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White Leather Sneakers For Nursing School

Allbirds Womens Tree Runners

Brand Marikina genuine leather clinical nursing shoes for schools, hospitals & clinics

There is so much to love about these Allbirds Womens Tree Runners, from the eco-friendly materials to the lightweight, breathable design.

The shoes are made from unique materials like eucalyptus tree fibers, Brazilian sugarcane, layered castor bean, and soft Merino wool.

All of these materials means less stress on the planet and more comfort on your feet. They are also machine washable for easy cleanup.

The insoles are resistant to odors and the upper is breathable so air flows in and around the foot, leaving your feet dry and comfortable whether youre at work or play.


  • Machine washable for easy cleanup
  • Breathable and lightweight
  • Sizing runs a bit large
  • Does not come in half sizes
  • Wide width not available

These Allbirds Womens Wool Loungers emit a small carbon footprint while keeping your feet warm and cozy.

Made from sustainable materials like Merino wool and castor bean oil, these slip-on shoes are the ultimate in comfort and luxury for a reasonable price.

Although they are not offered in half sizes or wide widths, the shoes are very flexible and fit most feet nicely.

The Merino wool regulates temperatures, so these shoes are ideal to wear during the cooler months of spring and fall, or if you work in an environment where the air conditioning is always running.


  • Keeps feet cozy and warm
  • Soft and flexible
  • Not available in half sizes
  • Stretches out over time

Check the price of the Allbirds Womens Wool Loungers.

Nurse Mates Dove Slip

The white leather shoes are designed with flexibility, mobility, and all-day comfort in mind. The loafer features padded collar and can be slipped on easily to allow nurses to wear the shoes effortlessly. Made from durable soft leather upper with a stain resistant finish, memory foam sock liner with padded tongue, this pair of shoes offer added comfort for busy nurses.


  • 100% white soft leather nursing shoe.
  • Padded instep collar with slip resistant outsoles.
  • Slip on design.
  • Steel shank with EVA insole, midsole, and outsole.
  • Polyurethane core.

Features To Look Out For While Choosing Insoles For Work Boots:

It is recommended to consider the below feature while considering a good quality white leather shoes. With a variety of options available in the market, you can get the right set as per your specific requirement and choice:

  • Feet Type: It is worth noticing that different people have different kinds of feet. So, being cognizant of your feet type can help you select better. Check if you have a normal foot, flat feet or high arch and accordingly must look for shoes that can support your arch well
  • Material Used: Check for the quality of leather used. How durable it is and how much maintenance it requires. Getting quality leather ensures that the shoes work for a longer period of time and you dont have to go over and over the hassle of selecting the shoes again.
  • Technologies Incorporated: A lot of innovation and technological advancement has happened in how to make the shoes more comfortable, more as per the user requirement, how a user can have the best in the environment. Look out for any such advancements, features, and benefits it provides. With smart anti-odor, anti-fatigue, anti-breakage designs consider your choices at your convenience
  • Cost: You can get a variety of options as per your deemed budget. However, it is recommended to get a decent pair owing to the duties of nurses are quite critical. So, even your shortlisted option is resulting is spending slightly over the budget, it is worth it.
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    Crocs Unisex Clock Clog

    The comfort and support offered by the Crocs On The Clock Clog is one of the several reasons why it is rated among the best medical shoes for nurses. The footwear is loaded with top-quality features and comes at a reasonable price. Its spacious and lightweight construction comprises a comfy Croslite foam-cushy material, highlighted arch-support to keep your feet relaxed, plus Crocs Lock signature slip-resistant tread. These features and more are what make this Crocs Clog a superb choice among nurses within the workplace.

    • Enclosed heel and toe for better protection
    • Crocs Lock signature Slip-Resistant Tread
    • Croslite foam plus deeply cushioned footbed
    • Lightweight and flexible
    • Spacious fit type
    • Excellent arch support

    If your work keeps you moving around a lot, you need footwear that offers support, comfort, and durability. The Crocs On The Clock Clog delivers all these and more. The footwear boasts a conventional slip-on build, relaxing footbed plus a grippy outsole, delivering impressive efficiency and comfort for individuals who spend the majority of their workday on their feet. Moreover, the shoes enclosed toe region is engineered to shield your feet from spills.

    • Available in white and black color options
    • Slip-resistant
    • Comes at a reasonable cost

    All Black Option Women’s Shoes

    Best Shoes for Nurses

    I have started quite a collection of Clove shoes and started a trend at my hospital. The shoes are stylish but most important they are high quality. As a travel nurse I am required to wear different color shoes, I didn’t have a black pair of clove but did have another brand. While I was waiting on my black cloves I wore the other shoes. At the end of my shift I could tell a significant difference. My feet hurt and my legs were tired. I was tired. When I received my cloves I was so excited. My feet didn’t hurt at the end of my 12 hour shift and I wasn’t as tired. I love my clove shoes and going a couple shifts without them, something I don’t want to do again.

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    Best For Classic Choice: Reebok Womens Classic Renaissance Sneaker


    Maintenance: Easy

    Sole Strength: A

    On the third spot, we have Reebok! Everyone loves this brand, including me. Their classic renaissance sneaker is what I think can support you all day.

    This man-made shoe, ensuring top-notch quality, contains a synthetic sole. Usually, this kind of sole is designed to deliver the desired spongy effect for the comfort of your feet. Along with that, this sole ensures slip resistance as well to keep you active.

    This shoe exudes sophisticated style along with delivering quality. That is why it goes on with every need of yours. I mean that you can wear them in the gym, jog, and much more, including your nursing job.

    To top it off, the durable and lightweight synthetic leather used on its upper is incredible. It does not only ensure comfort by its smooth effect but is also easy to clean. Also, the stitched overlays on it ensure a classic style for you.

    These comfortable leather nursing shoes come in a low-cut construction to provide good freedom of motion at your ankles.

    Along with that, the memory foam sock liner is responsible for the premier comfort and yours and provides a next-level feeling.

    Highlighted Features

    Maintenance: Easy

    Sole Strength: A

    Next up, we have Emeril Lagasse on the table. It has a rubber sole on the bottom. That means you will get a good shock-absorbing shoe in the form of this product. Not only that, the rubber sole is highly durable and flexible. If it is of good quality, it will serve you for longer.

    Nurse Mates Womens Angel Lites

    Nursing shoes made by Nurse Mate are known to be extremely comfortable, supportive, and deliver a relaxing fit. The womens Angel from Nurse Mate offers all these and more. The footwear has an athletic yet trendy construction that will look superb on any uniform. Aside from design, the shoes deliver advanced grip as well as a padded, soft base for your safety and coziness. Several wearers and reviewers agree that the footwear performs well as regards keeping sweat and dampness away. Thus, your feet will stay happy even on a 12-hour day. With all these attributes, the Womens Angel is arguably the best white shoes for nursing school.

    • Inner polyurethane core for enhanced shock absorption
    • Eva insole & midsole
    • Steel Shank
    • 1 ½ inches heel height

    On the base of the shoe, an EVA outsole delivers impressive grip on varied surfaces, whilst the plush footbed provides a padded, pliant platform to ensure your feet are relaxed shift after shift. The womens Angel from Nurse Mate comes in white color. In spite of this, cleaning them is a breeze thanks to the footwears treated leather.

    The shoes leather upper is breathable and possesses moisture-wicking qualities. This means you can wear them in all seasons without compromising your comfort. The best part is that these shoes fully comply with even the strictest hospital dress code.

    • Excellent grip on slippery surfaces
    • Durable

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    Best Sneakers For Nurses 2022 Review And Buyer Guide

    posted on

    Are you in a dilemma to choose sports shoes or sneakers? In my opinion, it must be sneakers. The best sneakers for nurses are definitely the best among these two. Sneakers are light, comfortable, and safe to use in hospitals. Sneakers though look fashionable and stylish and people wear them for fashion purposes, which is very unique and helpful for nursing purposes.

    Best nursing sneakers have durable outer construction and soft inner construction to give maximum comfort to the nurses to work in the hospitals for 12 hours or more. If you are thinking to buy a pair of sneakers for nursing, then it is a smart decision.

    Rubber And Synthetic Outsoles

    Wedge Leather Shoe 4156 – Shoes for Nurses –

    Most footwear outsoles comprise rubber, plastic or synthetic materials.

    These are generally good at dispersing shock and providing grip on slick surfaces. With that said, some footwear may contain leather outsoles instead.

    In this article, most footwear focuses on rubber and synthetic outsoles as these are commonly used in healthcare settings.

    Depending on the footwear, outsole factors such as thickness, heel height, arch support, and build quality can vary dramatically.

    Therefore when choosing footwear with rubber or synthetic outsoles, keep these factors in mind:

    • Tread pattern and depth
    • Shock absorption

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    Adidas Womens Cloudfoam Pure Running Shoe

    The adidas Cloudfoam Pure Running Shoe is one of our top choices for white nursing shoes. Why is it so good for nurses? Because of its pure comfort.

    adidas really brings a special shoe to the table here as far as how cloud-like it really is. They use a rubber sole with a cloud-foam memory sock-liner to bring one of the most comfortable experiences in a shoe.

    For nurses on their feet all-day comfort is huge. There really isnt many other nursing shoes that come close to the comfort level that these bring. In addition to being super comfy, the Cloudfoam shoes also come in several color combinations, and even several different versions of white. So, you can really customize them to what you want.

    The one downside is that they arent the most cleaning friendly. However, give them a few sprays from shoe waterproofing and you should be good to go!

    Skechers For Work Eldred Shoe

    Nurses who work with wet floors in a healthcare environment need to consider getting slip resistant shoes, especially when they need to move around quickly. One of the best white nursing shoes thats also slip resistant is the Skechers for Work Eldred model. The shoes are even ASTM F1677-96 Mark II certified to meet slip resistance standards for wet and oily surfaces. The non-slip shoes are not only suitable for slippery surfaces, but theyre also waterproof to protect your feet from hazardous chemical spills.


    • Leather upper with a completely synthetic sole.
    • Relaxed fit with generous toe room.
    • Lace up closure to hug the feet.
    • Memory foam support for comfort.
    • Certified for slip resistance against oily and wet surfaces.
    • Brooks Addiction Walker Walking Shoes

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    Sticky Womens Work Shoes

    This lovely footwear from Sticky Shoes was created specifically for nursing. It is arguably the best shoes for nurses who work twelve-hour shifts mainly because of its comfort attributes. The footwear is also lightweight, completely non-slip, and is spacious around the toe region. Produced from synthetic materials, the shoe is waterproof which means it will do a good job of shielding your feet from spills and other messy situations. Another remarkable feature is that the shoes footbed is engineered using an absorbent fabric to ensure your feet remain dry all through your shift.

    • Moisture Absorbent footbed
    • Shock-absorbing outsole

    An interesting design attribute of Sticky Pro Shoes is that the outsole and upper are waterproof, whilst the footbed is produced using an absorbent material. A waterproof outsole and upper helps prevent wetness from getting in whilst the moisture absorbent footbed helps to keep your feet cozy and dry. Another feature you will love about Sticky Pro Shoes is that the sole is fitted with shock absorbers to shield your legs and joints from the impact of walking or running.

    Sticky Pro Shoes is versatile and is a must-have footwear for every student nurse. With these shoes, you can move about all day and never have to bother about painful feet or legs.

    • Available in several color choices
    • Simple to clean
    • Reasonably priced
    • A few users have complained that the footwear feels hot after wearing it for an extended period
    • Arch support could be better

    New Balance Walking Shoe

    Best White Leather Nursing Shoes

    With almost a FIVE STAR rating on Amazon and more than 11,000 reviews, the New Balance classic white sneakers are one of preferred nursing shoes.

    These walking shoes provide an amount of support and comfort needed for those that happen to be on their feet for long days.

    They are such a reliable everyday good shoe with soft lining, cushioned insoles, excellent support, durable outsoles, made out of premium leather and airy mesh material in order to maintain feet comfortable and secure.

    They might last you through all the practices at nursing school and what is about to come in your healthcare future.

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    Nurse Mates Dorin Slip

    The perfect white nursing shoe could not be other than this one!

    If you are one of the people who prefer the classic but safe new pair of nurse shoes, then the best option are these Nurse Mates Dorin Slip-Ons.

    A few of the qualities of these shoes are that they also offer multi-lateral corrective orthopedic support with a padded collar for optimal comfort.

    They are stain-resistant, have stability from shock-absorbing feature, and the inside lining mesh promotes breathability.

    They look so clean and professional!

    Plus, they come in 4 neutral colors plus one floral print design.

    Faq About Sizing And Wearability:

    Q 1: Do these run true to size? And can I return them if they end up being too small/big for comfort?

    Yes, these shoes run true to size, and we always recommend that our first-time customers refer to the sizing chart above for the best fit.

    We understand that sometimes you can’t always be 100% sure that all shoes purchased online will fit perfectly. After all, we don’t get to try them on first!

    Because of this we are offering a one-time free replacement for sizing issues!

    What does this mean?

    First, you don’t have to worry so much about the fit.

    Second, you save yourself the hassle of returning your tight/loose pair to us! Simply donate your existing shoes to a charity of your choice or gift them to someone who’d love to have it! Spread some love.

    Q 2: I’m an adult, but I have really petite feet. Do you have sizes smaller than women’s US5?

    Yes, we do! We offer kids’ sizes for ladies with really petite feet:

    Q 3: If I were to order the largest kids size and they’re too small, can I exchange them for the women’s US5?

    Please note that because of the variance in price between the kids’ and women’s sizes, you will be sent an invoice to top up the difference. You aren’t required to return the kids’ size to us. Once the invoice has been paid, you will sent the women’s size! Easy peasy!

    Q 4: I’m a woman, and most women’s sizes are too small for me.

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    Skechers For Work Womens Soft Stride Softie Lace Up

    When a high quality black and white nursing shoe that looks and feels like a sneaker is preferable to a clog, look no further than Skechers Womens Soft Stride Softie Lace Up. First of all, Skechers means quality, so any worries there are already covered. These lace-up professional shoes come in white or black leather to appeal to practically all uniform needs.

    Targeted perforations along the back and sides promote air circulation for extra breathability. Padded collar and tongue add comfort and support at the point of entry. Strong nylon pull tab aids in entry and exit. Internal athletic cushioning provides light padding that can be aided with personal orthotics. And thick, rugged rubber sole is grip patterned for serious traction in any terrain or surface change.

    Stq Womens Breathe Mesh Loafers

    School Uniform vs Nurse Uniform – Pair with White Leather Boots Style

    This slip-on loafers from STQ is ranked among the best shoes for nursing students due to its versatility. It comes with a wedge platform outsole for enhanced stability making it appropriate for all-day wear. Moreover, aside from your nursing scrubs, this lovely shoe will pair well with anything within your casual wardrobe. The footwear is super lightweight without sacrificing long-term durability. It is also flexible, breathable and its smooth fabric lining gives the footwear a super cozy feel.

    • Light and breathable mesh upper
    • Slip-on build for easy on easy off
    • PU outsole plus air cushion
    • Heavy-duty lug soles for enhanced traction

    The footwear also comes with a slip-on construction plus Elastic Cuff that makes it very easy for the user to wear the shoe and take it off. The walking shoe is fitted with a sturdy knit upper that stretches as well as supports your feet as you go about your duties. The STQ Slip On Breathe Mesh has also been praised by several users for its breathable plus smooth fabric lining. These vital features help ensure a very pleasant surrounding for your feet.

    The STQ Breathe Mesh is flexible, super lightweight, and has a broad round toe region that will let your toes spread out naturally. Moreover, the shoe comes in a diversity of colors to suit different kinds of tastes.

    • Durable and suitable for all-day wear

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