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Sneakers That Make Your Feet Look Smaller

Should You Size Up Or Down In Sneakers


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When you purchase a shoe that is slightly larger than your foot, you will experience increased circulation and less swelling. In general, if one foot is slightly larger than the other, go for the larger size, and keep in mind the type of socks you intend to wear with your shoes.

It is critical to keep the shoe size in mind for both sneakers and all other types of footwear. Toe problems such as blisters are just one type of foot problem associated with Ill-fitting shoes. A running sneaker is one of the most commonly worn sneakers that includes socks. The finger test can be used to determine the ideal size. The running shoe should be between 0.5 and 0.65 inches longer than your foot. If you cant fit two or three fingers behind your heel, theyre probably too small. Runners who want to avoid this issue usually wear a half-size larger than their normal size.

To determine the size and fit of your shoe, simply measure your feet. One foot is usually a little longer than the other. If your foot is larger, you should choose the appropriate size of sneakers based on how they fit. It is best to check both the length and width every few years. Vionic has a large selection of womens and mens casual and active sneakers. Our Vio-Motion Support technology is used in each pair to ensure that the soles are built with arch support, plush cushioning, and heel stability. We will always be there to help you if you need any assistance in finding the perfect fit.

Wear High Heels With Care

If you love wearing heels, heres what you should keep in mind to avoid pain in your feet. Review your shoes: If you have chronic heel pain, your first step should be to see a doctor. Depending on the diagnosis, you might have to invest in a better pair of shoes. Choose the right heel type: Different heel types suit different kinds of shoes. If youre wearing heels, make sure youre wearing a heel that suits the shoe type. Shop for the right size: A lot of women tend to buy shoes that are too small for their feet. If you cant find the right fit, try a bigger size. Wear the right socks: Make sure the socks you wear with your shoes are the right fit. They shouldnt be too tight or too loose.

Trick #1 Tassels And Straps

As a man, the first way to make your feet look smaller is to look at shoes with tassels and straps. These types of accents on footwear help draw the attention away from the length of your feet and break up the journey from your leg to your toe.

Some good examples include tassel loafers when you wear shorts or our Black Leather Double-Buckle Monk Shoes with jeans.

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Mix It Up With Materials & Colour Blocks

Brighten up your shoe wardrobe by mixing colours or textures together. This great style trick breaks up a long foot, making it look smaller.

If you’re fed up of wearing dark footwear, “shoes with darker colours over the toe can be just as flattering, as they visually shorten the length of the foot “, shares Francesca.

Joanna agrees and also finds that combining different materials in her shoe designs can work like magic. “Mixing different textures, e.g. patent with suede, and patterns and combining different colours can make a huge difference too”.

Cons Of Having Smaller Feet

10 Sneakers That Won

If youre a man with smaller feet, you may be able to benefit from the following disadvantages: Youll have to pay more for certain types of footwear. While a wider foot usually means a cheaper price tag, smaller shoe sizes usually come with a heftier price tag. Youll have a harder time finding the right fit when shopping for athletic shoes. If you have smaller feet, youll usually be a half size smaller than your normal dress shoe size. Youll have to be extra careful when buying online. When you shop online, it can be more difficult to determine if a shoe is the right fit. Youll have fewer options when it comes to finding the right shoe for your foot. While larger-footed men have options galore, smaller-footed guys may have a harder time finding the right shoe for their foot type.

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These Are The Shoes To Buy If You Have Really Big Feet

Dear Style Shrink, I love fashion but Im 6ft 7in and take a size 14 shoe. Its an issue that means Im never really able to buy the boots, loafers and espadrilles I like and it’s becoming increasingly frustrating. I cant really afford to have shoes made bespoke, but I want to broaden my footwear horizons . Are there any brands I dont know about yet that could help me out? Rikesh, Frensham

Hi, Rikesh. Its interesting youve written to me about this as yours is a point I raise on a regular basis when I speak to fashion brands about the flaws in their offerings. I personally am a size 12 shoe and up until very recently it was incredibly difficult for me to find footwear in my size particularly when I was buying from a department store. Either the store would only buy one pair in my size and theyd disappear immediately or theyd cap their buy at size eleven, which automatically excludes a great swath of the population. The fortunate thing is that several brands have started increasing their sizes to match the growing podiatric needs of their consumers. So here to help you find the best shoes for you whatever your style, and whatever your size, is my edit of the hottest big shoes out there right now.

Firstly Always Be Confident About Your Feet

First and foremost, let me clarify that big feet are not something to be disappointed in or ashamed of.

Of course, I am not attempting to write this to make ladies feel embarrassed about their feet or that it is only okay to wear sneakers that make their feet look smaller and flatter.

Confident in your feet

Who cares what anybody thinks if you feel extremely confident and like the shoes you are wearing?

And furthermore, to be perfectly frank, I dont pay too much attention to other peoples feet size. I tend to observe other things such as hair, height, face, and so on, but what about feet? Not at all.

In most cases, your flaws are vastly overblown in your own brain. When I was pretty young, I didnt even believe it when people were telling me this, but I am currently beginning to understand it better.

Having said that, all the lessons in the world will not keep changing your thoughts about anything. So, if you are extremely self-conscious about this, there are a few tips you can take into account while purchasing that will greatly assist you.

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How To Find A Good Fit

Finding the perfect fit isnt as easy as selecting your usual shoe size from a drop-down menu. Before you add any pair of white sneakers to your shopping cart, read the product description carefully. Some shoe manufacturers instruct wearers to size down or up in the fine print, while others just run half a size larger without warning. Weve had good luck using retailers like, which crowdsources data from reviewers to indicate whether the manufacturers sizing information is accurate.

Half of the manufacturers we tested shoes from sell them in European or UK sizes, and it takes a little math to figure out the corresponding US sizes. And among US unisex or mens shoes, the comparable womens size lists at one or one and a half sizes larger. And not every brand includes conversion charts, either. The sizing is a little tricky, said Gabby Rosenthal of . She said she normally wears a size womens 8½, but needs a mens 6½ in Adidas, even though its shoe conversion is one size, not two sizes. The conversion isnt always apples to apples. Be especially aware of the returns and exchanges policy before you buy, so that you can easily swap to find the right sizeagain, we like for its easy exchanges.

Its a common misconception that shoes require a break-in period.

Shoe-size chart

18 56

Heeled Shoes Vs Flat Shoes


While high heels may not be as good for your feet or body, they will make your feet look smaller. The good news is that chunky heels and wedges usually accomplish this better than stiletto heels, and they’re typically much easier to wear.

The heel height doesn’t factor in quite as much on men’s shoes since there isn’t that much of a variance, but typically styles that show just a hint of sole around the upper of the shoe will make your feet look shorter.

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Features Of Shoes That Make Your Feet Look Smaller

  • Heels Chunky and wedge heels usually make your feet look much smaller, try to avoid stiletto heels as they are also bad for your body and feet.
  • Round Toes Pointy toes tend to make your feet look very narrow and long, which is advantageous if you have wide feet. But for feet that are primarily a round toe would be advised.
  • Dark Colors Darker colors and blacks always have the effect of making any object look smaller, and the same principle goes for shoes.
  • Closed Shoes and Peep Toes The less of your foot that is exposed, the better, so opt for a peep-toe rather than a skimpy sandal.
  • Accents and Decorations Buckles, Bows, Gems, Lace, overlays any form of decoration on your shoe has the ability to make your feet look smaller.
  • Avoid Big Shoes The general rule is that when a shoe looks big and chunky, it will make your feet look more prominent.

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Dont Let Your Big Feet Cramp Your Style Simply Follow These Steps On How To Make Your Feet Look Smaller And Dress With Confidence

British feet are getting bigger and wider. Today, the average male wears a UK size 10 compared with a size 8 just 40 years ago.

According to Lorraine Jones, from the College of Podiatry, Feet are getting bigger because as a nation we are becoming taller and were increasing in weight.

This is not only affecting our health, but its influencing our fashion choices too. Nowadays, people regularly complain about how big their feet are and try to find ways to make them appear smaller.

Mens fashion in 2020 is obsessed with skinny jeans and tight-fitting trousers. Sure, a nice tailored look is all well and good, but it can leave those with big feet feeling exposed.

The bad news is that theres no magic wand to downsize your big kippers. However, there are some simple tricks to make them appear smaller.

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Can You Surgically Reduce The Width Of Your Foot

Some procedures may lessen the width of a persons foot.

Foot-narrowing surgery, often dubbed the Cinderella procedure, has become trendy among women who want to fit into pointy, high-heeled shoes.

Doctors can shorten toes by removing an entire knuckle of the toe and pinning the bones back together. Toes can also be lengthened by cutting the bone and stretching it, or fusing in an implant. In some cases, toes can even be removed.

While cosmetic foot procedures have gained popularity in recent years, the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons, along with many doctors, call elective foot surgeries an ill-advised trend. Many experts warn that these procedures carry risks, and foot surgery should only be performed when absolutely necessary.

Bunion removal surgery may also make feet slimmer. This procedure involves removing a bunion and making other repairs to the foot.

How To Make My Shoes Look More Stylish

Shoes for People with Flat Feet Rimocy Breathable Air Mesh Flat Heels ...

There are a few ways to make your shoes look more stylish. One way is to get shoes with a more stylish design. This can be anything from getting shoes with a more modern design to getting shoes with a more classic design. Another way to make your shoes look more stylish is to get shoes with a more unique color. This can be anything from getting shoes with a brighter color to getting shoes with a more muted color.

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Consider Your Sock Choice

Always wear the socks you plan to wear during training when buying a pair of shoes. As an athlete, you may have several different sport-specific socks for various types of training.

For optimal shoe fit, try on potential new shoes with any socks you plan to wear. For instance, a compression sock will make your foot slimmer in the shoe, but a wool hiking sock will require more room.

Mens Shoes That Make Your Feet Look Bigger

Lets examine which shoes can make your feet look bigger than they are. There are a few different types of shoes you should wear if you want them to appear big, including bulky shoes like boots, wider shoes like sneakers, English toed dress shoes, and shoes with lines across the width of your feet. Lets examine each of these types of shoes more closely.

First up are bulky shoes like boots or dress boots. These are naturally large shoes with bulky soles and boxy toes, which may have a lot of extra space inside them. This will make your feet look larger than they are because people will only be looking at the boot, not your foot inside it.

Another shoe is the sneaker. With a softer canvas exterior, these shoes are typically less structures than others, often appearing wider than your foot within it. Along this same vein, English toed dress shoes have thick tips and thick soles, which will make your foot look longer and thicker. Theyre also nice-looking as a bonus.

Finally, another thing you can try is to wear sandals or shoes with thick straps across the top of your feet. The added bulk with make your feet look bigger and the horizontal stripes of the straps will have a widening effect on them at the same time.

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Wear High Heels With Foot Extension

Cant find shoes that fit your big feet? Dont worry, you can wear high heels with a foot extension. A foot extension is basically a piece of material that is attached to your shoes. It is also known as a lift, heel extender, heel lift, etc. Most high-end shoe brands like Gucci, Christian Louboutin, Salvatore Ferragamo, etc., make high heels with foot extensions. If you want to wear high heels, but your shoes are too big for you, then you can go to a boutique and ask them if they have high heels with foot extensions. You can also buy high heels with foot extensions online. Keep in mind that when you wear high heels with foot extensions, you cant walk properly or stand for a long time. So, only wear them if you are going out to a party or you are going for a formal meeting. Its not recommended to wear them otherwise.

How To Make Mens Shoes Look Vintage Or Old


Maybe you want to try a vintage look with your footwear, or you want a new pair of shoes to look a little less shiny for whatever reason. Well, if you really want your shoes to look old, youre going to have to age them by scuffing them or in some cases, yellowing the exterior. This process will look different depending on the type of shoe.

For both kinds of shoes, youre going to want to remove the laces so you can access every surface of the shoes exterior. This will give you better access to the tongue of the shoe for when you start the scuffing process.

If the shoe is a dress shoe, take a piece of sandpaper and scrape it across the leather exterior, taking care to scuff it up without causing actual damage. Make sure to focus the sandpaper on the heel and toe of the shoe, as these are the areas that would normally see the most wear and tear after being worn for a long period of time.

Next, for either kind of shoe, use a hammer to break down the rigidity of the shoes frame. You may want to wrap the head of the hammer in cloth to avoid causing more damage than you want. This will also scuff the shoe where the hammer makes contact, simulating the appearance of scuff marks from knocking the shoe against doors and walls over years of use.

Now if they are dress shoes, re-color and re-polish them right up to a nice shine. They will have the appearance of looking older but very well cared for.

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Search For Horizontal Straps

Generally, straps are another great fashion tip for those with bigger feet. In particular, when skillfully placed and running all over the foot, it will always generate the perfect visual effect of smaller feet.

This trick was used by Sherene Headley, founder of the new UK big size sneaker brand Mokkah Shoes , in creating her Sabrina heels. She said that they added an asymmetric strap all over the vamp to help divert attention from a long foot. Alternatively, it enhances the foots beauty and individuality.

However, not all straps are beneficial. Zaiga Braca suggests that you should avoid vertical straps on the upper, such as T-strap sneakers. She has more than 10 years of knowledge and experience running Apavi 40+, a Latvian sneaker store that stocks womens footwear in sizes 41-47 EU and delivers globally.

Vertical straps will only make your feet look longer, so stick to diagonal or horizontal lines that run along all your feet.

Furthermore, if you want to reduce the size of your feet, avoid hardly even their sandals with strappy styles. Francesca elaborates that a pair of strappy sandals that reveals the whole foot of skin will lengthen any size of foot. Straps, on the other hand, could and should be used to your benefit: choose thicker straps or styles with a sling-back or peep toe.

Zaiga concurs that any sneaker that exposes all of the feet does not make them appear smaller. In the summer, sandals with more straps are preferable to flip flops.

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