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Popular Women’s Sneakers 2020

Nike Air Max 98 Gundam 2018

Women’s Tennis Shoes: Our 2020 Recap on Nike, adidas, New Balance, Babolat, FILA & more

For the 20th Anniversary of the Air Max 98, Nike brought back the Nike Air Max 98 Gundam for the first time since its original release and the hype has been real. In the past year, this colorway has averaged a resale price of $336 and premiums of 110%. The Air Max 98 Gundam has been appreciating in resale value non-stop since its arrival on StockX and there are no signs of slowing down.

Golden Goose Superstar: Most Stylish Walking Shoes

If fashion-appeal is your priority and prime concern, then youll want to take a close look at these Superstar Sneakers.

These Golden Goose sneakers, some of the best womens walking sneakers out there, were inspired by professional skate shoes. Because, lets be honest, no one does urban cool quite like skateboarders.

Right from the get-go, the Superstar sneaker offers wearers a high-impact style-statement. Chunky sole? Check. Low-rise and laid-back? check. Gold heel and suede appliqué star? Check and check again.

Form, colour, textureGolden Goose nails all three. And no, your eyes are not deceiving you. Those really are scuffs and scratches, and theyre deliberate. The Superstars are intentionally distressed so you can look like you just got home from popping tricks in the skatepark.

Nike Tanjun: Best Value Walking Shoes

For footwear that you plan to wear every day, from dusk until dawn, and in all situationsrunning for the bus, taking the kids to school, meeting friends for lunchthen you want something budget-friendly.

These Nike Tanjuns are low-key and trendy walking shoes. Tanjun means simplicityin Japanese and these shoes are perfect examples of relaxed contemporary cool.

The Nike Tanjun is definitely a more athletic walking shoe but with that eye for practicality comes exceptional comfort. Youve got a mesh upper to allow your feet to breathe, so your feet will stay cool and fresh. The chunky midsole provides plenty of cushioning underfoot.

These are some of the most comfortable walking shoes for women and have received a ton of positive reviews, including one from a medical assistant. In our eyes, if they survive dashing around hospitals and dealing with emergencies, then theyll do perfectly for grocery shopping and weekend hangouts.

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Balenciaga: Best Chunky Sneakers For Women

No sneaker better identifies changing fashion trends quite like Balenciaga. Step back even a few years ago and the concept of a chunky trainer would be something to quietly brush over. Modern times have come with a resurgence of chunky trainers like never before and Balenciaga is perpetually at the helm. If youre looking for a new chunky sneaker to boost your wardrobe, any of Balenciagas will add a stylish twist.

But our favourites come in the form of the Balenciaga Track Sneakers. A muted colourway adds extra attention to an already confident trainer, with an impossibly comfy sole thats designed just as much for running as it is for pairing with your favourite streetwear picks. If theyre good enough for the likes of Beyoncé Knowles, Kanye and Kylie Jenner, Balenciagas uber cool chunky trainers are definitely cool enough to step any wardrobe up a notch.

Best for: Trying to slip your sneakers into every photo you take.

Nike: Best Value Sneakers For Women

Top 10 and more Women Shoes 2020 Trends: Best Tendencies ...

You cant go wrong with a pair of Nikes. Quick trip to the gym? Pull out the Nikes for a boost to your burpees. Heading out for a stroll with friends? Your Nikes offer blister-free fun to focus on catch ups and coffee. Smart casual meeting? Pair those Nikes, once again, with tailored trousers for effortless put together-ness.

The Nikes in question? Wed have to go for the Nike Air Force 1 07. The kind of trainers that look just as stylish when theyre bright white and fresh out the box as they do when theyre a little battered and worn-in, a pair of Nike Air Forces are an easy addition to your wardrobe with crisp leather and bold white design. Chunky soles offer extra support and a dash of streetwear chic to any outfit. Theyre undoubtedly the best Nike white sneakers.

Best for: Spotting them first, browsing for an hour and inevitably circling back to buy them at the end.

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Acne Studios Chunky Sneakers

Scandinavian favorite Acne Studios is the creator of some of our best-loved fall/winter boots and its cool Swedish aesthetic works perfectly for sneakers too, it seems. The Manhattan sneaker was spotted on almost all of the coolest influencers at fashion week the season after it was unveiled, and its popularity seems to be unwavering, perhaps due to its sleek and simple, timeless design.

Despite this, our top pick for 2021 is the edgy Boltzer silhouette. This pair boasts a tumbled, pre-worn finish on the ultra-bulky upper which will instantly add the cool factor to any look. Were taking our styling tips straight from Stockholm and pairing these with some sleek, black tailored pants and an oversized blazer.

Acne Studios


Comme Des Garons Comme Des Garons X Spalwart Hybrid Low

Hybrid Low

Alongside Vivienne Westwood, Rei Kawakubo takes the crown for being one of the best and longest-reigning female designers of our time. COMME des GARÇONS is a must-have when it comes to footwear collaborations. From Nike to Dr. Martens and even a recent Salomon collab, Kawakubo always seems to know what the consumer wants. The latest collaboration sees Spalwat combine its rich heritage of shoe-making with COMME des GARÇONSs signature aesthetic for a premium and classic sneaker. Matthews.

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Nike Air Max 90 Recraft Hyper Grape

For 30 years, the Nike Air Max 90 has served as the foundation for evolution in the Nike Running line. While technologies like Nike React and Vapor have outdated the AM90 in the performance category, this silhouette is still a timeless walking shoe and one of the best Nike shoes for women. The Air Max 90 was the first of its kind to sport bright colorways, breaking down barriers that gender-specific shoes built.

Why Are Womens Shoes Lighter And Softer

MUST HAVE NIKE SNEAKERS 2020 | Womens Top 10 Collection

First off, womens shoes share a few features based on characteristics that may or may not apply to you. Its possible you might prefer a mens shoe, just as some men might feel more comfortable in a womens shoe. The designs of the shoes are just based on general group tendencies, such as that women have less muscle mass than men and tend to weigh less as a result. For this reason, womens shoes often have a lighter and softer midsole to make up for the lower degree of impact put on the shoe with each stride.

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What Were Looking For

Durability: Tennis training involves so many repetitive movements that youll likely find you damage your gear in the same places time and time again. I burned through many pairs of tennis shoes as captain of my high-school team, and I always wore a hole in the toe of my right shoe because I dragged my foot when I served. Mike Layton, owner and CEO of Westside Tennis in Santa Monica, California, explains that tennis shoes need to withstand a specific type of pivoting and start-stop wear and tear, so they are more solid around the whole perimeter of the shoe. While this construction may seem clunky at first, the bulk is necessary for the shoe to last a reasonable amount of time. Monell recommends a test to see if you need to replace your pair: Place the two ends of one shoe between your hands and apply pressure if the shoe caves in on itself, its lost support, and its time to get new ones. Depending on how often you play, your shoes will degrade at varying rates. Monell offers a general guideline of a three-month shoe lifespan for players training at a competitive level. In comparison, recreational players can stay with one pair for a year.

Nike Phantom React: Best Womens Sneakers For Running

The best running sneakers make exercise a breeze. Those personal best 5Ks, spontaneous treadmill sessions at the gym and Saturday morning meet-ups with your most energetic of friends all suddenly become something to look forward to with the addition of a great pair of running trainers. Nikes Epic Phantom React Flyknit sneakers are the pair to help you achieve just that.

Even if youre not typically someone who sets an alarm for a 6am coffee and gym session, youll second guess those morning sleep-ins once your new pair of Nike trainers are tempting you with their bounce and breeziness. A lace free, slip on design makes getting ready for a run an almost invisibly quick process and a sleek black colourway emerges effortlessly with the rest of your workout wardrobe.

Best for: Counteracting those scary 6am alarms.

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New Balance: Best Womens Dad Shoe

Even if youd never typically consider your dad to be a style icon, no one can deny that the humble dad trainer is definitely back in fashion and looks set to stay there for the foreseeable future. The ultimate when it comes to comfortable footwear, it seems parents might have been literally one step ahead in the shoe game with sneakers that are versatile enough for an entire days worth of activities but stylish enough to look cool doing so.

The trusty New Balance is the obvious choice when it comes to dad sneakers, and the New Balance Walking Shoe is top of the pile when it comes to a dad trainer that fulfils all the necessary criteria. Bright white to pair perfectly with black tailored trousers? Check. Comfy soles thatll make you second guess every other pair of shoes in your wardrobe? Check. Dad-enough so that your very own father might mistake them as his own? Check, check, check.

Best for: Forever being the butt of jokes from your dad.

New Balance X Aim Leon Dore

DORATASIA 2020 Brand New Women

Aimé Leon Dore x New Balance is an instant bucket. The 550 Natural Green easily makes it into our list of favorite sneakers for women this year and if you were lucky enough to get your hands on a pair, congratulations! The late 80s basketball silhouette, despite having laid dormant since its initial release, has become one of the most sought-after pairs of late. The colorways, the vintage treatment Teddy Santis is too nice with it! Matthews.

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Golden Goose: Best Distressed Sneakers For Women

Distressed jeans are out and distressed trainers are in. Those carefully threaded, gently pulled and ever so slightly worn in sneakers show signs of age in the best way possible to add a casual touch to any outfit. The best distressed trainers come courtesy of Golden Goose a brand thats known for adding a vintage touch to all of its garments in a way thats both stylish and versatile.

The Golden Goose Superstar low-top sneakers are the type that you can obviously tell are firm favourites. Both from the amount youll wear them but also from the iconic distressing on either trainer, which youll inevitably add to the more you pair them with your outfits. The major advantage of distressed trainers? The more you wear them, the better they look. And theres no need to keep them squeaky clean thanks to their detailing, either.

Best for: Unapologetically getting them dusty because its fashion.

Vein Sheer Ny Taffeta Skin Covered Sneakers

Sheer NY Taffeta

Koki Enomoto launched VEIN in SS20 at Paris Fashion Week and has since caught the eye of many industry insiders. The brand’s creations are based on structural expressionism and its skin-covered sneaker embodies just this. A beautiful pair to add to your collection. Matthews.

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Stella Mccartney Chunky Sneakers

Stella McCartney may be well-known for her collaborative footwear with Adidas, but her own-label sneakers are unmissable. If environmental issues play a part in your purchasing decisions, youll be pleased to know McCartneys ethics extend to her design sensibilities her trainer offering is made with sustainable and cruelty-free materials.

The voluptuous Eclypse, debuting in 2018, was McCartneys first foray into the Dad sneaker arena. Since then, its taken on various colorways but our go-to options for 2021 include the neon leather upper iteration with a stone-inspired side panel and the futuristic neon pink style.

For a slightly more subdued shape, theres the Loop sneaker which importantlyand rarelyis a sneaker produced without any glue at all. Made sustainably in Italy from biodegradable materials, the pair pictured have a tie-dye exterior that speaks to vibrant vacations to tropical destinations. Style these with a white T-shirt and straight-leg denim jeans for a laid-back yet stylish everyday ensemble.

Stella McCartney


Nike Air Mowabb Olivia Kim No Cover

MUST HAVE Designer Sneakers for Women 2020 *THE ONLY SNEAKERS TO BUY*

The Air Mowabb has historically been a silhouette geared towards men with very few releases in womens sizing. Olivia Kim didnt think that was right, so as part of her most recent collaboration with Nike, Kim presented a new colorway of this ACG masterpiece with the Nike Air Mowabb Olivia Kim No Cover . Shoes that aim for inclusivity for all sizes will always be the best Nikes for women, and everyone else.

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Whats The Difference Between Mens And Womens Feet How Are Women’s Running Shoes Different

When it comes to the difference in mens and womens running shoes, first we must address the variants in foot shape. The biggest difference between womens and mens feet is the relationship between the heel and the forefoot, or the ball of the foot. Women tend to have a narrower heel in relation to whats known as their ball girth, or the circumference of the ball of their foot.

This means that a women who wears a size-9 shoe probably has a narrower heel, a wider ball and a bigger ball girth than a man who wears a size-7 mens shoe, which is equivalent to a womens size-9.

According to a study conducted by biomechanist Kate Bednarski, highly competitive women runners also tend to have higher arches and narrower heels than the average female.

How Do Women Run Differently

Researchers have also found that because women tend to have wider hips than men, their feet are more likely to strike the ground toward the outside of their shoe soles. The inward rolling of the foot that results from this is known as pronation, which explains why more women are believed to overpronate than men. Some womens running shoes account for this increased tendency with different materials used for support through the sole.

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Oliver Cabell Dream Mule: Best Walking Shoes For Summer

If youre looking for go-with-everything luxury flats, these are it. Quite possibly the hottest walking shoes of the summer, mules like these ones from Oliver Cabell are the shoe du jour. Their appeal is evident from the outset. With no heel and no laces, you can slip them on and off like a pair of slippers.

The minimalist at heart will love how incredibly versatileOliver Cabell Dream Mule is, perfect for wearing both casually, with jeans and a shirt, or with a fitted blouse and tailored trousers to the office.

Virtually painless, these mules require no break-in period. Straight from the box to your feet and youre ready to hit your stride. All in all, Oliver Cabell Dream Mule is the kind of beyond-comfortable shoe your feet have been dreaming about.

Fun fact: While they were all the rage in the 90s, mules were actually first worn by the French aristocracy in the 18th century. So slip into summers most-wanted shoe and channel some Marie Antoinette as you waltz around town.

The Bruna By M Gemi: Best Walking Shoes For The Weekend

Top 10 and more Women Shoes 2020 Trends: Best Tendencies ...

Its Saturday morning and youve gota day of fun things lined up. First, brunch with the girls in a cafe downtown. The vibe is casual but stylish. You want to make a statement without going overboard.

The best womens walking shoes for the job? These sleek white trainers by M. Gemi.

M. Gemi is an exciting shoe startup that creates high-quality footwear in artisanal and family-owned workshops across Italy. You can depend on them for fashion-forward kicks with that inimitable Italian sense of luxury.

M. Gemis Bruna sneakers are created with meticulous attention to detail and a choice of technical fabrics that include a lugged rubber and EVA sole. EVA is lightweight, durable, and super soft, chosen for its superior flexibility and shock absorption capabilities.

The chunky heel gives you a slight raise as you walk,helping you to maintain your stride and to power into your day with your best foot forward.

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Nike Flex Experience Run : Most Comfortable Shoes For Standing All Day

Another running shoe, the Nike Flex Experience Run 9 is an all-day activity kind of shoe. If youve got a long day ahead of you and youre going to be standing up for most of it, then you need a pair of shoes that are going to be kind to your feet and keep them feeling supported and stable.

These walking shoes from Nike have been designed with comfort front and centre. Theyre made from breathable textiles with a lightweight upper to promote airflow and keep your feet fresh. The rubber outsole is durable and has grooves that move with your foot to increase flexibility and comfort.

The foam insole and deconstructed heel cradles the foot and ensures it stays secure from first thing in the morning until you slip them off at night, home at last. The overall effect? Like walking on sunshine.

These Nike Flex Experience Run 9 are the kind of shoes footwear experts would be pleased to see on your feet. Cushioned and comfortable, theyll make even the most demanding day a walk in the park, and are some of the best-rated womens walking shoes out there.

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