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Best Crew Socks For Sneakers

What Color Socks To Wear With Sneakers


Sneakers are available in different colors. You cant decide the color of the socks without seeing the sneakers. Basically, what color socks to wear with sneakers is depending on the color of the sneakers.

You can wear contrast color socks or matching color socks with the sneakers. If you read our article then you can know more about what color socks go perfect to which color sneakers.

How To Shop For The Best Workout Socks Plus 15 Expert

Considering you cant really try on socks before purchasing them, figuring out which pairs suit your feet best for a workout can be a bit tricky. If you know what youre looking for, though, that hurdle will be a thing of the past.

When on the hunt for a great pair of athletic socks, Cameron Countryman, a certified personal trainer and Onyx trainer, suggests taking five variables into consideration.

Cozy Up With The Best Flannels Of The Fall In 2022

Its time to pair down your sock drawer for 2022.

Socks may not be the most glamorous thing to have a shopping spree for, but they are an essential for everyone.

We all know that somehow the washing machine likes to separate pairs of socks and leave strays, and beyond that, ratty socks with holes in them are surely still sitting at the back of your dresser.

Now is the time to sort some socks and see what you have to work with. After decluttering a bit, read about our top recommendations for the best mens sock brands in 2022.

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Our edit includes low-rise options for every day use that you can wear with sneakers, high socks for boots and dress socks to pair with loafers at your next wedding or a day in the office. Plus, we may have slipped in a pair of funny socks too, perfect for the jokester or as a great gag gift for anyone.

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The Best Budget Socks For Sneakers

If youre the type of person whos looking for a good deal, Hanes low-cut socks are the way to go. This pack of 10 pairs is largely made from cotton for comfort, breathability, and durability, but it also contains spandex for a form-fitting stretch. The socks ankle-height design works with sneakers of all kinds, while their thicker bottoms help to cushion your feet as you walk all for roughly $1 a pair. Theyre available in white and black.

  • Material: 69% cotton, 28% polyester, 1% natural latex rubber, 1% spandex, 1% other fiber
  • Available sizes: 5-9 8-12

One reviewer wrote: I wear size 8 1/2 sneakers and these are a perfect fit. Theyre surprisingly soft, theyre comfortably snug and the price is right. Id buy them again.

How To Shop For Athletic Socks


First of all, you want to make sure the comfort and fit are correct. A sock that slides around in your shoe or down your foot while trying to run or physically train is one of the most frustrating feelings, said Countryman. The first thing I notice when I place a sock on my foot is how snug it is I never want something so tight that it’s going to cut off circulation or leave fabric marks on my skin, but I also want to feel support around important areas like my Achilles and my arch.

The next factor to consider is moisture absorption and breathability. Foot sweat and moisture is any crossfitters or marathon runner’s worst nightmare, explained Countryman. With moisture comes friction and with friction comes blisters. Our feet are our biggest asset in regard to transportation and activity and no one wants their active lifestyle to be halted because of painful blisters that take days to heal.

Style is another factor to take into consideration, as well as durability. Socks go through the washing machine more than any other piece of clothing, said Countryman. I don’t want to purchase a sock that is going to be broken down after multiple washes and lose its fit. Having a sock that can last in the wash and still provide that comfort is key.

Taking these five things into account, weve rounded up the best athletic socks, according to fitness fanatics and athletes, below.

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Opt For Speciality Socks

Many of the biggest brands like Nike and adidas sell general or everyday athletic socks that dont offer the same protection and comfort as a specialty sock designed specifically for tennis.

If youve been disappointed with your socks in the past, this is likely the culprit. Yes, a specialty pair from a reputable brand like Thorlos will cost more, and you may end up buying one pair at a time vs. a six-pack, but you should expect more from them, and you wont be disappointed.

Nike Everyday Cushioned Crew

These are a decent backup option if youre considering the Nike Elite Crew socks but cant quite get over the price.

However, its important to note that they have a different feel because cotton is their primary material compared to the Nike Elites, which features more stretchy polyester.

They offer mid-ranged comfort, incorporate Nikes Dri Fit technology to help keep your feet dry, and a band that wraps your foot to help maintain a secure fit to deliver well-rounded performance at a reasonable price.

Because theyre thinner, I find these are a solid option if youre looking to test out wearing two socks.


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What To Look For When Buying Crew Socks

When buying crew socks, look for a pair that is made of a comfortable material.

Cotton crew socks are a good option for everyday wear.

Wool crew socks are ideal for cold weather. Synthetic blends are ideal for athletes or people who are active. Choose a pair of crew socks that fit snugly around the ankle and calf.

Try Wearing Two Pairs


Im a big fan of wearing two pairs of socks and have found it delivers the best performance. Unsurprisingly, many players have never even considered wearing two pairs.

If youve never tried it before, Id encourage you to give it a go. Its an easy experiment to run, and although its not for everyone, you might be surprised that you prefer the feel.

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The Benefits Of Wearing Crew Socks

  • Crew socks are a type of sock that extends to the mid-calf.
  • Crew socks are usually made from a thicker material than other types of socks, which makes them ideal for wearing in cold weather.
  • Crew socks can also be worn in warmer weather, but they may not be as comfortable as thinner socks.
  • Wearing crew socks can help to prevent blisters and chafing on the feet.
  • Crew socks can be worn with a variety of different shoes, including sneakers, dress shoes, and boots.

Overall, crew socks are a great option for both cold and warm weather.

They are made from a thicker material that helps to prevent blisters and chafing on the feet. Additionally, they can be worn with a variety of different shoes.

Best Active: American Trench Mil

American Trench

Traditionally, crew socks are worn with athletic sneakers, so they are made for this category. But, these American Trench socks arent your typical crew socksthey are made with an anti-microbial silver filament yarn to ward off bacteria and help keep your feet fresh while you work out. The socks also have a compression band that wraps around the foot for added support during physical activity.

Material: Cotton, nylon, spandex, anti-microbial silver | Size Range: One size

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These Comfortable Socks For All

For those who are on their feet all day long, there are these Saucony performance socks. Theyre a best-seller in their category because they incorporate several features to reduce foot fatigue, namely: mesh fabric for breathability, cushioning for comfort, arch support for compression, special seams to prevent chafing, and a padded tab to protect your heel. Theyre also available in tons of cool colors, and everyone from nurses to owners of cleaning companies have attested that when youre on your feet all day, these socks stay dry, comfortable, and supportive.

  • Material: 98% polyester, 2% spandex
  • Available sizes: 5-7 10-13

One reviewer wrote: I was looking for comfort and cushion and these provide both. Im a nurse and wore them today. I was on my feet all day, seeing 28 patients before Noon! These held up great all day.

Jcrew Athletic Crew Socks

Under Armour Unisex Performance Tech Crew Socks, 6 Pairs

Getting a workout in doesnt have to exclude you from staying stylish, and J.Crew knows that. With the upscale shopping mall staples Athletic Crew Socks, you can keep things plain, simple, and, above all else, sporty. Plus, these are made with a sustainable blend of cotton and nylon, ensuring that the socks are still eco-friendly regardless of the fact that theyre coming from such a large company.

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Item Added To Your Cart

In particular, the arrangement of the logo in combination with the color selection makes this package something special

These socks are amazing. I initially bought one pair to test them out but after wearing them for one hour I decided that I needed two more pairs which I ordered. Nicely cushioned from toe to heal, not too thick either and they are great sneaker socks. 5+ stars.

Very nice Socks with high Quality and a good feeling on feet.

Superb quality socks and I love the design and colours – great logo too! Super fast delivery from the US to the UK..! Will absolutely buy again .. 5*

I want to clear out my entire collection of socks and only wear Dead Socks from now on. These are great! And amazing support and delivery. Highly recommend!

Im a huge fan of the Dead Sock brand. Their socks are soft and squishy, they colors and designs are cool, and they look amazing with sneakers. Theyre everything you could want and you cant get them anywhere else. Deadass awesome socks!

Got two pairs of socks, stickers, and pins all with a hand written note. Quality is amazing. My wife loved them for Christmas. 1000% would recommend. Shipped fast and will order again at some point

What Socks To Wear With Sneakers And Leggings

A pair of mid-calf or crew socks are great to wear with sneakers and leggings. If you wear black leggings then you can wear matching color socks. A pair of printed white, red, or gray color socks also give you the perfect styling with black leggings. As well as any contrast color socks will be great for the leggings.

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These Are The Best Socks Once And For All


Gramicci’s Slub Crew Sock is basically everything we look for in a sock. The off-white color means you get the versatility of a white sock without the sportswear connotations. A long ribbed collar ensures that the rim doesn’t cut off ankle circulation like lesser pairs can, too.

Polo Ralph Lauren

Ralph obviously deserved a spot in this roundup. The designer has been providing some of the best men’s socks around for decades and this colorful pair shows it’s not stopping soon. Four multicolor ponies embroidered to the collar offer just the right amount of decoration.


Trefoil Quarter Socks

For many guys, sock buying means a once-a-year stock-up and for those situations you’re going to want a solid base of staples. These adidas Trefoil socks come in a pack of 6 which should keep you going for a while. Once these are the core of your sock drawer, you can begin adding more luxurious options to the peripheries.

Eric Emanuel

Eric Emanuel uses the frankly legendary adidas Tube Sock as the blank canvas for his signature varsity design language. The EE logo sits front and center, atop a two-tone band in rich burgundy and gold.

MAAP Alt Road Socks



Ami Paris



What Are Crew Socks


Crew socks are a type of sock that come up to the calf or just below the knee.

They are usually made from a thicker material than other types of socks, such as ankle socks.

This makes them ideal for wearing with boots or other shoes that cover the ankle.

Crew socks are often made from wool or a synthetic material. This helps to make them warm and comfortable to wear in colder weather. 

They may also have a padded footbed to provide additional warmth and comfort.

Crew socks come in a variety of colors and patterns. They can be plain or patterned.

Patterned crew socks are often worn as part of a uniform, such as in school or in sports.

Crew socks are typically affordable and easy to find in stores. They are often sold in packs of multiple pairs.

Overall, crew socks are a type of sock that come up to the calf or just below the knee.

They are usually made from a thicker material than other types of socks, making them ideal for wearing with boots or other shoes that cover the ankle.

Crew socks are often made from wool or a synthetic material, which helps to make them warm and comfortable to wear in colder weather.

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Best Color Options: Los Angeles Apparel Flat Knit Rib Crew Sock

Los Angeles Apparel

If you love colorful socks, you are likely looking for crew socks with some good hues to choose from. We love these Los Angeles Apparel socks because they boast a classic silhouette, excellent calf height, and come in tons of colors. From neutrals to muted pastels, these socks are a great way to show off your colorful personality through your soles.

Material: Cotton | Size Range: 9-11

Why You Should Trust Us

Buck Yedor, our lead tester on this project, has walked the walk to understand the ins and outs of what makes a quality sock. From his time spent working with Yosemite Search and Rescue to years as a professional rock climbing route setter, having a comfortable and high-performing sock has always been crucial for long days spent working on his feet.

First and foremost, socks need to be comfortable we believe not many pieces of clothing can impact your comfort as much as a sock. As the barrier between you and your shoes, socks receive an incredible amount of abuse. We independently purchased ten pairs of socks, ranging from budget multipacks to more premium options, to determine which ones will keep your feet the happiest.

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Color Of Your Sneakers

Your sneaker color plays a significant role in what kind of socks to wear with your sneakers. Most people often strive to match the color of their socks with the color of their sneakers.

For instance, black sneakers, they pretty much go with anything and everything, black sneakers go with most clothes, pants, socks, and other accessories.

If you are wearing white sneakers in the summer with shorts, you rather wear no-show socks to show off your sneakers or the usual style with shorts is to wear colorful crew length socks.

For any other color or colorful sneakers, it’s better to match the color of your socks with the color of your sneakers.

American Trench Kennedy Luxury Athletic Sock Wolverine Men

Labeling any pair of socks as presidential seems a bit far-fetched, but it is a sufficient way to describe this classic style. American Trenchs JFK-inspired pair is crafted from fine Supima cotton and rounded out with a cushioned sole, as well as a reinforced heel and toe area. Made right in the heart of Pennsylvania, no brand on the list exudes Americana as much as these.

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Factors To Consider When Getting Crew Socks For Men

The best feature of crew socks is that they are comfortable and breathable, and they last longer compared to simple socks. It is a must-have in your wardrobe if you want to pair them up with stylish outfits to create different looks.

However, you must consider certain factors before purchasing crew socks for men in 2021.

So let’s look at the factors of consideration before purchasing the best crew socks for men below.


The first thing to consider while purchasing crew socks is the material. Crew socks are supposed to keep you comfortable and protect your feet, but if the material is not good enough, it will not do that for you.

Feet contain more sweat glands than the rest of the body, which is why you need the right fabric, so it does not harm your feet. Make sure that you choose a material that does not absorb too much sweat otherwise, you will end up getting blistered feet.

Please don’t go for a natural fabric like cotton because it will absorb all the moisture and create an unpleasant odor. Choosing the right material when selecting crew socks does wonders for you.

Purpose of Crew Socks

The next thing you should keep in your mind while choosing the best crew socks for men is the purpose you are getting them for. You should decide whether you want to wear the socks to work or during athletic activities. Keeping this factor in mind will help you decide the socks you need to purchase according to your performing activities.

Fitting of Socks

Look on the Feet

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