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Best Sneakers For Narrow Heels

Fit Hacks For Narrow Heels

Best Narrow Tennis Shoes for You!
Fit Hacks For Narrow Heels?

Heels slipping out of your barefoot shoes? This can affect your gait and should be addressed for maximum comfort. Fortunately a few fit hacks can usually solve the problem!

  • Leg Warmers / Stirrup Socks Works wonderfully in the cooler months to fill up space but keep your toes free.
  • Heel Grip My favorite trick for dress shoes.
  • Moleskin This is thinner than a heel grip and allows you to fill in a little space wherever its needed, even on sandals.
  • Wear shoes with laces or straps that go over the arch to keep the shoe secure.

*For the entire searchable FAQ list, visit Barefoot Shoes FAQ

Brooks Womens Ghost 13 Running Shoes

The models name surfaces as a recommendation for all who seek a reliable shoe with smooth construction. It allows runners to make transitions effortlessly and reduces pain and stress. That is why it is suitable for cross-training, gym, and road running.

The models responsiveness managed to astonish runners owing to upgraded BioMoGo DNA and DNA Loft cushioning. The segmented crash pad excels at absorbing shocks and retaining energy with each step that runners make. In addition, the engineered mesh is designed to deliver ventilation and make the shoe wrap snugly around the foot.

Can I Change The Lacing To Tighten Running Shoes For Narrow Feet

Yes, there are lacing techniques for every foot type! If you need to tighten your shoe more than usual techniques to keep your foot snug, begin a standard lacing pattern like how they come out of the box.

Using the top eyelet the one that often goes unused take the lace on the right side of the shoe and feed it across to the top eyelet on the same side of the shoe. This creates a small loop. Repeat on the other side.

When you start to tie your shoes and cross the laces across the shoe, then feed them through each loop. The left lace will go through the right loop and vice versa. Pull down towards your heel, then up towards you to tighten them.

Then, tie them as you normally do. This will keep your feet snug in the heel of the shoe.

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What To Consider When Buying Shoes For Narrow Heels

Finding the best running shoes is tricky because there isnât one best running shoe for all people. What makes the best running shoes the best running shoes for you depends on lots of factors.

Before purchasing the best running shoes for narrow heels, you should know what makes a good running shoe?

Here are the key features that you need to be aware of for the best running shoe so that you can make the correct choice!

To get things started, itâs helpful to understand the purpose of each element of a running shoe and how even the slightest differentiation may affect your experience. Here are the main elements to know.

Upper: Everything above the sole. Traditionally made with layers of fabrics and mesh sewn and glued together, modern models increasingly use knitting and printing to create one-piece uppers that stretch or support in appropriate places.

Ankle collar: Pay attention to whether your heel slips, how the padding interacts with the bones on the side of your ankles, and whether the curve on the back irritates your Achilles tendon.

Heel Counter: Choose a heel that allows a comfortable ankle motion.

Saddle: Pay attention to how the saddle fits and holds your foot, providing a secure feeling with no slippage while allowing for the natural doming of the arch during your stride.

Toe-box: A toe-box that stays out of the way, allowing your foot to flex and spread out naturally in both width and length without binding or rubbing your toes.

Get A Professional To Fit Your Foot

7 Great Shoe Brands for Women with Narrow Feet ...

At your local running shoe store, you can inquire about fitting.

In most stores, you will find a podiatrist or a shoe department salesperson who can measure your foot. Moreover, the podiatrist will watch you run and do a comprehensive gait analysis.

These tests are essential in determining the right kind of shoe for you. They will help you get the most appropriate shoe that will be comfortable and appropriate for use.

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New Balance Fresh Foam 880v11

New Balances 880v11 is designed as an everyday trainer and with great cushioning and fit.

A Fresh Foam midsole with a 32mm stack height at the heel and 22mm in the forefoot offers an effective shock-absorbing cushion with every footstrike. But its not too soft to be responsive, with good energy return on the heel-to-toe transition.

A lightweight, ventilated seamless mesh upper with large perforations keeps the feet cool in any weather.

The wide toe box has plenty of space for spreading the toes out, and a molded heel counter locks the foot down, preventing unnecessary movementalthough some may find that it feels uncomfortably firm. And to round it off, the blown rubber sole offers excellent traction.


  • Some runners may feel that the heel counter is a little too firm

Cole Haan Grandpro Tennis Sneakers $130 At Zappos

Cole Haans GrandPro Tennis sneakers are a classic with a smooth leather upper and rubber sole

When they do have special narrow sizing, like with the GrandPro Tennis Sneaker, they tend to sell out quickly.

Based on reviews, their medium width sizing fits smaller than average, so if your foot is just a little bit on the narrow side, you may find their medium width to be the perfect fit.

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Learn More About The Causes And Symptoms Of Narrow Heels As Well As Takeaways To Help Determine The Best Treatment Option

Narrow Heels Factors and Causes

  • Genetic predisposition
  • Genderwomen are more likely to have narrow heels

Narrow Heel Symptoms:

  • Heel slipping out of shoes: If you find your heels consistently slip out of your shoe though your footwear fits in other areas, this could be an indication of narrow heels.
  • Foot moving around in shoe: When you have narrow feet, you may wear too-wide shoes for you, resulting in your foot not securely in place as you walk.

Your doctor will be able to provide the best pathway forward to help you with any pain associated with your narrow heels. For a few tips on treatments you can try at home, check out our Narrow Heel Treatment section below.

My Top Pick: Apl Techloom Tracer

BEST BASKETBALL SHOES OF 2020 (Wide & Narrow Feet)

The APL TechLoom Tracer is taking my top pick as the best luxury cross-training shoe for narrow feet. Honestly, I like this models performance, but for their price point of $250 USD, I couldnt justify putting them as a top pick anywhere else on this list.

Mainly because I dont feel this model is worth that price despite thoroughly enjoying their performance and liking them for those with narrow feet. If youre considering the TechLoom Tracer, Id highly suggest shopping around and trying to find them on sale.

Regarding the APL TechLoom Tracers performance, I like this shoe for two reasons. First, the Propelium midsole is super responsive, and this shoe gives a nice level of ground feedback when jumping and lifting.

Second, I think the narrower fit and lighter construction of the TechLoom Tracer will resonate well with those wanting an athletic-style fit with their shoes. This model performs well for athletic training and HIIT workouts and does a good job with recreational lifting.

  • Best For: Classes, Athletic Sessions, HIIT Workouts, and Light-Moderate Lifting
  • Heel-to-Toe Drop: 8mm

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Best For Walking: Xero Shoes Women’s Hfs Running Shoes


  • Minimal arch support

  • Sizing runs small

The Xero HFS is a lightweight, breathable shoe perfect for those with bunions. The upper consists of a breathable mesh material that helps keep your feet cool and dry, and the moisture-wicking lining reduces sweat and bacteria build-up. A wide toe box gives your toes plenty of room to move without pressure, and the natural fit allows your foot to move and flex easily.

The Xero HFS has a low-profile sole ideal for walking, and the minimalist design means they weigh just 6.9 ounces. Yet, despite the lack of bulk, these shoes still provide good traction and stability when walking or running. With a 5,000-mile sole warranty, the Xero HFS is an excellent choice for those looking for a durable, lightweight walking shoe that will hold up mile after mile.

Women’s sizes: 5 to 12 | Men’s sizes: 6.5 to 15 | Available Widths: Standard | Upper Material: Breathable mesh

Altra Mens Superior 35 Sneaker

The shoe is composed of a zero-drop silhouette and comes with a quick-drying Air Mesh. The ALTRA Superior 3.5 is equipped with a two-layer foam for extra underfoot cushioning. In addition, the DuraTread rubber is robust and reliable for long rides.

The shoe comes with the following sizes: D Medium for men and B Medium for women. The TrailClaw outsole and the Trail Rudder embedded in the heel are designed to prevent unsolicited movements. The shoe does a great job in protecting the bones and tendons against strikes and injuries. A plethora of runners has praised the shoe for its ability to grip.

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Stuart Weitzman American Shoe Designer

Another great option for heels and luxurious flats is Stuart Weitzman. As a luxury shoe brand, they have focused on fit as well as fashion. Their stiletto heels, boots, pumps, and sandals all come in narrow sizing.

These shoes tend to be on the more expensive side however, they are top quality, and with proper care, they will last you years!

Altra Provision 4 Best Quality

7 Narrow Heel, Wide Forefoot Shoes for Combination Feet

Experts describe ALTRA Provision 4 as mild stability running shoe. Its highly cushioned and features a rubber sole.

Altra Provision 4 is suitable for mild pronators as well as neutral runners. The newly developed stability features of the shoe are meant to work only when the user needs them.

Both the mens and the womens shoes are excellent for achieving optimal balance while running. It features an ideal blend of arch support and comfort.

Altra Provision 4 fairs well as an everyday road running shoe. It effectively prevents overpronation through the Zero Drop platform and unique support features.

The shoe also features a dynamic arch feature known as an InnovArch. This technology makes use of proprioception to establish the link between mind, body, and feet. It, therefore, helps to facilitate natural foot placement.

The shoe also features Guide Rail technology. This technology adds to the stability of the shoe. However, this component only comes into use when the runner needs it.

The lacing system of the shoe gives it a secure and customized in-shoe feel.

Altra Provision 4 also features a wide toe box and narrow heels that allow your toes to move and spread out naturally.

The womens version of this shoe comes in a different shape from that of its men counterpart. The

different shape in the womens shoe is due to the Fit4Her technology that accommodates the natural shape of the females foot.

The technology greatly enhances the mens and womens shoes flexibility.

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Saucony Mens Freedom Iso 2 Running Shoe

The Saucony Freedom ISO 2 comes with the EVERUN midsole that gives the feet a springy feel. The breathable ISOKNIT upper part prevents the formation of hot spots even during long rides.

The TRI-FLEX crystal outsole is tasked with preventing wear and tear and making the shoe extremely durable. The shoe has gripping lugs that make the model hold the foot snugly, leaving no space for slippage. The horizontal and vertical grooves heighten traction, and the ISOFIT dynamic fit system takes stability to the next level.

Responses To Comfortable Shoes For Narrow Heels Wider Forefoot

  • mem

    I can attest to Beautifeels wonderfully comfortable work shoes as well as their fantastic sandals. Ive got very narrow heels and need a wider toe box, and these work. I also have serious lower back/hip/SI joint problems and these are among the only heels I can wear. However, I would be careful about buying discounted older-stock shoes, as some of them a few years ago had a problem with the foot bed where they made ridiculous noises as you walk. You will know right away if the shoes have this problem.

  • Elaien

    Everybody Shoes by BZ Moda fabulous, hard to find. They were carried by Endless.com when Amazon bought them and Amazon still carries some. Although, I have found that many European lasts fit me better than most American lasts.

  • Kirsten@BarkingDogShoes

    Feet are like snowflakes, no two alike. I do my best to provide readers with suggestions, recommendations but cant guarantee theyll work for each and every foot. Mary Janes. How about the Naot Matai? Theres a Mary Jane with a vamp that crosses BELOW the bunions with super soft leathers.

  • Deborah Toll

    Id like to get information on Beautifiers shoe lasts, particularly which shoes that have a longtoe box, which I think is the distance between the end of the big toes and the beginning of the arch.Do they number the lasts? I know they call some shoes Victoria, for example, some Karen.

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    Best Budget: Vionic Malibu Slip On At Vionic

    Courtesy of Zappos

    • Comes in a variety of colors

    • Only comes in medium width

    Comfortable right out of the box, these shoes are from podiatrist-approved brand Vionic and come at a lower price point than most of their productsmaking their well-constructed shoes accessible to more people. With an upcycled cotton upper and a sole made from a combination of rubber and soybean-based compound, theyre not just friendly on your feet: theyre friendly to the environment too. Plus, if they get dirty because youre wearing them so often, just pop them in the washing machine.

    Sizes Available: Womens 5-11 | Materials: Cotton canvas textile upper, TPR outsole | Width: Medium | Arch Support: Neutral

    Why Trust The Wired Runner

    Top Basketball Shoes for NARROW Feet!

    Our review process starts with me, Ben Drew, The Wired Runner founder and head writer. As a longtime runner and running store owner, I’ve been using and evaluating running shoes and gear for over 15 years. I review every article published to ensure it’s helpful, accurate, and factual.

    Besides myself, we have a team of runners, cyclists, and cross-fitters who research, write, and edit everything on the website. We have a multi-step research approach for each review before it’s published.

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    Propt Usa Stability Fly

    If sneakers are your style, these look sporty and come in a narrow width.

    The knit mesh upper is soft and easy on the skin, as well as being breathable thanks to large perforations. Certain areas feature a tighter knit for support without reducing ventilation.

    As well as coming in a narrow size, these sneakers have a classic lace-up system that can be used to get a snug fit on any foot. The heel collar and tongue are thickly padded which helps to create an effective foot lockdown.

    Theres an adequate amount of arch support in the EVA midsole, which is suitable for those with neutral feet or individuals who overpronate. It also includes a built-in heel stabilizer to keep the foot in the right position at all times.

    A PU insole features gel cushioning in the heel for an extra layer of protection and impact-absorption. Its also removable so one can replace it with a customized insole if the arch support isnt right for their feet.


    Propt Usa Stability Walker

    Walkers who need a stable and supportive shoe that fits narrow feet should consider the Propét USA Stability Walker.

    Its designed with a spacious toe box but a slim heel, so people with narrow feet should be able to get an effective foot lock-in without chafing or squeezing.

    Its available in leather and suede, and the mens shoe also comes in nubuck. They dont offer as much flexibility or breathability as mesh, but theyre sturdy and supportive. There are also overlays on certain areas to increase durability.

    Theres a speed lacing system that allows you to get a close fit. A good lockdown is further facilitated by the cushioned tongue and collar, perfect for those with narrow feet. A rearfoot heel counter also helps to stop the foot from moving inside the shoe.

    An EVA foam midsole and PU insole contour to the underside of the foot, providing strong arch support that helps to counteract overpronation. The insole features a gel pad in the heel for extra cushion, and it can be removed if necessary.

    The Stability Walkers outsole is made of rubber and is slip-resistant. Its also a Medicare/HCPCS code = A5500 diabetic shoe, which means its a good choice for those with foot pain or problems.


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    Adidas Mens Cosmic 2 Sl M Running Shoe

    The model is equipped with a seamless mesh exterior that gives runners a plush feel and helps unwind the toes and the Achilles heel. The shoe has been praised for its ortholite insole, comfortable neck, and cloud form midsole that deliver optimal comfort. In addition, the Fit counter molded heel is tasked with promoting stability.

    The lower midsole drop makes runners feel extra balance and contact with the ground. The Adiwear sole is distinguished by its robustness to withstand the grounds hard-hitting transitions. The shoe is recommended for many types of activities as it has been designed for maximum cushion and impact absorption.

    Key Features For Running Shoes With Wide Toe Box And Narrow Heel


    Breathability: The running shoes are breathable to allow air to flow into them freely. The free air circulation ensures that your toes do not feel hot or cooked up.

    GreatArch Support: The best running shoes provide arch support, which is essential in improving the stability and comfort of the runner or wearer.

    Availability of different sizes: These shoes are made with wide feet people in mind. As such, they come in various large sizes.

    Great cushioning: The shoes come with an extra depth toe-box. This feature ensures your feet can move without any restrictions.

    Highly Durable: Because of the nature of their usage, these shoes should be of superior materials that are highly durable.

    Wide Toe Box: The shoes feature a wide toe box. This feature ensures that your feet can move without any restrictions.

    Removable Insoles: Most of the shoes under this category feature removable insoles. As such, you can replace the original sole with one of your likings if you so desire.

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