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Low Rise Sneakers Women’s

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Sneakers for sale Nike low rise black socks

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Kat L Jul 15, 2021

I love love love these pieces! they are so creative and such a beautiful product! But I was having trouble with my shipping notifications, and reached out twice to the seller for assistance. I got no response. A+ for product, D for customer service! I would still consider buying more prints from them in the future.

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Dulce Monterrubio Oct 8, 2020

Beautifully crafted, carefully packaged, and with everything you need to decorate them! I ordered one set for our family and another set for my hija to decorate for her very own altar and she loved them, too. Gracias for making these kits 🙂

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Rosemary Duran Jul 10, 2021

This exceeded my every expectations. It is gorgeous! The colors are sooo vibrant. Love, love everything about it! Thank you.

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Lorna Sherwood Caballero Oct 23, 2020

The sugar skull decorating kit was just what I needed to complete my ofrenda to my grandpa! Thank you!

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Low Rise Sneakers Canada

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