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Best Sneakers For Supinated Feet

How Cushioning Shoes Correct Supination

The Best Sneakers for Supination : Physical Therapy Tips

To correct supination, you need to wear shoes with sufficient shock absorption which will help in reducing your body weight on the outer side of the foot. The adequate cushioning in Neutral Asics shoes will assist in distributing your weight evenly which will cause less stress on your feet, legs and hips. The best Asics shoes for supination provide an excellent cushioning from heels to toes to correct rolling outward of your feet at ankles.

The Asics Neutral shoes have the following features to correct the supination.

  • A lot of cushioning
  • Excellent midsole flexibility and cushion
  • Little bit of stability but more flexibility
  • There is no Support on the medial side
  • Soft with good cushioning midsole helps in providing shock absorption that lacks in supination
  • Good for no overpronators with forefoot and midfoot strikers
  • Lightweight Shoes
  • Good arch support Shoes

Best Shoes For Supination

We have covered 8 Best Sneakers for Supination or Underpronation for both men and women. The complete list is given below with a detailed review of each product.

The first product in our list of best sneakers for supination is the Crocs Womens Literide Pacer Sneaker Shoes. These are the type of sneaker shoes that every woman must own. This is because they are the kind of on-the-go sneakers that arent only specified for certain walks or daily jogs. They are designed with such intricate structuring so that they can be worn for warm-up sessions, cool-down sessions, and for walking around the block too. They can also be called 3 in 1 type shoes.

As women are known to be delicate so the Pacer Sneaker Shoes are designed with a new LiteRide insole foamed technology which is quite soft to sink in the feet and is also quite resistant to shock impacts. This helps to provide enough support to Womens delicate feet. Womens products are also known to be quite colorful and so the new Pacer Sneakers have such a diverse variety of amazing colors. The color range varies from Poppy Pink, Black, White, Ice blue to light pastel colors.

The Skechers Womens Sneaker is a perfect buy for all the ladies out there who love a sporty shoe that goes with the latest trend and provides enough support too. In this way, you get the best of both worlds. It has an amazingly soft insole which helps to keep your feet at ease even if you stay on them all day long.

Brooks Glycerin 14 Shoes View On Amazon

The Brooks Glycerin 14 Running Shoes are another great show option for anyone dealing with supination. These shoes arent just flashy with a mint green and purple color combination, they are also extremely well made. The shoe features a crash pad meant to absorb shock and foam materials designed to add comfort and support for those long days. In addition, the Brooks Glycerin 14 also has a DNA midsole that is considered one of the most comfortable midsoles on the market. For anyone with alignment issues, they will love the rounded heel that the Brooks Glycerin 14 shoes have. This keeps a straight alignment, which will reduce pain and stress on your joints. For a shoe that is comfortable, supportive and built to last, the Brooks Glycerin 14 shoes are hard to beat.

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Best For Walking: Ryka Womens Devotion Plus 2 Walking Shoes

Key features

  • Inferior material reduces durability
  • Soles rip off after some times

I would suggest the Ryka Womens Devotion Plus 2 for the Best Shoes For Supination For Walking. With it, you can achieve a great span hold-up walking shoe. The comprehensive design is 100 percent synthetic material and meshes upper, which is incredibly breathable.

Stunningly, with a Product Specs: of 235 grams, the shoe can make users feel like air walking on their feet. Besides, the shoe highlights a midsole drop of 12.5mm, which is a superior drop corresponded to other alternatives accessible in the market.

This neutral shoe is designed for anyone looking for a high to medium span. This shoe will provide you with an elegant, smushy surface and encouraging quality if you are coping with walking issues such as plantar fasciitis.

The shoe packages are in a deluxe insole, not to feel heavy on your feet. The premium material allows ample comfort below the feet with the perfect contouring to extend the Product Specs: correspondingly.

The EVA midsole aids are making this shoe among the highly snuggly options for a good long walk. The high-quality material provides ample condolence below the feet with consummate shaping to expand the Product Specs: equivalently.

Combined with a proprietary re-zorb active foam, lycra lined tongue and comfort collar cushion, the devotion plus 2 delivers supreme coziness and support with every step.

Asics Mens Gel Venture 6

The Best Running Shoes For Supination

Although often listed as a running shoe, the high abrasion outsole with multi-directional traction lugs makes this an ideal trail walking shoe. The added grip and durability of this shoe along with the superior cushioning is perfect for cross-country supinator walkers.

In contrast to many shoes which are designed for supinators with flat feet, the Gel Venture 6 accommodates walkers with a normal to high arch who supinate. What really stands out in these walking shoes is a rearfoot GEL cushioning to absorb the shocks as you walk those country trails.

Stresses caused by supination on the feet require more cushioning to the heel and forefoot with the toes doing more work than average. The Venture 6 may not feature the same cushioning under the forefoot as the GEL technology at the rear, but a removable sock liner allows for adding your own insoles or orthotics.


  • Firm trail walking shoe with moderate support for men who supinate.
  • Gel cushioning to protect your heel.
  • Excellent traction with hard wearing high abrasion outsole.
  • Designed for normal to high arch support.
  • Removable sock liner allows for further orthotics to be fitted.
  • Available in medium, wide, and extra wide fittings.


  • Cheaper quality materials used than previous models of this shoe.
  • The normal sizes can run quite narrow.

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Reviews Of The Best Walking Shoes For Underpronators

With such a wide choice of shoes available for arch support or supination, how do you know which ones to choose? Should you go for a running shoe which is designed for supination or stick to a shoe designed specifically for walking?

There is no one shoe fits all for everybodys needs so we have taken a look at five very different top selling walking shoes for supination below. Later to help you decide which is best for you, we have included what you should consider in the best walking shoe for supination.

How To Choose The Best Shoes For Supination

So What exactly should you look for in the right shoe for Supination/ Here are a few key Characteristics

  • Good Arch Support Good Arch Support for your specific Arch Type, concerning Supination, usually occurs in a High Arch. Arch support disperses pressure evenly and helps to align your feet for better motion control and movement.
  • Cushioning Good Cushioning, particularly in walking and running shoes, which absorb shock and prevent the impact from affecting your feet and joints.
  • The Right Fit You need a perfect fit that is not too loose yet still has enough room for you to move normally without cramped feet or toes. Your feet need to be able to move naturally and freely.

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Best For Flat Feet: Saucony Womens Cohesion 10 Running Shoe

Key features

  • Lacks proper arch support
  • Doesnt work well on wet spaces

I highly recommend Saucony Womens Cohesion 10 Running Shoe for anyone looking for the Best Supination Shoes For Flat Feet. It has a moderate cushioning structure, lightweight and comfortable design, and an injection molding technique.

Whether you train on long or short runs, the Saucony Cohesion 10 for women is the perfect model for you. Although the technology isnt the ultimate best in the market, it also makes up for entry-level shoes. An added moderate cushioning structure drives the most comfortable experience.

The EVA midsole and injection molding technique are added to through. Always, the breathable mesh upper is also added to these shoes for eventual comfort.

Saucony Cohesion 10 is packed with the GRID heel, which is highly accessible and slight. With these shoes, you can also feel appropriate, balanced, and supportive for some extra miles.

Another positive change that comes with this model is the addition of a Tri-Flex system. With the help of this system, all your walks or runs will flaunt better shock absorption with an ability to ensure improved traction and flexibility.

The comfortable and pain-free IMEVA cushioning aids create the best running experience. It is also stable when running for a long time. You can enjoy your massive, and low mileage runs with the thick foam cushion. However, compared to the previous models, the cushioning is also a tad stiffer.

Brooks Womens Glycerin 17

Pronation vs Supination


  • Insufficient width of the ultra-soft toe box

Brooks Womens Glycerin 17 are ideal running shoes for long-distance runners that dont want to compromise on comfort and style. Available in multiple cute stylish designs these shoes are not just about the looks. They are all about keeping your feet cushioned and moving with you thats why these are marked as the best brooks shoes for supination.

They are also available in multiple color and style options that are bound to have a favorite that suits your tastes and style.

The flexible 3D Fit Print mesh upper expands and moves along with the movements of your feet. The DNA Loft design in the outer sole keeps your transition from heel to toe feeling very smooth and provides a cushioned feeling underfoot without losing responsiveness or durability. The gum rubber sole provides ideal gripping over rough terrains like roads.

They are perfect for athletic ladies who love to jog for hours before starting their day. Thanks to these shoe supination will never hold you back from doing your regular walk.

Why we like them:


  • Tongue of the shoes is abnormally higher

Ideal for narrow feet, these shoes are engineered to keep your feet in a comfortable snug fit while they use the energy from your steps and use them to adjust your strides while also propelling you forward. These shoes are perfect for running long distances, engineered to be durable and soft in cushioning to keep the feet comfortable overruns.

Why we like them:

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Brooks Running Shoes For Underpronators

Seattle based Brooks is a leading running shoe manufacturer much loved by road runners the world over. Brooks® DNA technology provides custom cushioning and is one of the best cushioning technologies from any running shoe manufacturer. Omega Flex grooves in the forefoot are a common feature in Brooks shoes, and these maximize flexibility. In the lightweight cushioning category there are two excellent models to choose for the neutral runner or underpronator which are detailed below, also take a look at the Brooks Burn this gets mostly good reviews from supinators.

Brooks Ghost 7

Brooks Glycerin 12

Hoka One One Clifton 7

Not for racing or fast workouts

You will get unmatched support in the arches and midsole,

This design gives a super supportive and springy midsole. It offers a good deal of arch support. A deep heel cup to lock for feet in place and ease it into a nice and even gait cycle. The full-length EVA midsole evenly distributes your weight to help alleviate pain, even when running long distances.

We also like that the Clifton 7 has a lightweight and breathable upper. This design is super lightweight, and contours to the shape of your foot. It offers minimal padding along the collar and tongue that allows for great flexibility and ease of motion.

The Clifton 7 is a great option for runners that need support in the midsole without affecting your full range of motion. While the cushioning of this design is fairly thick, it is still incredibly flexible and designed for both long distances as well as speed.

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What Exactly Is Supination

Supination or under-pronation is when the feet roll outward while making a stride. Thats when the bodys entire weight shifts on the outside of the feet. Also, this movement can be quite uncomfortable as and when this occurs. However, unless managed properly, this condition can result in pains and injuries.

Q: How Do I Correct Supination

Best Running Shoes For Supination Women: Lightweight and ...

Correcting excessive supination requires a lot of patience. That includes choosing the right shoe, repairing the way the foot contacts the ground and taking part in some specialist treatment.

Once your supination does not get worse, you should begin your adjustment process with your shoes. You have to wear supination shoes instead of regular ones. Because the regular running shoes without a cushion will cause pains in your feet.

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What Causes Supination Of The Foot

A lot of factors can cause supination and the ongoing stress on the outer side of the foot. If you were born with a high-arching foot, you are at higher risk of suffering from this issue. Additionally, if you have suffered from an injury in the past that created muscle weakness in your feet or ankles, you also could be high risk.

The third causal factor is repeatedly wearing shoes that do not fit and are not actually supportive. Do you have running shoes that seem to wear down super quickly? Do you notice that the wear down seems to be worse on the outer sides of your shoes? If you answered yes to either or both of these questions, then it is definitely time for you to make a change.

Brooks Womens Ghost 11

With medium to high arch support and a removable foam insole that provides plenty of cushioning and support for the underfoot, the Brooks Womens Ghost 11 is no ordinary running shoe. This lightweight and durable sneaker even features a segmented crash pad that will offer full support no matter how you land on your footor what kind of terrain youre trekking through!

Plus, it comes in a range of colors, from black to vivid color combinations like white, pink, and blackso that you can walk, run, and hike in both style and comfort. Speaking of style, this sneaker sheds the drab look youll find with other orthopedics in favor of an athletic design that will have your friends marveling! In other words, the Brooks Womens Ghost 11 is one of the best womens shoes for supination and should be toward the top of any list!

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Buying Guide: How To Choose The Best Trail Running Shoes For Supination

Even though the word supination conjures up images of a nightmare, it is one of the most frequent leg disorders. To solve this issue, youll need to get your hands on the best trail running shoes for supination, which may drastically minimize discomfort. When walking, trail running, or jogging, a supportive pair of shoes may make all the difference. It would help if you opted for a pair that will cover your weak spots.

There are various designs to choose from, whether its the finest trail running shoes for supination or the best mens running shoes for underpronation. Supination isnt discussed much by individuals, but its best to stick with solutions that are made specifically for your feet because its a medically recognized issue.

Some of the keynotes to take away while going for the selection of trail running shoes for supination are as follows

  • Traction
  • Outsole
  • Upper

Whereas traction can decrease the chances of falling apart on uneven terrain or sloped areas. However, the fit is the major requirement for the proper alignment of feet to get high rated.

Shoes for supination are difficult to come by. We did our part by scanning the internet and conducting research so you can focus on finding the finest trail running shoes for supination. The supination shoes discussed in this article are selected from a large market, and they will prove to be your ideal and will stand by you no matter what circumstances you find yourself in.

Under Armour Micro G Assert 6 Shoes View On Amazon

The Supinated Foot Orthotic Treatment | Seattle Podiatrist Larry Huppin

If you are a brand loyalist and love Under Armour, youll be happy to see that they also make the list. The Under Armour Micro G Assert 6 is an attractive shoe that offers a lot of benefits. With an EVA midsole, the Under Armour Micro G Assert 6 is a flexible and supportive shoe that will keep your feet feeling comfortable even on the longest of days. The outsole is built to absorb impact and support every step taken. The advanced traction soles also make these phenomenal workout shoes for any type of terrain or surface. With added padding along the collar and a mesh upper, the Under Armour Micro G Assert 6 shoes provide comfort, support, and pain-free wear.

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The Best Running Shoes For Supination

Supination, also known as under pronation is a common cause of ankle injuries and certain foot conditions.

People who have under pronation or supination will need to attain footwear that gives them the required support and comfort features to help prevent damage to their feet and ankles, as well as to alleviate any pain or discomfort associated with this foot condition.

Short on time? Heres a summary of the Best Running Shoes for Supination:

  • The Benefits of Choosing the Right Running Shoe for Supination
  • Mizuno Wave Rider 20 Shoes View On Amazon

    For those looking for a great running shoe that alleviates underpronation pain, the Mizuno Wave Rider 20 is one of the best options for shoes available on the market. Not only do these shoes come with a sleek design, they also have a quality construction. The U4IC midsole is foam and the EVA sole is not just flexible, it also provides added comfort and support. As far as upper goes, the Mizuno Wave Rider 20 feature a triple zone engineered mesh that provides both breathability and comfort. This is one of the biggest selling points of the Mizuno Wave Rider 20 because it prevents heel and ankle irritation. Although the Mizuno Wave Rider 20 shoes fall into the medium to high price category, they are a quality pair of shoes for anyone with underpronation.

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