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How To Invest In Sneakers

Air Jordan 1 Nc To Chi

The Best Sneaker Investments of 2022! *How to Make Money Selling Shoes*

Best sizes: 11W-14W

Close on the popularity list to Yeezys are Nike Air Jordan 1s. Debuting in 1985 as Michael Jordans first shoe, this silhouette has proven to stand the test of time. Trust me, every single sneaker enthusiast I know has a pair.

At first, I thought that Nikes decision at the beginning of this year to increase the retail price of its Jordan 1s by $10 would only cut into its potential profitability. However, after holding the Jordan 1s NC to Chi in hand, I instantly knew the reason behind the price change. Small but noticeable details that sneaker fanatics adore such as buttery-smooth leather and a hangtag, were added to this sneaker. On top of its high-quality craftsmanship, this specific shoe is unique from other colorways, where the color transition within the shoe pays homage to Jordans journey from UNC to the Chicago Bulls. The sales volume speaks for itself: its ability to remain on StockXs top 15 most popular sneaker list despite releasing over a month ago emphasizes that the demand for this sneaker will not falter.

its ability to remain on StockXs top 15 most popular sneaker list despite releasing over a month ago emphasizes that the demand for this sneaker will not falter

Check out its market trend on StockX here.

What Does A Diversified Portfolio Of Sneakers Look Like How Do You Build A Winning Portfolio While Investing In Sneaker

Before you begin, its important to understand sneakers as investment and that it is different from common types of investments such as stocks, bonds, etc., where you would be advised to have a diversified and balanced portfolio to reduce overall risk profile so that you can achieve more consistent returns over time. However, in my opinion, I would advise against a diversified portfolio of sneakers as you wouldnt be able to make any profit. If you would like to reap big gains from your sneaker investment, whether short-term or long-term, you would need to take a leap of faith and make a bet.

Reasons To Invest In Sneakers

byMay 13, 2021, 1:17 am

The global footwear market is worth a staggering 365 billion dollars. As populations grow and prices inflate, we expect to see that number get up to 530 billion by 2027.

Those massive figures being present in footwear is a chief reason why many people are choosing to invest in sneakers. If investing in valuable sneakers is a foreign concept to you, youre in the right place!

Below, our team breaks down why it makes sense to invest in shoes for both personal and financial reasons. We hope that by the time youre done reading, youll feel inspired to run to your local store or head online to pick up the perfect pair of kicks for whatever your goals are!

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What Are The Risks Investing In Sneakers

I previously compared sneakers to artwork, because the two asset classes have lots in common.

Unfortunately, one of the biggest things they have in common is replicas.

As the secondary market for hype shoes blossomed, so too have illegal copies of popular releases. Counterfeit pieces exist in pretty much every nook and cranny of the industry. Cheap fugazis manufactured by malevolent actors often move faster than the market can keep up.

Its not uncommon for individuals to buy cheap fakes from China and then sell them at exorbitant prices to unwitting parents, children, or anyone who isnt buying as a serious investor or collector. These are not your stereotypical two-dollar shoes from Bali, with bizarre color schemes, and a misspelled Nikee logo. These are rings of professional counterfeit manufacturers whose products rival that of the real thing and often sell for very close to the retail rate.

So how can we circumvent this issue?

Buying direct from reputable footwear sellers Foot Locker, Snipes etc. or from the company itself will remove any risk of receiving a counterfeit product. Most online sneaker marketplaces have quality control middle-men that authenticate your purchase and thus prevent scamming.

However, peer-peer marketplaces lack such protection. eBay declared war on fraud a decade ago, and has employed a new service to combat fraud.

  • The way the shoes are packaged inside a box

Not Too Late To The Show

Investing in Sneakers: Your Ultimate Guide

The ultimate seal of approval for sneakers is their inclusion in Sotheby’s sales. The revered auction house known mostly for modern art, jewels and other high-end objects started selling sneakers in 2019. It broke a previous record for the most-expensive sneaker in its first auction, selling a Nike Moon Shoe for $437,500.

It continued sneaker auctions until officially launching streetwear as a permanent category in December last year. Brahm Wachter, head of streetwear and modern collectibles at Sotheby’s, told DW that “2021 was a banner year for sneakers at Sotheby’s and we achieved several important records.”


That year, it hit another auction record for a pair of Nike Air Ships worn by Michael Jordan. This pair sold for $1.47 million in October. A few months before that, the Nike Air Yeezy 1 prototypes worn by Kanye West at the Grammys sold for $1.8 million in a private sale.

“Sneakers in many ways have the same traits as cultural assets like comic books. They mean something to a younger generation, who grew up adoring the designs. Our collectors are 20 to 40 and have an international spread,” said Wachter.

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Sneakers Are An Investment In You

Not all investments need to be about financial gain. Some of the best investments drive your self-esteem. To the end, sneakers are king!

Throw a good pair of kicks on a person and youll see their confidence bolster and with that, their ability to get the most out of their lives. If those are outcomes youre interested in, invest in sneakers confidently!

Mining Old Shoeboxes For Gold

The U.S. new-sneaker market was worth $21 billion in 2019, according to data from research firm Cowen globally, that market was valued at $100 billion.

The resale market where everyday investors can make hay isnt as big, but its swelling. Research firm Piper Sandler estimates that the resale market grew to $10 billion in 2020 from $6 billion in 2019. The aforementioned Cowen report also projected the resale market could reach $30 billion by 2030.

Several factors are commonly cited as contributing to the growth of this nascent market. These include the sharing and discovery of sneakers via social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok the pandemic and even the release of the documentary series The Last Dance chronicling Michael Jordan and the Bulls dynasty of the 1990s.

Yu-Ming Wu, the founder of Sneaker News and CMO of sneaker resale company Stadium Goods, explained that once the documentary aired, he saw Jordans that hadnt moved for months or years instantly wiped out overnight.

Lee believes that the accessibility to shoes especially marginalized people gaining access to the sneakers of their choice is the most important factor in the resale markets rise.

Sneakers are more accessible to people now, Lee says. Certain people can afford more, but at the same time, others have access to the same shoes that .

So, why is this ecosystem rapidly taking off?

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Quick Flip Vs Long Hold

Now that you know how to make a profit and invest in shoes, the next step is deciding when to sell at the right price. Many pairs of sneakers have been sold long before they could appreciate in value. Sometimes holding onto a pair of sneakers for an extra month or two is worth it in terms of making more money. Not only does it matter what types of sneakers you purchase, but it also counts when you decide to exit your position and sell those sneakers and what the sneaker resale market looks like at that time. This is where a proper investment mindset comes into play.

Some sneakers rise in value more quickly than others that start out with a lot of hype but depreciate over time. Educating yourself on demand behind hype sneakers will help you become better at investing in pairs. For example, Nike and Jordans had previously been in lower demand than Adidas but have recently become incredibly hype and popular again. Reselling shoes like a pair of Yeezy Boost used to be easier than a Jordan 1, but the tables have flipped, and now its the Jordan 1 that is in demand. Not only that, but the Jordan 1 is desirable in all styles: The low top, mid, and high-top versions.

Pay $60 Resell For $62000

Investing in the Sneaker Market? *How to Resell Sneakers in 2022*

A pair of sneakers usually retails anywhere from $50 to $500, depending on the brand, collaboration, etc. While some pairs never go up in value, some end up growing in value and reaching unbelievable prices.

Lets take Nike SB Dunk Low Paris as an example. This sneaker came out in 2002 for a retail price of $60. Only a few pairs are available today, and the selling prices are insane. On StockX, for example, a seller is asking $157,700 for a size 9 pair. In total, 15 pairs of Nike SB Dunk Low Paris were sold on StockX, with prices ranging from $9,015 to $62,000. Thats more than 1.000x the original price, or, to put it in percentages, a 41567% increase.

If you bought a pair in 2002, those $60 would have brought you a profit of $61,400.

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From Popular Culture To High Culture

Sneakers have become a hobby for the well-heeled The Design Museum, London, held an exhibition in 2021 dedicated to this pioneering collecting category: Sneakers Unboxed: Studio to Street.

The sneaker has walked a long way from being seen as purely sporting goods attention from curators, the museum-going public and high-end fashion reveal that the sneaker has arrived as a design icon. Prices have risen alongside this growing interest to make sneakers one of the hottest alternative investments available today.

How To Tell If It’s A Good Pair Of Sneakers

It can be quite challenging to distinguish a quality pair of sneakers from brand replicas.”You can spot cheaper material by the touch and feel of the main body, sole, stitch, and sometimes the chemical odor from low-quality glue,” explains Bardia.”Double checking buckles and zips, and doing a ‘rub test’ to check for fading colors helps ensure it is a quality pair.”

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The History Of Investing In Sneakers

Collecting sneakers wasnt always the multi-billion dollar hit is today. In fact, it was pretty much reserved for hobbyists and niche collectors.

Even as sneakers became more popular, they were still rarely thought of as a potential money-maker. Sneakerheads just liked wearing them and talking about them. They were more than just a shoe they became an important part of a persons identity a way to relate to other like-minded sneaker lovers, and signal something special to society.

From these humble beginnings, sneakers began to expand in popularity as more and more people grew to understand and appreciate the subculture. But it wasnt until the late 80s when a cultural shift bought the scene to the mainstream, and its all thanks to Michael Jordan.

Jordans joint venture with Nike, the Air Jordan, coincided with the rise of hip-hop in America at exactly the right time specifically November of 1984. This was a huge catalyst for basketball shoes becoming a popular commodity, and truly laid the groundwork for everything we see today.

This growth continued throughout the late 90s and early 2000s, as more brands got involved and gained popularity in the market. Of particular relevance was the skater and punk culture, which was heavily associated with Vans, Nike SB, New Balance and Converse.

Most Expensive Sneakers Ever Sold

Investing in Sneakers: Your Ultimate Guide

Remember how I said the only exception to wearing your collectible sneakers is when youre a super-famous celebrity? Also remember how I said the prime reason for the explosion of sneakerhead culture was Michael Jordan?

Putting 2 and 2 together, the most expensive pair of sneakers sold at auction are the original 1985 Nike Air Jordan 1s, autographed and worn by Jordan himself. Fetching an astonishing price of $560,000, the shoes ballooned in value when their sale via Sothebys coincided with the airing of the final episode of the ESPN documentary, The Last Dance.

Note: Rally recently IPOd a pair of 1992 signed Air Jordans check out our analysis & breakdown.

Other ridiculous sneaker sales include:

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How Long Can A Good Pair Of Sneakers Last

Although sneakers last longer than regular footwear, you cannot possibly drag your feet in them for a decade.A good pair can last five to six years, but you must adhere to some basic maintenance.”Care and sneaker maintenance have come a long way, there are plenty of care and cleaning kits that can help you take care of your sneakers,” says Adoor.

How Do You Start Reselling Shoes

Would-be sneaker investors need to start with research: knowing which ones are selling and which ones arent. Websites like eBay and Stockx will show each shoe ever produced, how much they are selling for, and their market movements.

Next, look through your closet you never know what hidden gold rests in dusty shoeboxes… Think Antiques Roadshow: People find treasures hiding in their homes all the time.

Check out local thrift stores and garage sales, too. Many people arent going to be in the know about which shoes are hot on the resale market. If youve done your research, you could end up scoring a few gems at bargain-basement prices. Remember that conditions matters: The closer your sneakers are to unworn and in their original box, the higher the resale. So dont get too excited about a pair of scuffed-up kicks in a basket at a yard sale, even if they are a desired model.

If youre willing to throw more money at buying, enter a lottery. As of this writing, the Nike SNKRS app shows two color options of the Jordan 2s and four different color options of the Nike Dunks under upcoming shoe releases. These resell anywhere from $200 to $20,000!

Remember: With every reward comes risk. Good luck!

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Victoria And Albert Museum

Some museums also collect sneakers, lending weight to this new collecting category. Londons V & Aholds a notable and comprehensive collection of shoes from across the centuries , including many rare trainers.

As exemplified in their policy of Rapid Response Collecting, the museum seeks to collect items in response to major moments in recent history. Sneakers appear here to stay in our contemporary world.

How To Invest In Sneakers


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Sneakers aren’t just streetwear anymore. Sneaker resale has become a multibillion-dollar industry. Whether youre a sneaker enthusiast or just looking to earn some extra income, selling shoes could be a way to earn money. But there are some important things you need to know about the resale business if you want to start investing in sneakers.

Keep reading to learn more about the shoe resale business and how you can get started investing in sneakers.

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Watches And Shoes Beat The Stock Market

Overnight, my publisher, Paolo Cabrelli, sent me a Barrons article.

The headline read:

Over a decade, Rolex watches outperformed the stock market

The title itself most aptly describes the content of the article. Therefore, I wont rehash it all. Instead I suggest you go and read the article yourself here.

However, there is a solid point to the article. Albeit I dont believe the article itself quite unearths the prescient point.

As an investor, most often you will turn your mind to the stock market. I think for most people the minute you hear invest thats where you tend to think.

Your mind turns to stocks and shares, iconic bourses around the world, and acronyms such as LSE, NASDAQ, ASX, etc. More recently, a progressive investor might also think about another asset class like crypto.

Of course, you may also be thinking about commodities, precious metals, property, bonds and yes, quite possibly something like watches.

In fact, the very fame of stock markets may produce a bias that leads investors astray from thinking about the real aim of investing buying something at a price and selling it for a higher price, and hence turning a profit.

In the most simple terms, the aim of investing is to generate a superior real return.

Thinking of investment like that opens the door to opportunities and a certain amount of fun in a huge variety of different markets.

Who Needs A Mutual Fund When You Can Invest In Sneakers

There is a sneaker drop of mammoth proportions on the horizon. The shoe in question has what youd call serious provenance: on offer is a pair of player-exclusive and star-spangled Kobe Bryant 2s…that the late Lakers star gifted to LeBron James…who wore them in a high school game…against 18-year-old Carmelo Anthony. That ownership history was enough for the shoes to sell for $156,000 at auction last month. Theyre now back on the market, but with something of a twist. When they go up for salelater this spring, on an app called Rallytheres a good chance you can be the owner of these historically significant shoes. Or at least a proud owner of a small, metaphorical piece of them.

The Kobe 2s worn by LeBron James. Does your accountant have an investment plan that includes patriotic shoes shaped like mini-vans? We didn’t think so.

This all sounds a little absurd, but the general idea underpinning these appsput your money in sneakers, kid!is not a new investment strategy. Sneaker resellers have been treating shoes as investment vehicles for years, while StockX, one the most popular resale platforms, attempts to recreate the experience of trading on the stock exchange floor with Wall Street jargon, replacing buy and sell with bid and ask.Goat, a StockX competitor, offers buyers the option to keep purchased shoes in storage while they increase in value.

These Jordansor at least a fractional share of themcan be yours!

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