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White Gucci Sneakers With Diamonds

Common Projects Achilles Low

Real or Fake Gucci Flashtrek Sneaker White in Dark

Retail price: $425 +

Common Projects arrived on the scene in 2004. The Achilles Low was designed by the founder, Prathan Poopat, an American Art director. Now a staple in many offices around the world, this is thanks to its minimal and clean aesthetic.

The gold etching on the back heel is the shoes signature, featuring the color code and size. As of recently, we have seen this shoe crossover from offices to the streets.

Unboxing My Gucci Ace Sneakers

I purchased my sneakers at my local Nordstrom, but you can also find them at Gucci.

They come in the original designer packaging that includes the Gucci sneaker box, dust bags for each shoe and an extra pair of white shoelaces.

Ill probably never use the dust bags, but theyre a nice to have and useful if you are traveling.

Gucci Biography And Important Works

Long before trend-bucking creative director Alessandro Michele brought his hallucinatory âUtopian Fantasyâ campaign to Gucci, it was a modest Italian leather shop. Today, itâs an internationally renowned luxury house with an iconic logo, and vintage Gucci clothing, handbags and shoes are among high fashion’s most covetable goods.

Guccio Gucci admired the stylish suitcases he saw wealthy guests arrive with at the Savoy Hotel in London, where he worked as a bellhop. So, in 1921, after a stint at Franzi, a luggage company in his hometown of Florence, he opened a leather goods shop of his own.

At first, Gucciâs Florence business specialized in equestrian accessories. But as its reputation flourished, particularly among the English aristocracy, so too did its footprint. In 1938, he brought three of his sons â Aldo, Vasco and Rodolfo â into the business and expanded it to Rome and later Milan. In the mid-1930s, a League of Nations embargo against Italy pushed Gucci to experiment with alternatives to imported leather. Its woven hemp fabric from Naples, adorned with the brandâs signature diamond print, was a hit, especially among A-list celebrities. The material was first used on suitcases before finding enduring popularity on handbags.

Find vintage Gucci clothing and accessories on 1stDibs.

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How Could I Exchange My Item For A Smaller/larger Size


No refunds!! We are pleased to accept exchanges on any unworn items, in perfect condition with tags attached and accompanied by a receipt. You may exchange merchandise within 5 days after receiving your order. Be sure to review size charts for the correct fit for each piece. If you need to exchange an item please email us immediately for return address the shipping to and from will be the purchasers responsibility. Items that have a defect or damage will be in the responsibility of the company. Please note when returning an item the shipping fees are non-refundable.

Damaged Items or Questions

Please contact us immediately if your item has a defect, or is damaged so we can make it right for you, we want you to love everything you purchase from us!

Return Shipping Address

How To Style The Gucci Ace Sneakers

Gucci diamond embellished sneakers. Used.

This is my favorite part about this review and this sneakerthey go with SO many outfits!

I like to wear these with jeans and a tank/tee, casual dresses and leggings, too.

All-black is one of my favorite ways to style these sneakers as I love the little pop it gives any outfit.

Ive also been known to casually throw on black leggings and a black top to go do school pickup, and this is an easy way to just look a little more put together.

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Alexander Mcqueen Oversized Sneaker

Retail Price: $500

Alexander McQueen launched in 2004 but did not start his line with sneakers in mind. This chunky shoe bears a striking resemblance to an Adidas Stan Smith, but the major difference is that it features an oversized platform midsole. This shoe played a crucial role in establishing sneakers as fashion items rather than sportswear.

How Do You Clean Gucci Sneakers

The best way to clean your Gucci sneakers is with a soft dry cloth or brush. You can find detailed instructions for each individual style from Gucci directly.

In order to care for your Gucci sneakers properly, protect them from direct light, heat and rain, and dry them immediately with a soft cloth should they become wet. Make sure to store your sneakers in the provided bag and box and consider filling each sneaker with tissue paper to help your Gucci sneakers keep their shape.

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The Best Gucci Sneakers Released In The Last Few Years

Gucci like many other luxury fashion houses over the past few years has been toeing the line between high-end and street fashion and its sneakers have played a big role in the brands sustained popularity during that period. Led by its current creative director, Alessandro Michele, Gucci has established a two-pronged approach to its sneaker strategy, combining classic Gucci silhouettes such as the Tennis 1977 or Ace with more fashion-forward designs such as the Rhyton or Flashtrek.

Gucci sneakers are known for their use of red and green detailing, as well as intricate animal embroidery and bold logo placement. The Gucci Rhyton the houses answer to the chunky sneaker trend has been reimagined in a number of different colorways and styles, ranging from pre-dirtied and distressed to New York Yankees logo-clad. Along with more fashion-focused and classic silhouettes, Gucci has also released sportswear-inspired sneakers such as the Ultrapace.

Over the past few seasons, Guccis popularity has waned slightly, giving way to competitor brands such as Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton, who have seen a sudden rise thanks to creative director Virgil Abloh. Still, Gucci sneakers are some of the most popular high-end shoes on the market, thanks in large part to the houses wide variety of styles and the social status that comes with owning a pair of Gucci sneakers.

Gucci Rhyton Gucci Print Leather

Gucci Glitter Web Sneakers with Studs On Feet Review

Brand: Gucci

Model: Rhyton “Gucci” Print Leather

Key Features: This chunky black sneaker boasts a thick sole with gum accents, alongside a leather upper. Guccis logo is printed on the side, in SEGAs graphic font.

Buy: Neiman Marcus

Editors Notes: Reimagining the Rhyton silhouette, Guccis homage to old school gaming console SEGA arrived in black leather with a contrast gum sole. The sneaker is completed with a contrast red and white Gucci logo written in the consoles graphic font.

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Are The Gucci Ace Sneakers Worth It

Lets talk about the elephant in the room: these bad boys are expensive. Especially for a sneaker.

It was very hard for me to wrap my brain around spending so much money on a sneaker.

However, I am so glad I did! Something I always take into account is cost per wear, and if you wear these sneakers 1/3 of the year , they break down to about $5 per wear. That, my friends, I can justify!

Designer sneakers are on-trend right now, thanks to the explosion of Golden Goose sneakers. And, unfortunately, I just cant get behind paying $500+ for a pair of worn-in dirty sneakers.

These are shiny, white and pretty, and if they get a little dirty while wearing them, thats ok. But, at least I did it myself!

And I wear them All. The Time.

From running errands to picking my kids up from school to casual weekend events, theyre so much more useful than I thought they would be because they are, and feel like, a fashion sneaker.

Rather than throw on wedges to a baseball game to look a bit cuter, I can grab a fashion sneaker.

And instead of feeling or looking frumpy running errands, I can step into a pair of fashion sneakers.

These definitely arent for everyone, but if you love fashion, designer fashion especially, they really integrate into your wardrobe nicely and somehow have become an essential piece to upgrade any casual look.

Gucci Rhyton Web Print

Brand: Gucci

Model: Rhyton Web Print

Key Features: The sneaker receives a sporty update, featuring a bold, abstract take with the house’s logo on its side.

Buy: Gucci

Editors Notes: The Rhyton was Guccis entrant into the world of chunky sneakers and successfully challenged the likes of Balenciagas Triple S. Much like previous Rhyton sneakers, this update plays on the in-your-face trend that led to oversized logos becoming one of the biggest sneaker trends of 2017.

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Are Gucci Sneakers Comfortable

They are sneakers, so they are comfortable. Are they the most comfortable sneaker Ive ever worn? No. Thats my Adidas Cloudfoam sneakers, which literally feel like clouds when you are wearing them.

These sneakers are genuine leather and do have to be broken in a bit. I will be honest, they were a tad uncomfortable at first because the tongue is quite stiff. They had to be worn and broken in a bit.

Now, I wear them extended periods of time and do find them comfortable! But that super stiff tongue drove me nuts for a little bit and I questioned my sanity in purchasing these.

This is another reason why I recommend wearing the Ace sneakers with socks it just gives another nice layer of cushion to these shoes.

How To Care For White Sneakers

Gucci White Leather Embroidered Ace Sneaker Signed by Tom Hiddleston ...

White sneakers sound like a nightmare to keep clean. But, its surprisingly not hard!

The leather on the shoe wipes off dirt extremely easily. You can use something like Water Wipes or simply wet a paper towel, rag and any scuffs lift right off.

They come with an extra pair of shoelaces you can swap in if yours become dirty.

The bottoms of the shoes are harder to keep clean I personally dont mind if theyre a tad more worn here because I am wearing them! And plenty of people are paying for shoes that have a worn-out look already.

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Finding The Right Shoes For You

Today, vintage and designer shoes by the likes of Chanel, Gucci or Versace are integral to completing your carefully orchestrated street-style or evening ensemble, but footwear wasnât always the big deal it is for your average Adidas Yeezy enthusiast.

The decorative floor-length gowns that upper-class women of the 18th century wore meant that their shoes, then likely featuring high curved heels finished with woven or embroidered silks â a sharp contrast to the heavy, rudimentary form of the eraâs footwear for men â were partially or entirely obscured by the base of their ornate dresses. What good is fashion if itâs tucked away?

Our modern ageâs legions of sneakerheads might have trouble tracking down a pair of black-and-gold vintage Jordans but can at least fill their dream closets with original Adidas Gazelles or 1980s New Balances if they put the time in, while 1990s-era Prada pumps or a good pair of mid-20th-century jewel-tone heels in satin or silk havenât lost their allure with todayâs nostalgic fashionistas.

A pair of shoes can commemorate an achievement, mark an important trip overseas and is sometimes a rich manifestation of a hard-won physical feat. Whether theyâre Hermès sandals, Off-White ankle boots, ivory-leather-and-pink-daisy heels by sublime shoemakerManolo Blahnik or Louboutin platform pumps, you can find your next pair of legendary luxury vintage shoes today on 1stDibs.

How Do You Lace Gucci Sneakers

If youve cleaned your Gucci sneakers and want to give them that box-fresh look, youll likely want to “straight lace” them. Starting from the bottom up and from the outside in, you pull one length of lace straight up diagonally making sure to slip through the center loop while you do so. With your remaining length of lace, go over to the next eyelet straight, and to the next diagonally. Continue to do so until you reach the top remembering to grab your center loop again as you pass it.

  • Words:Dionne Kennedy

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Gucci Ace Sneakers Review: Are They Really Worth It

Ok, friends, I did a thing. I splurged on a pair of gorgeous Gucci Ace sneakers!

Naturally, Im here with a review and to be upfront and honest about whether or not they are worth it, and everything else you need to know.

More of a video person? Check out my YouTube review below and dont forget to subscribe for more!

Gucci Ace Sneakers Review

Is It Worth The Money? | Men’s Gucci Ace Sneaker | Review, Sizing & On Feet

When it comes to these Gucci sneakers, it was love at first sight.

The Gucci Ace sneakers come in a few renditions I own the Gucci Ace Bee sneakers there is also a version withpearls and studs on it, an Ace embroidered sneaker and a platform sneaker version. And, if you prefer more of aplain white sneaker, they have those too.

Love Mickey Mouse, stars, crystals or hearts? They have those too! You can browse all of the different styles here.

White sneakers are still a strong style trend, and one Im happy to jump on board with thanks to busy mom life stuff. Its cute, casual, easy to style and nice to be able to be comfortable, and on-trend!

Designer footwear has also been a huge trend for quite a while, thanks to the popularity of Golden Goose sneakers.

But something about the Gucci Ace just drove me wild I love that they theyre bold, make a statement and instantly up the fashion game to any outfit.

I can throw on any old jeans and a tee, but with the Ace sneakers it feels like Im adding that something special.

Yes, theyre quite an investment, but most designer splurges are! So you really do need to think about how youll wear them, how often and when to decide if they are worth it to you.

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Gucci Ace Sneakers Alternatives & Dupes

If you love the idea of a white statement sneaker without the high price tag, here are a few ideas for you.

UPDATE: Since writing this blog post the Veja sneakers have been a SUPER popular pick. Such a good alternative!

I also found this incredible Gucci Ace sneaker lookalike:

Looking for a Gucci Ace sneaker dupe? This lookalike from Goodnight Macaroon is pretty similar!

Are These Still Worth It In 2021

There is a funny misconception out there that some things are trendy only for a short amount of time. A pair of sneakers is certainly not a fad, as this is a shoe style that will always be in style. So I do believe them to still be a worthwhile investment for 2020 and beyond.

When youre weighing designer fashion purchases, think about cost per wear, re-sale value and how trendy the piece is.

Yes, these sneakers are trendy. But theyre also sneakers. And thats something we use on a daily basis.

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Gucci Tian Floral Print

Brand: Gucci

Model: Tian “Floral Print”

Key Features: Each sneaker notes a canvas upper, with a white sole unit underneath. The low-top and high-top iterations welcome deep red laces, while the slip-ons feature the same hue on the lining and heel tab.


Editors Notes: The Tian print draws inspiration from Chinese landscapes depicted in 18th-century tapestries.Gucci went all-in with this print for Spring 2016, utilizing the floral motif on sneakers and much more.

Gucci Leather Ankle Boots

Gucci Sneakers Yellow 7 Uk

Brand: Gucci

Model: Leather Ankle Boots

Key Features: Gucci takes inspiration from the world of hiking for its version of premium leather boots. The boots feature metal eyelets and a chunky rubber sole, alongside logo details and a printed take on the Sylvie Web.

Buy: Gucci

Editors Notes: Gucci’s Leather Ankle boots are made in Italy like so much of the house’s footwear offerings.

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How To Sell Luxury Sneakers

WP Diamonds offers a quick and easy way to sell designer sneakers for the best prices.

  • Speed: Our process is designed to take as little as 24 hours from start to finish. We buy your sneakers directly: no middle man or listing on your behalf and waiting for your items to sell.
  • Free Service: There are no fees or commissions deducted from your final offer.
  • Sell Online Or In Person: Our no-obligation service allows you to sell in person in NY, Hong Kong, Tokyo, or the UK, or online with our free, fully insured shipping option.
  • Reputation: Sell to the trusted luxury experts, with an A+ BBB rating and thousands of customer reviews.

Contact our experts today to get your price quote from the luxury experts.

Gucci Ace Sizing And Fit

If you Googled Gucci Ace Sneakers Review, the first thing you probably want to know about is sizing and fit.

These Gucci shoes DO run big. Sometimes up to a full size. I ended up sizing down half a size in these than my normal size.

There are loads of reviews you can check out as well. But the general consensus is that you should size down at least half a size if not more.

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Can You Wear The Ace Sneakers With Socks

I do. I live in Arizona and just dont prefer to run around in hot, steamy sneakers without socks on. And, it makes these shoes more comfortable, too.

Do try a few different levels of thickness until you find what you like most. I have worn them without socks as well, but only for a quick 5-minute wear here and there.

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