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Sneakers To Wear With Joggers

Our Favorite Joggers For Men


Weve been building our collection of joggers for quite some time now so check out our guide on the best joggers for men.

Or, if youre more of a visual guy, have a peek at our YouTube video featuring our favorite versions of this stylish casual pant.

When we originally created our guides for the best joggers, we were all about the Public Rec ADED Jogger. But after a few months of blazing summer days, were switching our top choice to the Public Rec Stadium Jogger.

Theyre just as stylish and comfortable as the ADED, but theyre much lighter.

Plus, we think theyre better for workouts, so that have that added versatility we love.

Flat Sandals With Khaki Green Joggers

Even if the weather is too cold or damp to go barefoot, you can still assemble a stylish ensemble. These flat sandals are comfortable enough to wear throughout the cold. In addition, these shoes expose your toes and make you feel as if youre walking barefoot.You could also pair these sneakers with a black bodysuit to match them with other dark and neutral colors in your wardrobe. Dressing in joggers. A pair of khaki joggers would also do the work, providing an excellent contrast to the golden buckle on the footwear.

Tips For Finding The Right Leather Jogger For You

Leather joggers, however, still give that elevated, casual, sporty but edgy feel, but with a more relaxed silhouette . Here are a few tips to find the right pair for you:

  • Joggers are supposed to be drapey, so look for a leather that is less stiff and has some movement to highlight your shape.

  • Find a pair that sits close to your natural waist. Because of the proportion of joggers you want to see the small of the waist in contrast to the volume at the hips and thighs. Basically, low rise joggers are not going to be as flattering.

  • Look for joggers that either have a cuff that can be rolled up or down OR a zipper that can be zipped or unzipped. This will allow for maximum footwear versatility.

  • READ THE REVIEWS! This sort of goes for anything youre going to purchase, and in the case of leather or faux leather joggers its essential for knowing what size to pick. For instance, the Commando pair I love, stretches A TON, when worn. All of the reviews say so and IMHO its true – so size down if you can.

  • Lets focus on the Commando faux leather joggers, because thats the pair I decided to buy after trying on many pairs over the past few years.

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    Is It Ok To Wear Running Shoes For Everyday Use

    Yau says that podiatrists top tip is to make sure the shoes are comfortable and fit well. Dr. Perkins says to replace walking or running shoes after every 300-400 miles or every four to six months. You need to replace your shoes after so many miles of wear and tear, just as you need to replace your car tires.

    What Are The Best Shoes To Wear With Joggers For Fall

    What Shoes To Wear With Joggers This Summer 2020 ...

    Lauren and I were recently chatting about how much we love joggers and how we intend to wear them this fall. Then I questioned what shoes should we wear. To quote myself back in June, I said anything goes in my post on the best joggers for women over 40. However, now as we head into fall and winter I felt the need to take another look at the trend. Since we wont be wearing slides, sandals and mules as we did last spring, I came up with list of the best shoes to wear with joggers for fall.

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    Best For Sports Games

    A pair of leather or canvas shoes pair well with joggers or sweatpants, both in low-top and high-top styles. The iconic Nike Blazer, originally introduced in 1972, fits the bill for a night sitting in the bleachers. Its durable construction can endure getting stepped on, the rubber outsole provides traction on all those spilt beverages, and the padded collar will keep you comfy throughout the night. From vintage to modern takes on the classic, in a variety of color and fabric options for both men and women, the Blazer makes for an ideal jogger companion. Throw on a denim jacket for a casual yet put-together night at the game.

    Nike Air Max 90 Essential Mens Sneaker

    These super quality shoes are designed to impress and make Nike enthusiasts really supported. Nike Ari Max is ideal for runner s or casual wear with jogger s pants as shoes, some classy and respect. Despite the bulky look, they are lightweight and also allow sufficient air circulation.

    You can love the walk even on wet surfaces as they will never make you slip and fall. The raised soles ensure there is no need for high heels that may lead to complications on the back, hips, or ankle. They can be a good accessory if you are after a minimalist feel.


    • Sufficient footbed cushions for shock absorption
    • Brings a minimalist feel to the walkers and runners
    • No worry of slippage, they are safe
    • Designed lightweight for fatigue protection
    • Blends classical and modern flair elegancy


    • They are alight heavy than should be
    • Breathability need to be improved

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    Wear Converses With Joggers

    As mentioned above, you can mix joggers with sneakers for a sporty look. Of course, you can also match a pair of converses with joggers for a walking on the street on the weekend. Compare to sneakers converses give the users a more simple and classic look. And if you love elegance, this amazing look is for you.

    7 How To Wear Joggers For Petite Ladies

    Wearing Joggers With Dress Shoes(Ted Baker)

    When fall rolls around, the sweaters come out and the joggers are relegated to weekend loungewear or are they? This striped look says nay! Pair up some structured tie-front joggers with a ribbed sweater knotted at the waist. You can layer with a tank top or bodysuit for extra warmth if needed. Finish off the look with sunglasses, hoop earrings, and neutral-colored sandals.

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    Chunky Sneakers With Sweatpants

    We all own a pair of large, bulky walking or running shoes that we use for various activities. Maybe we wear them to the gym, or perhaps theyre our favorite shoes for walking the dog.

    Maybe theyre your favorite pair of shoes to wear grocery shopping. Whatever the case may be, youve probably worn these shoes with sweatpants before, but not with the intention of turning them into an outfit!

    Sweats with chunky tennis shoes are all about comfort! When done correctly, this outfit gives a general feeling of defiance, comfort, and indifference that many people like.

    Accessorize your outfit with winter and fall hats, sunglasses for sunny days, and warm sweatshirts and hoodies. Chunky tennis shoes and sneakers are excellent for full sweatsuits and tracksuits, too, especially if you plan to wear them to the gym.

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    Gray Jogger Pants Black Cropped Top And Black Pointed Flats

    For those who like to wear jogger trousers, the Cue Cropped Top looks great with a pair of black pointed flats. If you like this combination, give it a shot. Colored kicks and bottoms will look great together

    The white and gray jogger pants are great for someone who wants to stay fashionable while exercising outside. In addition, these pants are pretty comfortable, making them an excellent choice

    This outfit is perfect for those who wish to stay young and fashionable while working their bodies regularly. The colors go well together, and you can wear them out on the town or to the gym

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    Final Thoughts About What To Wear With Joggers

    Did you learn what to wear with joggers today? Have I convinced you of how versatile joggers can be? Im curious to know.

    Joggers werent even a thing a few years ago. Im so glad they are a thing now. I honestly like them better than skinny jeans. You just cant beat being comfortable!

    Let me know what you think in the comments below. If you have any questions, dont hesitate to ask. Im always here and happy to help 🙂 If you want to connect even more, take a look and and feel free to DM me there if you need anything.

    Thanks so much for stopping by! Hope you have an amazing weekend.


    Want to keep these looks handy? Did you learn what to wear with joggers today? Pin it!

    What To Wear With Joggers Outfit Formulas To Follow

    What Shoes To Wear With Joggers This Summer 2020 ...

    How to wear joggers and make them look stylish is actually not that hard! I currently have 3-4 joggers and I always take 2 with me in my suitcase . Im very excited to share some of my favorite outfit formulas on how to style joggers, so you can also create your own version of these looks! Remember that you dont have to recreate the exact same outfits Im wearing, these are just for inspiration.

    This is how you can use the outfit formulas Im sharing below, as a guide to create your own looks with what you already have in your closet:

    • Take out the hero piece first. In this case, the joggers or sweatpants or comfy pants. Whatever it is that you have available!
    • Take out of your closet each piece in the outfit formula. For example, if theres a jacket or a sweater, take out the ones that you think would work well with the hero piece. Do that for every piece in the outfit formula.
    • If I share something more specific like white sneakers, dont worry if you dont have them! Just use any pair of sneakers you already have!
    • Have fun mix and matching all the pieces together. I always recommend to create as many looks as possible and take photos for later. This way you will have many looks that are ready for you to wear when you dont have time to choose an outfit or when you feel like you have nothing to wear )

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    Flip Flops With Sweatpants

    While wearing flip flops with sweatpants creates a bit of a confusing weather dichotomy, its a look that has exemplified effortlessness and relaxation for years. You cant get much more vacation-friendly than a pair of lightweight, cuffed sweatpants with your favorite flip flop sandals. This style works for both men and women, too!

    While this style is excellent for vacations and the like, it tends to be a bit too casual for much else. Flip flops have always inspired thoughts of beach bums, and thats still true today, regardless of whether theyre paired with sweatpants or not! Depending on where you live and what time of year it is, this outfit may or may not be appropriate, so keep this in mind before wearing it.

    For example, it goes without saying that flip flops are mostly inappropriate for colder seasons. This is why flip flops and sweatpants can create a confusing look together: while sweatpants are great for colder seasons, a pair of flip flops will leave your toes feeling chilly and unprotected! However, as long as youre comfortable with the temperature difference, no one can stop you from rocking this casual look!

    Metallic Tennis Shoes Paired With Black Joggers

    If you want a more daytime look, these metallic tennis shoes would instantly pull off your OOTD. You can pair these shoes with black jogger pants, a loose-fit tank top, and a neutral beige jacket to complete your look. Now that you have it, grab a handbag and shades for a more gorgeous but edgy look. We guarantee that this would be your *next* favorite outfit in the summer season!

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    How To Style Joggers 4 Different Ways From Sporty To Sophisticated

    Shop TODAY is editorially independent. Our editors selected these deals and items because we think you will enjoy them at these prices. If you purchase something through our links, we may earn a commission. Items are sold by retailer, not TODAY. Pricing and availability are accurate as of publish time. Learn more about Shop TODAY.

    If you are looking for a way to blend comfort and fashion, there is simple solution joggers! For those of us still holding on to our pajamas, joggers are an easy, more stylish cold weather option compared to traditional sweats.

    Joggers are not only comfortable but also versatile and can pair well with anything ranging from a matching sweatshirt to a fun patterned blazer.

    To help you with some outfit inspiration, Good Housekeeping Style Director Lori Bergamotto stopped by the 3rd Hour of TODAY and shared four ways to dress up your joggers.

    Read on to see how you can elevate your look with turtlenecks, running shoes and more.

    Camel Tencel Joggers And Black

    Wearing Leather Joggers With Sneakers(Air Max LTD 3)

    Heres how to look good in sandals. The Black-Strapped Sandals are comfortable to stroll in and may be dressed up or down depending on your mood. For exercise buffs, this combination is ideal

    The animal prints, joggers, and flats will all look fabulous together. This is an outfit for you if youre looking for something lighthearted

    Its a fun approach to mix and match two of your favorite looks. Whatever sort of shoe you prefer, youll find it here

    If youre having fun putting this ensemble together, its excellent that you realize you can wear any shoe

    The more fun you have with fashion, the more confident you will feel in your skin. This costume is ideal for those who enjoy working out and wearing fitness gear.

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    What To Wear With Joggers Casual Looks With White Sneakers

    I think this is one of my favorite ways to style joggers for cute every day looks. I am a huge fan of white sneakers, so I really wear them very often. I never travel without them!

    The sky is the limit here. I included T-shirts or sweaters because it all depends on the season and where you live. Since you can wear joggers all year round, I want you to consider both options. Ive also included a couple of looks with an extra layer. Its crazy how a simple moto or denim jacket has the power to upgrade any outfit.

    Also, think about other accessories. If you want to dress it up a little bit more, then add a hat, headband, earrings, bag, etc. It really makes all the difference. For me, I also like to do my hair when I wear a casual piece like a jogger. Somehow it feels different than just wearing a bun.

    Black Joggers With Black Leather Shoes

    Black shoes are a style icon. The combination of black leather shoes with a black jogging suit is an excellent look for working out or jogging. If you like the urban appearance, this ensemble is for you. Furthermore, this outfit is ideal for people who enjoy wearing fashionable costumes that are practical for their busy lives.

    Choose a dark-colored pair of leather shoes

    This costume can be worn in various colors and designs depending on the mood you want to communicate for those who are fashion-conscious.

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    Lacoste Mens Joggeur Sneaker

    Lacoste is a reputable brand that specializes in high- quality sneakers that are stylish and classy for formal or casual activity. The Lacoste Jogger sneakers match ideally with any fashionable smart casual outfit, their lightweight nature and combination of textile and leather on the upper makes them durable and breathable enough.

    Also, their lightweight nature guarantees fatigue-free even after a long day wearing them hence the best shoes with jogger s.

    The good thing they come in varied colors to allow wide option s to choose your preference their flexibility due to removable insoles and sufficient cushioning makes the user remain comfortable. Cushioning protects the user from possible shock.


    • Cushioned for sufficient shock absorption
    • With monochromatic color and minimalist essence impresses
    • Uses finest leather material
    • Removable insoles, hence the placement of custom orthotics is easy
    • Retro-inspired for easy pairing with various outfits


    • Some users feel they are a bit heavy
    • Narrow and snug

    Stuart Weitzman The Leigh 95 Pumps $398 At Saks Fifth Avenue

    What Shoes To Wear With Joggers This Summer 2020 ...

    Classic point-toe pumps finished in a versatile suede

    Some of my favorite pumps that go with joggers are INC Kenjay DOrsay Pumps in leopard or Nine West Tatiana pointy-toe pumps in silver snakeskin.

    Stuart Weitzmans The Leigh suede dress shoes are incredibly elegant and versatile for a solid black pair of pumps.

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    How Can I Make My Joggers Fit Better

    Simply put the joggers in a hot wash and then tumble dry them. This inexpensive method will leave you with warm, cosy, and smaller joggers. If youre looking for a quick solution, steam iron both sides of your joggers. The combination of the heat and steam will help to shrink your joggers in no time at all.

    Dr Martens Leona Vintage Smooth Leather Heeled Boots $170 At Nordstrom

    Feminine details like a slim silhouette and high, platform heel balance out the rugged and rebellious style of these contemporary leather combat boots

    Although the original 1460 womens lace-up look great, adding a bit of a heel can create more of a feminine and refined look.

    The Leona womens vintage smooth leather heeled boots have a 2-inch chunky heel that looks amazing with joggers!

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