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Where Can I Resell Sneakers

Use A Platform Like Ox Street To Sell Your Sneakers

How To Start Reselling Sneakers in 2022! (Complete Guide)

How it works

There are many different sites to resell your sneakers with the common ones like GOAT, StockX or even social media. But you can buy and sell sneakers easily on Ox Street as well. With a more targeted audience focused on the Asian market, we make reselling sneakers much easier and more accessible for sneaker resellers from the region. With an easy-to-use interface and making the process easier for both buyers and sellers by creating a trustworthy platform, Ox Street is easily one of the best apps to use for sneaker reselling especially for those based in Asia.

Sites like StockX can be used as a tool to help you in sneaker reselling by looking at the stats, previous sale resale prices, and current average resale prices of different types of sneakers. Its âmarket watchâ function also allows you to track the demand for the shoes, some of them even before they are released. Ox Street also allows you to easily see the prices listed by other sellers down to the different prices for different sizes as well to ensure you list the sneakers you wish to sell at a competitive price.

The buying and selling process

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Best Places To Sell Sneakers For Cash

posted on December 22, 2022This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclaimer for more information.

Whether youre decluttering or trying to earn extra income, there comes a time for everyone to get rid of things you no longer need.

Shoes are the perfect example. High-end pairs of sneakers and other footwear can fetch a high price, and there are plenty of online and local marketplaces you can use to find buyers.

So, before you toss those old shoes into the trash, it might be worth taking a look at them to see if they could be resold.

Many smart shoppers sell sneakers, clothes and other items when they are done with them for cold hard cash. This post is covering where to sell sneakers and how to get started with selling them.

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Do I Need A License To Resell Nike Shoes

No, you dont have to get a license to resell Nike shoes. Once you get the shoes, youll be the owner of the particular pair. Afterward, its totally up to you to use it yourself or resell it.

That being said, you need to be an authorized reseller if you want to use Nike branding. This means you can resell Nike shoes using your own brand name. However, if you want to use Nikes brand name, youll need to register as an authorized reseller.

My First Profitable Flips: Starting With $1 T

Resale Heaven

At thrift stores, I could pick up t-shirts for $1 or $2 and sell them for about $10.

I was able to make money doing this, but it was nowhere near enough to reach my goal of matching the current paycheck.

At best, I was making a $10 profit for each item I sold, and at the peak was selling 5 items per week. Its good that I was making some money on the side pretty consistently, but I became hungry for more and started to brainstorm ideas.

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Clean Your Sneakers If You Choose To Sell Them

Before actually reselling your sneakers after getting your hands on them, especially those that are not deadstock sneakers you have to clean them. This step is especially important if you want to maximise the price of the sneakers you want to sell by making sure they are in the best condition they can be. You should clean the entire sneaker if possible, but especially the midsoles and outsoles as those are the most obvious.

You might be wondering, what do I use to clean sneakers? This depends on the material your sneakers are made of. Mid and outsoles can be cleaned with a brush and some soap, but the uppers are the ones that might be trickier. Depending on whether it is leather or suede, you will have to use material-specific cleaning products while canvas and knitted materials are a bit more forgiving. There are also brands specialised for sneaker cleaning that you might want to check out like Jason Markk and Crep Protect.

Discovering The Sneaker Aftermarket

Searching through eBay, I filtered strictly by price and not by brand name. I was searching for items that were selling for around $500-1000 that I could make a profit from.

To my surprise, in the $1000 realm, among the name-brand luxury bags and other obviously expensive items were a pair of Nikes.

It was February 2015 and the shoes were the Air Jordan 2 Just Don.

Little did I know that this discovery would open the door to my most profitable flipping venture yet, and the one that would match and replace my job income.

I saw that many pairs were selling for nearly $1000 with a lot of bidding action. After doing some research, I found that these shoes were available at retail at $350. Instantly I knew that I wanted to start selling shoes.

Not only did these mark the checkbox of an item that sold for $500-1000, it exceeded my profit goal of $100 per item: I could make over $500 per shoe I sold!

I would only have to sell one shoe per week to make my $500 per week goal, and I could even make $1,000 in a week if I sold 2 shoes maybe even $1,000 in a day.

Nicks Notes: eBay takes a 10% fee on each sale.

My mind started spinning and I became super driven to learn all that I could about the shoe reselling game.

After spending hours of research and using the little money that I had saved, I bought my first pair of shoes to resell. It was a pair of Jordans that I bought for $190. I sold them hours later for $300 an $80 profit after shipping and fees.

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Are You Ready For The Rigors Of Reselling Shoes

This post offers a great overview, but you will need additional information if you’re getting into the game of buying and selling sneakers.

You don’t want to start in this kinda business too naive to the processes.

Without a mentor, your chances of losing money and wasting time are higher since you’re competing with experts.

If you’re ready to learn how to become a successful sneaker reseller, you’ll want a mentor to speed up the process.

Best Resell Sneaker Sites

HERE is How to Resell Sneakers as a Teenager 2023 ( With NO Money)

If you want to resell your sneakers faster, then these online sites are here for you. And these sites are growing exponentially and getting tricky for some people. Play your cards right and make real quick cash. Now that you have cooked pairs, it is time to resell them and move an extra step. These sites can make it possible. Here is where you can find the market now:

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Sneaker Reselling Tips From The Pros

Now that Google has made every thrift shop attendant into a sneaker aficionado, youre highly unlikely to find a pair of vintage Air Jordans in your local charity shop bargain bin. That means, for the novice reseller, new releases are your best bet.

Every other week theres a pair of shoes coming out which you can make £30-£50 on, Morrison says. Or you can buy several pairs, sit on them for a few months, and theyll probably be worth even more. If you want to make real money, though, youll have to put the effort in.

There are at least a handful of shoes throughout the year which will immediately go for 5-10 times the retail value of the shoe, and quite a lot more which will go for a 3-5 times markup. Those are usually the ones where you have to enter raffles, or camp out for the weekend. If you get your hands on them, though, its like winning a lottery ticket.


Sam Kersh, aka @sneakersocialite, is one of Instagrams OG sneaker resellers, with over 150,000 followers so his advice is worth listening to. You can find rare sneakers in all sorts of ways: general releases, resellers, suppliers in the industry and friends events, he says. As for how he makes his living, its all about using the tools already at your disposal: I mostly use Instagram, eBay, and Facebook groups to sell stock, he says.


Want To Get Rich Quick Reselling Sneakers These Guys Want To Help

All these stories start the same way: with a pair of sneakers purchased for the retail price, and then flipped for a profit. They start this way because odds are you, or someone you know, has done this very thing, or will very soon. And the odds are decent, too, that your path to that cash, or your brothers or your cousins, has resembled one of a handful of proven methods, whether it involves seed capital from the Bank of Dad or a little bit of gentle corporate hacking. Because as the secondary sneaker market has swelled to somewhere in the range of a $2 billion market with the potential to reach $6 billion by 2025, according to investment bank Cowen, its turned into a boondoggle for everyone involved.

The sneaker resale platform Goat acquired Flight Club last year and then received a $100 million investment from Foot Locker in February. StockX, where people can sell sneakers alongside watches and streetwear, is now valued at over $1 billion dollars. But those profits are also trickling downwards, where a cottage industry is forming, eager to reap the profits of sneaker reselling. Below are the group of people you meet when you start flipping sneakers for profit. They are entrepreneurs who want to make you rich, and just might succeed. But don’t mistake them for benevolentteaching you how to flip a half-dozen pairs of Yeezys will make them phenomenally wealthy, too.

Two AMNotfiy members show off their towering haul

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Who This Course Is For:

  • Anyone looking to get into reselling
  • Anyone looking to add a side extra side hustle to their rotation

Nathaniel NateLipkins is a 22 year old entrepreneur that pursues the strengths of the online world and use those same strengths to accomplish a life worth living. Since he was 13 years old, the online world has been a part of his life. To this day, Nate’s specialties include reselling of clothing/sneakers and digital marketing.

There’s one thing I feel you need to know about Nate. Nate isn’t just a random guru that loves to hear himself talk and throw around random information. One of Nate’s primary goals is to influence positively. Everyone that comes into that sphere of influence shall receive value, comfort and even a great laugh! At the end of the day, all Nate wants is freedom to live the life we all deserve and happiness within that life.

Cons To Consider When Reselling Sneakers

Resale Heaven
  • Complicated marketing Apps that let you reserve shoes and sneakers before their release date and social media contests and raffles are just the tip of the iceberg.
  • Over time, new ways of marketing to resellers will increase and become more complex, and there’s nothing you can do but keep up with the changes.
  • Unfair advantages Sometimes your competition will have an unfair advantage. That’s the case at least in instances where someone has direct access through certain connections.
  • Her 19-year-old son was running a million-dollar reselling business sometimes making purchases with his mom’s credit card. This is more high-profile than most but there are tons of other examples out there.
  • Sneaker violence Resellers need to be aware of the constant violence that surrounds sneakers.
  • Due to their high price tag and increasing value of sneakers, some people will resort to violence to get ahead. It will likely be impossible to remove malice and violence from the equation.
  • It is something that comes with the job and a burden that every reseller selling directly may have to bear.
  • Sneakers as an investment more than footwear Given the nature of reselling shoes, this question comes to mind: who is the market for sneakers?
  • On the one hand, some consumers have a passion for sneakers and use them to promote their fashion sense. On the other, resellers try to get their hands on the most hyped shoes and resell them above their retail price.
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    Sell Shoes On Markeplace

    • High user traffic over 187 million users
    • No listing fees for small scale sellers
    • Promote your listing from as little as 1%
    • Quick processing time for payouts


    eBay is a go-to place for many people when they want to sell used stuff.

    In order to sell your shoes on eBay, just set up your eBay listing by uploading photos and filling product details.

    You can get your earnings either via PayPal or direct deposit on your debit card.

    Note that there is no fee when your item sells for $100 or more. However, youll be charged 10% of the sale if your item is worth less than $100.

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    What Shoes To Buy

    One of the most common questions I get is how do I know which shoes to buy? Which brands and models will be profitable?

    To get an idea of what is hot in streetwear, follow sneaker and fashion publishers like Hypebeast or High Snobiety.

    Immerse yourself in your local sneaker communities by attending a sneaker convention and getting an idea of what people are wearing and what people are talking about.

    Learn about the Jordan brand. Begin to follow Instagram accounts that have to do with sneakers and sneaker news, so youll automatically be doing research every time youre killing time on the gram. Combine all of the above with checking aftermarket prices on sites like eBay and calculating your estimated profit.

    Nicks Notes: In the advanced search, you can check the box just to see completed listings to see how much items are actually selling for.

    I suggest starting small with one or two pairs so you dont have a huge risk.

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    How Much Money Can You Make

    When it comes to flipping money, reselling sneakers is a very popular hustle. This is because sneakers are highly collectible, so the market of buyers is quite large.

    In fact, some people flip sneakers as a full-time job or major part of their income.

    For example, in this video, YouTuber Frank shares how he earned over $60,000 in profit in one year just from reselling sneakers online:

    Now, the thing with sneaker reselling is that a lot of money gets tied up in inventory. So, Frank only had $18,000 in realized profits while the rest was caught up in inventory.

    But even so, selling sneakers can turn into a great way to make money online or in-person, and its a fun hustle if youre a sneakerhead!

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    Where To Sell Your Shoes Near You

    I Survived Off Reselling Sneakers For 1 Week – Day 6

    One of the easiest ways to sell shoes for cash is to connect with buyers in your local area. Typically, a local buyer will be able to speed up the process. The faster they buy your shoes, the faster youll get your hands on some cash.

    Selling to someone locally also means you wont have to worry about getting to the post office or paying for shipping.

    Remember to be safe when meeting up with a local buyer. Although it is great that they want to buy your shoes, you should use caution when setting up a meeting spot.

    Try to choose a well-lit, public place during the day to arrange the swap. It is also a good idea to bring a friend along.

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    Best Sites And Apps To Resell Sneakers In 2022

    The best sites and apps to resell sneakers in 2022 are StockX, Alias and eBay. Using these three sites, youll be able to resell your sneakers to make the most money. Depending on which sneakers you want to resell, figuring out which site or app to sell on will vary.

    Each of the previously mentioned selling platforms has different selling fees, shipping options and payout methods. Youll have to analyze each of those features to find out which platform will be best for you. Reselling sneakers is a great side hustle to grow in 2022.

    Reselling sneakers makes for a great side hustle if youre able to successfully. Profitable sneaker brands in 2022 can net you good money if sold on the right apps and sites. Get started reselling sneakers with these three sites and apps in 2022:

    Read about how to purchase more shoes on the Nike SNKRS app.

    Wheres The Best Place To Resell Shoes

    Ive done most of my reselling on eBay, but it seems like apps like GOAT and StockX are picking up so Im selling on those more now as well.

    Still, I love the feeling of doing in-person deals either through Craigslist, sneaker conventions, or Facebook/Twitter groups.

    Obviously, selling in person requires extra precautions, but if you use common sense and deal with good people through networking, youll get the best prices from in person on the buying side because online sellers are paying for shipping and fees to the platform that theyre selling on.

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