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Silver Sneakers Classic Workout Video

Silver Sneakers Boom Mind

SilverSneakers Classic Workout with Jonell – 20 Minutes

The Boom Mind workout is a cross between yoga and a Pilates class that is low-impact on the joints and body.

The workout routine focuses on relaxing the mind, stretching muscles while also moving rhythmically through the stretches.

The Boom Mind program has a lot of seated movement but the actions are very active and you may be asked to get up from the seated position multiple times during the workout.

The Boom Mind class is considered to be moderate to high intensity as you can see why in the video.

Your Daily Workout: Week 2 And Beyond

After the first week, you can continue to follow along for a total-body plan. Or feel free to repeat or move workouts around to meet your needs.

If your focus is CARDIO:

  • Monday: 8-Minute Cardio Flow and Go
  • Tuesday: 30-Minute Strength Circuit
  • Thursday: 8-Minute Cardio Flow and Go
  • Saturday: 11-Minute Chair Flow OR 15-Minute Flexibility Flow

If your focus is STRENGTH:

  • Monday: 30-Minute Strength Circuit
  • Tuesday: 8-Minute Cardio Flow and Go
  • Thursday: 30-Minute Strength Circuit
  • Saturday: 11-Minute Chair Flow OR 15-Minute Flexibility Flow

To learn more about the SilverSneakers Fit for Life Challenge, . Plus, be sure to connect with us on .

Note: The exercises in this workout may be different or more advanced than those youll experience in a SilverSneakers class. Please consult your physician before beginning a physical activity program to make sure its safe for you.

How Do I Get My Silversneakers Card

Much like Costco, SilverSneakers is making your membership card digital. That means its available through their free app and lives on your smartphone. So you never have to worry about losing it!

Meanwhile, if you have to replace a lost or stolen physical card, simply call 423-4632. Then press 1 and 1 again when prompted to request that a replacement card be mailed to you.

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For The Young At Heart

The SilverSneakers® Fitness Program is an innovative health, exercise and wellness program helping older adults live healthy, active lifestyles. Our SilverSneakers program provides Group Fitness classes, activities and socials for seniors through approved insurance providers to include Lovelace, Presbyterian, and Humana.

Visit our class schedule for all of our SilverSneakers class times and descriptions as well as additional senior programming options. For additional information on our SilverSneakers Program, please contact our SilverSneakers Advisor, DeeAnne Peay at 505.304.0316 or via .

Find The Right Workout Type

Senior Fitness

There are so many different types of workout videos for older adults, and your exercise videos should check certain boxes. Most importantly, they should build strength.

“Muscle mass declines as we get older, and when we lack strength, everything becomes harder and movement will be limited,” Flynn Endres says. Skip the “toning” and “sculpting” routines and look for ones that focus on functional movements, which support daily activities like getting up and down from a chair and pushing, pulling and carrying objects, Walding adds.

Other workout styles to look for include balance- and posture-building routines, as well as mobility sessions to target joint health.

“I also want my older adults doing daily cardio, so if they’ll do daily walks, great, but if not, they might enjoy aerobics or dance videos designed for older adults,” Flynn Endres says.

And make sure to look for videos that call for the equipment you have available. If you don’t have weights, you can substitute with household items like water bottles.

Our Favorite At-Home Exercise Equipment

  • Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise Bands
  • Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Weights
  • Wsakoue Resistance Bands
  • Amazon Basics Medicine Ball

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Which Medicare Silver Sneakers Workout Routines Are Best For Me A Review Of Their 9 Most Popular Classes

It is exciting to start a new fitness class especially when they are designed specifically for you, like the Medicare Silver Sneakers workout routines.

To help you choose which program would best fit you, we have reviewed the instructor led free Silver Sneakers exercise classes and organized them into categories based on the intensity of the workouts.

Silver Sneakers also offer a series of videos on to help you assess your own fitness level.

Inside you will find out how Silver Sneakers Medicare eligibility works in 2019, an intensity review of the nine main workout classes offered, and which exercise class could be the best fit for you.

Get Your Heart Rate Up And Move Your Whole Body With This Fun Routine That You Can Make Your Own

Silver Sneakers Classic routine #1

When you think of a good cardio workout, what comes to mind? If its a fun routine that wakes up your body and brain, youre in luck. This 20-minute cardio follow-along workout will do just that.

Even better, with all the moves, you can decide how easy or hard you want to go. You manage your energy, says SilverSneakers fitness expert David Jack. If its too much, slow down, or use a smaller range of motion, he says. Need to rest? You can pause us, and you can put us back on whenever you want.

On the other hand, if you feel like you could push yourself a little bit, you can go faster or use a bigger range of motion. Or you can try a variation, such as adding arm movements or doing fancier footwork.

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Silver Sneakers Boom Move

The Boom series of exercise routines are shorter in duration workouts that are usually completed in 20-30 minutes.

Boom Move is a dance class that not only improves your cardio but also burns calories.

It is commonly believed to be the highest intensity class Silver Sneakers offers.

The instructor will teach you new and old dance moves from the 60s-90s, that will be sure to keep you on your feet and smiling.

Medicare Silver Sneakers Eligibility In 2019

Most people mistakenly believe that their Original Medicare health insurance policy will cover the Silver Sneakers workout routines in 2019.

Unfortunately, your traditional Medicare does not cover fitness exercise programs such as Silver Sneakers.

But all is not lost!

Many of the Medicare Supplement Plans and Medicare Advantage will cover the cost of workout exercise classes designed for seniors in 2019.

Senior Benefit Services offers multiple options through Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplemental Plans that include coverage for programs such as Silver Sneakers.

If you already have a Medicare Supplemental plan, you can still fill out the Free Medicare Supplement Quote form below, to check on other plan options that could save you money while also covering the cost of your exercise classes.

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How Does Silversneakers Work

Access to SilverSneakers is generally provided at no cost to you through your health insurance plan.

To check your eligibility, just visit this page and enter the following info:

  • Name
  • Location
  • Contact info

Once youve determined that youre eligible, take your SilverSneakers card or 16-digit member identification number to any participating location. More on that in a minute

Tell them youre part of the program at the front desk and that youd like to get your free gym membership. Youll then be given a tour of the facility.

Best of all, theres no cost to you to do any of this!

Things To Know About The Silversneakers Program For Seniors


The SilverSneakers program offers an affordable way for senior citizens to stay active during their golden years. In fact, you can get a free gym membership through SilverSneakers if you qualify.

In this article, well take a look at SilverSneakers eligibility, how the program works and how to get your SilverSneakers card, among other topics.

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Heres What You Need To Know About The Silversneakers Program

Staying active is important at any age, but perhaps no more so than in your senior years. The health benefits of exercise for the senior population are widely acknowledged by both physicians and scientific researchers.

But if the cost of a gym membership is giving your wallet too much of a workout, you need to know about SilverSneakers!

Silver Sneakers Boom Muscle

The Boom Muscle workout is like playing your favorite sport while building muscle through safe low-impact exercises.

The workout routine is an action based strength training program that helps build muscle by using a range of motions inspired by your favorite sports.

Participants will spend the entire class on their feet while performing slowly coordinated arm and leg movements to increase the intensity.

The Boom Muscle class is considered to be of moderate intensity. as you can see in the video.

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Stretch Your Body And Quiet Your Mind With This Three

When you think of flexibility exercises, whats your first reaction? Do you get tense? Do you feel frustrated about the stretches you cant do?

If that sounds familiar, good news: Theres another, less stressful way to approach flexibility. Even better, there are many ways to make stretches work for your needs.

In this video, the fourth follow-along workout in our Fit for Life Challenge, fitness expert David Jack leads you through a three-part series of movements to stretch your body and quiet your mind. Plus, hell walk you through ways you can make the stretches easier or harder .

The key to this series is to relax, Jack says. To not feel like you have to force anything, not feel like youre in a rush to get anywherebecause youre not. Just let your body open up.

Your Daily Workout: Week 1

Silver Sneakers Classic Workout with Donna

During the month of January, well share and repeat four follow-along workouts here and on . How you use these workouts is up to you, depending on your goal.

Follow along as we share for a total-body, movement-based plan, Jack says. Youll get a little bit of everything. Youll find:

  • Saturday: 15-Minute Flexibility Flow

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Who Is Eligible For The Silversneakers Program

The age of 65 is a general indicator that you may be eligible for SilverSneakers. However, theres actually no age requirement for the program.

Instead, anyone who has a qualifying Medicare Advantage plan is eligible for SilverSneakers. Also eligible are those who have health insurance through Medicare Supplement carriers and many group retiree plans.

Silver Sneakers 42 Min Home Workout


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What Insurance Plans Include Silversneakers

Its easy to find out what insurance plans include SilverSneakers. You can do a search by state here.

As a test, we pulled data for the state of Georgia and found the following insurance plans include SilverSneakers:

  • AARP Medicare Supplement Insurance
  • United HealthCare
  • WellCare

If you dont see your health plan listed online and want to confirm, give SilverSneakers a call at 866-584-7389 or drop them an email at .

How The 20

Silver Sneakers ll

All you need is some open floor space, and water and a towel if you want it. If youd like support during exercises, feel free to use a wall, chair, or counter. Thats called smart training, Jack says.

You can simply press play and follow along with the video, which includes a warmup and tips for a cooldown. You can also see exercise pointers below.

As always, safety is key. The exercises here may be different or more advanced than those youll experience in a SilverSneakers class. If you have a chronic condition, an injury, or balance issues, talk to your doctor about how you can exercise safely.

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