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The Essential Mens Boot Styles For 2022

Givenchy Urban Street Leather Sneakers Unboxing, Review and On Feet

Work boots were once what you wore on a building site or down a mine now, they’re the footwear of choice for men who work in ad agencies. Which is strange, but good, because luxury brands have started to put their spin on the silhouette and you don’t really want to ruin your Cucinelli work boots by dropping a girder on them.

In any case, were talking about rugged, stompy boots with a hefty upper, padded collars and a chunky sole, for protecting your feet from wayward nails or, in your case, really big puddles. Brown Timberlands are classic , but if your style leans more selvedge-and-flannel than Wu Tang hoodie, then Red Wings Classic Moc should be the work boot of choice.

Medium Brown Nubuck, £189,

Proper, heading-up-the-Matterhorn hiking boots are overkill for those of us whose idea of the great outdoors is an afternoon spent in a beer garden. But in recent years, theyve crept into the mainstream thanks to the rise of sensible, utilitarian fashion. Now, this categorically does not mean actual hiking boots, which tend to be made from day-glo nylon and, while wonderful when you’re tramping up the Eiger, don’t look quite as good with a suit.

Gucci + The North Face Logo-Embroidered Monogrammed Canvas and Leather Hiking Boots, £1,050,

Chelsea Boots, £525,

Stow Full-Grain Leather Brogue Boots, £445,

Alperton Full-Grain Leather Boots, £350,

What To Look For In A Pair Of Men’s Boots

A chunky boot can be the life raft in your morning commute when the puddles are deep, the snow is slushy and its too late to turn back. The criteria for cold-weather boots is different to the sleeker styles you wore all summer . Forget sleek, narrow silhouettes, look past fine suede and supple Italian leather, and opt instead for something that summons adjectives like, “chunky”, “hefty”, “shit-kicking” etc.

Though the human race can knock out a new iPhone every 12 months, the tech that keeps our feet warm and dry has gone largely unchanged for 5,000 years. I would always recommend boots with leather uppers, says Neil Kirkby, from heritage shoemaker Cheaney. The natural material adapts to the shape of your feet with each wear, making them extremely comfortable for the long term, and when looked after properly can endure many seasons to come.

Like most things in life, you get what you pay for when it comes to leather. The gold standard is full-grain leather, which can often be identified by a pebbly, textured finish. As the name suggests, full-grain uses the complete skin and as a result is stronger and more water-resistant.

Not only are boots one of the easiest pieces to incorporate into a mans winter wardrobe, they are also extremely comfortable, and offer great support and warmth during the cold and unpredictable months.

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