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Men’s Cross Training Sneakers

Who Shouldnt Buy The Reebok Nano 9

Nike Metcon 4 Mens Cross Training Weightlifting Shoe
  • Trainees looking for a heavier shoe for squats and deadlifts.
  • Those who prefer a stiff-soled shoe with less give.
  • Athletes who want more ankle support during training.

The Nano 9 is a great multifunctional shoe that is especially attractive for people who enjoy staying light on their feet. At this price, theyre very hard to pass up.

Reebok Mens Crossfit Speed Tr 20

Outside of the very popular Nano series, the CrossFit Speed TR has won the hearts of many who like a top-notch shoe designed specifically for CrossFit. But theyre also great for any workouts.

With a name like Speed TR, its obvious that these shoes can handle quick movements and intense activities such as high-intensity interval training, run-focused WODs, etc. The EVA midsole is responsive and the RopePro technology on the sole provides a superior gripping experience due to the traction support.

Product features

Cross Training Shoe Construction Features

Like weightlifting shoes, cross-training shoes are designed with purpose and functionality. If youre thinking, cross training shoes are just regular sneakers, but dressed up hold that thought for one second while we cover some of the construction differences. From there it should be pretty clear why theyre different from your standard sneaker.

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What Are The Features To Look For When Choosing The Best Cross Training Shoes For Men

There are a few things that you should look for when choosing the best cross training shoes for men. The first is that the shoes should be durable and able to withstand a lot of wear and tear. The second is that the shoes should be comfortable and provide good support. The third is that the shoes should be lightweight and allow you to move freely.

Men’s Cross Training Shoes


From strength training to boot camp, our men’s cross-training shoes help you take your workout to the next level. Your body moves differently based on your workout, and for the best results, you need men’s trainers that can handle a wide range of motion and activities. No matter what workout you take on, New Balance men’s training shoes move with you.


Whether you’re training agility or powerlifting, our cross-training shoes for men have you covered for the toughest of workouts. Our durable cross trainers are designed for impact and superior traction, so you stay quick on your feet. The New Balance Minimus Prevail training shoe features a Vibram outsole built to boost surface contact and traction to help you reach your PB.

If you’ve got a more diverse workout with running involved, our men’s Fresh Foam Zante Trainer features a dynamic upper structure and tuned cushioning for ultimate support and comfort. This shoe does it all as the ideal gym companion and running sneaker you’ve been searching for.

When trying to find the best workout shoes for men, versatility is crucial. From sleek and minimalistic to supportive everyday trainers, we have you covered. Our goal is to provide proper support through a variety of different activities, keep you grounded, and help you reach that goal.

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New Balance Fuelcell Trainer Shoe

The New Balance Fuelcell trainer shoe employs Comfy Fit Weave tech to surround the foot for incredible support during a long session of weight lifting or while doing any type of cross training you prefer. The optimal support will leave you craving more time at the gym. This shoe delivers flexible traction that will keep you able and ready to maintain all levels of power during your session at the gym. Check out the New Balance Fuelcell training shoe for a mid-level price range with all of the benefits of a pricier shoe.

New Balance Mens Minimis 20 V7 Cross Trainer


Basketball, HIIT, kickboxing and other dynamic workouts all demand a certain amount of lateral movement that pushes running shoes beyond their capacity. This is why you need a secure, stable cross trainer with a wider base that can account for that intense lateral movement within your shoes. These shoes from New Balance are just the ticket with a knit upper made of nylon-infused yarn thatll keep your foot secure without compromising flexibility for your foots natural movements. The Vibram outsole will give you a secure grip on the floor and the REVlift midsole gives cushioning thats lightweight enough that you still get a good solid feel.

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Choosing Our Top 7 Best Cross Training Shoes For Men

There are millions of different cross training shoes out there, so you might be wondering how on earth we whittled it down to just 7.

It was no easy feat, but, after taking into consideration the factors we talked about at the beginning of the article and different cross training shoes reviews we came up with our top 7 list.

Featuring different price points, these 7 cross training shoes cover a variety of essential features you should consider when shopping around for your ideal shoe.

Whilst wed love to try every training shoe on for ourselves, the extensive customer reviews and subsequent ratings for each of these shoes prove that they really are great for a variety of customers looking for different features when it comes to their training shoes.

So, if youre looking to change up your training wardrobe, or maybe youre still searching for that perfect pair of cross training shoes, take a look at the shoes we recommend and let us know if theres any you think deserves a spot!

Best Cross Training Shoes For Stability

Best Cross Training Shoes (Top Picks!!!)

Cross-training means youll undergo a variety of movements, often quickly changing from one movement or exercise pattern to a completely different one at the drop of a hate. A strong, stable, dependable base is the last thing you want to be concerned about when trying to shave seconds off a WOD time or lift a PR.

Reebok Nano X1

Apart from being newly slimmed down for versatility, the Nano has a host of features that you want in a stable cross training shoe. The heel clip and comfort collar that wraps around your ankle combine beautifully to deliver a very stable shoe, even under heavy loads. The wide toe box allows for ample toe splay to grip the floor , and the new Flexweave Knit upper is more breathable while still retaining its durability. The introduction of some Floatride Energy Foam into the forefoot allows the shoe to be more responsive while running or jumping.

The new Reebok Nano X1 cross trainers incorporate Flexweave Knit or Flexweave Grit upper material and have a sleek shape to maximize speed. They are engineered for HIIT, functional fitness, running, boxing, and more.

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Best Cross Training Shoes For Crossfit

When testing cross-training shoes for CrossFit, I assess how a model responds to multiple training asks. For example, Im looking at stability, versatility, and a shoes ability to support niche training asks that come with CrossFit, such as rope climbing, handstand push-ups, and more.

Update 11/8/21: Im adding the STR/KE MVMNT Haze Trainer to my CrossFit sub-section as my top pick. After months of testing this model, Im seriously impressed with its performance overall. The three other models are also great options, so I kept them all in, and Ill feature four models for the CrossFit section!

Under Armour Tribase Reign 3

The Under Armour TriBase Reign 3 is what I would call an unsung hero. This is the strongest model yet in the TriBase Reign series and features a reworked and durable upper that supports long-term durability especially for the gym-goer that just plans to train recreationally in them.

They have a lower heel-to-toe drop and a Micro G Foam midsole with a full rubber outsole to promote overall stability. Additionally, they have a low-cut bootie-style design which makes them an athletic-fitting model in HIIT, agility, and plyometric sessions.

  • Best For: Lifting, HIIT, and CrossFit-Style Training
  • Heel-to-Toe Drop: 2mm

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Puma Fuse Training Shoes

Believe it or not, the PUMA Fuse Training Shoe is a decent option for someone with flatter feet and lower arches. This models toe box has adequate room and the mid-foot offers a small level of support. Factor in the low-to-the-ground feel and this model is solid for flat-footed athletes with low arches.

This models outsole is flexible yet stable and for a first pass, PUMA did a fairly good job on this model. Its not as hyper-focused on some CrossFit construction elements as other cross-training shoes, but for the price and for the wider footed athlete, I think this model does a pretty good job across the board.

  • Best For: CrossFit-Style Training

Why You Should Do More Than Just Run

New Balance Men

A recent study published in the Journal of Sport and Health Science revealed that runners who completed plyometric workouts twice a week improved their performanceand their powerin just six weeks . And another study, published in the European Journal of Applied Physiology, showed that even well-trained ultramarathon runners had room for improvement: After 12 weeks of incorporating explosive plyo workouts into their routines, they saw a boost in their running economy, or their ability to run faster and longer, while using less energy. For most runners, cross-training adds variability to an all too often monotonous routine. When you log miles without doing anything else, your muscles adapt to the work and, because theyre never pushed beyond the limit theyve already reached, your strength gains begin to taper. Your progress plateaus. Your risk for overuse injuries increases. But building regular cross-training into your running schedule can improve strength, power, speed, and even aid in your recovery.

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What Is The Cross Training Shoes For Men

Sorry if youre perplexed. I know its not an easy choice! But its one of the most crucial choices youll ever make. If youre still unsure which type of cross training shoes for men is best for you, I recommend comparing the characteristics and functionalities of the cross training shoes for men listed above. Each has advantages and disadvantages.

New Balance Minimus Prevail

New Balance has always been a recognizable name within the world of fitness, and with shoes like the Minimus Prevail, we can see why. Not only does this shoe boast a sleek, lightweight silhouette thats been tailored to embody strength, style, and stability, but its also been treated to an engineered knit upper, which calls upon specialized TPU fibers to improve and support your stance during weight training. Dive deeper, and youll find an asymmetrical collar, external TPU heel counter, and an innovative REVlite midsole, which cuts more than 30% of the shoes weight when compared to variants that use alternative foam styles.

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Str/ke Mvmnt Vimana Hybrid Runner

The STR/KE MVMNT Vimana Hybrid Runner is a phenomenal model for tackling trail runs, road runs, decently heavy lifts, and it works well as a daily driver. This model features STR/KE MVMNTs Cush50 EVA/EPE Midsole which provides a nice blend of stability and versatility.

Ive trained up to 455 lbs in this shoe with no issues and have tackled 4-mile trail runs and this model has performed well across the board. This model also features STR/KE MVMNTs Meta Platform outsole which provides ample ground feedback and stability and an Omni-directional tread for outdoor training. The Vimana Hybrid Runner is definitely worth looking into if you love trail running and lifting and want a shoe for tackling it all.

  • Best For: Trail Runs, Road Runs, Lifting, Daily Wear
  • Heel-to-Toe Drop: 4mm

On Cloud X Training Shoes

Nike Metcon 3 CrossFit Training Shoe Review

The Cloud X Training Shoes are a fantastic option for the lifter that wants to tackle runs on a regular basis and doesnt plan to train super heavy. This model is incredibly lightweight, features ONs CloudTec midsole technology, and is okay for casual lifts up to 225 lbs.

If youre running 1-3 miles, this shoe is perfect for you especially if you train on the lifter side. Of all the cross-training shoes up here, this is the model to go for if you prioritize running over lifting heavy in a regular training session.

  • Best For: Shorter Runs, Light Lifting, HIIT, Agility
  • Heel-to-Toe Drop: 6mm

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The Best Shoes For Serious Cross

Support your next workout from the ground up with these trusty sidekicks

As a runner, what you do off the track, road, or trail often has just as big an impact on your race performance as what you do on it. Research shows that regular cross-trainingplyo circuits, power lifting sessions, bootcamp-style workout classes, or even cyclingcan help make you fitter, stronger, and faster. But first, to really boost those benefits and reduce your risk of injury, you need to swap your regular running shoes for a training-specific style, like the ones below. Keep reading to learn why and how these workout shoes give you the stability, bounce, and support you needand why your high-mileage pairs probably dont.

Jump High Lift Heavy And Sharpen Your Agility With A New Pair Of Cross Training Shoes

Over the last decade, functional fitness and cross-training style workouts have exploded in popularity as the benefits of hybrid training have become more apparent. Cross training can include multiple exercises all in one bout, such as squats, cleans, deadlifts, box jumps, rope climbs, and much more. These workouts can vary dramatically, so wearing shoes that can keep up with the multitude of movements is a must.

A variety of cross-training shoes have appeared in response to booming demand from athletes and enthusiasts alike. Every year, big brands produce new and improved cross-training shoes, increasing their tech to match the high demands of these high intensity workouts. More variety is great news for those in need of new cross-trainers, but it can also be overwhelming to decide which cross training shoe is the best for you, so weve sifted through them all to help guide you to your final decision.

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Converse Chuck Taylor All Star 70 Hi

We know the Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star 70 Hi isnt necessarily a shoe that was built for in-gym use, but it contains as many redeemable qualities as its training-focused counterparts, earning it a spot on our list. For the guides most obvious style pick, weve opted for the brands high-top wonder, which looks great, provides enough stability for almost any lift, and boasts a fabric/synthetic upper that can take on the toughest activities that you can throw at it. Each shoe remains true to Converses unique design principle, with a recognizable, cushioned rubber sole, toe cap, and logo patch at the ankle. If youre looking to head to the gym for some quick lifts, and want to look great while doing them, this is the shoe thatll get the job done in style.

Do You Require Extra Support

Reebok Mens Crossfit Nano 6.0 Cvrt Black Cross Training ...

Since youll be wearing your training shoes most days and for extended periods of time its really important that they provide your feet with the necessary support, or you could end up making an existing condition worse .

Some common foot ailments include fallen arches and plantar fasciitis, which can wreak havoc on a training regime, if not treated properly.

Whilst there are tons of remedies for conditions like these, a good place to start is your training shoe. It can make or break your problem.

If youve got fallen arches, opt for a curved insole with more support those with plantar fasciitis want a training shoe that is cushioned and soft, maximizing shock absorption and comfort.

If you think you might have a condition but arent sure, get it checked out before you buy your training shoes it could make all the difference!

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Community Choice: Converse Chuck Taylor All

Good for: People who want a reliable, inexpensive shoe with a stable base

Community Choice
  • Canvas construction isnt very durable
  • Theyre not the best for squatting
  • Narrow through the midfoot

We asked our Home Gym Community on what their favorite training shoe is and while the No. 1 pick was the Nike Metcon 7, the Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star was a close second.

Honestly, I like our readers style. I mean, whats not to love about Chucks? You get a rigid outsole, great ankle support , and they look great so you can wear them in the gym and to dinner. Talk about versatility.

Some of our readers pointed out, and I agree, that Chucks arent the best pick for every lift, particularly the back squat. This is due to the minimal heel-to-toe drop, which is fine for deadlifts and other moves. The flat, thin midsole is another reason why these shoes are great for people who need to feel grounded during their workouts.

The shoes upper is made from canvas fabric, which isnt great from a durability standpoint but awesome because its breathable and flexible.

To put it bluntly, these arent the best if your workouts involve a lot of cardio. If youre just doing warmups, theyll hold alright, but I wouldnt do anything too competitive in them like sprints, or even burpees. On the bright side, theyre great for everyday use and should hold up just fine on long walks.

How We Picked And Tested The Best Cross

We wanted to see how much these shoes lived up to the cross-training name, so we did just about everything in them including, but not limited to, running, powerlifting, CrossFit, rope climbs, walking around the block, wearing them to dinner, and trail running. We also went to our Facebook group for your help and got some great recommendations!

Naturally, no one shoe could do all of these as well as a specialty shoe so we wanted to find ones that worked well enough across a broad spectrum of activities. We also took a few other qualities into consideration.

Durability: How well did these shoes hold up to our rigorous testing system? If they fell apart after a few weeks, or caused general discomfort, we crossed them off and started on a new pair.

Value: Some of these shoes cost a little more than others we considered, but we found they performed to a degree that we considered it worth the money. On the other hand, cheaper shoes we put on our list are considered a good value because they deliver optimal bang for your buck.

Aesthetics: Functionality is key, but you also dont want to wear an ugly pair of shoes.

Versatility: We already covered this a bit, but a good cross-trainer needs to carry you through various workouts. At the very least they should be able to be worn as everyday shoes in addition to being your workout shoes, but itd be great if they carried you through cardio, weightlifting, and your evening walks.

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