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Best Sneakers For It Band Syndrome

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IT band syndrome: Common cause of knee pain in runners and cyclists

reviewers specifically liked them for iliotibial band syndromeSaucony Triumph ISOreportedBrooks Men’s Defyance 3 Running ShoeI’m sorry to note here that as of this date, July 2015, this edition of the shoe is unavailable at Later editions of the shoe are available, but I am not sure how they work for ITB problems.Hoka One One Bondithis reddit threadMizuno Men’s Wave Creation 14 Running ShoeASICS Men’s GEL-Cumulus 12 Running Shoe

Four Surprising Solutions To Chronic It Band Syndrome

Iliotibial band syndrome is the most common injury that can affect the lateral portion of the knee in runners. Research shows that it affects anywhere from five to fourteen percent of all runners.

If youre a runner whos struggling with ITBS, youre not alone. Theres more good news, though. You dont have to continue suffering from ITBS long-term.

Listed below are four surprising solutions that can help you combat chronic IT band syndrome for good.

Best Cushioned: New Balance Fresh Foam Womens Running Shoe

A top pick for comfort and cushioning, these running shoes have an ultra plush and springy texture thanks to the inclusion of New Balances signature Fresh Foam material in the insoles. The durable rubber outsole offers extra stability, while the combination of mesh fabric and perforations throughout the upper is super breathable.

Along with a variety of size and color options, New Balance also lets you choose from wide and narrow foot sizes, so you can always find the perfect fit. Nearly 2,000 Amazon shoppers awarded these lightweight sneakers a five-star rating, and least 20 people mention how great they are for knee pain. One person said, I have knee problems and these shoes are very comfortable and I have been able to run with minimal jarring to my knee, while another called them a dream come true for bad knees.

A third said: I have knee issues and I researched which shoe would work best. So I thought I would give it a try. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these shoes!! So comfortable and I could wear them all day long!

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How To Get Back To Running

Since IT band syndrome is the result of a biomechanical problem, your ability to return to running will be determined by your progress in hip strength.

In the initial stages of the injury, you will need anywhere from a few days to a few weeks of time off for the initial inflammation on the outside of the knee to calm down.

Icing often can speed this along.

Once the initial irritation is gone, you will probably find that your IT band still gets irritated after a few miles of running if you havent worked on your hip strength.

In my experience, it takes about a month of daily hip strength exercises to completely recover, though you may be able to run during this time period.

You just need to keep your runs short enough so that they do not aggravate your IT band anew.

If all else fails, you may need an extended break from running to rebuild your strength like the subjects in Fredericsons study.

But dont panic:


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What Should I Do When It Band Syndrome Occurs

Best Running Shoes for IT Band Syndrome in 2020

If you are experiencing pains like those described above, stop running for the next 10-14 days. Give your body and your knee a good rest. You can focus on recovering and build up strength in your stabilizing muscles with a targeted workout: the most important muscles to strengthen are your core, hips and glutes. The right balance of mobility and stability is essential for relieving the stress on your IT band.

You can and should, of course, do the workout below to prevent problems before they occur. Doing specific exercises two or three times a week can help avoid muscle weaknesses and imbalances.

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How To Deal With It Band Syndrome

Just about every runner has heard about the IT band, but not everyone understands it.

Just about every runner has heard about the IT band, but not everyone understands it. Usually, runners know about it because theyve developed nagging knee pain and are told that they should foam roll their IT band. But what exactly is going on when this happens?

The IT Band is a band of thickened fibrous connective tissue that extends from the muscles in and around the hip down towards the bottom of the outer knee. It spans the whole side of the thigh and plays a major role in stabilizing your kneewhich is why it can be so irritating when it acts up.

This enigmatic band of tissue often acts up when there is weakness or instability in another part of the body. Pain can develop along the band or at one of its attachment sites, usually at the outer part of the knee. It develops after repeated flexion and extension of the knee during activities such as running or cycling.

So what can you do?

Contrary to popular belief, you cant actually stretch this band of fascia, but you can stretch the surrounding musculature. Try stretching the hamstrings, quadriceps, and hips to make sure mobility isnt limited at any of these joints.

Then youll want to strengthen your hips. Try some gluteus medius strengthening exercises such as resisted lateral walking, standing resisted hip abduction with a band around the ankles, and side-lying hip abduction.

Read more:

Best Running Shoes For It Band Syndrome In 2022

Although running is a full-body exercise, it mainly uses the legs. It makes sense then, that most running injuries happen to the legs and feet.

IT band syndrome is one of those injuries. It presents as a sharp pain on the outside of the knee , which can radiate either up or down. Its generally seen in runners who overpronate and also have weak hip abductor muscles.

The first step towards reducing the pain is to invest in a pair of the best running shoes for IT band syndrome.

Well answer your questions below in the FAQs section, but if youre ready to run out the door and buy shoes to help reduce the pain, we recommend the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 22.

Its a stability shoe with a built-in Rollbar, Guide Rails for extra support, and an asymmetrical saddle for better security.

Check out all the shoes on the list to find the perfect pair for you!

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Best Arch Support: Nike Zoom Winflo 6 Running Shoe

Nikes Zoom Winflo 6 sneakers are a top choice for stability running shoes because they include superior cushioning and arch support in the insole, meaning theyll never cause your joints to hurt after pounding the pavement. According to Dr. Sutera, stability sneakers shoes are often recommended for people with knee pain to help promote proper leg alignment and balance, so if you need the extra support, these sneakers are a great choice. Since they provide such firm arch support, they may feel uncomfortable for people with lower arches.

Numerous reviewers on Amazon mention this pairs massive arch support one person said it makes running virtually painless for them. Others touted this option as a great pick for knee pain. Ive had total knee replacement and this style has been my go-to, said a shopper. Great support of feet and knee stabilization. Another mentioned the shoes are especially gentle on the knees.

Brooks Ghost 12 Running Shoe

Iliotibial Band Syndrome, Shoewear, and Quick Assessments – Movement Debrief 75

Brooks is the most popular running shoe brand and well worth the money. Even though Brooks shoes are more costly than the other shoes but purchasers are willing to pay more for them since they provide exactly what they claim. That is to say, if a brand gives quality, customers will flock to acquire the goods.

Compared to Ghost 11, the Brooks Ghost 12 Running shoe aka the best running shoes for hip and knee pain offers more padding, cushioning, and technology.

Ghost 12 looks and feels a lot like Ghost 10. Many consumers did not find Ghost 11 to be as stunning as Ghost 10, but Brooks employed the same technology as Ghost 10 with enhancements in Ghost 12, and everyone appears to like it. The series has minor visual differences, but the performance is better.


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Exercise : Hip Thrusts

How to do it: Loop a resistance band above your knees and rest your head and shoulders on the edge of a bench . Your knees should be slightly wider than your hips pulling the resistance band apart. Your feet should be facing forward. Drop your hips down then squeeze your buttocks and lift your hips to create a straight line from knees to shoulders. Make sure you dont over-arch your back. Your glutes should activate as your hips lift up.

Reps & Sets: 15 reps x 3 sets

Why is it great for IT Band Syndrome: Hip thrusts are a great exercise to engage your glutes, plus the band around your knees helps maintain proper alignment and increase resistance on the muscles.

Take Time To Plan Your Course

If you are a runner, take time and think about the topography of your run. Runs that require you to run on uneven, sloping, steep downhill surfaces can put excessive pressure on your IT Band leading to inflammation and pain. While some downhill training is good for strengthening your muscles and joints, too much of this type of running can lead to inflammation and injury. Runs that take this kind of toll on your body MUST be followed by a proper recovery period for the continued good health of your IT Band.

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Whats The Most Common Cause Of It Band Syndrome In Runners

IT band syndrome is most often seen in runners who overpronate. The reason this becomes an issue is when overpronators wear shoes that dont support their feet properly.

If your feet turn inwards while you run, it sets in motion a chain reaction all the way up to your legs. Your ankle rotates unnaturally, which causes the muscles to tighten in ways they wouldnt usually.

That muscle tension extends to the calf, which also twists unnaturally and puts pressure on the knee. From there, the thigh bone and muscles and hip end up moving at angles that arent natural. This movement puts stress on the IT band and leads to pain.

This isnt the only cause of IT band syndrome, but its by far the most common cause. The easiest solution is to get yourself a pair of stability shoes. If youre already wearing stability shoes, replace them when the cushioning and support begin to wear down.

Also, make sure youre not a neutral runner wearing stability shoes! This wont necessarily have a bad effect on your gait, but wearing shoes with the support you dont need can restrict your movement and lead to issues too.

Signs And Symptoms Of It Band Syndrome

Best Running Shoes for IT Band Syndrome in 2020

The following are the most prevalent IT band syndrome symptoms:

  • When you put weight on your knee or bend it slightly, you will feel pain.
  • The pain is always on the outside of the knee. You may experience aching, burning, or tenderness that feels warm to the touch, and the areas skin color will change to red due to swelling.
  • While running or doing other repetitive activities, the pain gradually worsens.
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    It Band Syndrome Treatment

    ITBS isnt the kind of injury that will go away on its own after a while. If the underlying issues arent treated, the pain will persist. Fortunately its quite straightforward to treat and to prevent it from becoming a chronic issue.

    It can help to take an anti-inflammatory drug like ibuprofen to manage the pain in the short term, as well as applying a cold compress to the knee. Resting is important at this stage too, but according to Benoy, this doesnt necessarily mean stopping running all together.

    In most cases you dont have to stop running totally just reduce the miles. If its excruciating then take a few days off.

    Foam rolling can help to ease some of the tension around the muscles, but dont roll directly where the pain is. Instead, focus on the surrounding areas like your glutes, quads, and tensor fasciae latae a small muscle at the top of your thigh. Take a look at our pick of the best foam rollers if you dont already own one.

    Introducing some cross-training into your routine is also crucial to the treatment and prevention of IT band syndrome, in order to introduce variety of movement into your routine. This can be as simple as mixing up your running with cycling, swimming, yoga, pilates, or weight-training.

    New Balance 840 V4 Running Shoe

    For enhanced grip, the lightweight mid-distance shoe now has a full-length ABZORB midsole and greater blown-rubber covering on the outsole. The shoe is sturdy yet not too so. It works well on the pavement during up-tempo thresholds or moderate-distance fartleks .

    As a plus, this sleek and attractive sneaker can effortlessly transition from the gym to fashionable streetwear.

    New Balance 840 V4 Running Shoe also has all of the following features, making these best running shoes for bad knees your best option. It has one-of-a-kind breathability and fit thanks to its fantastic design, which has smooth upper construction to prevent discomfort.


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    What Sorts Of Things Aggravates The It Band Syndrome

    Wearing the incorrect shoes: The type of shoes you wear may have a significant impact on how much tension travels up your legs when your feet hit the ground, especially if theyre worn out. To relieve or alleviate IT band discomfort, replace worn-out shoes or switch to shoes that provide greater support.

    Adjusting your bike seat incorrectly: Excessive leg extension might aggravate the IT band if the bike seat is too high.

    Strength of your hips and thighs muscles: Weak thigh muscle groups like the hamstrings or hip adductors can cause the IT band to tighten. Make sure to complete muscle-strengthening workouts for these muscle groups, as well as stretching afterward.

    How Do I Know If I Overpronate

    Iliotibial Band Syndrome: A Complete Treatment Plan to Get You Back Running Again!

    Sometimes its easy to tell if you overpronate. When you walk, your foot rolls inwards towards the middle of your body.

    If you arent quite sure, you can do whats called the wet paper test. Lightly wet your foot and step naturally onto a sheet of paper. Its a good idea to actually start behind the paper, step onto it like normal, and keep walking for a few steps so that your walk is as natural as possible.

    If your footprint is fairly solid and isnt missing a section in the arch, its likely that you overpronate. This is often known as having a low arch or flat feet.

    Not all overpronators have flat feet, though! Sometimes you could have quite a high arch, but when you walk or run the outside of the heel hits the ground first and the entire foot rolls forward in an almost diagonal motion, pushing off again from the big toe.

    If this sounds like you, another classic sign of overpronation is pain or blisters on the toes, especially the big toe. The motion of the foot places pressure on the toes, often leaving them aching at the end of a run.

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    Other Ways That A Strap Might Help Iliotibial Band Syndrome

    Nevertheless, there is decent evidence that the strap can help! Joint function depends on extremely complex sensory input and motor output relationships. Exactly how we use our knee depends heavily on how our knee feels. The feeling of knee use is based on the 6th sense of proprioception , and involves an enormous amount of neurological data.

    Wearing the strap alters proprioception in the knee and that often has a benefit for various types of knee pain, including iliotibial band syndrome. This has been suggested by experimental results its not that far out.3

    trait of the individualstate of the knee

    Anecdotally, I have certainly seen some signs that the strap is helpful, although your mileage will definitely vary. Some people get absolutely no results from it, while others seem quite strongly affected. But remember, this is a cheap and easy and risk-free intervention which means that if there is the slightest evidence that it works, it is firmly in the worth a shot category of treatments! There is really no reason not to try it.

    I recommend that you drop in on and pick their Pro-Tec Iliotibial Band strap for just $15 . One size fits most, and they have a 120-day satisfaction guarantee, so you can return it if it doesnt do the trick for you.

    Minimalist Shoes And Itbs

    I recently developed a bad case of ITBS . I actually first noticed it on a 60 mile ride I was on. Such distances are normal for me, so I wasn’t doing anything unusual. I was still about 20 miles from home when the pain first appeared, and I didn’t identify it as ITBS at the time, so I finished my ride… increasing discomfort.

    During this period I had been training by trail running and biking, so I’m not sure if it was solely the biking that was to blame.

    After the usual RICE treatment, I started training again…..entirely too soon, as I wasn’t really familiar with ITBS. Of course, the pain returned – particularly on uphill runs. I couldn’t ride a bike at all. So, I spent the next couple of weeks doing RICE – with just walks and stretching.

    One thing I noticed was that as long as I was walking in my trail gloves or moccasins, my knee discomfort was minimal. But if I wore ‘normal’ walking or running shoes it hurt more. This happened with several different shoes before I gave up using shoes that had any drop.

    Anyone else notice this benefit of minimalist shoes for knee injuries?

    I don’t claim that walking in minimalist shoes magically healed my knee – I’m still working on it. Maybe the use of different shoe types was bad for my gait or something.

    PS: I’m now able to ride a few miles, and am carefully increasing my training .

    ITBS really sucks!

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