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Men’s Casual Wingtip Sneakers

Ace Marks Natural Wax Polish

Mans Guide To Wingtip Dress Shoes | How Full Brogues Fit Into Your Wardrobe | Wingtips Video

For suede shoes, protecting the fabric with a waterproof spray before wearing can help preserve the integrity of the material. If you happen to see a spot or stain, brush the shoe with a soft-bristled brush to remove any excess dirt, then use a shoe cleaner to get rid of the scuff marks.

Regardless of the material of the shoe, one important rule when it comes to cleaning or polishing is that you should never try to speed up the drying process let them dry naturally, and dont rush anything.

Paul Smith Munro Leather Wingtip Brogue

If youre unaware of Paul Smiths influence on modern-day menswear, nows the perfect chance to educate yourself on timeless style. The companys Munro Leather Wingtip Brogue shoes are a testament to the stylish man, donning an impeccably crafted vegetable-tanned leather upper thats been tirelessly crafted in Italy for an overtly soft silhouette. Unlike most manufacturers, Paul Smiths Munro wingtips are refined even further through the use of the Blake technique, a process that allows shoes to sport a comfortable, form-fitting design, even before their first outing. Soft padding on the interior and exterior of the shoe combine with malleable soles that make them great for everyday wear, extensive standing, and that anticipated walk to the coffee shop each day.

Where Does The Wingtip Style Come From

Wingtips are part of the brogue family. Traditionalists and people who want to sound smarter than you will still insist on calling them full brogues.

That’s not wholly accurate, since shoes with wing-tipped caps but no broguing have been around for centuries, but take it as a polite nod to history: the wingtips that entered mainstream British style, and from there American style as well, back in the early 20th century, were descended from the Irish and Scottish walking shoes known as brogues.

Brogues were heavy shoes of thick leather with holes punched all the way through, to allow water to enter and then flow back out when the wearer was crossing the boggy country.

That may sound unpleasant to modern ears, but in a world without waterproof coatings and machine stitching, walking inevitably meant wet feet, and brogues at least allowed them to dry faster.

Fashionable shoemakers eventually got hold of the style, and a whole family of shoes with decorative hole punching on the surface evolved.

The wingtip, or full brogue, was the most decorated and least formal member of the family:

Any or all of these can also sometimes feature decorative edging or serrations along the seams, particularly the toe cap seam.

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Oliver Sweeney Aldeburgh Classic Brogue

Oliver Sweeneys Aldeburgh Classic Brogue wingtips are certainly timeless, and with a handsome Oxford design, calf leather upper, and subtle brogue, theyve quickly become one of the brands most notable choices for fashion-forward men. The durable 301 Last, resoleable Goodyear welt, and hand-stitched branding on the back counter of the shoe are a testament to Sweeneys referential design choice, which utilizes a traditional broguing pattern and calf leather lining on the interior of the shoe for unmatched comfort. A five-eyelet lacing structure, variety of colors, and pleasant design have made the footwear a best seller year after year for the brand proving that timeless styles like the Aldeburgh are surely here to stay.

How Formal Or Casual Are Wingtip Dress Shoes


Wingtips are a historically casual style, particularly the two-tone spectator shoe variety wherein the uppers and the toecap are contrasting colors.

These were historically leisure shoes, and the visually busy style means that in today’s fashion language they’re still more casual than a sleeker, non-perforated Oxford or another dress shoe.

That said, they’re not sneakers, either. Wingtips are smack in the middle of casual dress shoes .

You shouldn’t wear them in serious and high-formality business settings, or too somber affairs like funerals, but other than that they’re fair game for wearing with suits, slacks, and sports coats, or even just jeans and a casual collared shirt.

A lot will depend on the color and design of the shoe. A black wingtip with narrow wings that stop midway around the foot and a single line of small perforations is relatively dressy a two-tone shoe with white uppers and oxblood wings that go all the way around the foot is much more casual.

In general, the more holes the shoe has and the bigger the wings, the less formal it is. But color can play a part too black will always be a bit dressier than brown, and other colors like red and white will always be on the low end of formality.

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A Guide To Wingtip Shoes For Men

Everyone knows that when it comes to fashion the shoes truly make the outfit whether youre trying to piece together the perfect ensemble for a big job interview, gearing up for a fancy date with your partner, or just heading to the gym, your choice of footwear can make or break your entire aesthetic. And just like you should have multiple options when it comes to, well, wearing anything ranging from casual weekend wear to black tie formalwear, the same rule applies to your shoe collection.

You should absolutely have a few different pairs of dress shoes in your closet. And thats where wingtip shoes come in. Because of their versatility and ability to be dressed either up or down, it goes without saying that every man should have a few pairs of these babies in their footwear arsenal for any occasion that arises.

And if your head is spinning just thinking about how to go about adding the right shoes to your wardrobe, then youre in luck, because were breaking down everything you need to know about wingtip shoes, where to wear them, how to wear them, and more below.

The Origin Of The Brogue

Brogue shoes date back to the 16th-17th century, originating from the Galeic word brog, which literally means shoe.

The perforations were added to thick, leather shoes in Scotland and Ireland to allow water to pass through as they were wading through boggy terrain. It was not acceptable to wear them anywhere other than in the countryside.

As is the case with many fashion trends, eventually the city folk caught on, and brogueing became an aesthetic choice rather than a functional one. What once was strictly a work shoe became a fashion statement.

The origin of the wing shape itself isnt well known, but its assumed that the original function was as a reinforced toe cap which was stylized a little later on.

The Prince of Wales was seen sporting full brogues during a golf trip in the early 1900s, solidifying their place in the mens fashion world. Later, wed see other major cultural icons wearing the style, like Elvis Presley.

Today, they have their place on many mens shoe racks, functioning as a crossover between dressy and casual footwear.

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Gucci Driver Signature Moccasin

Meticulous craftsmanship, timeless style, and an aura of exclusivitythats what we want from our driving shoes and thats exactly what Gucci delivers with these black signature driving moccasins. Some of the best casual shoes for men by a designer brand, theyre set on a grippy rubber sole and feature the Gucci logo on the toe to indicate your discerning taste.

Best for: A trend-transcending driving shoe from an indisputable fashion titan.

When To Wear With A Sportcoat Instead Of A Suit

Allen Edmonds Jefferson 2.0 ||Goodyear Welted| Wingtip Shoe||

So, if you have a big board meeting, youre probably better off leaving the wingtips in the closet and instead slipping on your favorite pair of well-shined oxfords. But I think that most wingtips are just fine for many of your suits and sportcoats. And out here in the Colorado area, I think they are a nice nod to our more casual frontier attitude and work well for more traditionally dressy occasions than they would on, say, the east coast. Also, the less obvious the wings and the quieter the brogue detailing, the more dressy the shoe. Make sense?

However, if you wanted to wear more of a wingtip variety with heavy brogue styling , I think that you should wear them primarily with sporcoats and blazers and not an everyday suit.

One of the more interesting categories of wingtips are spectator shoes. These shoes are identified by their two contrasting colors. Typically, the toe and heel caps are made in a darker color than the rest of the shoe, which is something lighter in color. Personally, I think these shoes are the perfect wingtips for Kentucky Derby Day!

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Crockett & Jones Pembroke Derby Brogue

Crockett & Jones pride themselves on the creation of high-quality footwear, and since 1879, the company has been providing men everywhere with the greatest country-style derby shoes in the industry. To continue their long-running commitment to style and supremacy, the brands Pembroke Derby Brogue shoes are made with the finest scotch grain leather, a durable Storm welt from their renowned Mens Main Collection, and Dainite rubber soles for exceptional support while traversing everything from city streets to hardwood floors. A classic wingtip design and tasteful, minimalist punching detail bring the Pembroke into the realm of timeless style and if were being honest, the inclusion of scotch grain leather certainly make these a fine addition to any gentlemans wardrobe.

Cheaney Broad Ii Oxford Wingcap Brogue

Cheaney has a long and storied past when it comes to footwear, establishing a reputation as one of the leading designers in all of England when it comes to wingtip shoes. Their Broad II Oxford Wingcap Brogue is the product of over a century of experience, bringing together classic staples of design like a full-grain calf leather upper, leather liner, and a Goodyear welted leather sole thats suitable for everything from daily walking, all the way to refined outings. A 11028 last, quarter rubber tip, and hand-crafted pedigree keep the shoes running strong giving buyers peace of mind that their investment will remain well-to-do for years to come.

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The Wingtip In Conclusion

Modern interpretations have given you a lot of options to choose from if you go the wingtip route, ranging from scaled-down versions that flirt with business formality to truly exotic, neon-colored two-tone showpieces.

Find one or two, or several that fit your wardrobe and your personality, and go to.

Ankle Boots And Chelsea Boots

Dockers Men

When it comes to winter, we need something a little more robust than boat shoes and loafers. But we still want the same easygoing, devil-may-care, keeping-it-casual attitude. Step forward, ankle boots and Chelsea boots. Whether in leather or suede, black, brown or something more audacious, these mens boots are some of the most comfortable shoes for men. Theyll be your sidekick through cooler temperatures, keep you stable on slippery city streets, and even make you look like you have a side hustle in an indie band.

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Cole Haan Mens Original Grand Shortwing

Before Cole Haan, there werent that many brands experimenting with what a dress shoe could be. The Grand Shortwing shows off the best of Cole Haans innovative sensibilities by marrying an athletic-inspired wedge sole to a traditional leather upper. This makes for a distinctly casual shoe that still feels at home at the office. The shoes feature a wingtip shape and brogue detailing, but does away with the toe medallion to make for a more streamlined shape.

Pros: Stylish and modern option for casual or office settings. Availalbe in a range of different colors.

Cons: Included insole could be more comfortable.

Okeeffe Felix Leather Longwing Brogue

OKeeffes Felix Leather Longwing Brogue shoes are the quintessential companions for fashion-oriented men everywhere. Theyre refined, tasteful, and polished by hand with the brands iconic parashine patina, allowing for a gradual color variation as you get closer to the toe cap. This ensures that each pair is exclusive to the owner, aging and wearing differently than the rest. Classic wingtip perforations, Goodyear welts, and rubber crepe soles round out the well-established offerings, which also sport a polished, dark-brown leather upper, and comfortable leather linings for everyday use.

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Deep Dive: All About The Wingtip Shoe

Wingtip shoes are a classic look in menswear. They are characterized by a leather overlay on the toe that makes a W shape . Over the years they have been a popular style of shoe, but theyve got a long and convoluted history.

Depending on who you ask, the definition of a wingtip shoe might vary. We like to keep things simple, so we consider anything with the W shape on the toe a wingtip. Well dive into that more in a second.

Wingtip shoes are a statement on their own, usually indicating a certain level of style and knowledge about fashion. After all, wingtip shoes are not usually the first pair of dress shoes a guy buys.

We decided to dig into their roots and give some tips on how they should be worn.

Should You Wear Them With Suits

Step-Up Casual Style With Leather Dress Boots | ONE Men’s Shoe Upgrade To More Fashionable Wardrobe

This is a good question and the answer, in my opinion, depends on two things:

  • How casual your office/occasion is
  • And how brogued out your dress shoes are

Brogue dress shoes are a more casual alternative to traditional Oxfords because of those decorative holes and details they are just a little more busy looking that a nice and clean Oxford aesthetic.

That being said, most offices today arent too strict on dress code . If your particular office is a bit conservative, sartorially speaking, then I would play it safe and stick with Oxfords.

On the other hand, if you have a little flexibility, I would suggest wearing a lightly brogued shoe like the one below, and in a darker brown hue to keep it dressy.

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New Republic Chelsea Boot

If youre looking for a pair of fail-safe, always-appropriate, season-after-season shoes, grab yourself a pair of these cool boots from New Republic, some of the best mens casual shoes for under $150. Theyre available in leather and suede and feature all the hallmarks of a classic Chelsea boot, including a pull tab, elastic gusset, and a crepe outsole for flexibility with minimum weight.

Best for: Free, easy, and fashion-forward functionality.

What Are Wingtip Shoes

A wingtip shoe is a dress shoe that features an extended toe cap with low wings that reach around the side of the shoe. Theyre similar to brogues and are sometimes grouped together with them, and are often referred to as a brogue shoe or wingtip brogue.

A classic brogue typically comes in a brown leather design, but in this day and age, wingtips come in a variety of colors, finishes, and materials, like grey or brown suede, black leather, a wide range of shades of tan, and more. Its similar to an Oxford shoe however, a wingtip shoe differs from an Oxford because of its distinguishable decorative perforation patterns on the outside of the shoe.

These shoes originated in Scotland and Ireland and the perforated holes and detailing of the shoes were essentially used to drain water and moisture out when the shoe-wearer was making their way through damp or wet terrain. While wingtip shoes still feature this notable perforated detailing, its more for decoration than utility now.

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What Exactly Are Wingtip Shoes

So, we already know that brogues were the starting point of this shoe style, with the perforated holes being their defining characteristic, but what are wingtips and why do we call them that?

Simply put, wingtips are a particular style of brogue, but rather than having the holes go across the shoe, as is typical for classic brogues, the wingtip refers to the pointed shape that appears on the cap of the shoe, so-called because it resembles the wings of a bird.

A common misconception is that wingtips are formal dress shoes, only to be worn on the fanciest occasions, but were about to put that myth to bed. Wingtips are an essential part of any mans wardrobe. Stop letting them gather dust at the closets back, waiting for the next wedding or funeral. Its time to bring those fellas out and let them be the star of the show.

Different Styles Of Wingtips

leather shoes for mens: Sebago Men

The great thing about these shoes is that theyre versatile and can be worn with a host of different outfits.

Even though the name refers to a brogue style, wingtips themselves have multiple designs and levels of formality. A general rule of thumb is: the more holes, the more casual the shoe.

Traditionally, formal dress shoes were made using one piece of leather, so the leather in question had to be as close to perfect as possible, and perfect equaled expensive. Therefore, something like a classic Oxford shoe, which is made with one piece of leather and may or may not have a plain or perforated line going across the top of the shoe-cap, are more expensive and considered a more formal style.

Whereas wingtips can use up to four leather pieces, making them more cost-effective to produce and are therefore considered more casual. Now lets break that down a little bit more:

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When To Wear Wingtip Shoes

So when do you wear casual dress shoes? If you take weddings, funerals, and black-tie galas off the table, youre left with most professional and social settings where casual dress shoes and, therefore, wingtips would be a perfect choice.

Brown wingtips are probably the most versatile, as you can wear them with almost every color pants. Try a pair of brown wingtips with dark denim jeans or light-colored chinos for a casual-yet-smart occasion. Or dress them up a bit with wool pants or a suit. Just avoid black suits, as they would be considered too formal and would work better with a classic Oxford shoe.

From office drinks to family dinners, wingtips are your go-to choice for any smart-casual event. And, if you want to add a bit of panache to your outfit, consider a two-tone shoe to bring a bit of flair to proceedings.

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