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How To Clean Gucci Ace Sneakers

The Gucci Tennis 1977 Sneaker

How to Clean Gucci Ace White Leather Sneakers – HACKS for Cleaning Leather Sneakers | Josh Daley

Stella von Senger

What do I appreciate most about the Gucci Tennis 1977 sneaker? I think its got to be its retro vibe. Or, this colorways use of eco-washed denim. I remain hopeful that this sustainable practice will be the standard for every denim product in the near future.

Anyway, back to the sneaker. The Gucci Tennis 1977 is funky and sporty, and this denim colorway adorned with Guccis instantly recognisable motif looks as though its been transported from the 00s. The Gucci Tennis 1977s are one of those pairs that one can wear with almost anything hence, I believe theyre destined to become my new go-tos. As a working mum of two, Im extremely grateful for practical, unfussy designs.

Styling: Sometimes, I like to get brave and combine statement pieces. I enjoy mixing prints and challenging myself to pull off the boldest fits. In my opinion, getting dressed is more fun if you unexpectedly combine pieces. Today, Ive decided to pair the Gucci Tennis 1977 sneakers with a fun Disney x Gucci sweatshirt for an outfit that feels like me.

Sizing and fit: I would recommend opting for your true size when it comes to selecting a pair of Gucci Tennis 1977 sneakers. However, if you have broader feet, I would recommend sizing up half a size as they are a little narrow.

Comfort and care: On a comfort scale of 1 to 10, I would give the Gucci Tennis 1977 sneaker a 9 however, I have a sneaky feeling this will become a 10 once Ive broken them in a little.

Are These Still Worth It In 2021

There is a funny misconception out there that some things are trendy only for a short amount of time. A pair of sneakers is certainly not a fad, as this is a shoe style that will always be in style. So I do believe them to still be a worthwhile investment for 2020 and beyond.

When youre weighing designer fashion purchases, think about cost per wear, re-sale value and how trendy the piece is.

Yes, these sneakers are trendy. But theyre also sneakers. And thats something we use on a daily basis.

Tips For Maintaining Your Designer Sneakers

Theres no better feeling than stepping out in a new pair of luxury kicks. Whichever brand you prefer, designer sneakers certainly dont come cheap and your new job is to keep them looking just as good as the day that you bought them. For many people, especially if this is your first pair ofluxury sneakers, it can be difficult to keep them in top condition especially if youre not sure how and you wear them all the time. But the good news is that there are several simple yet hugely effective steps that you can take to preserve the condition of your designer sneakers and keep them looking brand new for longer.

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Are Gucci Sneakers Comfortable

They are sneakers, so they are comfortable. Are they the most comfortable sneaker Ive ever worn? No. Thats my Adidas Cloudfoam sneakers, which literally feel like clouds when you are wearing them.

These sneakers are genuine leather and do have to be broken in a bit. I will be honest, they were a tad uncomfortable at first because the tongue is quite stiff. They had to be worn and broken in a bit.

Now, I wear them extended periods of time and do find them comfortable! But that super stiff tongue drove me nuts for a little bit and I questioned my sanity in purchasing these.

This is another reason why I recommend wearing the Ace sneakers with socks it just gives another nice layer of cushion to these shoes.

Luxury Shopping In Paris And Getting Your Vat Refund

Review Of Gucci Ace Sneakers And How To Keep Them Clean ...

Ive been obsessed with Paris for as long as I can remember. I studied there in college and have gone back numerous times since. Last fall, I looked at airline tickets, which turned out to be shockingly cheap, so we impulsively bought tickets for a week-long trip in January 2019. Paris in January can be

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Gucci Rhyton Web Print

Brand: Gucci

Model: Rhyton Web Print

Key Features: The sneaker receives a sporty update, featuring a bold, abstract take with the house’s logo on its side.

Buy: Gucci

Editors Notes: The Rhyton was Guccis entrant into the world of chunky sneakers and successfully challenged the likes of Balenciagas Triple S. Much like previous Rhyton sneakers, this update plays on the in-your-face trend that led to oversized logos becoming one of the biggest sneaker trends of 2017.

Gucci Ace Sneakers Review

When it comes to these Gucci sneakers, it was love at first sight.

The Gucci Ace sneakers come in a few renditions I own the Gucci Ace Bee sneakers there is also a version withpearls and studs on it, an Ace embroidered sneaker and a platform sneaker version. And, if you prefer more of aplain white sneaker, they have those too.

Love Mickey Mouse, stars, crystals or hearts? They have those too! You can browse all of the different styles here.

White sneakers are still a strong style trend, and one Im happy to jump on board with thanks to busy mom life stuff. Its cute, casual, easy to style and nice to be able to be comfortable, and on-trend!

Designer footwear has also been a huge trend for quite a while, thanks to the popularity of Golden Goose sneakers.

But something about the Gucci Ace just drove me wild I love that they theyre bold, make a statement and instantly up the fashion game to any outfit.

I can throw on any old jeans and a tee, but with the Ace sneakers it feels like Im adding that something special.

Yes, theyre quite an investment, but most designer splurges are! So you really do need to think about how youll wear them, how often and when to decide if they are worth it to you.

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Does Gucci Have A Warranty

Gucci offers a 2 year international warranty for its timepieces, valid from the date of purchase. The warranty certificate must include the name or model number, the serial number, the place and date of purchase. The warranty covers any fault arising from defective parts or a manufacturing defect.

Learn Proper Cleaning Techniques:

HOW-TO Clean Gucci Ace Low Tigers | Sneaker Cleaning

If youd rather take the DIY route, then its important to spend some time learning proper cleaning techniques to keep your sneakers looking brand new. Never put your sneakers in the washing machine this might be a tempting option, especially if your machine has a sports shoes option, but the truth is that using a washing machine can quickly cause the shoes to lose their shape and could even damage the stitching or sole. Its always best to use specially designed cleaning solutions and tools to clean your sneakers. An old toothbrush can be ideal for scrubbing away tough stains or getting at hard-to-reach areas.

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Where To Buy Them

I bought my first pair from MyTheresa, but they didnt have the next size down after I ordered the wrong size so I ended up buying them directly from Gucci and Phil got a pair from Saks Fifth Avenue. All of them have come in the same Gucci box with dust bags and theyve all been in perfect condition. Gucci likely has the most size options so Id start there, but Phil got his when Saks was doing a gift card offer so you can occasionally find them included in sale events at Saks or Neiman.

How $680 Gucci Sneakers Are Professionally Restored

  • Rio Jongsae Kim is the owner of Kim’s Shoe and Bag Repair.
  • He shows us how to restore a pair of Gucci Ace sneakers that retail for about $680.
  • This includes cleaning the shoes, regluing the metallic snakeskin panel, and repainting the shoes.

The following is a transcript of the video.

Narrator: Hi, I’m Rio. I’m the owner of Kim’s Shoe and Bag Repair. And also, I’m running a YouTube channel Repair Studio. Today I’m doing a restoration on a pair of Gucci Ace sneakers that retail for around $680. These shoes were brought by one of my clients. Unfortunately, they were not maintained well. There are three main things to be restored. First of all, the rubber soles are stained, so they need to be removed. Second, leather upper gets scuffed, so they need to be repainted and refinished. Lastly, metallic panel at the back is faded, so it needs to be retouched.

I am taking off the shoelaces and insoles from the shoes. Now I’m using a toothbrush to remove the dust from the inside of the shoes before cleaning, because this dust or sand can cause some scratches on leather while I’m cleaning. I’m using a leather cleaner with a soft hairbrush and gently moving the brush in a circular motion to clean the interior and exterior of the shoes. Now I’m wiping off the foam and water quickly to avoid any water damage. The rubber soles are dirty and stained, so I’m brushing them to clean out the dirt first and using a thinner scrubbing of the stain with rag.

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Gucci Ace Sneakers Review: Are They Really Worth It

Ok, friends, I did a thing. I splurged on a pair of gorgeous Gucci Ace sneakers!

Naturally, Im here with a review and to be upfront and honest about whether or not they are worth it, and everything else you need to know.

More of a video person? Check out my YouTube review below and dont forget to subscribe for more!

Gucci Sneakers: Sizing Fit And Styling Guide

Gucci Ace Loved Sneakers size 36.5, Luxury, Sneakers ...


Sneaker trends, they come and they go like fairweather friends but Gucci kicks never go out of style. Consequently, theyre perennially sought after.

When it comes to Gucci sneakers, there are three key silhouettes to consider: the Gucci Rhyton, the Gucci Ace and the Gucci Tennis 1977 . Each crep is crafted with luxurious fabrics, comes with its own quirks and is available in an array of whimsical yet versatile colorways.

To learn a little more about each Gucci sneaker, we spoke to a few of our FARFETCH friends whove already walked a mile in them. Below, sneaker enthusiasts including Sangiev Sriskumar, Maria Bernard, Yuki Umemoto and more, disclose how each of the top three sneakers fit, look and feel.

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Gucci Ace Sneaker Clean

Professional sneaker cleaning by Sole Service

Our recent Premium Sneaker Clean of Gucci Ace sneakers was a great result and the perfect example where conventional cleaning at home is no longer enough. When you invest in designer leather sneakers, proper handling of the different materials can be a major problem. If you don’t know exactly how to proceed, you can scratch the shoe, the leather or make other expensive mistakes.

Seek the services of a professional shoe restoration company such as Sole Service with experience on board and experience in professional cleaning of your sneakers you will feel assured of a great result.

Sole Service specialises in the washing, cleaning and leather repair of sneakers and also offers other services such as sole replacement and innersole replacement. Your sneakers are in good hands, as the team of sneaker cleaners have a love of vintage and current makes of sneakers and know how to deal with the treasured sneakers of others.

Care for your sneakers:In between a professional sneaker clean, always try brush off loose dirt, lightly wipe with a damp soft cloth and store them correctly in a dry safe place.

remium Sneaker Clean – includes pick up and return to your door Australia wide

How Do You Lace Gucci Sneakers

If youve cleaned your Gucci sneakers and want to give them that box-fresh look, youll likely want to “straight lace” them. Starting from the bottom up and from the outside in, you pull one length of lace straight up diagonally making sure to slip through the center loop while you do so. With your remaining length of lace, go over to the next eyelet straight, and to the next diagonally. Continue to do so until you reach the top remembering to grab your center loop again as you pass it.

  • Words:Dionne Kennedy

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How To Care For Your Gucci Sneakers

To help preserve the condition of your Gucci sneakers, its important to look after them correctly, especially when it comes to cleaning.

– You can purchase specialist shoe cleaning kits online, which include a brush and solution.

– Once youve purchased your cleaning solution, simply fill up a bowl with warm water.

– Dip the brush into the bowl of water.

– Squirt a little cleaning solution onto the brush.

– Dip the brush back into the bowl.

– Scrub your Gucci sneakers with the brush.

– Repeat this step as many times as you like to achieve the results you want.

– Wipe off any excess solution and water using a clean towel.

The above process shouldnt take you any longer than a few minutes. If the shoelaces are in need of a clean, wash those, too, and give them a thorough scrub.

Other Gucci Sneakers Care Measures:

– To safeguard your Gucci sneakers from the daily build-up of dust and dirt, you can coat them in a light, protective layer of petroleum jelly or fabric and upholstery spray. Reapply the protective coating every six to 12 months.

– When your sneakers arent in use, its also important to store them in the right way to stop wear and tear. For example, keep them in their original box, in clear boxes or using a shoe rack.

My Honest Review Of The Gucci Ace Embroidered Sneakers

Gucci Sneaker Restoration | ACE Cleaning & Re-Whitening

Within the last couple years, I have quickly become a sneaker kind-of-gal. I’ve always had a few pairs of sneakers that I would wear on the weekends, but it wasn’t until recently that I really began loving sneakers and wanting to wear them with not only jeans & t-shirts, but dresses & skirts. It was around the time I bought my first pair of Golden Goose sneakers that I began to realize just how great sneakers were, and that they would soon become a part of my every day wardrobe. Within the last year I’ve purchased a handful of sneakers that I rotate between and truly wear almost every single day. I’ve shared my love and reviews of Veja and Golden Goose, and now today I’m sharing my love for Gucci.

Trench Coat c/o | T-shirt | Jeans | Sneakers | Celine Sunglasses | Chanel Handbag

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Where To Wear Them

I wore mine to the airport recently which I was pretty nervous about because I feel like shoes can get pretty beat up in an airpot with all that luggage swinging around. They actually ended up being a great choice because theyre incredibly comfortable, keep my feet warm enough on a plane and still look chic! I typically wear mine if Im going out somewhere or when Im traveling especially if Im going to do a lot of walking.

Soles Of The Sneakers

Akin to the exterior, Gucci Aces soles are also well-designed. They are typically made of rubber and carry some significant signs of authenticity. The midsoles are smooth towards the front, followed by a textured finish that runs from one side to another. The soles have a recognizable wave pattern with the embossed knight symbol at the center and the unmistakable logo: GUCCI / Made in Italy at the heel area. Absence of any of these elements is a red flag.

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How To Spot Real Gucci Ace Sneakers

As Gucciphiles are well aware, when Alessandro Michele took the reins of the Florentine house in 2015, everything from ready-to-wear to home decor received a decadent, over-the-top overhaul. Guccis signature sneaker, the Ace, was no exception . Applying his more-is-more approach to the Ace, Michele transformed it into a new, must-have classic. But as its popularity has surged, counterfeit versions of the coveted shoe are appearing left and right. Read on for our expert teams tips on spotting the real thing.
Gucci Ace Sneaker Materials
Though there are nearly infinite variations of the Ace, many appear in classic white calfskin, colored leathers and GG Supreme coated canvas, with a rubber sole and contrasting accent at the heel. Many Gucci Ace heel accents are made of snakeskin or crocodile, which adds a luxury component to an otherwise minimal sneaker. Shearling trim will also accompany select styles. Aces feature uncoated flat cotton shoelaces with plastic aglets, though if youre looking for a pair in the resale market, the shoelaces may have been replaced. While this could affect the value, it does not impact the authenticity of the shoe itself.
Gucci Ace Sneaker Construction
Gucci Ace Sneaker Hardware
Gucci Ace Sneaker Brand Identifiers
A style number and the shoes size should also be present. While this information is typically debossed on the sneakers tongue, in some cases it will be included on an interior side panel.

Which Style To Buy

Gucci Ace Sneaker With Snake

I had been eyeing the Ace sneakers for a quite a while, but I was never totally sure of which style I liked best. There are currently 24 different SKUs in the womens Gucci Ace collection online. My favorites are the embellished, embroidered and classic styles. I decided to go with the embellished Ace sneakers because theyre so unique! I love the feminine pearls paired with the edgy studs which resonates with my edgy/feminine vibe.

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