kobe 4 Undefeated Pack

The native Los Angeles boutique called Undefeated has built up a long history of collaborating with Nike. Undefeated has left their mark particularly on the Nike basketball catalog by designing colorways for models within the signature line of the local hero, Kobe Bryant. They have designed Kobe 1s, 4s, and 5s that have been limited in supply and highly coveted. Some of these sneakers have been more limited than others, and the four sneakers they designed for this Kobe 4 Undefeated Pack were limited but still somewhat accessible after being released on two separate occasions. Regardless, these four colorways are some of the best on the Kobe 4. These colorways were first released in 2019 and were inspired by DeMar DeRozan, Devin Booker, Kyle Kuzma, and Giannis Antetokounmpo, respectively, players who Kobe mentored and who took a liking to his sneakers. The colors were chosen based on the players’ current teams back in 2019. If you’re wondering why there are four different colorways for the Kobe 4, it’s because you can’t go wrong with any of the above colorways so I couldnt make up my mind and just pick one.

Converse Rubber Shoe Company All Star/non Skid 1917

The 18 most important sneakers of all time

Converse marketed two shoes in 1917: the brown canvas All Star and the white canvas Non Skid with a non-skid tread. These shoes went on to be know as Chuck Taylors in 1934, after the styles basketball player namesake joined the company in the early ’20s to promote the shoe.

From: Converse Archives.

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Perfect For Every Season

While SHEINâs current collection of shoes is perfect for the warmer months, their best-sellers remain at the top regardless of the season.

Past the heeled sandals and dainty pumps listed on their best-selling page, SHEIN knows that you can never go without a solid pair of white sneakers and some comfortable, yet stylish black boots. From knee-high black boots , to a pair of chunky combat boots, they are perfect when you want to add a little edge to your outfit. SHEIN also has ankle-length black boot options for a more casual day-to-day look. Whether you pair them with jeans and a top or counter them with a flowy dress for some edgy romance, black boots go with almost every outfit.

As for the white sneakers, SHEINâs best selling shoes reflect what we all know to be true they are a closet must. From the sleek whites modeled after Adidasâ Stan Smith model, to the chunky Fila-esque shoes that have Gen-Z going crazy, there is something here for every taste. They even have Golden Goose dupes for the perfect bargain deal on designer look-alikes.

Eminem X Carhart Air Jordan 4 $30000

One of Eminems most sought-after sneaker collaborations, these were one of the first shoes ever to be sold directly through eBay. Only 10 pairs were ever made for the public, and all the proceeds from sales went to Michigan State Universitys music school. Signature traits include Eminems backward E logo and a hockey mask that adorns the heel.

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White Mountaineering X Adidas Nmd Trail Sneakers

One of the industrys all-time best womens trainers is definitely the Adidas White Mountaineering NMD Trail sneakers, the structure of which is close to Adidas legacy, and its design to the Japanese labels iconic color palette.

Launched in 2016, this pair of womens sneakers is actually having a moment now, and will very likely become this falls must-have sneaker. Here you have you falls fashion investment!

Nike X Fragment Design Dunk High Beijing Sneaker

Endorphin Speed 2 – After 100 Miles

Hiroshi Fujiwara needs no introduction. The streetwear legend and his designs are often so far ahead of the curve even when he’s revisiting old concepts they still seem prescient. Case in point: the Beijing-inspired Dunk High he first released under his Fragment Design imprint way back in 2010, which originally dropped as a pack of three city-inspired styles. Any time Fujiwara collaborates with Nike it’s a big deal, as solid an indication as any of where the culture is headed next, and this time around is no exception. If you’re the tea leaf reading type, you could argue that the newly revamped Beijing proves the Swoosh isn’t easing up on the gas any time soon when it comes to the white-hot Dunkbut it doesn’t take psychic powers to acknowledge these are really good-looking shoes.

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Balenciaga Track : Best Dad Sneakers

French luxury designer Balenciaga offers some of the most daring sneakers look. This pair of Beige & Blue Track 2 Sneakers is no exception. They are the epitome of dad sneakers come back. Made from 176 different pieces, the shoe combines nylon and mesh with generous rubber soles. The brands logo is featured on the sides. They are also available in combinations of all-black, black and red, and black and green.

If youre after a less conspicuous look, Gucci has exactly what you need. Check the White Ultrapace Sneakers in white, green, blue and red combination. The trainers are also available in a mix of other colours.


Ranking The Top 74 Sneakers In Nba History

From overly built high-tops to space-age heat-molded constructions to the phone-syncing sneakers of today, NBA players have laced up more collective design, technology and innovation than any other association.

The league has long fueled the footwear industry throughout its history, with iconic on-court moments giving life to off-court trends, all while providing fans with a tangible connection to their favorite stars.

To honor the NBA’s 74th season and a new step toward the future of the league, we’re looking back at the 74 best basketball sneakers worn throughout league history.

  • Released: 2019 | Worn by: Jayson Tatum

Marty McFly’s “power lacing” Nike MAG sneakers first floated the idea of a smart shoe in 1989, and exactly three decades later, the Adapt BB blended art and science to bring self-lacing tech to the NBA hardwood.

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Adidas Dame 7 Extply Usa

Kareem Elgazzar-USA TODAY Sports

From one dynamic point guard to the next, Damian Lillard carried the torch in the 2020 Olympics. Lillard wore the Adidas Dame 7 EXTPLY in the ‘USA’ colorway throughout the games in Tokyo, Japan.

Team USA Basketball has become synonymous with Nike, so an Adidas athlete making waves is no small feat. Of course, Lillard earned a gold medal and looked good doing it. Unlike most of the kicks on this list, these shoes can still be found pretty easily on the resale markets.

Air Jordan Iv: Released In 1989

Best Jordan 1 collab of all time! : Sneakers

Another pair of Air Jordans to feature on the big screen, the Air Jordan IV starred in Spike Lees Do The Right Thing.

What makes the IVs some of the best Jordans of all time? Lots of things but mostly the lacing support system, known as wings, which can be customized according to the wearers specific preferences.

These were the first pair of Air Jordans with a global release, cementing the shoes superstar status. The Pure Money all-white colorway, in particular, was one of the most popular Jordan shoes ever when it was released in 2006.

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Top 7 Elegant Worldwide Bestselling Shoes

Best selling shoes of all time

After entering the market You are desperate to seek a new little friend, who can protect your feet and give you the unmatchable classy look. Like me, you are not settling on anything except the top shoes of the world. The point is to get the best shoes they will remain with you for the everlasting time and also provide you with an exceptional aura. There are zillions of shoes in this world with different styles and types. But some of them succeeded to get to the top level for a reason. Those Worldwide Bestselling shoes don with impeccable designs, faultless quality, and extreme comfort.

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Nike Kobe 5 Bruce Lee

The Kobe 5 Bruce Lee is a classic sneaker that released in 2010 and re-released in 2020 in a yellow and a new alternate white colorway. The original shoe, yellow and black like the protro, referenced Bruce Lees outfit in the Game of Death and the four red scratches refer to his last fight scene in Enter the Dragon. This colorway originated from Kobes admiration of Bruce Lee and from his practicing of Lees martial arts system called Jeet Kune Do. Today, I think most people would rank this sneaker somewhere in the top 5 of the greatest Nike Kobe footwear ever. It certainly had an impact on Kyrie Irving who took inspiration from this shoe and his hero Kobe Bryant to imitate a similar Bruce Lee colorway on his own signature sneaker. That is why I believe that this Kobe 5 will forever be the most memorable among Kobes fifth signature sneaker colorways.

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Nike Dunk Sb Low Freddy Kruger $30000

Your very own nightmare on sneaker street, and perhaps one of the most gruesome designs in sneaker history. These Nike Dunks pay tribute to the slasher who haunts the Nightmare on Elm Street films, through the green and red stripes which recall Freddys jumper to the silver metallic swoosh which imitates the razor sharp blades that extend from Freddys gloves. Needless to say, every collectors dream.

Jordan 3 Black Cement

Snake IO Game World Record | Best Gameplay Of All Time

Back in 2018, the infamous Jordan 3 Retro OG ushered in a new era for the brand. It was the first time the original Nike Air branding was featured on the Black Cement since its 2001 incarnation. These iconic, elephant-print emblazoned sneakers were released on His Airness 55th birthday, so theres a little celebration with every pair. Without a doubt, one of the best looking jordans money can buy.

Years released: 1988, 1994, 2001, 2008 , 2011, 2018Colourway: Black/Fire Red-CementUpper material: LeatherShoe shaft style: Mid Top

Image: StockX

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Reebok X Cottweiler Zig 3d Storm Hydro Sneaker

Cottweiler might not be a household name yet, but this year the upstart British label delivered one of the best sneakers in the game, redoing Reebok’s futuristic Zig 3D Storm Hydro silhouette in a dark palette of black and browns. The forward-looking lacing system, the discrete sock liner, the thick foam cushioning: These are sneakers you could wear to colonize Mars, or at the very least, make an outsize impression down on Earth.

New Balance 576 And 770

Year: 1988

Im pretty sure everybodys dad had a pair of either, if not both, of these. We had such a hard time debating their influence we decided to include both.

The New Balance 576 and 770 gave birth to an entire subculture of sneakerheads. Now, you can either love these collectors or hate them, but they are some of the most knowledgeable sneaker purists out there.

Both are timeless classics which didnt only define a generation, but it continues to inspire the New Balance subculture to this day.

Year: 1981

A lot of people wont even know what the hell these are.

Well, these are the grandaddy of hiking sneakers. When the Lava Dome hit the scene in 1981, right at the start of the 80s fitness wave, light hiking was born.

The design doesnt scream out hybrid as weve come to know it, but its Dura-mesh design is both rugged and elegant.

While the ACG line didnt hit stores from another eight years, the Lava Dome set the stage for the outdoor market and adds another string to the bow of Nikes notorious innovative feats.

Without the Lava Dome, sneakers like the iconic Mowabb probably wouldnt have been possible, or even thought up. And thats a world we dont ever want to imagine.

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Most Expensive Sneakers Of All Time Summary

So, whether you are now dusting off your real or imaginary pocketbook, we hope you have enjoyed this list. Here is a quick recap of the 21 most expensive sneakers in the world:

  • Solid Gold OVO x Air Jordans $2 Million
  • Kayne West Nike Air Yeezy 1 Prototype $1.8 million
  • Michael Jordans Game Worn Nike Airship $1.47 million
  • Air Jordan Retro Kobe Pack $800,000
  • Jordan 1 Retro High Charlotte Hornets Foundation Black/White $250,000
  • Michael Jordan Game Worn Converse Fastbreak $190,373
  • Buscemi 100 MM Diamond $132,000
  • Air Jordan 12 $104,765
  • Air Jordan 12 OVO $100,000
  • Nike MAG Back to the Future $63,973
  • Nike Dunk High Pro SB FLOM $63,000
  • NIke Dunk SB Low Paris $62,000
  • Diamond Encrusted Air Force 1 $50,000
  • Nike Dunk SB Low Yellow Lobster $42,634
  • Air Jordan 11 Jeter $40,000
  • Nike Dunk SB Low Staple NYC Pigeon $38,000
  • Air Jordan 2 OG $31,000
  • Nike Dunk SB Low Freddy Kruger $30,000
  • Eminem x Carhartt Air Jordan 4 $30,000
  • Macklemore x Air Jordan 6 $25,000
  • DJ Khaled x Air Jordan 3 Grateful $25,000
  • Diamond Encrusted Air Force 1 $50000

    The 25 Best Nike Air Max Sneakers Of All

    11-carat champagne diamonds and gold accents make these the most expensive pair of Nike Air Force 1 sneakers in the world, and feature among the best sneakers for women. Gifted to Big Boi, an Atlanta rapper and half of American hip-hop duo OutKast, they were auctioned off by the sneakerhead to raise money for his Big Kidz Foundation.

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    Fila Ninety6 Grant Hill 2

    PLAYER: Grant HillYEAR: 1996

    Grant Hills second signature shoe re-released under the Ninety6 alias. The upper featured tumbled leather and patent leather trimming along the silhouette. The heel was unique as the velcro strap allowed users to adjust to their comfort. On the lateral side of the shoe, the classic FILA logo is found on the ankle.

    The Most Iconic Sneakers Of All Time

    May 17, 2019

    Every sneaker has a story to tell. Whether its Michael Jordans gravity-defying moments, that pair you wore to your favorite concert, or the knock-around kicks you wear to cut the grass, sneakers help us walk the walk. Like every pair designed in our CUSTOM Shop, its all about everyone having their own unique story.

    When it comes to the best sneakers of all time, everybody has different tastes. And with so many incredible styles over the years, its impossible to get to every single sneaker that helped shape the indelible marks on our sneaker-loving hearts. That said, some sneakers have become the go-to for multiple generations, so lets take a look at some of the most iconic sneakers of all time and the shades to match.

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    Lets Take A Walk Down Memory Lane

    Marion Franklin Rudys 1977 invention of air bag technology for footwear, trademarked by Nike as the Air sole, changed the sneaker landscape tremendously. Legendary designer Tinker Hatfield took Air and ran with it , crafting the first Air Max silhouette in 1987 with an exposed Air unit.

    Since 2014, Nike has honored Air Max technology and its many iterations on March 26, claiming the date as Air Max Day. Naturally, the sportswear giant releases special edition models in honor of the occasion. For 2022, the brand took a regional focus with a Parisian-inspired La Ville-Lumière European exclusive, a Blueprint colorway limited to North America and a Premium model aimed at residents of the Asia Pacific and Latin America.

    While this years offering is impressive from storytelling to overall execution, to celebrate Air Max Day, were highlighting iconic Air Max models that have stood the test of time. From Charles Barkleys signature silhouette to holy grails like the atmos x Nike Air Max 1 Elephant, read on for a selection of our favorite Air Max sneakers of all time.

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