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Sneakers For Middle Aged Man

Smart Outfits For Men Over 50

Middle-Aged White Guy Improbably Unboxes CLAE Kennedy Sneakers

Men Fashion Over 50 Getting old has its ups and downs. It is definitely a roller coaster ride of emotions. Many people believe that as they get older, they do not need to take as much care of their appearances as they did before, which is an absolutely wrong approach to old age. You can pull off some great outfits even when you are 50 or above. Dressing well and feeling good can keep you happy and young at heart.

As the saying goes, Boys will always be boys, even when they turn 50 and above. They will still be young at heart and desire to wear bomber jackets, leather boots, tight T-shirts, Converse shoes, etc. So what is stopping them? Men above fifty should dress stylishly and stay in fashion breaking all the myths and stereotypes attached to old age fashion. At the end of the day, they should be able to do anything that they truly want! We have made a list of the most trending clothing styles for over fifty men to assist them. Some of the styles have been picked from top fashion blogs for adult men to keep you guys updated with the latest fashion trends. The latest celebrities styles have been put in the collection to see whats cooking in celebrities wardrobes. So lets check the most recent fashion guide for older men one by one.

Ralph Lauren: A Model Older Man

At least one men’s fashion blogger has pointed to Mr. Lauren as an excellent model for dressing in style as we age. Ralph Lauren is, of course, the style star who, in 1967, obtained the Polo brand from Brooks Brothers, along with its iconic button-down collar shirt. Lauren was born in 1939, which puts him comfortably beyond our required age of 50, but he’s still one of the most stylish, not to mention one of the wealthiest, men in the entire world. He oversees a multibillion-dollar business, as well as a pretty sweet collection of rare cars.

You don’t need to dress with full Ralph Lauren style to succeed, but following a few of his habits won’t hurt. You can start with crisp, long-sleeve button-downs , good loafers or lace-ups, and a subtle but quality watch.

Walk like you have three men walking behind you.

Oscar de la Renta

Never Wear Running Shoes

When you are dressing to go out whether its a lunch, coffee, brunch or early dinner, neverand I mean never wear running shoes with casual clothes! This is an absolute NEVER! If you want to look like an out-of-style old man then go ahead and be lazy and wear your running shoes with casual shorts, or even worse jeans. If you do, you should not probably ever read another article on this website. I work with men over 50 who want to present the best versions of themselves in the sexual marketplace.

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How To Wear Luxury Sneakers

Our personal favourite is the luxury take on the basic sneaker. These beautiful specimens have allowed sneakers to jump from street casual to smart casual without looking like they belong on a teenage boy. They can be worn with tailored trousers, slim denim, chinos and in some cases even casual unstructured suiting.

Avoid wearing them with shorts, as these sneakers are quite often bulky in comparison to the basic canvas sneakers. Keep it refined on top to match the shoe. Basic t-shirts, smart shirts and polos are all great options. For a more distinct look, opt for a shirt with a slim or knit tie, a blazer and some slim denim.

  • Dress up, not down
  • Start with black, then purchase other colours
  • Take extra care with suede and dont wear it too often
  • Try brighter pairs for summer / European holidays

Duke + Dexter Ritchie Rio

2020 Four Seasons Middle Aged Mens Shoes Dad Shoes Middle ...

Made in England using a unique seven-layer upper, these kicks come with red Italian suede overlays and a high-performance mesh on top of a custom-made off-white sole. What’s more they’re some of the comfiest trainers out there thanks to a memory foam padding and a zero-stitch heel. £220.dukeanddexter.com

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Don’t Always Match Your Belt And Your Shoes

Truth: you really don’t have to worry about whether your accessories are all perfectly coordinating anymore. The matchy-matchy look is actually a bit outdated, and being too put together can make you look stuffy and uncoolexactly what you want to avoid. That being said, you should go for a contrast that looks intentional, like brown shoes and a tan belt, rather than one that just looks like you can’t match. Need some great recs for new kicks? Here are the 10 Best Suiting Shoes on the Market Right Now.

Gucci Screener: Best Vintage Sneakers

Gucci nailed the sneakers throwback design with this retro-inspired shoe. Influenced by classic runners from the 70s, this pair of Gucci Screener sneakers are carefully distressed to look like authentic vintage sports shoes. They are made in Italy and feature an enamelled GG logo at the front.

Before Under Armor, there was Reebok. The British sports brand defined the 1980s with its classic sneakers. Reebok embodies the ultimate athletic shoes in the 80s. This Reebok Club C Revenge in white and blue leather with a red accent colour is a cool and affordable retro sneaker.


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Casual Looks For Your 40s

Hopefully you’ve already got a good sense of the sort of look you like rugged or crisp, classic or modern, all of that. If you don’t know your look, now’s the time to figure it out. Take a turn through some of the nicer menswear stores in town and see what styles you enjoy trying on, then build from there.

But for the most part a man in his 40s can be counted on to own a decent collection of clothes he likes already. Now’s the time to start finding ways to improve it: make things a little dressier, a little more luxurious a little more more.

These are a few looks that the 40-something man should feel comfortable wearing, and merit space in his wardrobe:

Nike Air Jordan New Beginnings: Best High

The KVJ Show 12-15-2021

This 2021 reedition of the 1985 Nike Air Jordan is an absolute gem. Its sold as part of a pack, combining this Jordan New Beginnings with the Nike Air Ship 1984 reedition. You cant buy the sneakers online with Nike, but you can snatch a pair on premium resale marketplace StockX. They are currently selling for over ten times their original price!

Check also this superb collaboration between Converse and Comme des Garçons reinterpreting the classic high-top Chuck 70. This special edition comes with premium materials and a more comfortable sole.


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5 Older Men Swag With Beard

Coats with plaid patterns are a fantastic option for men over 50. If you want to jazz up your dressing game, then do give the plaid jacket a try. For this outfit idea, wear a soft gray colored shirt with a plaid pattern shirt in gray color. For a scarf, you can wear it in color matching your shirt or coat. A beard also looks ideal with this kind of a look.

Dressing For Specific Occasions

Not all sharp clothes serve the same purpose.

Some look intensely stylish for a night out on the town, but would seem too fashion-forward or extravagant for a conventional workday. Others will stand you in good stead at an office party or a weekend golf outing, but would look frumpy and bland at a nightclub.

Choose your battles wisely and don’t be afraid to add to the wardrobe as needed.

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Mix Patterns Only With Suits

A shirt with pinstripes mixed with a tie featuring a small-scale geometric print can look really sophisticated under a well-fitting suit. You can even wear a suit with a subtle pattern over a shirt with a geometric or check pattern. But let’s be clear: the time is over for mixing patterned pieces in casual wear. All that crazy clashing? Leave it to the youngsters.

9 Liam Neesons All Black Look

Four Seasons Middle Aged Men

For a nighttime event where you want to look sexy and charming, go all-black. This is the great slimming fashion for fat men and looks great on all skin-tones. Wearing all black will make you five years younger than your actual age.

You can wear a fitted or loose plain black shirt with black or blue jeans. And then finish the whole look with a plain black coat to make your outfit all black. Also, who doesnt want to take inspiration from the King himself?

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Nike X Undercover Overbreak

Nike and Jun Takahashi have a longstanding partnership that goes back as far as 2009. In essence they define footwear hype with their extremely hard-to-come-by sellout collections. This drop will be no different . A combination of the Daybreak and the ISPA Overreact, they’re finished off with a React Foam sole and Undercover’s signature rose motif. £140. Atendclothing.com

Oliver Cabell Low 1 Frost: Best Minimalist Mens Sneakers

Oliver Cabell is making a name for itself, delivering consistently high-quality premium sneakers with simple minimalist design. This sublime pair of all-white sneakers Low 1 is discrete and minimalist yet very stylish. The brand handcrafts all their shoes using ethical factories and materials.

Axel Arigato is another brand that excels at producing minimalist luxury sneakers with a premium casual look. This pair of white leather sneakers with a discreet golden logo is one of our favourites.


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Wales Bonner X Adidas

For her Adidas collaboration, Grace Wales Bonner has taken on the oft overlooked SL72 silhouette. The SL72 captures the spirit of the 1970s with a corduroy upper, rich velvet and antique leather overlays, and a tricolour rubber outsole, and comes in trace pink, collegiate orange, maroon and hemp, maroon and forest-green colourways. £130. Atmatchesfashion.com

Patta X Nike Air Max 1

A Saudi security man gives his shoes for an old pilgrim, Governor of Mecca comments

Nike x Patta collaborations dont come around too often. The Nike x Patta Air Max 1 Wave is one of the more special ones, which is why it sold out instantly. These trainers carry a waving mudguard for the first time, making them unique. Whats more, they take the form of an old-school, Nike OG shape which bypasses the slightly turned-up toe box for a sharper silhouette. From £179.stockx.com

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Skechers Solar Fuse Kryzik

Skechers recently signed Jamie Redknapp as an ambassador and his go-to sneakers are these woven-in athletic trainers, which come complete with an Air Cooled Memory Foam cushioned comfort insole and a circular-knit, nearly-one-piece fabric upper and make for some of the coolest and comfiest runners out there. £67.skechers.com

Tom Ford Midnight Blue Warwick Suede: Most Versatile Sneakers

If you could only wear one pair of sneakers, this beautiful pair from Tom Ford would be our pick. It comes in a variety of colours, but we particularly like this midnight blue suede. Its easy to wear with everything for a casual to business casual look. Made in Italy from premium materials, this pair of Tom Ford Warwick sneakers is finished with discreet branding, including perforated Ts and gold designer stamps.

For a good alternative at an affordable price, check these Black OG Old School Vans. Their design is virtually remaining the same year over year, and they can be easily dressed up or down.


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Mistake #: Wearing Clothing As A Uniform

Uniform dressing is a perfectly acceptable way for men who dont want to think about their clothes and just wear something and go about their day. I think President Obama did that when he was in office. Uniform dressing is definitely not our style because we believe that a style should reflect how you feel.

However, sometimes, you might find yourself in a rut where you simply dont know what else to wear, and so you gravitate towards the same things over and over again. Also, as you age, those looks may be less flattering.

For example, look at young Alain Delone in the 1967 movie Le Samouraï. His à la mode, gray suit looks really elegant because it highlights his youthfulness and his built. The plainness of his suit is intentional as to not distract from his figure. The exact same suit and the same color can look very conventional and boring on a middle-aged man.

To make an outfit appear livelier without aging yourself in the process, we advocate for using color and texture in your outfit. Why? Because it will zest up your look and will probably be more fun and satisfying.

Even if you are in more formal settings, you can still play with your accessories here. A relatively conservative pairing of a light blue shirt in a grey suit has been colorfully accessorized and striking with subdued weight. But there is another side of color and pop for middle-aged men, especially when it involves too much of a good thing, which brings us to the next pitfall to avoid.

Loewe High Top Sneaker


These sneakers take inspiration from basketball court classics, but are a lot more luxurious than those worn by Michael Jordan et al. Taking Loewe’s monogram canvas and wrapping it around the upper, the trainers epitomise the elegant traits of the Spanish house and you’d do well in making them your summer go-tos. £549. At End.endclothing.com

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Saucony Endorphin Speed 2

  • PEBA-based foam is soft and bouncy
  • Nylon plate provides fast turnover
  • Excels at training and racing speeds
  • Snugger racer-style fit felt slightly short to some testers

While most of the fastest runners will still reach for pricier racers with carbon fiber, like the Endorphin Pro 2 and Nike Alphafly Next%, the Endorphin Speed 2 is a suitable racing option for most of us. Its still stiffthough the nylon plate is far more flexible than carbon fiberand snappy, and the cushioning works well for short, fast races all the way up to the marathon distance. Where the Speed shines, however, is in everyday training. For tempo runs and interval sessions, the Speed delivers all the hustle you need for your workout, while saving you some cash versus those more expensive race-day models. The midsole and outsole are the same as youll find on the debut version of this shoe, but Saucony made some changes to the upper to make it fit slightly better and lock you in place when youre running at fast speeds.


A Little Bit Of Everything Shoe Trend

Finally to conclude this list of latest shoe trends for 2022, its time to throw in the kitchen sink.

This trend takes a little bit of everything and blends it into a single, unified sneaker trend that can actually work.

Take a sleek leather, mesh and suede upper in neutral colors and pair it with a slimmed down chunky sole and youve got a great looking shoe that stands out without screaming out. Take this Tom Ford Jago Neoprene, Mesh and Nylon Sneaker or Loro Pianas 360 Flex Walk Sneaker for example. Quite the price tags, but look great, IMO.

Sometimes throwing a ton of crap at the wall and hoping that it sticks can work out after all. Im personally a big fan of mixing and matching textures when it comes to putting stylish and visually interesting outfits together. It works just as well with trendy sneakers.

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Moncler X Hoka M Mafate Speed 2

Moncler has partnered with Hoka for the first time to bring you the M Mafate Speed 2. The low-top trainers are crafted from a mix of lightweight performance materials, such as elastodiene and polyester, that mould the feet for greater comfort. The laces and heel loop are inspired by the colours of the French flag, while sturdy soles crafted from Vibram rubber provide exceptional grip and support, making these ideal for pavements and hillsides alike. £215.moncler.com

Styles Of Mens Sneakers

Former Average Guy Learns the One-Arm Chin-up in 28 Days

Warning: Do not EVER go shiny! In my opinion, a shiny sneaker of any kind comes across feminine, not masculine. So even if you find a pair of sneakers you really like and they are shiny, remember what I just said.

With that being said, the only, and I mean only time you could get away with these would be with a pair of slacks. This is because the slacks are more than casual so the shiny sneakers can have a look of a dressier pair of shoes.

ButIm not a fan of any kind of sneaker with slacks so bare that in mind when you are considering shiny sneakers like the ones to the right.

Mesh Sneakers For Summertime

Because I live in hot Arizona Im always looking for lightweight clothes and shoes to be more comfortable when Im out and about with a woman. Because of this I like mesh sneakers a lot.

My favorite brand for most of my sneakers is called Greats I wish I got paid to promote them but I do not. To the left is a gray pair I wear a lot. Just look at how clean, simple and sporty they look. I can wear these with shorts and jeans all day long. They are in that $100-$200 price range which is perfect for a good pair of sneakers.

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