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White Leather Sneakers With Gum Sole

Features Of A Good Gum Rubber Sole Shoe

Nike for Jcrew Killshot 2 Sneaker Review White Leather Gum Sole
  • Uppers Lightweight, durable and breathable from leather, canvas, synthetic and/or mesh materials.
  • Insole A comfortable and cushioned insole with a moisture-wicking interior lining.the Insole can be either contoured or flat and made from EVA, Memory foam or just padded. Extra padding in the heel and forefoot is always an advantage, and Gel is a cooling substance likewise used for cushioning.

  • Midsole Supportive soft or firmer foam from EVA or memory foam.The Midsole helps to absorb most of the shock on impact and aids in providing some cushioning and support as well.

  • Comfort and Support Good Arch Support, heel Cup, gel Cushioning, Stability Features. All of these aid in providing you with excellent support for your foot type, and requirements.

  • Sole Patterned High Traction Gum Rubber.The Gum Rubber used in itself offers slip and oil resistance on wet and even snowy surfaces. The Rubber ensures much better traction and grip, hence why it is so popular for use on skateboards and is very durable and high abrasion-resistant.

  • How We Chose These Sneakers For Our Reviews

    We consider a lot of criteria when evaluating products for our reviews, and our research of the best white sneakers for men was no different. But, if nothing else, it comes down to comfort if a shoe doesnt meet a certain comfort level, then it wont appear on our list.

    We considered the shoes overall design and style, the materials used in its construction, and crucial factors such as support, traction, and breathability. We also considered its price while understanding that price doesnt always reflect overall value.

    Finally, we carefully research the reviews of others, particularly customers and potential customers like you, before giving a product our thumbs up.

    How To Find The Best White Sneakers

    To find the best white sneakers worth investing in, you have to consider your personal style and needs. While a simply stunning pair of white leather sneakers are a classic choice for everyday fits, men with an active lifestyle might want to consider a sneakers foot support and breathability. And if your wardrobe leans more towards timeless menswear over streetwear, minimalist designs would be more beneficial to your footwear arsenal over athletic-leaning styles. Crisp white sneakers can be difficult to keep clean on a regular basis, so if youre not the kind of guy who handles his sneaker with care, an off-white shade with a gum sole will wear in well over time.

    And speaking of fresh white kicks, what happens when your new white sneakers get scuffed and dirty from your everyday adventures? If youre sporting a pair of casual Converse or Vans shoes, embrace the marks for a lived-in look that provides a touch of cool factor to your weekend wardrobe. But if youre going to attend a more formal occasion or an important meeting, its best to keep them squeaky clean.

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    Gum Sole Slip On Shoe

    A slip-on Skate style shoe from Vans with canvas uppers and Gum Rubber Outsole design.

    Top Features:

    • Lightweight and breathable canvas uppers, that keep your feet cool and are well ventilated.
    • Easy slip-on and off style that you can change into in a hurry.
    • Comfortably cushioned footbed to support your feet and absorb shock.
    • Gum Rubber Outsole, that offers excellent traction and is quite durable.

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    Vf Associate Discount Policy

    adidas Originals White Leather Gazelle Sneakers With Gum ...

    I hereby acknowledge that I have read and understand the VF Associate Discount Policy. I understand that it is my continuing responsibility to read and know its contents and abide by it when making purchases both online and in store. I further understand that violation of this policy may lead to disciplinary action, up to and including termination. Acceptance of the VF Employee Discount policy is required to receive the discount on your purchases. If you do not accept the policy, the employee discount will not be applied to purchases at this time however you will be prompted to review and accept the VF Employee Discount policy upon your next sign in to this website.

    • 6:00am 4:00pm PST

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    White Sneakers With Shorts

    The sneakers and gym short look is classic but not always easy to pull off because it can look like youre headed straight to the gym. Wear a white sneaker that has a lean and slim profile and preferably without socks to maximize the sneakers and shorts look.

    A plain fitted t-shirt always looks good with white sneakers and shorts.

    Benefits Of A Gum Rubber Shoe Sole

    The Gum Rubber Sole shoe, which has a Rubber Sole in its most natural and undyed or processed form, has many benefits

    • Durable Rubber is a very resilient, tough and durable material that will withstand heavy wear, and abrasion, that is why you will find it in most skateboarding shoe brands in the sole.
  • Cushioning Rubber is quite bouncy and offers superb cushioning and shock absorbency.

  • Better Grip and Traction Rubber is one of the best outsoles that you can have when walking or running on wet, icy and even snow-covered surfaces. Rubber offers superb grip and traction on most surfaces.

  • Slip Resistant Rubber is extremely slip-resistant and offers slip resistance on slippery, wet and even oily floor surfaces.

  • Economical and Practical Overall rubber is a highly practical and economical choice because it is so durable and long-lasting, and also because it is not very expensive in general.

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    How Do You Clean The Laces On White Sneakers

    Chances are that if you went for an all-white sneaker, you opted for the all-white laces, as well. Washing your laces is relatively easier than cleaning your sneakers.

    Never leave your laces on when youre washing them. Take them off the sneakers, and submerge them in warm soapy water. If theyre not too dirty, just a gentle wash will get the job done. However, if there is dust and grime settled on them over the years, you might want to leave them submerged in soapy water for a while before cleaning them.

    If this doesnt work either, and your laces are not quite as white as your shoes, you can use a cleaning paste of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide to clean them more effectively.

    The 10 Best Gum Sole Sneakers For Men


    Category: Style

    What makes a really great pair of sneakers? It depends, of course, on what youre looking for. Some search for kicks that will catch the eye and be the stand out piece of an outfit, while others simply want something to easily complement the rest of their getup. If you count yourself in the latter category, then you should consider picking up a pair of gum sole sneakers.

    Something about the combination of an all white or solid upper with the neutral natural tone of gum rubber makes these shoes incredibly easy to wear with any color pallete. This neutral brownish tone was originally the result of a specific process of creating rubber. The style, however, has gained enough popularity that a lot of sneaker makers will simply dye the rubber on the bottom of their shoes to match this attractive tan hue. We wanted to put together a list here of some of the hands down best gum-soled sneakers out there from the classic Killshot to some options you may not immediately think of. Take a look through and pick up a pair of summer kicks for yourself.

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    Get The Right Rubber With Iicfshops

    At IicfShops, it isnt just gum-soled lifestyle shoes that dominate. We got vulc or pure rubber sneakers that mesh comfort, utility, and versatility. Choose from brands like Nike, Adidas, and Puma the sneakers in liable colorways that spice up your life.

    Help of the cheap prices, deals, and discounts that are offered by our more than 200 retailers. At the tip of your finger is the option to treasure hassle-free the sneaker of your fantasy.

    Am I The Only One Tired Of White Soles On Sneakers

    Cant wait to see more solid colored sneakers. My HEWI is solid baby blue leather Chucks. Havent found them anywhere yet. I am tired of white soles on ALL the sneakers. A bright white contrasting stripe, that just doesnt work that well with my outfits most of the time. Just a short rant How about you all?

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    If you arent a member, but would like to participate, please consider signing up. It only takes a minute and wed love to have you.

    Im with you. I obviously wear sneakers with white soles, but if I want a black travel sneaker, I want a black sole. Avoids looking so sneakerish, and avoids the constant black streaks that make it look dirty before its time. For my taste, it blends better as one solid color.

    I am still loving white soles. The colored or dark soles on sneakers look odd to me. However I have large feet for my size and like to break up the size with shoe details like contrasting soles, toe caps, etc.

    Ive gotten used to them, but would rather the soles be self color or tan. But Im a dark low contrast person, and find white jarring on me as a rule. My trainers are strictly gym shoes though, so not seen by the general public!

    I love the look, but not the practicality. I will admire it on others and stick to non-white soles!

    Gum soles seem to be making a big comeback lately

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    How To Take Care Of White Sneakers

    Applying a good sneaker protector when those bad boys are fresh out of the box will help you avoid the constant cleaning process. Jason Markk and Sneaker Lab make great ones, and while youre at it, you can buy an easy-to-use sneaker cleaning kit. If youre not looking to spend even more of your hard-earned dollars on additional products just to rock a white sneaker, you can use products in your home to clean them. There are a few different methods out there depending on the fabric of the sneakersbut almost all involve baking soda.

    If youre going to step up your style for the upcoming warm weather season, the best white sneakers are a necessary addition to your sneaker arsenal. Check out our top picks.

    These minimalist designer white sneakers by Fear of God are all about the little details. With sleek soles, leather uppers, and a perfect white coloring, these luxe kicks will become a favorite in your collection.

    Im Rubber You’re Glue

    Office Foresight Smooth Sole Chunky Loafers Off White ...

    Back in the day, all shoe soles used to be made from leather, but the first sneaker as we know it didn’t show up until 1917. Rubber had been around before then they had been used for soles since the late 1890s. Those earlier rubber soled shoes were known as plimsolls, and it was around this time that nine small American rubber companies merged to become the U.S. Rubber Company.

    One of these small companies was the Goodyear Metallic Rubber Shoe Company. They were the first to manufacture shoes with a process called vulcanization, patented by Charles Goodyear himself. This is a process whereby rubber gets heated to permanently bond to cloths, canvas, or other rubber parts. Along with the vulcanized rubber sneaker innovation came a new breed of athletic shoe that featured the durable traction of a rubber sole. Forever fused onto the comfortable flexibility of a canvas upper.

    Did you know? Keds was once known as The United States Rubber Company

    It was a huge boon, and U.S. Rubber made their shoes under 30 different brand names, so by 1916 they decided to consolidate all these brands under a single name but what should they call it? Peds was the initial choice, but that name was already taken. So, they went with Keds.

    Shoe historians agree that Keds were the first true sneakers, which means they were also the first to market canvas rubber soled sneakers to the masses.

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    Adidas Originals Stan Smith

    In a list about classic sneakers, wed be remiss not to include Adidas originals Stan Smith. Among the first sneaker to really be sponsored by an athlete, the Stan Smith has not only lasted the test of time but is constantly celebrated with different variations and special editions that seem to be constantly coming out. This, however, is not one of those celebrations. The shoe is about as paired down and simple as it gets sporting a gum sole mated a full grain leather upper.

    White Gum Sole Sneakers

    adidas ninos argentina en vivo gratis en directo classic white lifestyle shoes with the beauty of tan-colored gum sole sneakers. Quenching up the durability of your shoe aggregation by buying sneakers that are alone with long-lasting gum soles, so you could love more the casual shoe of your choice. If your intent is to look smart casual, you could rock this style when you grab a pair of white gum sole sneakers.

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    Gum Sole High Top Shoe

    A stylish and elegant high-Top sneaker in soft nubuck leather and dark color options.

    Top Features:

    • Soft and comfortable Nubuck leather uppers with a lace-up system.
    • Comfortable insole and soft interior linings.
    • A High-Top Style Casual Sneaker for every occasion.
    • Thick Gum Rubber Outsole that is shock absorbing and ensures only the best grip and traction.

    The 11 Best White Sneakers For Men

    Reebok Classic Leather Athletic Shoes White Gum UNBOXING
    • Good to wear for a variety of occasions

    The best white sneakers for:

    Men who want an affordable design they can wear practically anywhere


    The Vans company has paved a unique trail since the 1960s when they manufactured shoes on their premises in Anaheim, Calif., and sold them directly to the public on the same day. Their timeless style has made them a popular name in the world of sneakers.

    Theyve gone on to sponsor the Warped Tour and the inaugural Triple Crown of skateboarding.

    And their Old Skool Low-Top trainers keep selling and selling.

    Vans is a popular brand, to the say least, and their Old Skool trainers are cool white shoes, among other things.

    Theyre also affordable and durable, and you can buy them in a variety of colors not the least of which is white.

    While they feature a modest design and construction, they have plenty of key features that help set them apart from the competition.

    They have a thick textile upper with reinforced stitching thats built to last.

    Thats one of many reasons skateboarders prefer them they can perform complicated tricks without worrying about their shoes getting torn up.

    The Old Skools features sturdy rubber construction with a waffle tread pattern that provides excellent traction.

    Theyre also very supportive in toe, heel, and lacing area and have added suede protection. The classic lace-up front makes it easy to get your preferred fit.


    The best white sneakers for:

    Anyone who appreciates an iconic Nike style


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    The Science Behind Gum Rubber Soles In Shoes

    Rubber is a material that has long been quite ubiquitous and reasonable misunderstood. Everything from a pencil eraser to the soles of your shoes is made out of rubber.

    The Gum Rubber Sole is made from natural rubber, rubber which is obtained from tapping the hevea brasiliensis tree, which is also known as the rubber tree. The milky white fluid obtained from the rubber tree is basically a type of latex which is treated with heat to break up its proteins in order to create rubber. Broad and sticky sheets of very bouncy and highly resilient tan-colored rubber are created into a sole for your shoe in its natural color which is then called the GUM Rubber sole.

    The Gum Rubber Sole is well known for its extreme resilience and durability, as well as the bouncy cushioned, feel that it gives. Gum Rubber Soles offer the best grip and traction on almost any surface type and can ensure effective slip and oil resistance, even on wet or snowy surfaces.

    Converse Chuck Ii Gum High Top

    Do we really need to say anything about this sneaker? Probably not, but well lay it all out anyway. The silhouette that can do no wrong is set up here with a stark white canvas, Nikes Lunarlon insole, and a gum rubber sidewall and toecap. Not only does this iteration of the sneaker look totally ready for summer wear, but thanks to the Nikes super comfortable insole, it feels ready for it too.

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    Jcrew X New Balance 791

    Northeastern prep is most at home in Boston, so it makes sense the bean-town based footwear brand would be so willing to collaborate with the likes of J.Crew. For this project New Balance dug into their archive, pulled out their 791, and gave it a few updates including a perforated N, and a super comfortable fleece lining. Of course, one of the more send out parts of the shoe is its striking natural rubber outsole. Top quality summer wear for sure.

    Jcrew X Nike Killshot 2

    adidas Originals gazelle sneakers in white leather with ...

    One of the most sought after collaborations with Nike isnt with a basketball star or fashion icon its with J.Crew. The shoes have only been released twice in as many years, and each time theyre put up for sale, they all disappear in a matter days. While they arent available now, we couldnt let ourselves write a list and not include the coveted silhouette. The limited run features a leather upper with suede detailing along the toe box, heel, and laces. Of course, it also boasts a solid gum-sole that ties it all together.

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