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Women’s Sneakers Size 11.5

What Is The Difference Between Womens And Mens Shoe Sizes

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The main difference between womens and mens shoe sizes is length and width. Womens and mens shoes have a size difference of roughly 1.5 sizes. If you want to convert a mans shoe size to a womens, for instance, a US womens shoe size 8.5 corresponds to a mans shoe size 7. In terms of shoe width, the womens shoe tends to be wider in the toe and forefoot area, and it gets narrower towards the heel. Mens shoes, on the other hand, are generally built to be wider than womens shoes in the sole and heel area, as on average they support a heavier body.

Origin Stories: The Launch

Famous or infamous? for bold colors and eye-catching styles, the Launch was introduced in the spring of 2009 as a lightweight neutral trainer with a little extra softness. The name was inspired by our Hansons pro team, who would meet at a boat launch to start workouts around a lakefront path. Despite a brief absence from 2012-2014, the Launch was so loved that in 2015, after a vocal group of runners called for the shoes return, we introduced the Launch 2.

The Launch continues to keep runners moving fast and light on their feet, now with the option of support.

How To Convert Womens Shoe Size To Mens Shoe Size

The easiest way to convert mens shoe size to womens is to add 1.5 to your existing US womens size to get the equivalent mens size. Example: A womens size 10 in mens is an 8.5. A size 10 mens in womens is an 11.5. So, there is a size difference of 1.5 between mens and womens sizes. As a rule of thumb, women should size down 1.5 sizes from mens shoe sizes.

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Us Size 13 Ladies Shoes

A US size 13 equates to a UK size 11, so when you are ordering your shoes please check which size the retailer has listed. If you are a US size 13 and are searching for hard to find sizes then check out our range of US size 13 ladies shoes, size 13 sneakers and size 13 pumps. Shop online for large size ladies shoes by clicking the link below. Happy shopping!

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