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How To Wash Rothy Sneakers

Tip : Clean Your Rothys With Baking Soda And Vinegar

Rothy’s Review & How To Wash Rothy’s Shoes

Okay, lets face it- sometimes shoes get REALLY stinky. Like, oh God, am I going to have to throw away this $100 pair of shoes?? level stinky. Please, please PLEASE do not throw out those gorgeous Rothys! They can still be saved.

For this trick, youll take out the insoles and place them in a small tupperware, dish, or plate. Cover the insoles with baking soda and let it set. After about an hour, fill a small spray bottle with vinegar.

Lightly spray the baking soda-covered insoles with the vinegar. Small bubbles should appear. Repeat until bubbles no longer form, which should take a few coats of vinegar. This should remove the majority of lingering odors, even the long-lasting ones.

Once you are done, pick up the insoles and remove as much baking soda as possible. Most of it will just fall off, but you may have to shake or tap the insoles together to get the majority of it off.

Next, run your Rothys through a regular laundry cycle. This should take away any leftover vinegar smell, and leave your Rothys smelling fresh and clean.

Do Rothys Make Your Feet Stink How To Clean Rothys The Right Way

Do your Rothys make your feet stink? Well youre not alone. But luckily, we know just how to clean Rothys to get rid of foot odor for good. Read on for pro tips from two Rothys-loving mamas on the go.

Weve been telling you for a long time now how much we love our Rothys. We wear them to the park. We wear them to work. We even wear them to Disneyland.

And all that wearing? Well, it creates one little problem.

Sometimes, our Rothys make our feet stink. Or maybe our feet make our Rothys stink? Either way, weve got an odor problem to deal with.

And YES, we do know that Rothys are fully machine washable. Trust us, we use that fact to our advantage. But when regular washing turned out to be not enough to keep our Rothys smelling fresh as a daisy, we knew there was something more that we needed to do.

So through trial and error , we have found the best way to keep our Rothys smelling as fresh as the day we bought them. If you, too, need to figure out how to clean your Rothys and control odor, weve got the perfect procedure down to a science.

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Do Rothys Shoes Shrink When Washed

Yes. This is why we recommend drying them out after washing, and machine dry or using the low heat setting on your clothes dryer.

Yes, they shrink this is because washing a shoe goes against its normal wearing process. In fact, when you take rain boots out of the rain before theyve had time to dry completely in order to avoid getting your socks wet from stepping into puddles, its called shrinking your boots.

But dont despair! The good news is that Rothys shoes also stretch so far that theyll easily return to their original size soon after you start wearing them again.

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How Do I Hand Wash My White Rothys Shoes

It sounds like youre looking for ideas on how to clean white shoes.

Though there are many methods, I recommend placing a paper towel soaked in apple cider vinegar inside the shoe. Gently rub into any stains and let sit overnight before scrubbing out the wet spots. Cleaning shoes in this way will not damage them since they can easily be scrubbed off with a brush or sponge without ruining their shape.

Simply repeat these steps until the spot disappears, then rinse and air-dry your shoes before wearing them again.

Do Rothys Provide Enough Support

How to Wash Your Rothy

Although Rothys feel fine to me if Im wearing them the whole day, theyre still flats and therefore not the most supportive for your feet.

If youre someone who needs more of a cushioned insole, Rothys shoes probably arent for you since theyre very low to the ground.

Ive found Birdies shoes to have much better support and cushion for your feet, so it just depends on how much support you think youll need.

You can also always buy some insoles to put into your Rothys if need be since Rothys insoles are removable.

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Does Rothys Have A Guarantee

Rothys are made to be washable and durable. We understand unexpected defects may happen from time to time, and if the shoe or bag received has a manufacturing-related issue, we will replace it at our discretion. We do not replace products damaged due to normal wear and tear, stains, accidental or cosmetic damages.

Do Podiatrists Recommend Allbirds

When team Well+Good dialed up Velimir Petkov, DPM, a podiatrist at Premier Podiatry in Clifton, New Jersey, to see if the shoes got the experts stamp of approval, he said: They are a great choice for a shoe that checks all the boxes: suitable for everyday walking, occasional running, and standing on your feel for a

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Can You Wear Rothys With Plantar Fasciitis

Similar to what I said above, I wouldnt recommend Rothys for someone who needs another level of support and thats especially the case if you have Plantar Fasciitis.

If you have Plantar Fasciitis, I would only recommend getting a pair of Rothys if youre willing to invest in a good quality pair of insoles for more heel support.

How Long Do Rothys Last

Sustainable Rothy’s ~ Sneaker & Pointy Flat Review, Styling & Washing ~ No Stinky Feet!

Rothys shoes are durable and they last anywhere between 1 to 3 years depending on how frequently you wear them.

You can expect them to last for quite a long time if you wear them less than 3 times weekly.

Remember, The shoes are made of recycled materials, this helps them to last for many years with proper care.

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How To Style Your Rothys

It depends on which color and style of Rothys you purchase, but, in general, their shoes can be very versatile.

For instance, my red Rothys flats go with almost everything I have in my wardrobe.

You can dress them up or down with anything from jeans, to work clothes, to dresses for a nice night out on the town.

I especially love to wear my ruby red flats with black and darker or neutral colors for that fashionable pop of color on my feet.

Wash Them In A Washing Machine

This remedy is fairly well known by now, but until you try it, it sounds like a great way to ruin a home appliance. For those of you whose still havent put them in, believe us, it works really, really well. Take the laces and insoles out of your shoes, then toss the laces and the shoes inside a washing bag together. Set it to Hot/Cold, and wash using detergent or bleach . When theyre done washing, let them air dry, and then voilagood as new!

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Do Rothys Shoes Get Smelly

Rothys shoes can become smelly shoes if youre not conditioning them. If your Rothys start to collect dust and dirt, theyll need a good scrubbing eliminating odors before smelling fresh again.

Smelly feet are the result of bacteria that live in a moist environment and, when fed by sweat from feet, will release an unpleasant odor. Since our Midsoles dont absorb any sweat or odor , it is difficult for these bacteria to find shelter inside our midsoles which greatly reduces the risk of foot odors.

That being said, we recommend conditioning fabrics with our AntiBacterial Fabric Treatment on a monthly basis and using this regular washing to get rid of any potential build-up or odor molecules that may accumulate over time.

How To Get Rid Of The Smell From Rothys Sneakers

How To Wash Rothys Insoles

Its always best to wash your shoes in order to get rid of the smell.

However, if you are looking forward to a hack or a fix for smelly shoes without washing them, you may follow the simple home remedy below.

In order, to get rid of bad odor from your rothys you will need the below items.

Once you have the above ingredients ready, simply follow the below process to kill the odor.

Step 1: Sprinkle some Baking Soda Inside

The first step is to sprinkle some baking soda on the inside as well as the outside parts and let them sit overnight.

Step 2: Stuff the Newspaper

Next, stuff the shoes with newspaper.

You can even add a couple of drops of essential oil to the newspaper to get better results.

The Combination of Baking soda and stuffed newspaper with essential oil helps to absorb the pungent odor.

Step 3: Leave them overnight

The prep work is now completed, simply leave the shoes in this state overnight.

Step 4: Wipe with Wipes OR Distilled White Vinegar

The last step is to get rid of the baking soda powder, in order to do so, first pat the shoes so that the powder comes off easily.

And finally, wipe the shoes with either wipe OR prepare a homemade solution using distilled white vinegar and water and then use that solution to wipe the shoes using a cloth.

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Allow Your Shoes To Air Dry

We recommend laying your shoes out on the floor to dry. You can lay a towel on the ground to absorb any moisture.

Make sure to keep the shoes out of direct sunlight because heat from the sun can cause the fibers to shrink.

The shoes should be dry within a day. Once the shoes are dry, insert your soles and wear your Rothys!

DO NOT throw your shoes in the dryer because it can damage the plastic sole and fibers of the shoe.

Rothys Review: Does Rothys Look The Same After A Wash

I know a lot of you were waiting for my Rothys review because you were worried about what would happen to the shoes after you wash them. I am happy to put your worries to rest. In the video, you can see that washing the Rothys does not faze the shoes structure whatsoever. They look brand new after a wash seriously, brand new.

I will say though, when I wore them the next day the back of my left heel was rubbed a bit red. I wore them all day again today and I didnt have that issue, so I am not sure if it was the machine wash experience or if my feet were swollen from the extreme heat of the day. Either way, I will not be putting this pair or my next pair of Rothys in the washing machine again. As you saw in the video, hand washing is far more effective than a trip through the machine. It also uses less water.

To get $20 off your first pair of Rothys, .

Photos by Dayley Photography, Makeup by Antonella Annibale

My blog posts are my honest and personal opinion. Sometimes my content includes products sent from brands or PR firms. In this case, I was sent a sample from Rothys. If I am sent something that is unimpressive or boring I dont write about it.

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How Often Do You Wash Your Rothys

If you wear your Rothys shoes regularly then its recommended to wash them at least once a week, OR as needed.

Personally, I like to spot clean them after each wear, and then do a deeper clean every two weeks.

his helps to keep them looking their best and helps them last longer.

Washing too frequently is not recommended as it can lead to fading and amplify wear and tear.

Can You Put Rothys Shoes In The Washing Machine

Rothy’s Review: Are these washable shoes amazing… or all hype? Our Honest Rothys Review

Yes, you can! As it is, their shoes are entirely machine washable. The first thing that you want to do is to remove the recycled insolestheyll be a lot cleaner if you take them out and wash them separately. For the best results, place your shoes in a laundry bag. While you can wash them with your clothes, its better that you dont. Instead, put in a few towels to help even up the load.

Note: Want to wash them with your other clothes no matter what? Consider getting a bag that you can attach to the doorthat way, you wont have to worry about them damaging or dirtying your clothes.

Set the settings once youve put the shoes and insoles into the machine. Use a cold, delicate cycle and add in a bit of mild detergent . ACTIVE Detergent works great as its designed for synthetic fabrics . Do not use bleach or fabric softener.

Let the wash cycle finish before removing your shoes. Place them on a flat surface and allow them to air dry. Never place them in the dryerthats the quickest way to ruin them.

Washing Rothys Shoes by Hand

Hesitant about putting the shoes in the washing machine? Why not wash them by hand instead? Its not as difficult as it sounds, I promise. Before you start, clap the shoes togetherthat will help to get rid of any dirt that might be embedded on the bottom. Once youve done that, take out the insoles. As with machine washing, you want to wash them separate from the actual shoes.

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How To Dry Rothys

As you might have gathered until now, you do have to be more delicate with Rothys. The drying process is no different.

The only way to dry your Rothys is to AIR-DRY them. Avoid using any fans or heat to dry them because it can cause distortion and color change. Also, dry the insoles and the shoes themselves separately.

Washing My Rothys Sneakers

*This post contains referral links if you buy a pair of Rothys using my links you will get $20 off your first Rothys purchase and I will get a code for $20 off a future purchase. The code is only valid for a certain amount of purchases within 30 days, so it may not work when you try it. This post also contains affiliate links learn more about that here*

Well it finally happened! Ive owned a pair of Rothys round toe flats for about a year and havent felt the need to wash them. Less than a month of owning RothysSneakers in Bright White and I finally needed to wash my Rothys.

My partner and I took a quick weekend trip to New York City and somehow my shoes had some dirt streaks on them. I dont know if it happened on the train up there, walking around the city, or in the metro, but alas by the time we got to our hotel it seemed the dirt was set in. I dampened a wash cloth and tried to wipe the dirt off, but it was too stubborn. So once we returned home it was time to test out actually washing my Rothys!

So per the instructions on the Rothys website I washed them in my washing machine. Yes I was concerned this would ruin my shoes. I first removed the insoles, then the midsoles. The midsoles only go from the heel to midway through the foot, so its pretty simple to remove them.

You can see my right shoe looks essentially the same. The wash cycle didnt seem to do very much in terms of lifting these stubborn dirt stains.

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Rothys Discounts & Coupons

Do Rothys ever go on sale? Yes and no.

Although there arent many annual sales or Rothys promo codes floating around, Rothys has a discount program for certain groups of people, as well as a strong referral program.

If youre a teacher, first responder, or medical professional, you could be eligible for select pairs of discounted Rothys that are 20% off.

You can learn more about Rothys discount program here.

For their referral program, if you refer a friend and they purchase their first pair of Rothys, they get $20 off their pair and you get $20 off the next pair of Rothys you purchase.

You can learn more about their referral program here.

Use Vaseline To Not Just Clean But Condition Your Leather Shoes

How To: Clean Rothy

This should be common sense to most people, but if theres one thing weve learned in life, its thats what is common sense to us might be a life-changing revelation to others. So, let us be loud and clear hereDO NOT USE VASELINE ON ANYTHING OTHER THAN LEATHER. Anyway, now that we got that out of the way, petroleum jelly is a classic way to clean dirt, debris, and scuffs out of leather, while also conditioning and preserving it. A small dab of Vaseline, gently rubbed into the surface of your leather shoes, will not only remove superficial scratches, scuff marks, and dirt, but will also soften and condition your leather and prevent it from cracking in the future! Leather is skin, after all.

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The Rs01 Sneakers Knit Construction Is Like Nothing Ive Ever Felt Before

Theres nothing worse than that uncomfortable break-in period for new leather shoes. Though performance sneakers rarely come with this issue, its futuristic design and silhouette unattractively contrast more formal attire. The genius of the new RS01 sneaker is its entirely knit upper, created using Rothys innovative 3D-knitting techniques that give it a sleek, timeless look, along with the most comfortable feel. Your feet will easily slide into this sneaker with its flexible, knit sock-like linerfinally, no more awkward, foot-shoving shuffle dance to get on your fresh kicks. And if youre the kind of guy who loves the bare ankle look with a cropped trouser, it doesnt get much better than this.

Rothys signature knit footwear has already grown a cult-like following with women, so it makes sense the brand would eventually expand to menswear. But its not just about comfort and cool stylethe brand takes a fully sustainable approach when creating shoes that truly make it a feel-good purchase.

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