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Cheapest Way To Ship Sneakers

These Are The Cheapest Ways To Ship Shoes

The BEST & CHEAPEST Way to Ship Shoes (without boxes)!

There are many different ways to ship shoes, with the lowest priced option being $9.56 for USPS Priority Mail using Easyship. The highest priced option is FedEx 2 Day Air at $58.30, which is still cheaper than some other shipping options . If you consider shipping fees another cost of doing business, shipping shoes cheaply will be good for your bottom line.

To find the cheapest ways to ship shoes, I analyzed shipping quotes from both UPS and FedEx for shipping shoes to eleven different destinations in the continental US. The shipping cost for each service is listed below. It should be noted that UPS packages are slightly larger than FedEx packages, which causes them to incur higher delivery fees per pound when shipped through the USPS.

Service Cost USPS Priority Mail $9.56 USPS Parcel Select $20.66 USPS Priority Mail Express $60.35 FedEx Ground $21.55 FedEx 2 Day Air $58.30 UPS 2-Day Air $54.08 UPS Ground $20

Using Packaging Paper To Fill Up

If your shoes are small and lightweight, then their original box might also be small. So, in this case, you can use packaging paper to fill the second box up. By doing this, you can prevent the shoebox from shifting during shipping or transit.

This method is typically useful when you ship your shoes overseas. This is because your parcels tend to get the most trouble when shipped globally, while dual-boxing is not enough in this case. In addition to the packaging papers, you can use shipping peanuts to fill the second box to avoid movement on the initial shoebox.

You also need to note that the final weight of your parcel will substantially increase if you use double boxes. But there is no need if you choose the flat rate priority mail option to ship shoes.

However, I highly recommend you check the box dimensions before you opt for the dual-box method. This way, you can find a suitably sized box.

Shipping To Japan From The Us With Dhl

DHL with its large international network, of over 220 countries worldwide, is perfect for long-distance shipments to Japan. This German carrier doesnt have much of a domestic presence but is a trusted partner for cross-border pick up, delivery, and ecommerce returns solutions.

When to use DHL to ship from the US to Japan

If budget isnt too much of a constraint and you want to ensure that your shipment reaches Japan quickly and with minimum disruptions, then you might want to consider DHL.

As one of the most recognized and reliable shipping services, it offers shipping insurance and door-step courier services. It also doesnt charge pick-up fees.

Businesses that care about the environment should also know that they are committed to improving their operations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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Guide To Shoe Packing

Having set everything, here is what you are required to do.

  • Ensure that your shoes are safe during transit by securing them using paper. Then, if need be, you can place many pairs in the box.
  • Ensure that your shipping box is as small as possible. It ensures that your shoes fit in comfortably besides cutting on the expenses. In case of extra space, try filling it with a piece of paper or cushioning material.
  • Any mailers like thank you notes, receipts, or discount coupons should be inside the box as well.
  • Use packing tape to secure the box. Ensure that everything is secure to keep the shoe protected.
  • Place the shipping label on the package and double-check that the address is correct. If youre shipping overseas, double-check that all necessary customs information and harmonized codes are not left out.
  • Select the best rates by using a shipping service provider to know the estimated charges.
  • Arrange for pick-up and delivery, and then youre done.
  • Choosing the Best Rates

    It is vital to know the different services and rates for each courier before shipping. It will enlighten you on which is least expensive but still offers quality services. In case one of your friends is in the eCommerce industry, make an effort to consult them. They might share some of the tips they have experienced before with you.

    How to ship shoes in a box

    The Cheapest Way To Ship Shoes Domestically And Abroad

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    Do you want to mail shoes to your customers across the country or internationally? Or would you like to send a pair of shoes by the courier as a gift to someone? Whatever your case, there is no need to compare the prices of parcel shipment services online Eurosender will provide you with the cheapest and the best way to ship shoes. Follow our guide on how to pack shoes for shipping and book the service in just a few clicks!



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    How To Pack Shoes To Ship Domestically Or Internationally

    Since shoes are quite sturdy, they will not easily get damaged like some items. Here are the detailed instructions on how to pack shoes to ship.

  • Clean your shoes if they are used. You should clean all the upper and outsoles of the shoes. And dont forget to let the shoes entirely dry before packing.
  • Use packaging paper to wrap your shoes to keep them safe during transit. The paper can also keep your shoes from moving and getting dirt during transferring if you are packaging several pairs. Make sure to secure any zippers, buckles, or other decorations to prevent breaking or snagging during transit.
  • Put the wrapped shoes in a properly sized box. Its best to use a box that is as tiny as possible to perfectly fit your shoes. But it should not be too small otherwise, it can damage your shoes shape. You need to leave a little bit of added room around the shoes, so you can pad them with bubble wrap or crumpled paper.
  • Secure the packaging box using packing tape. Then clearly label your package according to your carriers specifications.
  • If you still keep the original shoebox, you can pack your shoes to that initial box, then put that box into a bigger one with cushioning for added protection. This is optional as it depends on the shipping distance.

    How Can You Safely Package Items For Shipping Or Moving

    Even if you find the cheapest way to ship boxes to another state, you arent going to be too happy with the results if you dont spend a lot of time learning how to pack and what youll need to do in order to keep everything as secure as possible.

    So, here are some tips for safely packaging your items for shipping.

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    Ship Via Marketplace Options

    There are some marketplace options for truckers that may have some extra space in their rig during their travels. Look into these options carefully and be smart about which you choose.

    With so many options for shipping your boxes, you are sure to find the one that will meet your needs the best and that is going to be the cheapest way to ship boxes to another state.

    What Is The Most Economical Way To Send A Heavy Package

    eBay For Beginners | How To Ship Shoes w/o Original Box! – 2 Easy Methods!

    If you are sending a package that is between 2 and 5 lbs., then UPS and FedEx are your cheapest options, because they deal with dimensions instead of weight.

    Small packages like that often fit in much smaller boxes and, as a result, end up being anywhere between $12 and $25, depending on what size box you put it in. The USPS will be a few dollars more unless youre shipping media mail .

    Once you get to 5 lbs. or larger, youre starting to go into the territory of the USPS. Since the USPS solely measures based on weight, the size of the box is not going to matter at all. So, if you have a package that can fit into a flat rate box that weighs 70 lbs. or less, then youll be paying whatever the flat rate is.

    Thankfully, the USPS, UPS, and FedEx all have tools online so that you can try and determine how much youll need to pay in order to ship a box. You can use these tools, input the dimensions of the package that youd like to send, and compare the prices between those companies.

    In some cases, it may be better to consider freight to send a very large package, like something that has furniture with it. While it may not be the cheapest way to ship boxes to another state, its a lot safer and you can feel confident that what youre sending is going to get to its destination safely.

    Pro Tip

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    Is A Shoe Box Appropriate For Shipping Items

    Yes! A shoebox is actually a pretty solid option to consider if you want to send something that is that size. Its one of the cheapest ways to ship boxes to another state because it allows you to use a box you already have and it, typically, doesnt hold more than a few pounds.

    If you want to take advantage of Priority Mail or Flat Rate pricing from the post office, there is also a shoebox-sized box that is typically meant for shipping shoes, but you can put anything in there that would fit in your typical shoebox.

    This is a Medium Flat Rate Box and, as of the time this was written, the box costs just under $13 to ship anywhere in the United States.

    There are a lot of options that you may want to consider when looking for the cheapest way to ship boxes to another state, and as you explore what may be available, you want to be sure that you find the solutions that make the most sense for you and your needs.

    See whats out there, compare prices and ideas, and see how you may want to proceed when it comes to accomplishing your goals and getting your move completed as seamlessly as possible.

    Cost Saving Tip

    The truth is that your cheapest options could be FedEx or UPS if the package you are sending doesnt exceed 2 and 5 lbs because they handle dimensions, and not weight. Small shipments like that can fit in smaller boxes and, thus, cost you between $12 and $25, based on the size of the box you place the packages.

    Tip : Seal The Box And Tape The Mailing Labels

    Seal the box with packaging tape, taking care to keep it neat so it looks professional and is simple to open when it arrives. Weigh and measure your package, then enter these details, as well as your pickup and delivery addresses. Print your postage labels, stick them on your package, then wait for it to be picked up.

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    Other Factors You Should Consider When Shipping Shoes

    Consult The UPS Store about the best approach to consolidate your package if youre shipping many pairs of shoes. Inquire about The UPS Store Pack & Ship Guarantee for even more assurance.

    Consider boosting the claimed value of the shipment for extra peace of mind when shipping pricey footwear.

    Inquire about UPS fulfilment if you commonly send shoes inside North America. Its a fantastic method to simplify shipping and expedite delivery to destinations across the continental United States and Canada.

    Options For Packing Materials

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    The cheapest way to ship involves the right choice of packaging. Additionally, using the right packing materials helps to ensure your items arrive intact and well-presented.

    Your options for exterior packaging materials include:

    • Cardboard boxes for large clothing shipments
    • Tyvek envelopes for small, single-item shipments
    • Bubble or clipboard mailers for delicate items with trinkets or buttons attached
    • Corrugated boxes for long-distance shipments

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    How To Pack Shoes For Shipping

    Shoes are one of the most common items that people shipping. Shoes can be shipped in their original packaging. It is okay to repackage them in bubble wrap or any type of packing material to help them survive their journey here to there. This is especially true if your shoes are very fragile. However, it is not safe to pack shoes in the box they came in because the shoe box does not provide any padding for the shoes and they can easily chip or break.

    Pack Shoes for Shipping

    It is best to keep your shoes together in a larger padded box that will help protect them from chipping and breaking during shipping. These boxes can be purchased online for an affordable price. Padded flat rate mailers are a practical option for shipping shoes as well as heavy items such as furniture, computers, toys, etc.

    How To Ship Shoes In Original Box

    While some people discard the original box of their shoes to reduce shipping costs, some like to get it shipped in the original box. But shipping shoes in their original box can be damaging to the shoe.

    The box will most likely get damaged during transit and damage your shoes along with it. Here is how you can ship your shoes in their original package:

    1. Using Double Box

    Double boxing is a must if you want to keep the original packaging intact. Simply pack your shoes the way you want to pack them, place them in the original box, and then place that box in another box.

    If you are opting for a flat rate priority mail, we will recommend you to still double box. Since your target is to keep the box free of damage, it is better to use a double box.

    Many people say that you do not need to double-box with flat rate priority mail, but we disagree.

    2. Filling Up With Packaging Paper

    If you have very lightweight and tiny shoes, meaning the shoe box is relatively small, we would recommend filling up the second box with packaging paper to stop the shoebox from moving during transit.

    This method can be applied when you are sending shoes overseas. Shipments face the most hassle when shipped internationally, so just double-boxing is not enough.

    You need to fill the package with shipping peanuts or packaging papers to prevent distress on the original shoebox.

    Final Words

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    How To Ship Shoes Without A Box

    Any item that is shipped directly to the destination without its original packaging can be safely shipped. There are several options available when deciding how to ship shoes for that is not an original box. The best way to ship shoes without their original box is in the small flat rate envelope. This option comes in two sizes: small and medium . As you can see, it is about the size of a shoe box if you have a shoe box lined with packing material.

    Shipping To Japan From The Us With Ups

    How To Ship Shoes (Without Boxes) for eBay | USPS SNEAKER SHIPPING

    This 114-year-old package delivery company connects businesses and people in 220+ countries. It is slightly more expensive than USPS but is considered to offer far more reliable and on-time services.

    When to use UPS to ship from the US to Japan

    UPS Worldwide Saver is the cheapest international option from this carrier. Pick this one if you wish for our parcel to be delivered to customers in Japan within 1-3 working days.

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    How To Package Your Shoes For Shipment

    Once youve chosen your shipping method, its time to package your shoes. The type of packaging youll need will depend on the number of shoes youre shipping. For one or two pairs of shoes, a small box should suffice. However, if youre shipping three or more pairs of shoes, youll need a larger box.

    When packing your shoes, be sure to wrap them individually in tissue paper or bubble wrap. This will help prevent them from getting damaged in transit. Once youve wrapped each pair of shoes, place them in the box and fill any empty space with crumpled tissue paper or bubble wrap. This will help keep the shoes from moving around too much and getting damaged.

    If youre shipping a large number of shoes, you may want to consider using a shipping service that specializes in shoes. These services will typically provide boxes and packaging specifically designed for shoes. This can help ensure that your shoes arrive at their destination in perfect condition.

    The cost of shipping shoes can vary depending on a number of factors. Be sure to take all of these into consideration before you ship your shoes so you can choose the best shipping option for your needs.

    Tips For Reducing The Cost Of Shipping Your Shoes:

    Shipping your shoes doesnt have to be a costly endeavor. By following a few simple tips, you can reduce the cost of shipping your shoes and ensure that they arrive safely at their destination. First, choose a shipping method that is appropriate for the type and value of your shoes. If you are shipping valuable or delicate shoes, it may be worth it to pay for a more expensive shipping option that offers tracking and insurance. Second, pack your shoes carefully to avoid damage in transit. Use sturdy boxes or mailers and padding such as bubble wrap to protect your shoes. Finally, ship your shoes early to avoid rushed shipping charges. By following these tips, you can save money on shipping your shoes without sacrificing quality or safety.

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    How To Ship Shoes In Their Original Boxes

    Some of you might want to remove the initial shoe box to decrease shipping fees. However, others might prefer using their original boxes while shipping shoes. But you should remember that shipping shoes in their initial boxes might damage your shoes. In particular, transiting can damage your box, which will then damage your shoes.

    Nevertheless, if you still want to get your shoes shipped using the original box, here are some tips.

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