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Sneakers For Nurses And Doctors

Comparison Chart Of The Best Shoes For Doctors & Medical Professionals

Nike designs shoe for nurses and doctors

Your job requires you to have to stand and run to help patients you need to get protective shoes for your feet. Being on your feet in the long days probably makes your foot muscles stressful. Thus, putting the right pairs is a must.



  • Not being a pair of shoes for wide feet

Made of the leather on the top, memory foam, and latex insoles, Alegria Classic Clogs for women are comfortable and stable in construction. With a short heel and a 1-inch platform, the shoes can support your feet while moving or standing.

The shoes have top-notch levels of arch support and tremendous alignment in shock absorption and the rest. So, your feet will be fitted in the pairs with ease and definitely snug!

Come in various ranges of colors and finishes, the product is a beautiful touch to your outfits. Alegria Classic Clog is the best shoes for doctors because it has ideal support for the whole foot. You can walk and stand for many hours with comfy!

Best Doctor Shoes: Birkenstock Unisex Boston


  • Quite heavy in construction

Birkenstock Unisex Boston shoes are made in Germany in 1774. Designed as a pair of a daily clog or comfy sandals you put it on, walk, and the footwear keeps to your feet. This is a dense and comfortable clog that you could wear throughout the year.

Equipped with a buckle strap, it enables you to adjust the fitness level. A latex footbed, on the other hand, can shape in the right form to your feet. Moreover, the heel cups help your feet feel comfy and balance your body weight.

The product provides supreme support for the entire foot and this makes physicians love it. Birkenstock Unisex Boston is also the best shoes for doctors when they have long shifts in hospitals.

Tying It All Together

All in all, this is a solid but not exhaustive list of shoes to purchase for a nursing shift. Brooks, ASICS, and Saucony are some of the most recommended brands by physical therapists, however, they are not the only brands that can suit a persons needs. Buying a shoe is very individualized, and normally physical therapists recommend trying on and feeling several shoes prior to purchasing a pair.

In these times, when online shopping appears to be here to stay for quite a while, the best way to know if a shoe will fit is to know your measurements and understand what the purpose of the shoe is. For a nurse or healthcare professional who is standing and moving all day long, stability, fit, and comfort are key ensuring good arch support, a symmetrical/even heel, and a toe-box that fits.

Keep in mind that a shoe should fit right out of the box there should not be a breaking in period. There also should not be blisters or calluses forming before the shoe fits. The right shoe should be comfortable, have a snug fit , and it should hold up well to longer stretches of wear, like the average nursing shift.

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Best Budget: Slow Man Walking Shoes Sock Sneaker

  • No laces to tighten shoe

  • Could use more cushioning

Slow Man Walking Shoes Sock Sneaker is a fraction of the price of other more widely known brands. These slip-on sneakers earn their name due to the fact that they are so comfortable, they are like walking in socks. These shoes are uniquely designed in every aspect from their style to the fashionable-but-breathable knit material used to make them. They feature an MD outsole with added air cushioning that is both non-slip and water-resistant. The arch of the shoe is perforated, offering ample ventilation and breathability that is crucial for all-day wear. You will also love that the style is available in 25 color options, and in a variety of whole and half sizes ranging from 5.5 to 11.

Materials: Mesh fabric | Sizes Available: 5.5-11 | Width: Between medium and wide | Arch Support: Some arch support

Best Shoes For Doctors Buying Guide 2022

Nike releasing new shoe designed for doctors, nurses ...

Working in the medical profession requires you to be on your feet for long hours. Whether its running alongside a gurney or standing for hours in the ER or operating room, every physician should have a pair of comfortable shoes to help them get through their working hours. Being on their feet all day puts a lot of stress on your legs and if you have unsupportive shoes, you might just develop achy arches, joint pain, and many uncomfortable problems that would simply worsen with age.

If you know healthcare physicians or doctors who are suffering from back aches, maybe all they need is a pair of shoes to relieve their lower back pain. Our article today contains a list of the best shoes for doctors that offer arch support and maximum comfort by absorbing the shock as they walk or run all day in medical facilities.

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Reebok Flexagon Force 3 Trainer

Reebok is known for its sports shoes and its no surprise to see one of their products on the list of best shoes for medical students. The Flexagon Force Training shoes are one of the best tennis shoes for the doctors category that makes a great and comfortable sneaker for doctors and healthcare workers. These Flexagon tennis shoes are also breathable with shock-absorbing memory foam sock liner and midsole cushioning to prevent any foot pain.


  • Sleek design with multiple color choices.


  • Somewhat hard insoles.

Should Style Matter Or Should Surgeon Shoes Just Be Practical

Your surgeon shoes must be practical. Now, you can still get some stylish shoes that perform well. But, it is rare to get the best of both worlds if you work in a hospital. Crocs are a viable option for anyone that craves personalization. Use the ventilated holes to decorate your shoes with charms and unique designs. That way, you can enjoy yourself while you work!

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Reebok Classic Leather Sneaker Starting At $75 At Reebok

Reeboks Classic Leather Sneaker has come a long way in fashion-forward designs since it was introduced in the 1980s, but its still a timeless classic. The soft and supple leather sneaker is paired with a die-cut EVA midsole and a durable rubber outsole . The Classic is available in mens and womens sizes, and Reebok offers a 30% discount for verified healthcare workers.

Next, here are the best slippers that have arch support for aching feet.

Nike Air Zoom Pulse Sneaker $120 At Nike

Most Comfortable Shoes For Nurses, Doctors, and Healthcare Professionals

Another shoe built for and tested by nurses, the Nike Air Zoom Pulse is available in mens and womens sizes and comes in white/platinum, black/black, grey/pink/gold, and black/teal. A hybrid between an athletic shoe and a nursing clog, these slip-on sneakers provide both incredible cushioning and flexible traction all day long, the smooth upper surface protects against spills, and coated toe box stands up to all those levers youll be operating with your feet. The Pulses also feature a signature pulse design on the sole, cushioning, and liner, and verified medical professionals can apply for a 10% discount promo code on their purchase.

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Dont Forget Compression Socks

While it may be tempting to focus exclusively on which shoes you wear, you should also take a moment to think about what you wear inside of your shoes. You may not realize it, but your socks can have a big impact on how your legs feel at the end of a long shift. Compressions socks for nurses can help maintain adequate circulation to the feet and ankles during long work shifts, reducing fatigue and pain you might be experiencing.

How To Shop For The Best Insoles For Plantar Fasciitis

Over-the-counter insoles are a good first option to try before considering getting fitted for custom orthotics, which usually require a doctors prescription, Dr. Jung says. Just keep in mind that there isnt much research out there on how well store-bought inserts work or which ones are the most effective, says Kamran Hamid, M.D., M.P.H., a foot and ankle surgeon at Midwest Orthopedics at Rush University in Chicago.

Thats why personal comfort counts for a lot. The most important aspect is how they feel to you, Dr. Hamid says. Some are helpful and some may exacerbate your condition.

Its also important to note that store-bought inserts are just one option for managing plantar fasciitis pain. Shoes for plantar fasciitis are also worth looking into, as well as a night splint. So even though you can buy inserts without a prescription, you should still see your doctor before self-treating your foot pain. Its a good idea to confirm your diagnosis before spending a fortune on inserts, Dr. Hamid says.

When shopping for plantar fasciitis insoles, Dr. Jung and Dr. Hamid say you should find one that has cushioning under the arch and heel to provide extra support and redistribute pressure that can cause pain. It might involve a little bit of experimenting, so we rounded up top-rated options to help your search.

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Nike Revolution 5 Sneaker $65 At Nike

The Nike Revolutions low-profile design sits below the ankle, improving overall movement, while the padded interior and no-sew overlays offer both support and pillow-soft comfort. The sneakers lightweight knit material encourages maximum airflow around your feet and the flexible rubber outsole provides great traction on a variety of surfaces. The Revolution is available in 11 neutral and fashionable designs, and healthcare workers can cash in on a 10% discount by applying for a promo code.

Price Disclaimer

Slip-resistant, stain-resistant, and lightweight, Nurse Mates Velocity shoe offers an athletic feel while still being a professional-looking shoeperfect for those offices with a strict dress code! The included Align orthotic insole helps to correct your foot alignment for optimal support and comfort, and padded soles offer extra shock protection. Available in neutral black, white, and grey, the Velocity also comes in several fun prints and wide widths.

Merrell Womens Jungle Moc Slip

Nike Releases New Shoes For Doctors And Nurses, But Nurses ...

These womens surgeon shoes feature a 100% leather and textile design. Also, there is a rubber sole in this shoe as well. Therefore, these are stylish and durable shoes for surgeons. Furthermore, an affordable price tag is very appealing for anyone on a budget. So if you are a female surgeon craving value then get these shoes. They are certainly amongst some of the best shoes for surgeons on the market.

The shoe lining is covered with an Aegis anti-microbial chemical and it features a synthetic upper. As a result, you enjoy support and shoes that smell great. Long days on the job can make you sweaty and smelly. It happens. So get some shoes that work for you on the job. All the while, the molded nylon arch shank is great for anyone that needs some arch support. Look for the right fit when it comes to the best shoes for surgeons on the market.

A Merrell Air Cushion heel is great for surgeons in need of heel support as well. All-in-all these are some of the best-priced surgeon shoes available. But, you do not sacrifice any quality with these shoes. Instead, you get convenient slip-on shoes that are a wonderful fit. However, keep in mind that these shoes may potentially run small.

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Best Physician Shoes: La Milano Double Monk

  • Little expensive
  • Lack of removable insoles

Dansko is a prominent name of footwear in the world. It comes from Denmark and was found in the 1990s. The meaning of this brand is everything is ready for work and the wearers ought to feel confident in their styles. They are also comfortable when stepping on the surface through Dansko professional clog.

Made of leather in the upper and a full rubber in the soles, you will have a high-quality pair of shoes. It is spill-resistant and easy to clean with a few simple steps. Because the materials are high-quality, the price is a little expensive.

The product has a wide room in the toe box, so wide feet people still are comfortable when taking on. The rocker bottom supports your back muscles and enhances the spines curve, so a long shift is not a big problem.

How To Find Nursing Shoes For Your Needs

It is important to know how to find the best shoes for nurses on feet all day. Buying these shoes is an investment for nurses, and they need to find shoes that give them great value for their money.

It is first very important to understand the shape of ones feet and the manner by which ones weight is displaced when standing or walking. Different shoes work for different people, so it is essential to understand ones own needs before buying a pair, instead of simply getting what other people are using.

Nurses may also consider any medical or physical condition that they may have before deciding on what shoes to buy. Some shoes especially cater to certain needs such as flat feet, wide feet, or high arches. Some nurses may also need to wear different shoes when they are suffering from back or leg pain, bunions or when they are pregnant, also nurses suffering from plantar fasciitis.

Understanding ones needs helps nurses in making the right choice. This in turn allows them to function better and do their job more efficiently.

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Hoka Bondi 7 Sneaker $150 At Hoka One One

Another favorite brand among healthcare professionals, Hokas Bondi 7 sneaker is the most cushioned shoe in the brands line and a consistent top seller. A plush memory foam collar hugs the ankle for a snug fit, while a compression-molded EVA midsole cradles the full length of the shoes sole. Available in more than 10 neutral colors and whimsical combosas well as mens sizes and extra-wide widths.

Skechers For Work Mens Flex Advantage Mcallen Slip

Best Shoes for Nurses and Doctors

There are customers that often overlook Skechers shoes because it is not a household shoe name. However, Skechers recently renovated their company design and shoe stylings. Thus, they now focus on creating comfortable shoes that slip-on conveniently. Therefore, they obviously make some of the best shoes for surgeons. Now, this pair is specifically for men. So women are going to want to look elsewhere for their shoes. But, any male surgeon should jump on these great shoes.

This specific Skechers shoe is a #1 best seller on Amazon. So there are a lot of customers that love the easy slip-on design. The 100% synthetic material is versatile and flexible. As a result, the shoes move and bend to meet your movements. The natural feel is wonderful for long work days. The mesh fabric upper is a highlight of the flexibility. Move freely without any constraint in your workplace.

The best part of these shoes comes in the form of support. First, there is a memory foam insole for enhanced cushioning. Furthermore, the slip-resistant design is incredibly convenient. After all, there could be fluids on a hospital floor at any given moment. So you need shoes that can take on adverse floor surfaces. Now, keep in mind some customers complained of durability issues. But at the same time, other customers praised the durability of these shoes. Be sure to weigh this information to buy the best shoes for surgeons.

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How To Choose The Best Shoes For Bunions

The widest point of your foot should correspond with the widest part of the shoe, says Karen Langone, D.P.M., a podiatrist based in Southampton, New York. Your bunions will also find solace in pairs featuring a wide toe box, and constructed using materials with a bit of give, like soft leather or fabric, Dr. Friedman explains.

Paul Langer, D.P.M., a sports medicine podiatrist who trains athletes at Twin Cities Orthopedics in Minneapolis, Minnesota and is a SuperFeet wellness panel member, says that shoes with lots of height aren’t the best choice. High heels increase pressure on the bunion as well so lower heels will help minimize pain, he notes.

You also want to avoid shoes that are too narrow and small. Wearing shoes that are misfit is a leading factor in the development of bunions, says Matt Gooch, M.S., C.Ped, director of product and innovation with Superfeet Worldwide, Inc. Once you have a bunion, they often make your forefoot wider than it was originally, so being even more aware of how tight shoes fit around the ball of your foot is essential.

It may seem like your options within those parameters are limited or orthopedic-looking, but there are actually plenty of bunion-friendly shoes that are anything but. That said, Dr. Langer says the best way to find shoes for bunions is to try them on and see how you feel in them. Comfort is so personal and subjective. It is best to be able to try on as many shoes as needed to find best option for you.

Best For Men: Oofos Unisex Clog

  • Slippery onwet surfaces

  • Lacks width options

Oofos is another comfort-focused footwear brand that’s perfect for nurses. Their Clog style is one of their more popular styles for healthcare workers, who swear they are significantly more comfortable than other brands. They utilize the brands OOfoam Recovery Technology, absorbing over one-third more impact than traditional footwear foam. They also cradle your aches, reducing stress on the feet, ankles, knees, and lower back. They are also made out of closed-cell foam, meaning you can throw them in the washing machine for an easy cleaning solution.

Materials: OOfoam | Sizes Available: 6-11 women, 4-9 men | Width: Medium | Arch Support: Yes

  • Lacks width options

  • Lack breathability

If you’re standing on your feet all day, you need shoes that can keep up. Bala’s Twelves are designed with comfort in mind. These sleek, stylish, and fluid-resistant shoes are great for both in and out of the hospital. Their high-traction outsoles help prevent slipping and their thick cushioning heel keeps ankles supported through long shifts.

Materials: Knit, glove-like base layer polyurethane foam soles high-traction rubber treads | Sizes Available: 5-12 | Width: Medium | Arch Support: Arch M-Brace

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