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What Medicare Supplements Have Silver Sneakers

Who Is Eligible For Silversneakers

Silver Sneakers and Medicare – Is it covered by your Medicare Plan?

If youre a beneficiary under 65, you may qualify for an Advantage plan with SilverSneakers. There is NO age requirement!

The program requires the following:

  • Enrollment in a plan that includes a membership
  • If the gym membership costs an extra fee, you must pay the premium.

But, a plan must be available in your area. Some areas have a few options. While the program is helpful, its not suitable for everyone.

For example, those in Charleston, South Carolina might have more options than those in more rural areas.

If the company you want doesnt offer the program, call one us at the number above to find a solution.

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Silver Sneakers Exercise Program Through Aarp Supplement Has Been Cancelled

For years my AARP Medicare Supplement plan has offered Silver Sneakers. I used it at my local YMCA, as have many of my friends. My wife, who just turned 65, just started using the online version of Silver Sneakers after using it at the Y also, through her own AARP membership, We do NOT use the Medicare Advantage program because we travel out of state for long periods of time during the summer.

Now she is on Medicare and has the AARP Medicare Supplement version of the old Plan F, reputedly the best plan in the country. She was told that Silver Sneakers was part of her new plan, and she started using the online program as soon as she could. She has done it now for a few months. She loves her instructor and the online program, and now Silver Sneakers is no longer available through AARP Supplement and she is being told that it is now available only through the AARP Medicare Advantage Program.

What the heck is going on here? Are others being told one thing and given another? This is very upsetting, and I suspect other AARP members are having the same experience. Are they? Are you? What can we do about this?

What Is The Silver Sneakers Program

The Silver Sneakers program consists on a free or discounted gym membership for participating plan members. It is not available for direct purchase as your plan must offer it as an add-on benefit. Silver Sneakers works at private gyms such as Golds Gym or the YMCA. Gym participation in Silver Sneakers vary by county.

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Benefits Of Silver Sneakers

Social interaction and physical activity becomes more important the older you get. SilverSneakers makes this their goal when providing their services. Seniors will have a safe place to interact and exercise with other seniors.

Social interactions can have a major impact on well-being, especially for seniors. The older you get, the harder it is to get out and socially interact. SilverSneakers promotes this social interaction. In addition to workout classes, gatherings are held for members who want to get together and relax. Socializing is a major way to fight depression, which can be an issue for seniors. Mental and physical well-being go hand-in-hand, which is a major goal for SilverSneakers.

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How Do You Enroll In Medicare

What is Silver Sneakers?

If you are already collecting Social Security benefits, the government will automatically enroll you in Medicare Parts A and B. However, in certain circumstances you can choose to decline Part B since it has a monthly cost if you opt to keep the coverage, Medicare will deduct the cost from any Social Security benefits you are collecting.

If you arent drawing Social Security benefits yet, your first chance to sign up for Medicare is when you turn 65. Although Medicare provides your healthcare coverage, you have to sign up through Social Security or the Railroad Retirement Board to determine if youre eligible and to find out if you paid Medicare taxes long enough to get Part A without having to pay a monthly premium.

The seven-month enrollment period starts three months before you turn 65 and ends three months after the month of your birthday. Medicare coverage begins based on the month you signed up.

If you miss the seven-month initial enrollment period, you can sign up for Part B during general enrollment, which runs from January 1 to March 1, and coverage will begin on July 1. Note that you will pay a penalty for signing up late: The more years you delay, the higher the penalty.

There are some scenarios where you might want to wait to and you wont be penalized for example, if you or your spouse are still working, and you have health insurance through your job.

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Highlights Of Mutual Of Omahas Mutually Well Platform Include:

  • access to Tivity Healths WholeHealth Living Choices®
  • flexible, budget-friendly fitness program with access to 10,000+ fitness locations with no enrollment fee or contracts for a low cost of $25.00 a month
  • complementary and alternative medicine
  • discounts of up to 30% on healthy living products and services from 20,000+ providers
  • specialties include chiropractic, acupuncture, massage therapy and nutritional programs, along with discounts on mind/body therapies and healthy living products
  • free 30-day walking program and personalized weekly planning for their nutrition, fitness and wellness needs

We are excited to bring our best-in-class programs including fitness, nutrition, and restand recovery to Mutual of Omahas Medicare Supplement customers, said Tivity Health CEO Donato Tramuto. Physical activity, as well as the social connections that are made as part of a fitness program, are important components to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This program represents a tremendous opportunity to address many other social determinants of health that contribute to poor health and high healthcare costs.

Check out our Questions and Answers about Mutually Well at

How Is Silversneakers Different From Mutually Well

SilverSneakers is a senior-focused fitness program included in many Medicare Advantage plans and even some Medicare Supplement Insurance plans.

SilverSneakers includes a basic gym membership at thousands of participating gyms and fitness centers, most of which also feature group fitness classes and programs designed specifically for older adults, such as yoga, water aerobics, walking clubs and more.

Some Medicare plans dont offer SilverSneakers membership as a benefit but instead offer health and fitness benefits through programs such as Mutually Well or Silver & Fit.

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Why Take Advantage Of The Program

SilverSneakers is designed to help older adults stay physically fit and socially active. Membership provides access to more than 16,000 participating locations nationwide, including gyms, wellness centers and YMCAs.

You can visit the SilverSneakers official website to find a participating location near you.

SilverSneakers locations offer fitness classes targeted towards aging adults, including:

  • Senior sports teams or recreational leagues
  • Outdoor exercise activities

In addition, the Silver Steps program provides seniors who live in more rural areas access to personalized workout programs they can do from home and an online component to help keep members connected and motivated to stay healthy.

Contact Us For Quotes Coverage & Enrollment

Is Silver Sneakers Part of Medicare?

Hyers and Associates is an independent insurance agency specializing in Supplements, Advantage plans and Part D coverage. We help our clients compare and contrast all of their options. Well tell you which plans offer Silver Sneakers and discuss whether or not this value-added benefit puts one plan on top of another. Contact us today!

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When You Can Enroll In Medicare Supplement Plans

You can enroll in a Medicare Supplement plan at any time during the year as long as you meet the requirements for Original Medicare .

Note: Dont wait too long to enroll in Original Medicare because once youre out of your IEP you may require underwriting, because insurance carriers arent required to honor your Guaranteed Issue Rights.

Does Medicare Cover Silversneakers

Some Part C plans cover SilverSneakers. Additionally, some Medigap plans offer it as well.

If your plan covers the SilverSneakers program, you can sign up for it on the SilverSneakers website. After signing up, youll be provided with a SilverSneakers membership card with a member ID number.

SilverSneakers members have access to any gym that participates in the program. You can use your membership card to enroll at your gym of choice. Youll then have access to all SilverSneakers benefits free of charge.

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Does Medicare Cover Silver Sneakers

Find Cheap Medicare Plans in Your Area

Original Medicare does not cover SilverSneakers or other gym or fitness programs.

But many Medicare Advantage and some Medigap insurers provide free access to SilverSneakers and other exercise and wellness plans like Silver& Fit and Renew Active.

When shopping for Medicare Advantage or Medigap, we advise you to consider all costs and benefits before committing to a plan. While a fitness benefit can be a plus, it shouldn’t be your main deciding factor especially since insurers may drop coverage from one year to the next.

Does Medicare Supplement Plan N Cover Silversneakers

Which Medicare Supplement Plans Offer Silver Sneakers

SilverSneakers is the registered name for a health and fitness program developed for people 65 years and older. It has been suggested that there are more participating fitness locations available in the United States than Starbucks locations. With over 16,000 locations, SilverSneakers gives members access to outdoor classes, gym equipment, fitness centers, online resources, as well as a catalog of on-demand workout and instructional videos.

Medicare Supplement Plan N The Original Medicare program, which encompasses Parts A and B, leaves some gaps in coverage that Medicare recipients commonly try to fill through Medicare Supplement plans, otherwise known as Medigap policies. These plans, offered by private insurance carriers, must abide by federal and state regulations designed to protect the insured. Supplement benefits are standardized, offering identical basic benefits. Some insurance companies may offer more but cannot offer less.

Every state that offers Part N is required to include the following coverage:

  • Part A coinsurance plus in-patient hospital care for up to 365 days after Medicare benefits are used.
  • Part B coinsurance or copayment.
  • First three pints of blood.
  • Part A hospice coinsurance or copayment.
  • Coinsurance for a skilled nursing facility.
  • Part A deductible.
  • Foreign travel emergency up to 80%.

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What Does Silversneakers Membership Include

The available amenities and fitness activities can vary by location. But some of the options that may be accessible to SilverSneakers members include:

  • Group exercises
  • Organized classes such as yoga, tai chi and many more
  • Equipment for cardiovascular and strength training
  • Education about health and nutrition
  • Social activities and events
  • Sports teams and leagues exclusively for seniors

Plus, youll have access to facility amenities such as saunas, hot tubs, pools, basketball courts and more.

If theres no SilverSneakers location near you, you may be eligible for a home exercise kit. The kit includes a workout DVD and any associated equipment you might need.

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What Is The Aarp Medicare Silver Sneakers Program

Posted: Feb 05, 2021 · The Silver Sneakers Fitness Program is a value added benefit offered to Medicare recipients that are enrolled in one of AARPs branded Medicare insurance programs. Other insurance providers offer the Silver Sneakers Fitness program however AARPs branded program is one of the most popular. The popularity is fueled by the AARP brand marketing.

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Does Aetna Medicare Cover Silversneakers Ehealth

Most of Humanas Medicare plans include the SilverSneakers fitness program at no extra cost. Stay in shape with indoor and outdoor workout options.

May 17, 2021 SilverSneakers® is a fitness and wellness program for seniors available at no additional Coverage options · Why Blue Shield for Medicare?

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What Your Peers Are Reading

SilverSneakers and Open Enrollment: What You Need to Know

Mutual of Omahas program will also include a mobile app that will recommend personalized daily wellness plans and exercise programs, and access to Tivity Healths alternative medicine discount program network.

The alternative medicine discount program includes about 20,000 providers of services such as chiropractic care and products such as vitamins.

The Latest

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Find A Medicare Insurance Plan That Includes Silversneakers

What Medicare insurance plans include SilverSneakers? Medicare beneficiaries may get free gym membership.

Each Medicare plan and insurance product we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our editorial team in conjunction with our partners at Medicare Expert USA. If you make a purchase using the links included, may be compensated.

Key Takeaways:

  • SilverSneakers is a program for Medicare beneficiaries offering free access to thousands of gyms and exercise classes nationwide.

  • Many Medicare Advantage plans and some Medicare Supplement plans include SilverSneakers.

  • Insurance plans that offer SilverSneakers include Humana, Aetna, Avmed, Kaiser Permanente, Wellcare and United Healthcare.

Many Medicare beneficiaries enjoy SilverSneakers, which is a free fitness program that allows them access to gyms, weight training, group fitness classes, health education and fitness-related events.

Seniors who participate in SilverSneakers report that the program has a positive impact on their quality of life not only by giving their physical health a boost but also by providing social and emotional benefits as well.

If youre ready to lace up your sneakers and get out there, we can help you find a Medicare plan that offers this benefit at no added cost to you.

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Which Insurance Plans Cover Silversneakers

Below you will find some of the many insurance companies that offer SilverSneakers as a covered benefit.


United Healthcare

Wellcare Health Plans

These private insurance companies offer either a Medicare Advantage plan or a Medicare Supplement plan that includes SilverSneakers. Keep in mind insurance plans vary based on where you live, and not every company will offer plans that include SilverSneakers. Each plan varies, so check to see if the plan you choose to enroll in offers the benefit.

To find out which plans available in your state include SilverSneakers, you can ask your insurance representative or visit the SilverSneakers website. You may also call SilverSneakers directly at 866-584-7389 or email at .

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What Does Membership Include And Exclude

Membership offers classes designed for seniors, from chair-supported yoga to high-intensity interval workouts.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services suggests adults get 150 minutes of aerobic exercise each week, plus two days of muscle-strengthening activity.4 You can meet that with a few SilverSneakers classes.

You can work out at any SilverSneakers-affiliated facility in the U.S.

You can also access over 120 online guided workouts at These videos include:

  • Fall prevention.
  • SilverSneakers EnerChi.

You can install a mobile fitness app called SilverSneakers Go that lets you find locations, schedule activities, and track your progress. The app also offers access to a video library of guided workouts. For walking programs, you can give the app permission to track your route and save your activity to your activity log.

You get a basic membership at any participating location in the SilverSneakers network. But you are not limited to using one site. Facilities, amenities, and classes vary by location. In general, membership provides access to:

  • Fewer hospital admissions.

Medicare Part C Also Known As Medicare Advantage

Which Medicare Supplements Have Silver Sneakers

The Kaiser Family Foundation estimates that nearly half of people covered by Medicare in 2022 chose a Medicare Advantage plan.

Medicare Advantage plans are sponsored by private insurers that are paid by the federal government to provide Medicare-covered services as per Medicare rules.

Medicare Advantage plans are a way to bundle the different parts of Medicare, and include Part A , Part B , and usually Part D , according to

Medicare Advantage plans may cover things that Original Medicare doesnt, such as gym memberships, over-the-counter drugs, and some vision, hearing, and dental services.

Medicare Advantage plans include both HMOs and PPOs. HMO stands for health maintenance organization, and the coverage is restricted to a particular group of doctors, called a network. PPO is short for preferred provider organization, and it allows people the flexibility to choose doctors in or outside the network.

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What Are The Benefits Of Silversneakers Membership

SilverSneakers members have access to online fitness classes, on-demand content and fitness centers across the country. They also benefit from various social events, exercise classes and amenities.

The SilverSneakers FLEX program is an added benefit for older adults and provides a wide variety of exercise classes at non-traditional locations.

  • The ability to maintain physical and mental effort
  • The ability to withstand force or pressure
  • The ability to control ones body position
  • The ability to be firm in position
  • What Insurance Plans Include The Silversneakers Fitness Program

    SilverSneakers is a popular fitness program offered through select Medicare plans to adults ages 65 or older. Members get access to exercise classes and events held at their local gyms or fitness facilities.

    Members can also participate from home using the programs on-demand video library.

    The program is not covered by all parts of Medicare, and not every private insurance provider offers it as a benefit. In this guide, we will outline which providers include it in their coverage, what parts of Medicare cover it, program eligibility and more.

    Several large health insurance companies provide SilverSneakers membership at no cost to enrollees.

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    What Silversneakers Programs Does Medicare Cover

    SilverSneakers is a fitness program designed specifically for seniors.

    If you enroll in a Medicare Supplement plan that offers SilverSneakers, you can gain access to:

    • A wide network of gymsIf you’re a member of SilverSneakers, you’re not tied down to a single gym membership. You can work out at any participating gym in the SilverSneakers network.
    • Community fitness programsSilverSneakers offers group exercise programs that extend beyond the gym. These take place at recreational centers, parks, pools, and other venues.
    • A variety of classesMembers can head into a number of different classes on any given day. These range from tai chi, to yoga, to Latin dancing, to shallow-water exercise classes.
    • A community of your peersSilverSneakers aims to create a sense of community among its members. In fact, about three quarters of members say they have friends in the program.

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