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Sneakers To Wear With Suits

Ensure Your Suit Fits Slim

How to Wear Suits With Sneakers | 8 Dos & Don’ts + Outfit Inspiration | Mens Fashion

Knowing how to wear sneakers with suits involves making surethat the suit you wear doesnt look bigger than you. Your suit should fitperfectly to give you that suave look. No matter how expensive the suit is, ifit doesnt fit, it will look like a hand-me-down or give people the impressionthat you borrowed it.

What Style Of Suit Pants Works With Sneakers

The most important rule you have to follow is that the sneakers and the dress pants donât clash. A great example of this would be something as simple as a cream suit with pure white sneakers. The look just doesnât look good at all.

A pair of linen trousers with a hand-tailored sweater can definitely look good together. This example from Kiton is an excellent example of the subtle, casual style:

As you can see from this example, dress pants with a more casual sweater or jacket can look fantastic. The problem is when the combination of casual and formal is too stark. This is where problems arise. Thus, donât buy a pair of overly formal dress pants and expect them to mix perfectly with your look.

Gray Sneakers With Gray Suit

The final example weâre going to give is this combination of grays. Perfect for winter or autumn, or even for summer. The reason we love this combination so much is that itâs completely neutral, and the sneakers that you can see here are modern. This outfit can be used for practically any event.

Our favourite brands to help you pull off this look:


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Type Of Shoes Can Be Worn With A Suit

When wearing a suit, its important to have dress shoes that match the color of your pants and coat. You can wear either leather or suede shoes, loafers, or dress boots.

  • Leather shoes are typically dressier and more formal than suede shoes.
  • If youre going for a more casual look, loafers are a good option because they have a more relaxed style.
  • Dress boots can also be dressed up or down, depending on the event youre attending.

Just make sure your shoes are clean and in good condition scuffed or dirty shoes will ruin your whole look!

Blue Suit And Oxblood/burgundy Shoes

Attention guys: This is the right way to wear a suit with sneakers ...

Blue suits in both light and dark shades of blue can be worn with oxblood or burgundy shoes.

Images From Deposit Photos

In many ways, oxblood and burgundy are incredibly versatile as dress shoe colors. The reason for this is that theyre bright and bold enough to be worn in smart-casual and business-casual settings.

But at the same time, theyre sometimes dark enough to wear in more formal settings with suits in darker shades of blue as well.

When figuring out whether a pair of oxblood or burgundy shoes would work with the blue suit youre wearing, the most important thing to consider is how social the setting youre attending is.

In many ways, this is more important than the shade of blue suit youre wearing.

In more formal settings, a pair of black or dark brown shoes would usually be more appropriate than oxblood or burgundy.

However, if the setting is more social and smart-casual, a pair of oxblood or burgundy could work very well.

They have a pretty laid-back and social aesthetic to them while still looking very dapper.

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A Guide On How To Wear Sneakers With A Suit For Women

Lifestyle Writer

May 26, 2022

There is something powerful and fashionable about suits that makes them a must-have in every womans wardrobe. First of all, they are an arranged set which makes them so easy to wear and combine with other fashion items and accessories. Suits also send a message that a woman who wears them is confident and knows her fashion extremely well. Thus, it is no wonder that most women could wear suits every day. Well, except one thing they have to be matched with high heels. This is what most ladies think, that this is the only way these elegant sets can be worn.

We are here to show you that this does not have to be the case and that a gorgeous suit can look amazing with the most comfortable footwear: sneakers. Here is how to style classy suits with comfy sneakers.

Casual Suit With Sneakers

If you do want to keep your sneakers look okay without making a disturbed look at you, then you definitely need a casual suit. There are a few ways to wear sneakers with casual suits. Some of them include wearing them with a wide leg pants. It is however important that when you are wearing your sneakers with a suit, it should not appear as if you dont know what youre doing.You need to wear it in a manner that is comfortable to you and also correspond with the dress code. You should also be aware of the fact that sneakers can go well with almost any type of suit. One thing that is good about sneakers is the fact that they are easy to wear and you can even get them in different colors. You may want to consider wearing a pair of classic white sneakers. If you think for, this is what casual suits are designed for people who want to look appropriate yet stylish at all time. These kinds of sneakers also have an advantage since you can easily match them with most of your pants.

There are many other ways to wear sneakers with suits, but this is just a way to get you started. As you become more comfortable with wearing sneakers in general, you can try out some other ideas. You can wear your sneakers when going out for work, but make sure that they fit well and arent worn down because they are going to get a lot of attention from others. Also remember that fashion doesnt have to be boring if you know what looks good on you and how to balance everything out.

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Choose The Classics Over Anything Else

Wear your sneakers with something classic like well-cut clothing. Classic Vans silhouette is something that you must have noticed most commonly this season. You will find the best collection of the silhouette at big brands like Tom Ford and Givenchy which you can pair with a classic shoe shape. Opt for muted colors to enhance the look.

Which Shoes Are Suit Shoes

How To Wear Sneakers With A Suit

Still, for the most part, the classics endure: Oxfords and Derbies are the bona fide godfathers of smart footwear, and no man should be without at least one pair of each in his wardrobe. A pair of black Oxfords and a pair of brown Derby shoes will stand you in good stead for whatever your calendar throws at you.

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How To Wear Sneakers With Suits

Guys about town are sporting sneakers with everything more than ever. Though previously considered sartorial sacrilege, suits worn with sneakers are definitely having a moment in the style spotlight. Want to give trainers and tailoring a go? There are just a few rules to stick by:

Choose Classic Sneakers

Yes, you could wear your sharp two-piece suit with a pair of classic monk-straps, brogues or Oxfords on the daily. But sneakers add that certain edge to an outfit that hasn’t been seen before. Avoid performance-focused styles and choose a pair of classic, sleek kicks. They look good with fitted trousers and a strong, structured suit.

Not Just for the Weekend

Sneakers with suits are a perfectly acceptable Monday-Friday uniform if you happen to work in a creative workplace. If you want to retain some of the finesse of a formal shoe, choose formal leather sneakers, which appear refined and contemporary when worn with an understated shirt and tie.

When Flying Business

Structured suits and sneakers travel well, especially when paired with a crisp collared shirt. The combo will have you looking luxe during layover and dressed the part as you rush from airport to client appointment without a moment to check into your hotel.

Don’t Just Stick to Black

A deep navy, Burgundy or blue suit can prove a greta alternative to your standard navy, black and charcoal suits. Mixed with a fresh pair of white sneakers, you’ll look on-trend, stylish and in the know.

Wear with Confidence

Best Sneakers To Wear With A Suit

Ah, sneakers with suits. Once a fashion faux pas, now a strong sartorial move. Over the past few years, sneakers with a suit combo have moved from being associated with office commuters and Forrest Gump, to an insouciant expression of style. Though now an acceptable footwear move, not all sneakers pair well with suits. Its essential to consider the silhouette, colourway, and materials of your sneakers when selecting the best sneakers to wear with a suit.

If done correctly, the right pair of sneakers can elevate a suit, inject some personality into your look, and provide your feet with the comfort that just cant be matched by a pair of oxford or derby shoes. To help you nail this juxtaposed duo, weve put together a guide on how to wear sneakers with a suit.

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Jordan 1 Retro High Shadow

While Jordan himself chose to wear a pair of 11s when he rocked sneakers with a suit on the red carpet, we recommend pairing a more traditional and on-trend pair such as the Jordan 1, especially in this Shadow colourway. One of the most famous Jordan 1 colourways thanks to a strong influence from Travis Scott, the sneakers muted tones match perfectly with a straight cut black suit.

Material: LeatherStyle: Lace-up leather retro basketball sneaker.Price: from AU$651

Image: Prada

Formals Can Be A Look Too

Why Wearing Sneakers with a suit is a ticket to Sartorial Freedom ...

It is very important to look sharp and crisp in your formals. Combining sneakers with formal is like mixing peanut butter and chocolate. Unexpected but at the same time amazing. While choosing this outfit idea, ensure that you are choosing the right pair of sneakers and pair it with a fitted, slimmer silhouette. This will give you a streamlined aesthetic look. Also, you can pair your trainers or sneakers with a formal blazer.

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The Corporate Business Look

In a corporate environment, it’s important to look the part. A navy suit is unbeatable here, as it’s classic and assured, without being loud. The best shoes to wear with a navy suit are black, navy or cognac: keep within these tones for a foolproof office look.

The most understated option, black will always look sharp with a navy suit. This will always be the most straightforward choice, since you don’t need to consider different shades.

Navy is always a reliable option for any element of your workplace outfit. When teaming navy shoes with a navy suit, go for shoes that are several shades darker than the tailoring.

Cognac is a particularly rich shade of brown, making it a great choice for contrasting with a navy suit while still looking appropriate for a corporate workplace.

What Kind Of Suit Should You Wear With Sneakers

While suits are very versatile and can be worn during many different occasions, you need to know what kind of suit would look best with some sneakers. The length of your skirt or dress is the first thing you should think about.

If you are wearing a tight skirt that goes past your knees, it would be perfect to complement these pieces with a pair of high top sneakers. You could wear a nice pair of high-top converse shoes or even some Vans if they are comfortable for you.

On the other hand, if your pants just reach your ankles, then definitely you are free to wear any sneakers with them.

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The Shape Of The Shoe Can Affect Your Style Too

Originally, suits were made for decent, formal shoes, but because fashion is all about creativity and trying out new styles, men started wearing their suits with sneakers as well. Now, if you pay attention to most of the sneakers listed above, theyre mostly shaped like formal shoes.

Thats because the shape of the shoe matters as much as the style, color, and fit. If you look at athletic sneakers, they are huge and chunky, which is why they dont look good with a suit.

A suit should be worn with thin, tailored sneakers that mimic the shape of a formal shoe while infusing your outfit with a fresh, new look.

Charcoal Suit With Brown Shoes

4 Classic Sneakers to Wear with a Suit

Another wedding favourite, this combination offers a more traditional, vintage-inspired alternative to a light grey suit and brown shoes. Remember: charcoal is a rich and intense shade of grey, which means the brown shoes you team it with need to offer a similar depth. Styles-wise, brogues, brogue boots and monk straps strike the smart-casual balance youre looking for here.


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Blue Suit With Black Shoes

Different, but not dramatically so, these two colours paired makes a safe bet for guys that want to stand out without going full Pitti peacock. As for the suit, a punchy, vibrant shade such as cobalt works best, while the shoes should be in a saturated black leather that looks almost patent but, you know, isnt.

Tommy Hilfiger

Charcoal Suit With Black Shoes

A cold-weather classic, this duo has globetrotting spy written all over it, especially if teamed with a black fine-gauge roll neck. To ensure you come off more James Bond than dock worker, opt for a fine wool suit rather than anything weighty and pair with jet black shoes Oxfords, Derbies and monk straps give a particularly slick finish, but brogues and brogue boots will work too.

Thomas Pink

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Hue Cues: What Color Shoe To Match Your Suit

While there are no hard and fast rules for pairing shoes to your suit, other than the basic wear shoes that are darker than the pants prescription, these are the color combinations that Stowe says make the most sense and will photograph flawlessly, without fail. He also shares that if youll be sporting a reddish-brown shoe , you have license to tie some other reds into the tie or accessories above the waist, for balance. You can do it with a belt or watch band or even some maroon stone cufflinks.

Blue Suit And White Shoes

The white sneakers

A blue suit can be worn with white shoes in casual settings. However, its important to be sure that its appropriate for the dress code before attempting to.

Images From Deposit Photos

Out of the combinations listed, this is the one to be most careful with.

Its more of a statement to wear a pair of white sneakers with a blue suit, simply because the contrast would be obvious and will immediately draw attention.

It would really only work in casual or smart-casual settings.

In addition, it should only be attempted if youre sure a pair of dress shoes wouldnt be more appropriate.

If theres any doubt, go for a pair of dress shoes in a casual shade instead.

The typeof blue suit you wear with white sneakers is very important. Always go for a more casual-looking blue suit in a light shade.

In addition, go for a casual fabric such as linen wherever possible. The pants can easily be cuffed and the white sneakers can be worn with no-show socks without looking too awkward.

Trying to wear a pair of white sneakers with a formal-looking worsted wool suit wont usually look good.

This is due to a formality mismatch between the formal suit and the casual shoes.

So, consider the formality of the setting youre attending, as well as the fabric and shade of the blue suit youre wearing, and you may find that white sneakers may be a reasonable option if youre looking to make more of a statement.

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Those Who Think Sneakers And Suits Are An Abomination

A traditionalist will never wear sneakers with a suit, because it doesn’t fit the style at all. Suit and Sneakers should be worn for walking around town or to an event- not for weddings, funerals, or first dates.

The Suit and Sneakers look is only popular because it’s the newest trend to hit men’s fashion. It is all too easy to get confused with this type of outfit. Suit Pants with sneakers. Suit jacket with sneakers. Suit shoes with sneakers- all these combinations look like they would work well together, but then you put them on and you’re left looking like you don’t know how to dress properly.

An absolute NO GO would be to wear a suit with a shirt and a tie and sneakers. this simply looks ridiculous and should never be embraced as an emerging trend. Those who have a passion for sartorial understand the mix of casual and formal is just too much.

What Colour Shoes To Wear With A Blue Suit

As with navy, brown suit shoes work well with lighter shades of blue, but while dark browns complement navys depth, youre better off sticking to lighter brown hues with blue tailoring. Tan Derbies, brogues and monk straps work well, as do slightly richer shades of brown think milk rather than dark chocolate.

Pairing a blue suit with black shoes isnt a sackable offence either, but blacks inherent dressiness can jar slightly with blue tailorings lack thereof, so take any blue-suit-black-shoes combination for a good test drive in front a full-length mirror before leaving the house.

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