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Best Sneakers For Ingrown Toenails

Can Running Shoes Cause Ingrown Toenails

Start Wearing Closed-Toed Shoes After Ingrown Toenail Surgery!

Yes, there is a possibility of your running shoes causing ingrown toenails, especially if it is tight on the forefoot. However, this can be avoided by selecting running shoes that have a more spacious forefoot and a good toebox depth, so that the pressure on your toes is minimal.

Tips for selecting running shoes for ingrown toenails

  • Shop your running shoes in the evening when your feet are the largest.
  • Walk around in the shoe store wearing the running shoe to check for any tightness in the forefoot.
  • Jump ahead wearing the shoe as this will give you a proper understanding of toe splay while running.
  • Wear a sock and then try on the shoe.
  • Go for a wide shoe if the need be.

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  • Anuoluwapo

    Hi Juan,

    I can relate to what you just describe in this article. I have suffered from ingrowing toe nails for over five years. I under went 5 minor surgeries before I became free.

    Though thats at the expense of my toe nail. I did not have a choice but to ask for a procedure to deaden it. So right now I dont have any right toe nail anymore. The pain was so much that I could not bare it any longer. Going through this, I dont want my kids to experience what I went through.

    I didnt know that certain shoes have wider toe-boxes, even in the same size length and width.How can I know when you post new articles? I have already read several of them and I love the information you provide.


  • Wendy

    Hello Juan

    My child keeps complaining about his big toe hurting, especially when trying to play soccer.Thank you for a very informative article on ingrown toenails and how important it is for children to have the right size and type of shoe.Is a rounded toe-box better than a squared toe, or does it make a difference?

    I also like how you cover what socks to wear and how to treat ingrown toenails.

  • Gravity Defyer Proven Pain Relief Shoe

    If you love sports and athletic activities, the Gravity defyer proven pain relief shoe will allow you to get into the pitch despite your ingrown toenails. The pain relief footwear has a seamless interior, which prevents irritation. This is an important feature that will help with pain alleviation of your affected toe.

    You can also remove the insoles to create more room for orthotic support, especially if you have a bandage or other foot injury support utility. Another feature that makes this footwear one of the best shoes for ingrown toenails is the VersoShock technology.

    It is a shock-absorbing technology that absorbs waves from the ground and converts them to renewed positive energy. The front rocker sole has mid-foot support that provides stability for your foots sole, giving it an edge of coziness.

    The toe box is extra roomy, which gives your affected toes space to move around. The spaciousness can help in the relief of the toe condition.


    • The shoe has an athletic-inspired look, suitable for outdoor sporting activities.
    • It is very comfortable.
    • A roomy toe box gives room for your toes to move.
    • The mid-foot support offers stability.


    • Cleaning the shoe may be a hard task.

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    What Causes Ingrown Toenails And How To Prevent Them

    We mentioned at the top of this post that footwear that is too tight around the toes could cause ingrown toenails, but there are several other factors that can cause this problem. Indeed, it may be a combination of factors all working together, rather than just one cause. In no particular order, here are the common causes of ingrown toenails, as well as the actions you can take to prevent each of these causes, or at least mitigate the effect they have.

    What Shoes Should You Wear If You Have An Ingrown Toenail


    An ingrown toenail is that condition, which makes your life unbearably tough. You are not able to walk properly, but the injury is not that severe, to begin with. But when you are a school student, it becomes more painful as you are not able to skip school because of ingrown toenails! In this case, you need to figure out what to do with it.

    The best way to deal with ingrown toenails is to wear the right shoes. Any soft shoes provide a lot of support and have a big toe box that will come in handy during the time.

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    Vionic Womens Fitness Shoes

    For comfortable slip-on shoes, Womens Vionic is a seamless fit. The good thing with these shoes is that they allow proper air circulation, which ensures no bad smell that could cause some embarrassment when you slip off.

    They have a classic look that makes them attractive and with many colours on the upper for more options for selective women. They have EVA orthotic inserts covered with removable microfiber.

    Vionic Womens shoes are stable and comfortable due to sufficient cushioning in them that makes many people prefer them. Even if you wear the shoes for a whole week non-stop, you can be sure there is nothing like blisters or anything caused by pressure on your back or big toe. What makes Vionic Womens shoe ideal for people with ingrown toenail is that the toe box area is roomy enough to allow easy movement of the toes without hurting the injured toe.


    The Best Shoes For Ingrown Toenails

    These shoes can fit children with medium , wide , or extra wide feet. Disclosure: Keep in mind that we may receive commissions when you click our links and make purchases.

    • Available in medium, wide, and extra wide widths
    • Velcro closure

    To allow for growing room, I highly recommend that parents order these shoes half a size larger than their childs current foot size. This translates to 3/16 of an inch or 0.4 centimeters of space between your childs longest toe and the end of the shoes.

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    The Most Effective Way To Prevent An Ingrown Toenail Deeper Shoes

    As I have mentioned, the best way to prevent an ingrown toenail is to wear the correct type of shoes in the correct shoe size. Always avoid shoes that are too narrow that may squeeze your toes together.

    Seamless socks will also help prevent your toes from putting pressure against each other.

    Always examine your foot regularly, since you may not necessarily experience any discomfort when having an ingrown toenail.

    Be aware that if the ingrown toenail is left untreated or undetected, it may infect the underlying bone and might lead to a serious bone infection.

    I only review shoes that I have fitted before, since that is the only way for me to tell how well-made the shoes are the amount of support that they provide, and how they fit.

    Dont Suffer Let A Professional Podiatrist Help You

    Treating an Ingrown Toenail | Kansas Foot Center

    If youre in Los Angeles, California and want a professional podiatrist to help with your condition then contact Wound Institute of America, one of the top wound care clinics in California. If youre not in Los Angeles and want a recommendation on treatment in your area, contact us and we will provide the best recommended clinic in your area for treatment. Ingrown toenails are treatable and may be prevented with proper care.

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    Buying Guide Of Shoes For Ingrown Toenails

    • Is it durable?
    • Does it have all the functions that I need?
    • Does it offer any after – sales service or warranty?
    • How’s the user experience in this product?
    • How do I confirm that the self – acclaim statements are true?
    • Am I ripped off by the price?
    • We do not choose any random products, rather a huge amount of information about these products is collected by our super artificial intelligence from reliable sources.
    • Then we validate these and rank them based on their quality, price, features etc. using industry – standard criteria.

    Brand Value:Features:Specifications:Customer Ratings and Reviews:Durability:Availability:Value For The Money:

    Reviews From Our Wonderful Customers

    Professional, 10/10, truly competent, pleasant, kind, personable, funny, knowledgeable, very friendly staff, great service and hospitality, gentle, amazing bedside manner, prompt, exceeded expectations, courteous, life changer…

    from Google, Yelp, ZocDoc & HealthGrades reviews

    Dr. Patish’s orthotics have changed my life! I suffer from severely flat feet, which makes walking very painful. He listened to my concerns and made me multiple pairs of custom orthotics that fit perfectly into my sneakers. They even have a slight heel at the back, which make walking much more comfortable and give me a bit more height, which I greatly appreciate. Now I am able to walk for hours around my college campus and go to the gym with no pain. Dr. Patish also treated my ingrown toe nail, which was severe enough to require minor surgery. He is excellent at what he does and provided a calming presence throughout the procedure. He gave clear instructions on how to take care of my toe afterwards, and I have not had ingrown toe nail pains ever since!His office staff are also extremely welcoming, so you will always leave the office feeling cared for with all your questions answered. Will definitely be coming back to see Dr. Patish 🙂 – 3/22/2022

    The best foot doctor I have found in 40 years. – 12/20/2021

    Best orthotics ever! So comfortable, I could travel all over China and Malasia! Before , horrible pain from plantar fasciitis heel spurs. Best arch support ever! – 11/25/2021

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    The Toe Box Is Too Small Cramped And/or Misshapen

    In any shoe, your toes should be able to lie flat and straight ahead, as well as have room to wiggleup and down and side to side.

    If the toe box is too small or narrow, your toes will likely end up crammed together and relatively immobile, like sardines in a can. This exerts extra forces against the toesboth from the sides of the shoe pushing against the toes, and the toes pushing against each other. As these forces are continually exerted, they can cause the nails to start growing improperlyoften into the skin.

    Of course, if the shoe is just plain too short, youll have a similar problem with your toes jamming up against the front of your shoe. This can be just as problematic, especially if you tend to cut your toenails very short to begin with.

    Other Steps To Prevent Ingrown Toenails

    Best Shoes For Ingrown Toenails

    Ingrown toenails can be extremely painful. If you begin to experience them more often, you should look closely at the shoes you wear. Are they too tight? Too loose? Do they pinch or cramp your toes? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, your shoes may be the culprit.

    An appointment with Dr. Nagy will help you uncover the potential cause of your ingrown toenails. He can provide you with sound advice on what size or type of shoe is best for certain activities and what type is most beneficial in preventing problems with your feet, like toenail fungus, ingrown toenails, or fallen arches.

    A New Hampshire podiatrist at Nagy Footcare can examine your feet to detect any potential problems with your shoes or in general.

    If you have concerns about the shoes you wear, they can advise you on how your shoes are affecting your feet and what you can do to prevent potential harm. They can also identify any risks you may have when it comes to ingrown toenails, fallen arches or other problems.

    Contact Nagy Footcare today to schedule a consultation, find out how your shoes affect your feet, and what you can do to prevent potential pain and discomfort.

    At Nagy Footcare, our best day is the day you wake up with no foot pain.

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    Dr Comfort Womens Victory

    Next on the list is a pair off shoe designed for women. It is light weight shoe which gives comfort and protection to the women with ingrown toenails.

    Manufacturing material:

    The shoe is made of soft and synthetic mesh material. The mesh is what makes this pair of shoe the lightest one and also allows the feet to breathe even it is wore for longer hours.

    Sip-resistant sole:

    It is designed with a slip-resistant rubber sole which provides grip on the floor.

    Arch support:

    The shoe is built with cushioned insole which provides support to the arch.

    High traction outsole:

    It has a high traction outsole which is durable and protects the feet from external shocks.

    Color available:

    It is available in pink or white color variation.

    Rockport Womens Cobb Hill Aubrey

    Next on the list is this pair of shoe which is best for summers. Specially designed for summers but the front end of the shoe is closed and it looks stylish.

    Manufacturing material:

    This T-strap sandal is made of hundred per cent pure leather. This makes the shoe durable.


    It is a closed end shoe specially designed for summers and comes with a buckle at the ankle. You can also opt for this shoe if youâre out in the market for shopping or any casual meeting.

    Slip-resistant rubber outsole:

    The outsole of the shoe is made of slip-resistant rubber which makes it easy to walk on all kinds of surfaces.


    The heel size of the shoe is almost two inches and is sturdy in shape, which makes your gait good.

    EVA foot bed:

    The foot bed of the shoe is EVA made which gives maximum comfort and support.

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    Rockport Womens Aubrey View On Amazon

    For something a little more free and summery, Rockports Aubrey dress pump brings you that high-backed sandal look. Granted, high-backed sandals arent usually the first thing to come to mind when you are talking about toe comfort, but these dress pumps have a nice spacious protected toe area to keep your toes comfortable and safe.

    As you might expect, these are ideal for those warmer months, thanks to the mostly open design. They are also adjustable thanks to the T strap and sport a cushioned EVA footbed for additional comfort.

    • No good for cold weather

    If Infected Or Very Painful See Us To Ensure Proper Treatment

    Ingrown toenail removal treatment

    If none of the home remedies youve tried are helping, you suspect the ingrown toenail is infected, or you are in a lot of pain, seeing a professional podiatrist is the best choice.

    Theyll know how to best treat your ingrown toenail so you can finally get the relief you need and return to your normal activities as soon as possible. If youre unsure about anything related to your ingrown toenail, they can advise which remedies might work for you.

    As with any health condition, professionals know what works and what doesnt. Seeing a professional podiatrist is hands down the best option for fast recovery from your ingrown toenail, as well as any other foot-related conditions.

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    My Experience Fitting Childrens Shoes

    I have been fitting childrens shoes for over 10 years now, and I have seen a great number of children who have wide or extra feet. If these children are not wearing shoes that are wide enough, the toes will get cramped or pushed against the shoe. In addition to the risk of developing an ingrown toenail, they might also develop corns, calluses, and blisters.

    Before I show you a selection of the best shoes for ingrown toenails let me show you what are some of the most common causes of ingrown toenails.

    Skechers Performance Mens Go Walk 4 Walking Shoe

    Sketcher GoWalk for men is imperturbable shoes designed to give you comfy feeling when walking. The shoes further feature resalyte sole, which is very light and cushioned sufficiently to ensure the user feels absolute comfort and support.

    The upper part of the shoes has a complete mesh that not only allows proper air circulation but ensures they are lightweight and soft. The outsole design has a pure rocker rubber that makes them both stable and grips the ground firmly. Gowalk footwear comes with ortholite insole that protects the eliminate any kind of odor that could disrupt people who are close and causing fungal infections.


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    Seamless Socks For Ingrown Toenails Soft And Comfortable Socks

    You will find that most socks have seams right across the toes and some women hate feeling every lump and bump. The seams can also constrict toe movement and make your toes rub against each other.

    The best solution to this is wearing a pair of seamless socks. Moreover, lets take a look at what makes seamless socks so special for women:

    • As the name suggests, seamless socks are free of seams that can cause irritation and discomfort to the toes of your feet.
    • These socks have a unique design in which they do not have separate heels like traditional socks do. Therefore, seamless socks prevent lumps from forming in the socks and are comfortable for women to wear.
    • They are stronger and more durable than traditional socks.
    • They prevent our toes from rubbing or overlapping with each other.
    • They are easy to put on and fun to wear. They are fashionable, and you can choose from a wide variety of colors and styles.

    Below you can find a selection of the best seamless socks for women with ingrown toenails:

    Best For Men: Dr Comfort Carter Mens Casual Shoe View On Amazon

    10 Best Shoes for Ingrown Toenails [Reviews &  Top Picks]

    The company was confident enough to put comfort in their name, and we have to say this shoe does not disappoint in that department. This is a slip-on shoe with an adjustable velcro strap to allow you to get the fit just right. It is made from breathable lycra that has the added bonus of making the shoe machine washable.

    Inside, you will find a padded heel and tongue that should help keep your feet snug and secure in the shoe without placing uncomfortable pressure on you. Despite this padding, there is plenty of support from the midsole.

    • Not great for sufferers of Edema

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