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Size 14.5 Mens Sneakers

Basketball Sneakers & Shoes For Men

11 yr old monster he is 5’8″ tall wearing a size 14 mens shoe skys the limit
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Best Online Retailers For Mens Large Size Shoes

Whatever size you take, your best bests are the sites listed below.

In addition to having a large selection from top brands and designers, Zappos offers some of the best-looking shoes for guys who wear larger sizes. Of course, the larger you need, the less selection there is, but they even offer a good selection of U.S. size 20 athletic shoes. Zappos also makes it easy to search by size, width, style, color, and occasion so you don’t waste your time seeing unavailable models.

Friedman’s Shoes

Ever wonder where the large-footed basketball players of the NBA shop? Well, wonder no more. With a huge selection of shoes in U.S. sizes 7-22, Friedman’s has fit athletes like Magic Johnson, Shaquille O’Neal, Hakeem Olajuwon and Scottie Pippin, but they don’t just carry athletic shoes.

In fact, it’s likely their selection of sandals, dress shoes and casual shoes that keeps large-sized celebrities coming back for more. If you can’t make it to their renowned store in downtown Atlanta, don’t worry, you can now shop online or via their mail-order catalog.

With dress, casual, and athletic footwear from major brands, this is definitely the first site you should check if you wear a size 20 . Like all the others, they offer more styles in smaller sizes.

Nike Zoom Athletic Shoes For Men

When it is time to get moving, whether to play sports, work out, or run errands, trainers can make a difference to your feet. Nikes line of athletic shoes is designed for different activities including running, speed walking, training, basketball, skateboarding, baseball, golf, or to fit your lifestyle. These trainers are lightweight and available in a wide assortment of colors and measurements.

Do Nike athletic shoes come in a variety of sizes?

Yes, these training shoes are available in a wide array of sizes from 6 to 18, including half sizes. The exact number varies per shoe model. Some trainers are also made in ranges of widths including narrow, regular, wide, and extra wide.

Are Nike shoes lightweight?

This series of Nike trainers is designed to be lightweight. The specific weights will vary with each running shoe. Here are some example weights for different models:

  • Nike Zoom Streak 6 weigh 6.4oz
  • Nike Zoom Fly weigh 8.7oz
  • Nike Air Zoom Span 2 weigh 9.8oz
  • Nike Zoom All Out Low weigh 11.1oz

What are the component materials of Nike shoes?

These trainers are made from natural and man-made materials including:

What are the color choices for Nike footwear?

This line of training shoes is available in a wide assortment of colors. Depending on the model, the selection might include either a choice between a single color kick or a running shoe styled with multicolor designs. For example, Nike Air Zoom Terra Kiger 4 are offered in an array of color combinations, including:

Also Check: Black And White Dior Sneakers

Men’s Basketball Shoes And Sneakers

Unlock your limitless potential on and off the court with New Balance’s carefully curated collection of Men’s Basketball Shoes. Designed to give you the support, reliability and responsiveness that takes you to the hoop time after time, the New Balance Collection of Men’s Basketball Shoes provides durability, next-level play and a bold, authentic statement that’ll draw eyes to your cutting-edge skills .

Our premium basketball sneakers are made for the player who can do it all. With game-boosting technology features that are sure to unleash your speed, bounce and explosive play, our shoes offer that long-lasting, locked-in fit that says pass me the rock every time you step foot on the court.

Step into premium comfort with features like 3D Ultra Heel construction, Ortholite inserts and FitWeave to optimize stability in-game. Level up your game with a full-length FuelCell midsole that offers the explosive support you need at any moment. Move and maneuver with surety with features like our data-driven Kinetic Stich application that helps control movement where you need it most. The best part? Your durable, versatile shoes can hold up to your independent play – but they never skimp on style.

Prefer something a little more old-school? Our collection features a wide variety of NB revivals to provide you with enduring, classic style with a simple, clean look – all while providing you with the support, responsiveness and stability you need to play like the MVP you are.

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