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Sneakers With Best Heel Support

What Does A Heel Cup Do

Type of Shoes You Should Wear With Plantar Fasciitis

A heel cup allows you to easily wrap your heels – indeed, it is close to using insoles to add height. Deep heel cups, on the other hand, are more akin to a half-size full-size insole. It assists in correcting the flat heel and steadily improving balance, reducing aching knees and heels, and avoiding back pain.

How To Choose The Best Shoes For Heel Pain

No matter whats causing your heel pain, switching to better shoes is always a good idea.

Ideally, shoes should have a combination of support and cushioning, Dr. Langer says.

Cushioning is important for comfort but the ideal amount is different from person to person and while it may sound counterintuitive cushioning is rarely, by itself, the most important factor in preventing or relieving heel pain.

Here are the best features to look for in shoes to help improve heel pain.

Most Comfortable: Hoka One One Clifton 8 Knit Running Shoe

What Youll Love: The breathable and lightweight shoe has a wide toe box to prevent toe scrunching.

What You Need to Know: The upper knit can stretch out over time, impacting the fit of the shoe.

A trifecta of breathability, comfort, and stability, this running shoe has a thin sock-lock collar construction and a cute knit design that youll actually want to sport outside of the gym. The lightweight frame molds to your foot with an adaptive forefront that makes every step smoother than the last. The shoe is constructed to give you full-ground contact on every step for an extra boost of stability, while the brands signature Hoka One One midsole offers a dose of cushioning that doubles as shock absorption.

Rave Review: Hoka has won my heart! I’ve worn Clifton 6 7 and Bondi’s models, and none of them has nailed it like the newly released Clifton 8 model has. Super supportive, stable, and the toe box is perfect for me to wiggle my toes when they burnClifton 8 is my favorite, I’ve purchased a second pair!

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Saucony Liberty Iso 2

The Liberty ISO 2 is a highly cushioned shoe that may give people with plantar fasciitis extra comfort while running. It is suitable for runners with a normal-to-low arch and runners who have mild-to-severe pronation, which is when the foot rolls inward.

An ISOFIT upper provides a responsive fit, and the contoured footbed provides good support from toe to heel. The wider fit of the shoe also gives extra stability.

The company states that its EVERUN topsole helps deliver a more energized run and continuous cushioning. It also notes that the PWRFOAM midsole improves durability.

At the time of publishing, the Liberty ISO 2 has a list price of $160.

How The Right Shoes Can Help Treat Heel Spurs

Shoes for Heel Pain: 5 Best Footwears for Better Feet Support

A heel spur often develops from overuse, just like plantar fasciitis, or ill-fitting shoes. Proper footwear can prevent and alleviate pain from the condition. If your foot doesnt have adequate padding beneath it, as you roll forward, youre more likely to pinch between the bottom of the foot and the ground, Dr. Rushton says.

A heel cup can also lessen the impact by stopping your heel from making contact with the ground. Dr. Rushton recommends Tulis brand of heel cups, which can be purchased at over-the-counter at retailers like and inserted into your shoe of choice.

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Best Sandals: Olukai Upena

The adjustable straps on these sandals help keep your foot in place and prevent you from having to grip the shoe to keep it onsomething that can further aggravate your injury. The anatomical leatherfootbed is also contoured and has plenty of arch support.

“My absolute favorite sandals ever. These are the only shoes I can wear all day long without insoles that don’t cause me any foot pain,” one reviewer notes. “I’ve had them for over a year now and they’re still going strong. You can’t beat that level of comfort and quality for the price.”

Carrera Fitness Plantar Fasciitis Shoe

This is a light weight fitness shoe rates among the most comfortable shoes offering supportive heel cushion and incorporates the KURUSOLE arch support for plantar fasciitis sufferers. The shoe incorporates moisture wicking materials for breathability and temperature control.


  • Requires breaking in

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Cross Training While Injured And During Recovery

Cross training is recommended while youre injured and as you slowly return to running.

The best form of cross training for this injury is Aqua Jogging. Studies have shown that aqua jogging can enable a well-trained runner to maintain running fitness for up to 4-6 weeks.

Aqua jogging is a form of deep water running that closely mimics the actual running movement. Your feet dont actually touch the bottom of the pool, so it is zero impact and safe for almost any type of injury. In my experience, the only time to avoid aqua jogging is when you have a hip flexor injury, which can be aggravated by the increased resistance of the water as you bring your leg up.

Because aqua jogging closely mimics natural running form, it provides a neuromuscular workout that, in addition to aerobic benefits, helps keep the running specific muscles active. The same cant be said for biking and swimming.

The only downside to aqua jogging is that you need a pool that is deep enough to run in without touching the bottom. If youre lucky enough to have access to a pool of this size, aqua jogging should be your first cross training choice.

In one study, a group of ten runners trained exclusively with deep water running for four weeks and compared 5km race times pre deep water running and post deep water running.

The researchers found no statistical difference in 5k time or other markers for performance, such as submaximal oxygen consumption or lactate threshold.

It gets better:

Need one more reason?

Best Shoes For Heel Pain In 2021

How to Lace Running Shoes // “Heel Lock” Lacing Hack

Heel pain plagues a large section of the population, with there being many reasons why this pain occurs, including obesity and ill-fitting shoes.

Wearing uncomfortable shoes has caused foot problems in 78% of the American population, with 58% experiencing heel pain directly because of this.

Weve set out to alleviate this pain by providing a comprehensive list of some of the top, comfortable shoes.

After completing our in-depth research, these are the best shoes for heel pain in 2020:

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Where Do You Plan To Run

Road-running shoes are designed for pavement and occasional forays onto packed surfaces with slight irregularities.

  • Light and flexible, they’re made to cushion or stabilize feet during repetitive strides on hard, even surfaces.
  • Best for people who run on sidewalks, road, treadmills or track.
  • Road-running shoes have flatter, smoother soles to create a consistent surface for running on paved roads.

Trail-running shoes are designed for off-road routes with rocks, mud, roots or other obstacles.

  • They have bigger lugs than road-running shoes for better grip on uneven terrain.
  • They are sometimes fortified with plates underfoot to help protect your feet from rocks or sharp objects.
  • Theyre generally stiffer through the midsoles for more support on rugged trails and uneven surfaces.

Cross-training shoes are designed for gym workouts, cross-training or any balance activity where having more contact with the ground is preferred over a thick platform sole.

Question: So What Shoes Can I Wear

Dont fret. The long list of donts can seem rather limiting and a down right buzz kill to the joy of shoe shopping. Fortunately, orthotic shoes are no longer unattractive and clunky. Women can easily find cute and trendy shoes that wont aggravate heel pain or ruin an outfit too. Over the years orthotic shoes have evolved and come a long way to incorporate fun and trendy styles for you fashionistas out there. Also for you athletic types, innovative orthotic technology has been incorporated into several athletic shoe brands to include main stream brands such as Nike and Under Armor. There are lots of options for fun and affordable footwear that provide you with support and comfort for your heel pain. Yes, you may have to put away the stilettos or ultra-high heels and may need to update your ballet flats or flip flops collection however, all is not lost. There are appropriate versions for most footwear to incorporate into your shoe collection and compliment your outfit.

Below are the most popular shoe brands with built in orthotic technology that provide top quality shoes for maximum comfort as well as offer fun and stylish options for both women and men.

For Women Especially: Good Advice

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Can I Keep Running With Achilles Tendonitis

You should not run if you are experiencing pain. You must see a healthcare practitioner if you have any symptoms that could be Achilles Tendonitis. If you do have a diagnosis from your doctor, they may suggest light activity only until your tendons can fully recover. Depending on the severity of your situation, you could enjoy short, easy runs with plenty of breaks.

You do not want to increase your symptoms and should not run with pain. If you are running and begin to experience any discomfort because of Achilles Tendonitis, you should stop and take time to recover and stretch.

How To Choose The Best Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis

The 18 Best Womens Tennis Shoes With Arch Support ...

Although shoes for plantar fasciitis wont actually treat your condition, they can definitely help improve your level of comfort, says Barbara Bergin, M.D., a board-certified orthopedic surgeon in Austin. For most people, about 10 months of treatment for plantar fasciitis will do the trick.

In the interim, Dr. Bergin and Dr. Dunn both recommend looking for shoes with the following characteristics:

  • Ample arch support
  • A firm, but flexible midsole
  • If youre using plantar fasciitis insoles, a removable insole
  • Cushioning in the forefoot

To help you find the best shoes for plantar fasciitis, we rounded up top picks from leading podiatrists. Shop their choices, as well as top-rated options online, below.

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Best Ballet Flats: Mommy Shoes Lisa

While Baubles + Soles is best known for making childrens shoes that feature a clever interchangeable trinket design, these ballet flats are created for moms. American Podiatric Medical Association-certified, these comfortable shoes have an incredibly smooth feel and feature a cushioned insole that runs from the top to the heel.

Made with the environment in mind, the flats are crafted with a blend of recyclable plastics that are strong enough to stand the test of time while also providing enough flex. Best of all, these also sport the brands twist-and-lock design, so you can swap out the heart bauble for a pom pom or ice cream options.

How Can I Prevent Achilles Tendonitis When Running

To prevent Achilles Tendonitis from happening while you run, you must use the correct shoes. Proper footwear will keep your foot from rolling with each step and causing stress on your Achilles tendon. You can find many brands of running shoes that will have special heel collars for supporting the Achilles tendon while helping to relieve stress while running.

Stretching is an essential element in keeping your calf muscles flexible and healthy, especially if you run regularly. To avoid having to take time off for injury or pain, remember to perform effective calf and foot stretches to avoid having symptoms of Achilles Tendonitis.

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Hoka One One Gaviota 2

The Hoka Gaviota 2 is one of Hokas softest, most cushioned shoes. Its ideal for runners who overpronate, but would work equally well for runners with a neutral gait who prefer a more supportive shoe.

The outsole is curved in such a way as to propel you forward when your foot contacts the ground. Meanwhile, the wide forefoot provides plenty of support and stability on the ground. The cushioned and narrower heel gives the heel protection and support as well, so you arent hurting your heels every time you take a step.

The hardened rubber outsoles of this shoe let it work best on hard surfaces. Hand-packed dirt and asphalt are your best bets.

This shoe isnt quite as cushioned as the Hoka Bondi, but it is a great option if you need additional support.

Buying Guide What Should You Look For The Best Tennis Shoes For Heel Pain

Vionic Walker Classic – Best Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis (2020)

The selection of cushioned tennis shoes is not that simple. You cannot simply go and purchase and buy one that looks attractive. To relieve your heel pain, there is a strong need to consider a large number of aspects.


The pain in your heel can be soothed with shoes having extended cushioning and support. These reduce the burden on the respective tissue of the foot during running. It is worthy to pick the shoe with a strong mid-foot. This type reduces the impact of a heel with the ground followed by reduced pain.

Arch support

Proper arch support is necessary to reduce pain in your heel. Find out the required level of arch support according to pain severity, and then choose the shoe accordingly. Multiple levels of arch supports are available. Your choice should be parallel to the severity of the issue.

Strong heel counter

Check the heel counter and prefer the stronger one. These types of design minimize the burden on the respective muscle that brings plantar fascia.

Consider orthotics

If you have severe pain in your heel, it is worthy to purchase Orthotic designed shoes. These are very efficient to reduce your pain by minimizing the stress on your respective muscles.

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What Is A Recommended Athletic Shoe For Plantar Fasciitis And Heel Pain Suffers

The Kuru Quantum mesh shoes is a great shoe for plantar fasciitis and heel pain suffers who are athletic and looking for a shoe with a sporty and trendy look. The Kuru Quantum is a fitness shoe best suited for walking, the gym or other activities. The Kuru Quantum shoe technology offers a cushioned heel box and lots of support in the mid-sole to help absorb shock. The shoe has a breathable mesh upper, a wide toe box, and appropriate shoe flexibility providing the optimum support for an athletic life style. Customers have described Kuru shoes as true to size, light weight, breathable with a good sole. Kuru has excellent customer service and easy return policy in the event the product doesnt fit correctly or other issues are experienced. The Kuru Quantum comes in a variety of styles and widths and have a trendy athletic appeal offering both style and comfort.

What To Look For In Running Shoes For Achilles Tendonitis

If you suffer from symptoms of Achilles Tendonitis, having the proper running shoes is essential for minimizing your pain and helping it from becoming worse. There are several elements to the best shoe for anyone who has Achilles Tendonitis.

These factors include:

  • Arch Support: Proper arch support for individuals with flat feet or low arches
  • Heel Support: Ample support to keep the heel in place, so there is no rolling
  • Stability: Have the support and stability to keep the foot in place
  • Flexibility: Allowing a smooth rocking transition from heel to toe
  • Cushioning: Proper cushioning to absorb impact from foot strikes
  • Insole/Midsole: High-quality insoles/midsoles will absorb shock
  • Ankle Stack Height / Drop: A higher heel can help reduce the stress load on the Achilles tendon
  • Durable Stable Heel: Should support the heel without putting pressure on the Achilles tendon

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Walk In Comfort Wherever You Go

Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the bestproducts, and articles are reviewed by healthcare professionals for medical accuracy. Youcan learn more about ourreview process here.We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links.

According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, approximately two million people are treated for plantar fasciitisa common condition that causes pain in the bottom of the foot, often directly under the heelevery year. The pain is caused by repetitive trauma to a broad band of connective tissue on the bottom of the foot, the plantar fascia. The repetitive trauma leads to inflammation and damage of the tissue, Sean Peden, MD, foot and ankle surgeon at Yale Medicine Department of Orthopaedics & Rehabilitation, tells Verywell Health.

People in a wide age range, from young to old, can develop plantar fasciitis. However, Dr. Peden explains that it is more common in runners, laborers who work on their feet on hard surfaces, and people who are overweight. It is also clearly connected to tightness in the calf muscle and Achilles tendon, as people with tighter calves are more likely to develop this condition, he adds.

Dr. Peden notes that he does not have any financial interest in any shoe store or shoe company. Instead, his recommendations are based upon his patients satisfaction and feedback.

How We Pick The Best Running Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis


Foot pain is no joke. It is our mission to help you find the best shoe to alleviate the discomfort of plantar fasciitis.

Equipped with a shoe testing lab, an extensive knowledge base, and a team of dedicated testers, we spend at least 7 hours on every new shoe release. Here is our procedure:

  • To avoid bias, we purchase all running shoes with our own money
  • Log at least 30 miles in each pair
  • Cut it open and measure 30+ different parameters
  • Gather all available feedback from experts and users
  • Summarize it all in an extensive review

Assign each shoe a CoreScore to measure it up against 80+ shoes in its category.

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