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Best Sites To Buy Sneakers

Overstockcom User Reviews And Ratings

Unboxing The Best Fake/Replica Sneakers In The World…

Overstock offers the following on all orders:30-day returns | Pay for shipping and returns | Free delivery | Reward points scheme | 24-hour customer service | Coupons accepted

  • Has an A+ rating and is accredited at the Better Business Bureau
  • Scores 1 out of 5 via Consumer Affairs

We looked at over 200 reviews of and found that it’s a company with a range of both good and bad user feedback. We were surprised to see Overstock score only a single star on Consumer Affairs, so looked at the reasons why this could be. Many are for defective products that required assembly, and few of the negative reviews apply to shoes purchased on site.

What we did see was a lot of praise for Overstock’s prompt shipping, with users enjoying the fact their items arrived sooner than expected. The customer service has mixed reviews, with some stating it’s helpful and others bemoaning the fact that it didn’t resolve issues at all. Overstock is good at answering complaints via the BBB , but it does so in a very dry and factual way, which lacks a little human understanding.

Can You Still Buy Sneakers Once They’ve Sold Out

There are two ways to buy sneakers once they’ve sold out, the first being by waiting until there’s a restock.

Not every sneaker release gets restocked though, so keep that in mind if you’re waiting to pick up a new pair of shoes for retail.

The other way is by picking up a pair second-hand. As mentioned in this list, we’d recommend sites like StockX as the company authenticates each purchase to make sure the item your receiving isn’t a fake.

Vans Og Old Skool Lx Suede

Reasons to buy

There are a handful of sneakers you could label iconic, but there are few that are so all-pervasively popular as the Vans Old Skool. Whether they remind you of yesteryear or you are considering a new pair simply for a new outfit, this pair is a reliable option for spring/summer ahead.

Not just your average beaters, these are finished in soft off-white suede thatâll look great in just about any casual outfit, particularly if you throw jeans or chinos in with a white T-shirt. And you donât need to be a skater boy to appreciate it, but the brandâs waffle outsoles provide loads of grip for when it gets slippery.

If youâve swapped your 4×4 for a Prius and ditched dairy, you might want to consider some do-gooder trainers too. Veja’s environmentally friendly sneakers are made from raw materials sourced from organic farms and ecological agriculture without any chemicals and pollution, making them good for the planet and your wardrobe, as this brand is really having a fashion moment.

This sturdy ‘V-10’ pair has rubber trims and soles sourced sensibly from trees in the Amazonian rainforest and the price is sensible too. The all-white palette and chunky-but-not-too-chunky profile mean they’ll go with just about anything.

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The Best Sneaker Websites For Buying Kicks

Have you ever heard the cliché Shoes make the man? It turns out, its true! And, its not just for men.

Researchers at the University of Kansas found that its possible to accurately judge 90% of a strangers personality based on the shoes they wear!

If youre ready to upscale your shoe game, youll want to start by checking out retailers like Roden Gray or some of the best online sneaker stores. This is a great way to find trendy kicks that you might not be able to pick up at your local mall. Check out these sneaker websites today!

Pm User Reviews And Ratings

The best places to buy sneakers around Vancouver

6pm offers the following on all orders:30-day returns | No exchanges | Pay for returns | Day time customer service | Coupons accepted | Extended returns for COVID

  • Has an A+ rating and is accredited at the Better Business Bureau
  • Scores 3.5 out of 5 via Yelp

We looked at around 55 reviews of 6pm, and found them to be broadly well liked. People love a cheap price on shoes, and many were pleased with how little they paid while shopping at 6pm. Many highlighted the fact that you need to be quick to get the best deals, and almost every user has commented on how good the range of discounted shoes is.

The majority of the complaints about 6pm, especially those on the BBB, center on delivery and shipping issues of the shoes. Some users reported late dispatches for shoes, and others said delivery took longer than advertized on the site. One or two said that the shoes they received were not in a good condition, and these were returned. Overall, 6pm is good at responding to complaints, as this is a common theme of user reviews.

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Jordan X Dior Air Jordan 1 High Sneakers

One of the most highly anticipated launches of the year. The Dior x Air Jordan 1 High sneakers are the first collaboration between the luxury powerhouse and sneaker giant. Crafted from wolf grey and sail white leather, these Air Jordan 1 High sneakers take on the iconic high-top silhouette, and update it by way of a grey Dior monogram swoosh logo. The perfect balance between classic and high-style.


  • monogram pattern
  • ankle-length
  • These styles are supplied by a premium sneaker marketplace. Stocking only the most sought-after footwear, they source and curate some of the most hard to find sneakers from around the world


outer: Leather 100%, Nylon 100%

lining: Nylon 100%

Dsw : Best Dedicated Online Shoe Store

  • A large range of shoes and boots, with no other clothes on site
  • Excellent clearance section for cheaper prices
  • The JLO collection is great to browse

DSW carries many of the biggest brand names, including Nike, Steve Madden and UGG, so it is a good place to shop if youre looking for designer shoes, boots, athletic shoes or sandals. There’s a JLO collection on there too, which has its own zone on the website, and the range is fabulous to look at. While it may not be to everyone’s taste, there’s no doubting the prestige of it. In terms of range, DSW is one of the best.

The product pages are good, but not perfect. You see good, clear product images, and we appreciate the fact that you don’t have to click through a gallery to see your shoes from all the different angles. Sizes and shoe variants are listed in the right-hand side of the page, along with an overall user score. We’d like to see more feedback from customers included here, and more buying advice, but overall the display is good.

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Best Place To Buy Hyped Jordans

Flight Club was first established in New York in 2005 and has since become one of the leading places to buy some of the most hyped sneaker drops around.

The website makes finding Jordans simple by allowing you to filter, not only for a specific colourway, but also for Air Jordans, then again by model via the drop-down menu in the top right.

Once again, being a secondary sneaker market, Flight Club currently states that all sales are final. However, the company does recommend contacting customer support if you have any specific requests or concerns.

On the whole, we feel it’s hard to look past Flight Club for some of the most hyped Jordan releases as it is one of the most well-renowned second-hand sneaker stores around.

Best Places To Buy Sneakers

The 10 Best Hype Sneakers To Buy In 2022!


Plimsolls arenât just for school. Defined as having a rubber sole and canvas upper, they were originally developed as beachwear in the 1830s, and are still a summer staple for many. Much like tennis shoes, itâs worth investing in a new pair in the autumn when theyâre in the sale and stashing them away for the spring. But there are also leather options for Vans, for example, making plimsolls a goer in wet weather and a good option when it comes to transitional dressing.

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Foot Locker User Reviews And Ratings

Foot Locker offers the following on all orders:30-day returns | Pay for exchanges and returns | Curb side pick-up | VIP Scheme | Day time customer service

  • Has an D- rating via the Better Business Bureau
  • Scores 3.5 out of 5 via Consumer Affairs

We looked at around 120 user reviews of Foot Locker, and separated the ones that were specifically for the online service offered. What users really like about Foot Locker is the brand and the way it treats its customers. The selection of shoes and the style of footwear is usually praised, and it was good to see a range of ages leaving positive reviews. Foot Locker’s physical stores were complimented too, and several members of the online customer service team have been praised by name, which is a great sign.

Complaints usually stem from shipping and incorrect orders arriving, which are very common among other online shoe stores. There were several grievances around ordering via phone, which isn’t a common method of buying shoes, and this does seem to have caused some confusion among customers.

Unusually, Foot Locker has a terrible D- rating via the BBB, and it doesn’t seem to be that good at closing customer complaints.

Amazon : Best For ‘try Before You Buy’ Shoes

  • Prime Wardrobe lets you try before you commit to buy
  • Amazon has excellent shipping and returns
  • Good selection of shoes and brands

We all know Amazon and, love it or hate it, there’s no denying it’s an excellent place to buy stuff. The shoe selection at Amazon is very good, and there’s a decent range of both new and pre-owned shoes thanks to the various third-party retailers associated with Amazon. The website is actually harder to navigate than many of its rivals, but that’s because Amazon has such a massive range of items – you need to drill into the site to find shoes.

What sets Amazon apart, however, is the Prime Wardrobe services, which is included as part of a regular Amazon Prime membership. Here you can choose up to eight items of clothing – shoes included – at a time, and order them to be delivered to your home. There is a three-item minimum and a $1000 maximum value. Once they arrive you have seven days to try them on, and mark all unwanted items for return. After that you pay for the stuff you want to keep, and use pre-paid packaging for all the returns. It’s so, so simple and is a great way of shopping for clothes and shoes.

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Best Places To Buy Sneakers: Our Top Picks For The Latest Releases

From notable brands to amazing resale sites.

If you’re searching for the best places to buy sneakers, you’ve come to the right place.

There’s no denying that even the most passionate sneaker fans can have a hard time keeping up with all the different launch times, especially when it comes to some of the best Yeezy drops, and where each brand is releasing its next design.

Fortunately, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite sites for picking up the latest and best footwear around based on their sneaker selection, returns policy, and, perhaps most important of all, their ease of use.

So whether you’re looking to pick up some of the best basketball shoes on the market, or you’re searching for some of the best Air Max sneakers, then our list of the top footwear retailers should have you covered.

Best Online Sneaker Stores

The 15 Best Authentic Sneaker Websites for Buying Kicks

Keep those feet happy.

10 April 2022 by Max Langridge

Whether globe-trotting or neighbourhood strolling, a man is never complete without a pair of fresh kicks. In that spirit, burn your beaten old sneakers youve been wearing since high school and snatch up your wallet today were going to lead you to the best online sneaker stores.

As a scene that has become one of the most definitive streetwear movements in the past half-century, sneakerheads will continue to debate and dissect every new release from the biggest names in the business.

But all we care about right now is where to get them before they end up on eBay for four times the RRP. Obviously, you could head into a physical sneaker store if youre in Australia, Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane are all home to some fine options but for the broadest range of styles and colours, youll do well to turn your attention online.

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Shop The Best Online Sneaker Stores Today

Now that youve got the inside scoop on the best online sneaker stores, youre ready to up your shoe game. Before you go, though, make sure you spend a few minutes browsing through the rest of our site. Weve got tons of fashion, beauty, and entertainment articles that will help keep you looking and feeling fresh!

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What Size Sneakers Should You Buy

Getting the fit right is important in maximising your comfort whilst wearing a new pair of shoes.

However, the answer to what size you should buy typically varies depending on the type of trainer.

For instance, some of the best running shoes may be a tad smaller than you might anticipate due to their athletic, tight-fitting nature designed to reduce weight and ensure a secure lock-in. We’d therefore recommend possibly going up half a size than what you usually pick.

That said, most manufacturers usually have a handy size chart you can compare with to help make a decision on which size to get. Check out our guide to measuring shoe size to help you get started here.

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Dsw User Reviews And Ratings

DSW offers the following on all orders:60-day returns | Free exchanges | Pay for shipping and returns | Curb side pick-up | VIP Scheme | Day time customer service

  • Has an A+ rating via the Better Business Bureau
  • Scores 3.5 out of 5 via Consumer Affairs

After looking at more than 150 user reviews for DSW, we noted that customer service – especially in their physical stores – was something people loved. Many also praised the benefits of the VIP program, and noted that the discounts you get from it more than make up for the ‘costs’ of sign-up. You do appear to surrender a lot of data, and DSW is persistent in sending you coupons once you’re signed up, but this is no bad thing considering the discounts you will get.

On the negative side, some users noted that the delivery is far from perfect, and that customer service isn’t always as effective at resolving the issues. While the majority praise the customer service experience, some have noted that they were unhelpful. DSW has also had a few issues with VIP points balances on its site, which has drawn a handful of negative reviews. Overall, though, users love the combination of online and physical stores when it comes to DSW, making this a strength of the brand.

Peep The Best Sneaker Stores Online & In The World

Unboxing The Best Fake Sneakers Ive Ever Seen…

The internet revolutionized and forever changed consumer behavior by giving customers an easy, stress-free way to browse and buy products from the comfort of their own home. The same goes for buying sneakers. While there are certainly still those old-school OGs that prefer going into physical stores to buy kicks, the majority of people prefer to shop on sneaker sites.

With the retail world at your fingertips, it can be hard to decide exactly where to go. Whereas previously shoppers were limited by geography, these days jumping from sneaker stores such as Overkill in Berlin to KM20 in Moscow can be done in a matter of seconds.

To help you wade through the long list of sneaker sites out there, weve highlighted some of the best below, and what unique attributes each of the stores and sneakers websites has on deck.

SSENSE – The Online Sneaker Store With An Editorial Flow


Editors Notes: SSENSE deals primarily in independent, luxury, and streetwear products, and is based in Montreal, Canada. It was founded in 2003 by three brothers: Rami, Bassel, and Firas Atallah. SSENSE offers shoppers a premium selection of more formal footwear, boots, and sandals, as well as the usual on-trend sneakers.

Slam Jam Serving the Underground Since 1989


Farfetch – The All-Rounder


Luisaviaroma – A New Arrival with a Wealth of History


MR PORTER – The Cream of the Sneaker Websites Crop





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If You’re Searching For A Cool Pair Of Runners Or Some Comfortable Weekend Shoes Here Are The Best Online Stores To Buy Sneakers

Whether youre running errands or running a marathon, sneakers are everyones go-to shoe for comfortable footwear.

Gym culture and sports luxe styling have now become more acceptable as everyday wear, whether youre a sneaker freak or not. Discover the latest styles from these 12 sites that will help step up your shoe game in no time.

Whats better? Weve got a range of discount codes so you can score some savings while shopping for some new shoes!

Top sites to buy sneakers

A go-to for all your fashion needs. ASOS stocks a massive array of popular global brands. Whatever your budget and preferred sneaker style, source some great new kicks here.

  • Free shipping for orders over $50
  • Free 28-day returns

Whether youre after the latest Nike styles or some comfy Converse, this store is a safe bet. Shop for on-trend sneaker styles from some of the biggest brands in the business including Reebok, Adidas and Puma.

  • Free shipping for orders over $100
  • 14-day returns accepted

When youre wanting innovative design, go straight to the source. Nike is a global dominator when it comes to sneakers. Shop cool Nike kicks for everyday wear and sports-specific solutions direct.

  • Sign up for their newsletter and receive style updates and exclusive discounts via email
  • Free standard shipping when you spend over $75
  • Express delivery available
  • Free shipping Singapore-wide
  • Free shipping when you spend over USD$350
  • 14-day returns

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