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Lems Trailhead Sneakers Men’s

Features Lems Trailhead V2

My most worn boot got an upgrade! – Lems

MOUNTAIN-TO-TOWN OUTSOLE. Engineered with a new, low profile, rubber tread that has the best of both worlds: ample traction on trails, AND excellent durability on pavement.

WIDE TOE BOX. We’ve re-designed the original Lems Last for a more active fit. This new sneaker features a foot-shaped toe box, paired with a slim heel fit.

RUGGED UPPER. The upper is made of durable materials that stand up to the abuses of trails, and also daily wear and tear.

LOW HEEL DROP. With 4mm of drop, compared to the traditional 12mm of drop, the Trailhead naturally decreases heel-striking for a more natural gait and healthier posture.

RETRO SNEAKER STYLING. We wanted a shoe that can perform both on the trails AND look great around town – so we took inspiration from 90’s running sneakers.

FIRM CUSHIONING. When your foot is on too soft of cushion, you end up with pain and discomfort. We’ve formulated a firm EVA midsole that’ll keep your feet happy all day long.

  • Upper: Microfiber and air mesh
  • Midsole: EVA Trail-to-Town
  • Outsole: Full-length rubber specifically engineered for both trail and pavement
  • Last: Lems Natural-Shaped last
  • Rock Plate: 1.2mm trail plate
  • Footbed: 4.5mm breathable molded PU
  • Weight: 11.7 oz. / 9.5 oz.
  • Collection: Mountain to Town

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Is The Lems Trailhead A Good Hiking Shoe

If your idea of a hiking shoe is a cast-like boot which can withstand hellacious nettles and surprise ankle strikes from rattlers, hiking in the Trailhead wont be your cup of tea.

However, if you prefer a more streamlined running shoe feel with your hiking shoes, you can definitely hike comfortably in these. The heel-to-toe drop is about 4mm so they are nice and flat to the ground.

The sole has good grip and is thick enough to handle scrambling on rocks and terrain. Plus, the uppers are reasonably tough.

Would I use these as my primary hiking shoe? No.

Would I use these as my primary running shoe? No.

Would I wear these shoes all the time for lifestyle which might include hiking, running, work, and travel? Yes!

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We Suggest You Order A Half Size Larger Than Your Usual Uk Shoe Size Also They Are A ‘d’ Width

If the original Trailhead wasnt the ideal shoe for you, whether it was too narrow or uncomfortable, we couldnt be more excited for you to experience the improvements weve made. Here at Lems, we fully believe you will fall in love with the new Trailhead, and were excited to hear what you think about it.

If you’re looking for a pair of minimalist hiking shoes that can do it all, the Trailhead V2 is the answer to your every move. Comprised of microfiber and air mesh, with a full-length rubber outsole, these lightweight vegan friendly trail shoes are equipped to take on the trail and tackle the city streets, all in the same day.

*Please Note: The Trailhead has a slimmer fit than the Primal 2 – WE RECOMMEND ORDERING THIS IN A HALF SIZE GREATER THAN YOUR USUAL UK SHOE SIZE.


Technical Specs

  • COLORWAYS: 3 – Sequoia, Redwood and Sage
  • UPPER: Microfiber and air mesh
  • TRAIL-TO-TOWN OUTSOLE: Full length rubber specifically engineered for both trail and pavement
  • LAST: Active Functional Fit V2 is wider than original
  • FOOTBED: 4.5mm breathable molded PU
  • WEIGHT: 11.7 oz. / 9.5 oz.
  • ADDITIONAL INFO: Vegan friendly

Lems Trailhead Version 1

Lems Men

What sealed the deal Lems Trailhead version 1 went on super sale as the Trailhead version 2 was released. I ordered a pair of Lems Trailhead v1 and loved them!

The Lems Trailhead v 1 are awesome hiking shoes, good structure and grip, super comfortable and durable. All around a really high quality shoe. These quickly became not only my favorite hiking shoe, but also one of my favorite all around shoes. The Mountain to Town label for these shoes is certainly true. They have enough structure and function for hiking, but arent super bulky and are light enough to wear for everyday adventures. It definitely fits the minimalists idea of footwear, its everything you need and nothing you dont.

Lems did a wonderful job of highlighting all of the improvements made between the v1 and v2 of their Trailhead shoe. The link below has their comparison, which was extremely helpful in deciding what features Id be getting in the Trailhead v1. Since I was getting the Lems Trailhead v1 at a big discount , it was nice to see exactly what theyd improved on and decide if I was willing to give them a try. Way to go Lems Shoes on listening to their customers and making changes!

The more I started to fall in love with the Lems Trailhead shoe I couldnt help but wonder if the improvements really made this hiking shoe even better. After quite a few miles in the Lems Trailhead v1, I sprung for the Lems Trailhead v2 It was well worth it!

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Lems Trailhead Ryk Loves You

Im not sure weve ever given out a perfect score here at RYK, but this shoe comes close. The attention to detail shows and its great to see a smaller shoe company bring something fresh and fun.

At home on the trails and the streets, the Lems Trailhead v2 is a fantastic shoe receiving a nearly perfect score from RYK. Treat yourself or surprise another with these great shoes.

RYK Score:

Lems Trailhead V2 Review

I put these shoes through their paces during a two week trip to Morocco — sand, cities, mountains, and more.

By:Kyle Frost+ Save to a List

I recently spent two weeks traveling around the beautiful country of Morocco. While I often bring a pair of very casual shoes and another hiking-oriented pair, I wanted to pack a bit lighter and see if I could find something that fit both. I was looking for something that I could wear around cities all day and look “good” but could also tackle trails as well.

A few people recommended Lems to me — and since I’m a Boulder local, I decided I needed to take a pair for a spin. Lems makes “zero-drop” shoes, which means that the sole is more or less flat from the heel to the toe. I’ve previously owned their Boulder Boots, which are great travel shoes but not particularly sturdy. However, the new Trailhead V2s have the same comfortable toe box of the Boulder Boot, but a much sturdier and more functional sole .

Plus, I think they just look great. Lems has positioned them as a “Mountain to Town” shoe, and I think that’s an apt description.

We spent much of our time in the crowded medinas of Morocco, in both Marrakech and Fez. This involved a lot of wandering around dirt or cobblestone streets for 10-15 miles a day . I felt great wearing the Trailheads all day they’re quite comfortable and I didn’t feel like I experienced any extra fatigue. As a bonus, I didn’t look like I was trekking around town in a pair of hiking boots.

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What Picture Do Lems Hiking Shoes Paint Price

The short answer is a captivating one. The long answer: You will hardly raise an eyebrow after seeing that the most you need to shell out for these is nothing north of $130. You can say that Lems hiking shoes are some of the most affordable trail kicks on the market. Now imagine how much less you need to pay with our help!

A Fascinating Collection Of Lems Hiking Shoes For Men And Women

The Only 5 Sneakers You Will Ever Need

If you are in serious search of barefoot hiking shoes, you have wound up in the right place. Lems, after all, is one of our main contributors when it comes to such hikers.

Besides heightened underfoot sensitivity, ninja-like mobility is also yours in Lems hiking shoes. This is because most of these must-owns are rather weightless, not going over 700 g a pair on average. They are not part of our lightest bunch for no reason!

Scouting for breathable hikers? If so, you will also find these must-haves to your liking.

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Lems Trailhead Review My Favorite Hiking Shoes Made Better

I recently went back to school to get my masters degree, then spent about a year taking the CPA Exams. At the end of that process, I realized it had flown by and Id been sedentary and sitting down for 93% of the past three years. I found myself out of shape, worn out and with tons of bad habits.

Hiking provided an excellent way to both reengage with nature and get active again. When I initially started hiking, I just used my normal tennis shoes or chacos. It was great! Moving around, seeing nature and new places. But after a few episodes of scooting down an incline on my backside, I realized it was time to get actual hiking shoes with a bit more grip, structure and tread.

Since Im a part-time adventurer, price was a factor for me. Certainly not the only factor, but it was some thing to consider. I first scoped out Lems while googling hiking shoe reviews and in full disclosure, it was the appearance and style that caught me first. Usually, the way things look is the last thing on my list, way below function, but these certainly caught my eye. I read a couple of reviews that supported my affection for these kicks!

The Perfect All Around Shoe

The template for the Trailhead shoe is definitely a hiking one, but Lems has found an unusual balance of durability, style, and minimalism. These fit in on any trail but also many offices.

Take any feature on the shoe and consider: the lugs are aggressive and sturdy, but come in a stylish gum look. The laces are thick and durable, but speckled with a fun pattern. This balance holds true for all elements of the shoe, from the speckled heel effect to the textured and multi-toned materials.

As a person who goes shopping for clothes once every 2-3 years, and then buys a bunch of v-necks on Old Navy and calls it good the Lems Trailhead put a smile on my face. I can just wear these shoes all the time and theyll work.

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Trailhead V2 Shoe Fit

My shoe size is typically 14 wide . New Balance tends to work well for me and buying a normal size 14 width is rolling the dice, usually ending up in a return.

Lems takes an approach similar to Altras which allows for a roomier and more natural toe box. The size 14 Trailhead fits perfectly.

If youve had issues with narrow toe boxes, theres a good chance youll like this shoe. I also havent noticed the to area being too roomy and gushy as Altras tend to feel on my foot.

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