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Breathable Sneakers For Sweaty Feet

New Balance Womens Fuelcore Sneakers For Sweaty Feet

QANSI Mens Hiking Shoes Mesh Breathable Barefoot Water Shoes

This pair of shoes is lightweight and feels comfortable on the feet. They have a stylish design that makes them go well with eight long or short pants. They come with inserts made with NB memory sole comfort that provides a soothing feel with every step that you take. It has an upper construction with a bootie design that hugs your feet for a supportive and snug fit.

Nisolo Alejandro Woven Slip On

Oh yes, you can wear these. We suggest you pair them with a baller linen suit. The stylish slip on woven dress shoes from Mexico are not just a fashion statement, but an ethical statement as well. When you purchase these bad boys you are supporting a Certified B Corporation that focuses on sustainability from conception to execution. The woven style allows for air to flow throughout while keeping feet nice and covered.

Whitin Mens Minimalist Cross Trainer Shoes

If you want an inexpensive pair of shoes that can be used for a ton of different activities, then it will be hard to beat these cross trainers. On top of that, these are minimalist shoes, which means the materials used will be as small as they can be, leading you to great flexibility and breathability as a result. This also means they have zero drop to them, which means your feet are flat to the ground. This promotes the strength of the feet and also makes for a more natural stride, at least in theory. The toes even have added pads to them and are made to be like gloves, individually fitting them, contrary to what the vast majority of shoes do. These are not the best at going through water, but they could even do that if you chose. They are just that versatile. They do run large, so you will have to take that into account and adjust for them.


  • Great for all sorts of activities
  • Gloves like fit on the toes


  • Runs large

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Esdy Mens Steel Toed Work Shoes

This is an outside of the box choice for a work shoe, but its one you might just want to try. In addition to being shoes that have steel toes, you also get a ton of mesh built into help you when you are working somewhere that heat just doesnt ever seem to go away at. Because of the use of mesh, they are able to be much lighter than most work shoes and boots are by a long, long distance. This enhances you and takes away some of that fatigue factor. Theyve even got some decent cushioning built into them via an EVA midsole and have rubber that is water resistant. This will help with some slips and make sure you are not getting injured on the job. They are cheap for a steel toed product, too, which doesnt hurt. The problem with them it seems is that the laces are not consistently good, so thats something to look for and weigh in your mind.


  • Cheaper than most work shoes


  • Laces dont hold up too well

The Problem With Sweaty Feet

18 Breathable Shoes For Sweaty Feet

Sweaty feet might not seem like such an issue at first. If you wear socks, after all, most of your sweat will get absorbed by them, and your shoes should remain relatively unscathed. But what about those days when your sweat soaks through your socks, or worse, when you dont wear socks at all? These days can leave your shoes stinky, unhygienic, and slippery.

Why is this so important? To begin with, when your feet sweat, the sweat interacts with bacteria on your skin. This creates the noxious foot odors that many of us associate with shoes. Its not your feet that stink its the sweat that they produce!

As such, with proper management practices, its possible to cure just about anyone of stinky feet even those with perpetually-sweaty extremities. Some people may need to take more steps than others, but choosing sweat-friendly shoes is an excellent place to start.

Other things you can do to mitigate stinky, unhygienic feet include:

  • Wearing moisture-wicking socks
  • Using foot deodorant and antiperspirant
  • Wearing open-air shoes as much as possible
  • Seeing a doctor about medications you can use

Primarily, stinky feet are caused by too much sweat and too little ventilation. When the sweat on your feet has nowhere to go, it sits on your feet, creating bacteria, odors, and even pleasant environments for foot fungus to grow in! As such, its always best to take care of these moist conditions as soon as possible else your feet could suffer from unpleasant health effects.

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What Shoe Material Is Best For Sweaty Feet

When purchasing breathable shoes for sweaty feet, opt for something made of natural fibers instead of synthetic materials. The same goes for socks because natural materials work better.

They draw moisture from the skin and allow better evaporation. Synthetic materials, on the other hand, trap moisture and produce odor and fungal infections, so stick with materials like cotton and wool.

Sweat is absorbed by the uppers or insoles of shoes, so allow your shoes to dry out before wearing them again. Try switching between two pairs every other day or purchase detachable insoles.

Gorgeous Clogs From Free People With Cutout Openings So Your Feet Can Get Some Air Without Socks Also Comes Equipped With A Lined Sole And An Adjustable Strap For Optimal Comfort

Promising review: “I LOVE these shoes!!! they are more comfortable than youd think a wooden pair of shoes would be – Ive had them for about a month and have had no issues with them! Theyre great for all seasons perfect with a sundress in warm weather and so cute with socks and jeans for colder days. Love!!” minetrac57

Get them from Free People for $129 .

If you’re a fan of these clogs, be sure to check out our other Free People recommendations for this season.

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Best Breathable Shoes For Sweaty Feet

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Are you a man or woman in search of the best breathable shoes for sweaty feet?

If yes, youre at the right place. This web page is designed specifically for that.

With the wide arrays of shoe brands on the market today, finding strong and high-quality breathable shoes for sweaty feet can be daunting and overwhelming.

Youll have to try a few models before coming across one thats most suitable for your needs.

While this may sound like a good idea, it can be difficult for someone on a tight budget.

The good news is that weve got you covered.

As a part of our commitment to helping our readers find any type of shoes for any specific use, we took the time and combed through the shoe market.

The goal was to create a list of the best breathable shoes for sweaty feet men or women in 2021.

After long hours of persistent market digging and research, coupled with in-depth analysis of hundreds of reviews left by users, we were finally able to uncover the most purchased and highly-rated breathable shoes for sweaty men and women this year.

NB: Most of the shoes featured in this blog post come in various colors. So if you see a model that appeals to you but the color isnt your favorite, click the link to the shoes listing on Amazon to see other colors.

Now, introducing our list of the top

The Best Socks For Sweaty Feet Breathable And Comfortable

6 Best Work Boots for Sweaty Feet

Wearing the right type of shoes will considerably reduce the amount your feet sweat. However, to completely eliminate the excessive sweat from the feet, you must wear the correct type of shoes and socks.

It is important to know that certain socks breathe better and that are made of higher quality fabrics than others. Its key to identify the best sock materials that absorb moisture the most.

Socks play a key role in keeping your feet healthy , since they act as a barrier between your feet and the shoes, preventing the formation and build up of bacteria inside the shoes. Below you can find a selection of the best womens socks for sweaty feet:

All of these socks styles are made from bamboo fiber which has antibacterial properties and will help with many odor problems. Bamboo also makes the socks breathable absorbent, antibacterial, and durable to keep your feet dry and cool.

If you have tried breathable shoes and socks, and you still feel that your sweating is out of control, then you should consult your doctor, as you may be suffering from hyperhidrosis .

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Red Wind Heritage Roughneck

Whenever you think of a high-quality work boot, you expect excellent mobility, comfort, and a stylish profile. You almost take it for granted that the pair will be more expensive than your regular boots. But, the Red Wing Heritage Roughneck is one of the rare work boots that not only satisfies all the quality features but also fits your budget.

You dont have to think of spending a fortune when you find this pair. But, price is not the only upside here. What you want is a breathable, summer weather steel toe safety shoe, right? This one has all those qualities.

It is waterproof, value for money, and good looking a combination that you may not always find when it comes to work boots. At a time when most brands are looking to hike their prices along more complex shoes designs, Red Wing has stuck to its old pricing scheme and not neglected quality in the least. And, when it comes to blending comfort along with style, this one in in the top list. This is undoubtedly one of the more stylish lace up shoes around. You may even have a temptation to wear this pair to a party. Yes, it is that stylish!

But, dont think this one only pays attention to style. It is also a very comfortable pair of shoes that you can wear at any worksite. The front is highly padded so that your toes are safe from injuries.



  • It is slightly on the heavier side.

A Shiny Faux Leather Sandal That Is Sure To Dress Up A Casual Outfit Yet Fit Right At Home When You’re In Sweats And Running To Pick Up Your Takeout

Promising review: “These sandals are so cute! I love the metal studs on them, very on trend. I ordered both a 7.5 and a 8, and kept the 7.5 as the 8 was far too long. I would not order a size up unless you have very wide feet. Anyhow, these are quite flat, so not as comfy as something that is more padded. But I still love the look!” Expatmama

Get it from Macy’s for $41.40 .

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Types Of Shoes To Wear For Sweaty Feet

Fact Checked

Sweaty feet don’t play favorites. Your two feet have about 250,000 sweat glands between them, which typically produce up to half a pint of moisture per day.

That means you can find yourself with soaked-through socks or even shoes in the gym, at work or on a strenuous walk or hike. Fortunately, for most people, a few simple choices can keep you from having to “squish-squish” your way through every step of your day.

Best Extra Wide Womens Shoes For Swollen Feet

18 Breathable Shoes For Sweaty Feet

For ladies looking for something fashionable and comfortable, these Skechers will do the trick. Theyre available in extra wide sizes, so your swollen feet will thank you.

Read our full review below.

The best extra wide womens shoes for swollen feet in this list are from Skechers. The reason is that these shoes are made with 100% synthetic and durable fabric material.

The material is light in weight that allows people with swollen feet to wear these shoes in comfort. To enhance inner comfort, this shoe has a soft Ortholite insole.

It comes with a shock-absorbing midsole that reduces the impact on your feet when you take a step.

Want to know the best part?

These Skechers shoes provide better flexibility to make sure you can walk an unlimited distance. The upper part of the shoe is made with breathable mesh uppers.

This prevents moisture and sweat buildup inside the shoe and allows vapors to escape easily. It means you can wear these shoes in warm weather too.

What you will love:

  • Breathable Material: The synthetic and breathable material allow your feet to breathe
  • Lightweight: These shoes have lightweight so that you can wear them easily for a long time
  • Ortholite Insole: The Ortholite insole is soft that provide more comfort

What Do the Customers Say About It:

According to what 95% of the customers say: The synthetic material protects feet from germs. The lightweight allows wearing the shoe for a long time. The breathable material protects feet from sweat


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Are Any Other Shoe Choices Available

Do not hesitate to contact me directly at my e-mail if you have any further questions or if you need a different pair of shoes for your child. My e-mail address is:

Do your kids feet sweat a lot? Is it out of control? Have you tried any particular shoe style that has helped reduce the sweat? Please share your experiences below, so other parents can all benefit from them!

The 6 Most Breathable Sneakers For Sweaty Feet

Finding comfy, breathable sneakers for sweaty feet is a pain. I know that from experience because I have a condition called hyperhidrosis that makes my feet sweat more than I should!

And of course, there are a few tricks that can help with sweaty feet, like wearing insoles, using powders, etc. But ultimately, being comfortable in your shoes start with well, you guessed it, picking the right shoes!

Ive put together selections of flat sandals or wedges before, but here I want to focus on sneakers.

Because, thanks goooood, sneakers are no longer just for exercising these days! Now its OK to wear them everyday!

Lets look 2 types of breathable sneakers: the sneakers that go with everything and the sneakers that are more sporty .

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Alternating Shoes Take Advantage Of An Extra Pair

I am aware and acknowledge the fact that not all of us can afford to have several pairs of sneakers just for ourselves. In fact, we try to buy one single good pair to avoid having to have to buy another one anytime soon.

It is true that you only need one pair of good, supportive sneakers to keep your feet and legs healthy. However, if you happen to have more than one pair of sneakers, take advantage and start alternating them.

You can have one to use for certain everyday activities and one just to use for exercise. This will allow your feet to stay dry and breathe better. Plus, when you exercise you tend to sweat more, so wearing one pair of shoes for everything is definitely not ideal.

It is very important to keep good foot hygiene since this can prevent foot odor and infection. Also, you need to make sure you are drying your feet thoroughly after taking a shower.

Please remember that women can also have sweaty feet from walking and exercising too much or under extreme weather conditions and it is totally normal! The real problem comes when they have excessively sweaty feet since this can create several foot issues.

Before you go to your doctors for a consult, try simple things such as changing to an appropriate pair of socks and wearing the right type of shoes.

Simple steps like the ones mentioned in this article will make a huge difference in keeping your feet healthy! You will be amazed by the difference these changes can make!

The Best Work Boots For Sweaty Feet

Best Socks for Sweaty and Smelly Feet | Seattle Podiatrist

Sweaty feet tend to either scare people out of your vicinity or attract frowny faces. No matter how handsome or pretty, if your feet smell when you take your work boots off, no one will want to come near you.

However, there are a few ways to prevent this issue: first, you need to wear clean absorbent socks. You can find high-absorbent socks available in stores. They are thicker than usual but lightweight. These socks keep your feet cool and will stop excessive sweat from accumulating in the work boots. This will, in turn, reduce the chances of your feet smelling terrible.

The second way to deal with stinky feet is by using the right pair of work boots. If you work in places that have high temperatures, you should wear shoes that provide your feet airflow to help them breathe and ventilate.

Your feet sweat a lot because your boots get hot quickly. So, consider replacing them with these specialized steel toe shoes that are more breathable, porous and specifically designed for hot weather:

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Why Do Feet Become Wet

Feet can be one of the smelliest parts of our body. Our feet contain 250,000 sweat glands in each foot. So sweating is bound to happen on our feet and you have a high chance of creating shoe odors in your shoes. There also some other factors that can cause your feet to become wet other than from the sweat your feet produce. The structure of some of the shoes we buy may have methods for water to enter into the shoe. The seal of our shoes is the number one culprit of allowing passage for water to enter into our shoes. Tight shoes can create discomfort where the seal meets the skin. Allowing water to enter through the top access of our shoes. The material of our shoes can also be a big cause of moisture build-up.

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