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Veja Net Sustain V 10 Leather Sneakers

Are Veja Trainers Worth It

Veja V10 | Sustainable Shoe Review & Lookbook

When youre in the market for a new pair of trainers, you certainly shouldnt overlook the Veja brand. Stylish, eco-conscious, vibrant and durable these trainers pack a serious punch when it comes to whether they are worth it or not. Aside from being fashion-forward and effortlessly sophisticated, the trainers also have a sustainable undertone to them.

If youre looking for a pair of trainers that will last and last, you cant go far wrong with a Veja pair. One of the highlights from the brand is the Veja Esplar trainers, which include beautifully shaped and smooth leather, and cost under £100. Think of these trainers as a long-term investment, not merely a piece of fashion clothing, because thats what they are.

What Are The Styles Of Veja Sneakers For Women

The brand focuses on low-top fashion sneakers and casual athletic shoes. The main styles are the Esplar, V-10, and the V-12. The V-10 is made from ecological and viable materials with a genuine leather upper. The shoe is fitted with blind eyelets on the upper for lace closures. Additionally, the toe box is rounded with perforations to increase breathability. It comes in black, extra white leather, extra black white leather, olive, and rust colorways.

The V-12, on the other hand, is engineered to offer arch support and comfort. Additionally, the padded heel and collar provide support and flexibility. The primary colorways include pink, leather extra white Cyprus, black, extra white, and Oxford grey. Further, the Esplar is no different from the other two models. The shoes are vegan, with all materials coming from either cotton or rubber. White, white Emeraude, black, and olive are the primary colorways.

Does The Sizing Run Big Or Small

Vejas are actually pretty true to size so you’re a-okay to order your normal size. If you’re a half size and can’t seem to see your size, the official advice is to go up a size, however, I’m a size 6.5 and found that the 6 is great. Thankfully, Vejas are stocked at multiple places on the high street so, if you’re not sure, you can always pop into the shops once they reopen and try them on for yourself and see which size feels the most comfortable.

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Which Veja Trainers Should You Buy

Are you on the hunt for a brand new pair of trainers? The en vogue Veja brand is certainly worth your time. The company has a whole host of fashion-forward, eco conscious shoe models, from the retro to the minimalist each of which screams style. If youre not sure which trainers you should buy, youve come to the right place. Lets take a look at some of your options here.

Veja Velcro Metallic Sneakers


These sneakers were on my Christmas list last year and my MIL got them for me! I LOVE them so much. I got my first pair of Vejas a few years ago and wore them constantly so I knew I wanted a second pair, and I like that the velcro is different than what I have. I think the 3 velcro sneakers make these look really cute and modern and sleek. I also like the gold on them because I think it makes them look a little more springy. Ive found Vejas to run TTS. These shoes are comfortable but not quite as comfortable as the V-10s . They are good for a moderate amount of walking but if I was taking a trip to Europe or something where youre walking all day everyday, I probably wouldnt wear these. I like wearing them on a day-to-day basis running errands, grocery store, mall, etc as well as with any cute fashion outfit! They look so cute with jeans or dresses!

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New Balance Fresh Foam Sneakers

These sneakers have been a top selling product for me for two YEARS in a row now and are still one of my most worn pair of tennis shoes, hands down. First of all, they are $69 and the quality is a 10 on a 10! Ive had my pair for two years, worn them countless times, and they still look and feel brand new. When I had my closet sale in Boulder and got to meet so many of you guys. I legit saw at least 30 of you wearing these shoes and I get tagged in stories almost daily if yall wearing them haha I LOVE it! These sneakers are so comfortable, I love the all black with a little pop of tan on them, they go with everything, and look really chic and athletic at the same time IMO. One of my all time best purchases and Im tempted to buy a second pair just in case they ever discontinue them haha. Ive gone for short runs in these, wear them on my daily walks with Shiloh, running errands, traveling etc! I found them to run TTS.

There ya go! The 6 pair of casual sneakers I wear more than any other pair! Ill also be doing an updated post soon on my favorite athletic sneakers so stay tuned for that.

Thanks for reading!

Are Veja Trainers Vegan

A quarter of the current Veja trainer models are now vegan, moving to 40% by the end of 2019. The vegan options include the Campo, Rio Branco, Nova and the B-Mesh models. However, unlike lesser brands, their vegan options are not made out of virgin plastic as that is not an eco-friendly solution. Instead, the company worked hard for five years to develop a fully biodegradable material for its vegan shoes, such as the Campo trainer line, which is made out of chic waxed canvas, or used 100% recycled polyester from recycled plastic bottles in B-Mesh and Hexamesh fabrics. Shop our Veja Vegan Edit

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How To Clean Your Veja Trainers

Wondering how to clean Veja trainers? Before you slip on a brand new pair, you should waterproof your shoes. Doing so will mean that they last longer than they usually would.

If your trainers are a canvas pair, this involves brushing them with cold water and Marseille soap. If you have leather shoes, you should use a damp cloth and a specific product spray or cream. You should also dry brush the leather inserts regularly. In both cases, its important to repeat the cleaning process on a regular basis.

Finally, the brand states that you should avoid putting them in the washing machine at all costs as it may damage the shoes. Instead, you need to stick to hand cleaning them.

What I Love About Veja Sneakers

VEJA V-10 Sneaker Review & Mod-Shots | IPhone 11 Pro Max Unboxing

You can wear them for almost any occasion.

Fact: I’ve never felt more cool or more trendy as I did when I put on my new Vejas. The minimalist aesthetic, accentuated with the bold black “V,” has that effortless French je ne sais quoi that I’ve never been stylish enough to pull off on my own but with my new sneakers, I totally can. They’re both subtle and eye-catching at the same time and can instantly elevate even the most casual of outfits. I got tons of compliments on them the first time I wore them, even from friends who had never heard of Veja but liked the look.

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Why Are Veja Sneakers So Popular

Plenty of celebrities have been spotted in Veja sneakers.

Celebrities love them. Style influencers love them. Regular people love them. What makes Veja sneakers so trendy? Maybe it’s the sleek white design or the iconic “V” logo stitched on the side, which comes in every color from basic black to neon yellow. Or maybe it’s the fact that Veja was the first sustainable sneaker brand in the world, making way for other popular kicks like Allbirds. Its shoes are made with high-quality recycled materials, organic cotton, and sustainably-sourced leather.

Whatever it is, there’s no denying that the French footwear brandwhich sells over two million pairs of sneakers per yearhas quite the cult following. Some of its most famous fans include the likes of Meghan Markle, Reese Witherspoon, Katie Holmes, and Emma Watson.

Do They Ever Go On Sale

If you’re holding out for Vejas to go on sale before you buy a pair, you’re not alone. With the slightly higher price tag many of us want to feel like we’re getting a bit of a bargain in the process. While Vejas rarely go on sale on the brand’s site or with major e-tailers , you can still manage to save a few ££s if you time it right. Fingers crossed for those Boxing Day sales, huh?

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Veja Vxw021270 White Apicreated

White leather and rubber Campo sneakers from VEJA featuring a round toe, a lace fastening, a side embossed logo stamp, a brand embossed tongue and a flat sole. POSITIVELY CONSCIOUS: VEJA scores 4 out 5 by independent ethical brand rating agency Good On You. It uses a high proportion of eco-friendly materials, has a great labour rating and a robust Code of Conduct for its suppliers. It ensures a large proportion of its suppliers pay a living wage.

What Is The Performance Of Veja Sneakers For Women


The shoe brand ensures that the midsole gives you a bouncy feel with every step you make. The collar and tongue are padded to ease the lace pressure. Natural and synthetic latex are used to promote cushioning. The outsole has multi-directional threads for traction. Synthetic and wild rubber improve the durability of the shoes.

Veja shoes are not true to size since they run large. When purchasing the shoes, go down half a size. See the manufacturer?s site for details. Moreover, the upper is flexible, making the shoe ideal for people with wide feet. The durable laces help keep your feet locked in. Additionally, the toe box provides enough space to accommodate natural swelling. The flat outsole improves stability, while the heel counter offers support to your feet. The padded collar and tongue also enhance support.

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Veja V10 Sneaker Review And Esplar Comparison

Ive said it once, but Ill say it againthank goodness sneakers are in style because its the by far the most comfortable trend and I hope it never fades! With SO many sneaker choices, it can be overwhelming to choose the best pair. I personally have a pair of sneakers for every occasion, but Veja sneakers are some of my absolute favorites and I have some serious insight on how to buy yourself the perfect pair of Veja sneakers!

Are Veja Trainers Ethical

The Veja brand has a beating ethical heart. The company is vigalent, banning child labour, forced labour and discrimination. The team also stands up for work safety, fair wages and the right to union-trade. Monitoring these aspects of the business part of the brands ethos, which is why they have regular external social audits as well as internal reporting.

Another ethical step that the brand has taken is to pre-finance harvests by up to 40%. In simple terms, that means that they buy organic cotton a year before they need it to make the sustainable Veja trainers. Producers get a fair deal too, since there is a mutually agreed market-decorrelated price in place for one-to-three years. This measure allows them to know how much they will earn before they start production.

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Golden Goose Mid Star Sneakers

You guys know how obsessed I am with my golden goose sneakers. I got my first pair probably two years ago and have been HOOKED ever sense. They are hands down the most comfortable everyday shoe that I own. Ive worn these all over Europe, walked for hours and hours in them and my feet never hurt. So the comfort level is amazing but I also love the look of them they elevate any basic outfit and they work with everything from leggings to jeans to dresses. I recently branched out and got a pair of the mid star golden goose sneakers they have their original superstar style , a high top, and midstar. High tops felt a little too out there for me haha so I liked that mid stars were a good in between different than what I already had but not too crazy! And I LOVE them so much! They are just as comfortable as my original superstar pair but I think theyre so fun and really take any basic outfit to the next level! They make a statement while still being a good neutral, and again, so comfortable.

I wear a size 8 in shoes and wear a size 38 in golden goose! I also love golden goose because I typically dont ever wear socks with them! My feet dont get sweaty, they dont stink, and they dont hurt without socks. I love that about them.

What Are They Made Of

BEST MINIMALIST SNEAKERS Under $250 (Greats, Veja, Oliver Cabell, Nothing New, Koio & More)

There are multiple Veja styles to shop , with different options including leather, suede, canvas, CWL and rubber. For more information on how each of these materials is sourced, jump on over to the brand’s website here, but for the purposes of this review, it helps to know there are a few finishes to choose from.

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Are They Worth The

With prices starting at £75 and ranging up to £150 for their main range , Vejas are more expensive than many other high street trainers, but are they worth it?

If you’re browsing the various styles, you’ll notice that some of the options aren’t leather, which might make you ask why they’re so expensive? Well, it all comes down to the production process. Veja says its trainers costs five times more to produce than other big brand sneakers for a few reasons:

  • they use fair trade and organic raw materials
  • the trainers are more economically equitable for all parties involved in the production chain
  • they invest in research and new technologies

In short, while you’re paying a premium price for quality materials, that will last you for years to come, you’re also supporting a business that has a broader social mission for positive change.

Ultimately, everyone’s budget is different, but when trying to reason about whether you can justify splurging on a pricier purchase, I’m a big fan of the cost per wear logic. They might be £115 but if you live in your trainers day in, day out , you might decide they’re worth it.

Are Veja Sneakers Worth Buying

The sneakers come in tons of pretty colors.

If you’re willing to spend a little extra on a quality pair of casual shoes, then yes, I recommend Veja sneakers. To be totally honest, I think it’s totally worth the $120 for the brand recognition alonei.e. unlike some shoes that you can easily buy knock-off versions of, there is no alternative to the unique design and branding of the Veja sneaks. They’re also very comfortable and very versatile, so you’ll get a lot of wear out of them.

I wouldn’t recommend Veja sneakers for those who want to specifically use them for walking. I can happily wear my Vejas for running errands, shopping, or general everyday life, but if you’re walking miles and miles every single day, you might want to look elsewhere for a shoe that’s a little heavier duty and flexible, like the very popular Allbirds, which some of our own staff own and love.

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Why Are Veja Shoes So Expensive

One of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to Veja surrounds the price. We wont beat around the bushthese are not cheap shoes. However, what youre paying for here is quality, eco-friendliness and sustainability.

It costs around five to seven times as much to produce Veja trainers as it does a standard pair of shoes. That is because the trainers use raw materials which are environmentally friendly and purchased according to fair trade principles.

To keep costs to a minimum, Veja has cut out its advertising budget. That means that you, the customer, gets the high-quality trainers for a similar price to other leading brands.

Golden Goose Superstar Sneakers


These were my first pair of golden goose sneakers and still my most worn pair! Everything I mentioned above about why I love golden goose applies to these as well the comfort, the stylemake them worth every penny. Ive had these for over 2 years now, worn them hundreds of times, and they are still in perfect condition. If youve been on the fence on whether or not golden goose are worth itIMO they are worth EVERY penny. Ive ended up buying multiple pair because I wear mine so dang often! If you have more questions, head on over to the full review I did on these kicks.

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Complement Your Look With Sustainable Veja Sneakers For Women

If you need comfy and supportive shoes with a blend of sustainable materials, Veja might have what you are looking for. Veja is a shoe brand founded in 2005 by S?bastien Kopp and Fran?ois-Ghislain to create sneakers from ecological materials that would otherwise lead to pollution. The French brand has today evolved into one of the world’s leading sustainable product producers. Plastic is one of the significant materials that the firm uses in designing the shoes.

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