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Does Kaiser Permanente Offer Silver Sneakers

Welcome To Kaiser Permanente Presenting Medicare 101 And

1,000 Steps in 10 Minutes | SilverSneakers

Welcome to Kaiser Permanente Presenting Medicare 101 and the Kaiser Permanente Medicare health plan Michelle Stoll Retiree Consultant 2019 Plan Benefits

What Is Medicare? Medicare is a federally funded health insurance program. It includes Part A and Part B . Medicare was established in 1965. Medicare is administered by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services . 2

Who Can Join Medicare? Medicare beneficiaries include: People 65 or older if they or their spouses are eligible for Social Security People under 65 who are disabled Must be eligible for Social Security disability Requires a 2 -year waiting period People of any age with end-stage renal disease Permanent kidney failure that requires dialysis Needing a kidney transplant People with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis 3

Medicare Part A is hospital insurance that covers: § Inpatient hospital care § Skilled nursing facility care § Hospice care § Home health care What does it cost? § No premium if you or your spouse has worked for at least 10 years and paid Medicare taxes. § If you worked fewer than 10 years, there is a monthly premium up to $437, which is set by a Medicare formula. 4

Medicare Part B is medical insurance that covers: § Doctor and other health care provider services § Outpatient care § Lab § Radiology § Durable medical equipment § Dialysis § Some preventive care services 5

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How Does Pricing Work With Kaiser And Can I Get Any Discounts

Members generally pay no additional premium beyond the Part B premium for the Senior Advantage HMO. There is also typically no annual deductible for medical and prescription drug coverage. The premium for Advantage Plus benefits is around $20 a month in most areas.

In some service areas, Kaiser offers silver and gold plan options for the Senior Advantage HMO. You pay a small monthly premium for these plans in exchange for lower copayments and out-of-pocket limits.

For example, if the standard option has a $200 copay for outpatient surgery, the silver plan might charge $150, while the gold will charge you $100. The out-of-pocket maximum might be $4,400 for the standard option, $3,500 for the silver plan, and $3,000 for the gold option.

Be sure to read the summary of benefits for each plan in your area to ensure that you are aware of and understand the different costs. Youll then be able to determine the best fit for your health needs and budget.

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What Insurance Plans Include Silver Sneakers

Below is a list of some of the top Medicare Advantage plans that participate in the Silver Sneakers wellness program. Please note this list is alphabetical and does not include all medicare health plan providers:

Contact your Medicare Advantage Plan provider to see if you meet Silver Sneakers Eligibility requirements.

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What Kinds Of Silver Sneakers Classes Near Me

SilverSneakers offers a complete senior fitness program, including in-person exercise classes at over 15,000 gym locations and community centers, live classes online, and a large selection via their on-demand video library of workouts.

Strength & Cardio

Move high-intensity workouts to improve cardio endurance and burn calories.Muscle improve your upper body conditioning through athletic-based exercises.Mind bring to balance your mind-body through increased endurance and flexibility.

Does Medicare Pay For Silver Sneakers

Kaiser Silver Sneakers Northern California

SilverSneakers is considered a basic fitness service and Original Medicare, Part A and Part B, does not cover this benefit. However, Medicare Advantage plans, also known as Medicare Part C, may provide this benefit. To find a Medicare Advantage plan with SilverSneakers in your area, enter your zip code on this page.

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Kupuna Tai Chi For Arthritis And Fall Prevention

Open and FREE to the public for anyone 60 years or older only.

Tai Chi for Arthritis and Fall Prevention is taught by certifiedinstructors and is an evidence-based program incorporating tai chiprinciples for improving health and wellness. Based on Sun style taichi, it has gentle flowing movements that are easy to learn, safe andenjoyable for all levels. No prior experience is required and this formcan also be modified to a seated position.YMCA Locations Offered

How To Register

YMCA Members:

  • Reserve your spot in MotionVibe up to 2 days in advance of the class starting at 8 am.

Non-Y Members:

  • Complete a one-time initial enrollment and waiver form, and thenyou can reserve your spot up to 2 days in advance of the class you wishto attend starting at 8 am, using one of these options:
    • In-Person: If you are at a YMCA branch, stop by the Welcome Center or
    • Phone:Leave a message at 808-678-4296. In your message, state your name,phone number, email, and the branch/date/time of the class you wouldlike to attend:
      • Example: My name is Joe Aloha. My phonenumber is 808-531-9622 and my email is I would like tomake a reservation for the Tai Chi Class at Mililani on Saturday,February 5 at 8:50 am.
  • For Non-Y members, reservation is not guaranteed until you have received a call or email confirming your spot.

Choosing A Medicare Plan With Silversneakers Benefits

You have a lot of choices when it comes to picking a plan with SilverSneakers benefits. Both Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement insurance plans offer SilverSneakers benefits. Be sure to carefully review all of the plans available in your local area.

Dont pick a plan just for the SilverSneakers benefit. Instead, be sure to pick a plan that is a good fit for you and meets the following needs:

  • Doctors who are important to you accept the plan.
  • The plan will cover the medications you take.
  • The plan has a monthly premium you can afford.
  • The plan has an out-of-pocket maximum amount that you can afford and that protects your savings.
  • The plan will cover you outside the United States .

When considering the two main plan types availableMedicare Advantage and Medicare Supplementkeep the following facts in mind:

  • If you choose Medicare Supplement, youll also have to enroll in a stand-alone Part D prescription drug plan .
  • You cant enroll in both Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement at the same time.
  • Medicare Supplement is generally more expensive than Medicare Advantage.
  • Your out-of-pocket costs are usually lower with Medicare Supplement.

Regardless of which route you take, youll need to be eligible for Original Medicare Part A and B before you can enroll.

The bottom line is that SilverSneakers is a very useful and valuable benefit, but you need to choose your Medicare plan based on your other needs as well.

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Health & Wellness Discounts

Posted: Aerobic classes, dance classes, yoga, Pilates, spin cycling, free weights, machine weights. One-time enrollment fee $60 & one-time processing fee of $35 per person. Choose between One Club access $69 or unlimited City CA Club access $80 per month Month-to-month, no contract. Annual fee $5o.

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Medicare Insurance Plans With Silver Sneakers

5-Minute Balance Routine | SilverSneakers

Many of our clients ask about the free Silver Sneakers gym membership and how to qualify when shopping for supplemental insurance plans. It can save members a lot of money.

Some insurance companies offer this valuable benefit, but many do not. And availability will depend on where you live. We help our clients compare the Medicare insurance policies offering this perk while crunching the numbers to make sure they arent overpaying for their coverage.

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Can I Join Silversneakers If My Medicare Plan Doesnt Cover It

No, this is a program that partners with Medicare plans only. SilverSneakers is funded through Medicare providers, and there is no membership fee you can pay in order to take part in the classes.

If you want to join a Medicare Advantage plan that covers SilverSneakers, you can switch from Original Medicare or your current Advantage plan during the Open Enrollment Period, which lasts from October 15 to December 7 every year. And if youre interested in getting physically active in your community but dont want to switch to a Medicare plan that covers SilverSneakers, contact a local gym or fitness center and inquire about the classes they offer for elderly people and their rates.

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Does Medicare Cover Silver Sneakers

Find Cheap Medicare Plans in Your Area

Original Medicare does not cover SilverSneakers or other gym or fitness programs.

But many Medicare Advantage and some Medigap insurers provide free access to SilverSneakers and other exercise and wellness plans like Silver& Fit and Renew Active.

When shopping for Medicare Advantage or Medigap, we advise you to consider all costs and benefits before committing to a plan. While a fitness benefit can be a plus, it shouldn’t be your main deciding factor especially since insurers may drop coverage from one year to the next.

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What Is The Silversneakers Program From Kaiser Permanente

SilverSneakers is an exercise program designed for adults ages 65 and older, according to Healthways, the company that developed the program. Kaiser Permanente offers SilverSneakers free of charge as a benefit for people who hold specific polices, according to the official Kaiser Permanente website.

Kaiser Permanente offers SilverSneakers memberships free of charge for policy holders with Kaiser Permanente Senior Advantage Core, Silver, Gold, Medicare or PERA pre-65 policies, as of 2015, notes Kaiser Permanente. SilverSneakers members can work out on their own at participating fitness facilities or in classes that vary in their level of exercise intensity, states Healthways. SilverSneakers offers on-site program advisors and class instructors trained specifically in leading exercise classes for seniors.

What Insurance Plans Include Silversneakers

Does Kaiser Offer Silver Sneakers

Keeping fit as you age can improve your health and help you manage chronic ailments. Medicare-eligible Americans can gain access to SilverSneakers, a popular health and fitness program that is often integrated into Medicare insurance plans. In this guide, well cover a few basics about SilverSneakers, dive into which insurance plans include the program, and touch on how to choose the one that best fits your specific needs.

Key takeaways:

  • SilverSneakers is a health and fitness program designed for adults age 65 and older.
  • SilverSneakers is included in many Medicare plans, including both Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement insurance.
  • Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement carriers have different benefits in different states and counties, which means that not every plan in every state offers SilverSneakers.

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Which Gyms Are Included

There are over 14,000 gyms that accept the SilverSneakers program., such as Snap Fitness, 24-hour fitness, AnytimeFitness, Planet Fitness, and the YMCA.

The official website for Silver Sneakers can help you find a gym near you. Though many gyms participate in the Silver Sneakers program, you can find some parts of the country where it is less active. Make sure to compare your options before you sign up.

Guide To The Silversneakers Program Near Me

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Your physical health is a primary concern at any age, but it becomes especially important as you transition into your elderly years where health concerns, doctors visits, and prescriptions can pile up. All of these factors can inhibit your ability to stay active, but its as important as ever to remain physically active and engaged as you age.

In fact, your doctors will likely encourage you to be more active, because exercise and healthy eating can help as part of the treatment plans for many of the most common conditions found in elderly people.

SilverSneakers does not sell sneakers, nor does it provide you with sneakers to use.

These conditions include:

As a way of encouraging physical activity in the elderly, the program called SilverSneakers was created in the early 1990s. Well now discuss this free program and its benefits in addition to how you can qualify and enroll in it.

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Stay Fit With Gyms That Accept Silver Sneakers

Remaining active is one of the best things Seniors can do to stay healthy. It not only keeps them strong and physically healthy, but it also helps keep their minds sharper and their mood higher.

Unfortunately, most health programs are geared toward younger individuals. The senior fitness centers are taking care of that problem.

In addition, classes are offered at most senior fitness centers. These classes vary, but include Zumba, water aerobics, general exercise and more. The classes are conducted at a more relaxed level, enabling senior citizens to enjoy activities that their younger peers enjoy. This may be the time to take that yoga class you always thought about.

Best of all, the program is free as part of your health insurance coverage or covered under medicare.*

Take time today and step foot onto the path of a healthier future in your golden years. Enjoy some of your old activities or discover some new ones. Your life has always been an adventure. The adventure doesnt have to end yet!

How Can I Find A Medicare Plan With Silver Sneakers

Exercises to Improve Memory | SilverSneakers

If you are eligible for Medicare, you may select to enroll in an advantage or supplement plan which includes Silver Sneakers benefits, if it is available in your geographic area. The program is currently included in many Medicare advantage, Medicare supplement and group retiree plans nationwide. You may use the SilverSneakers Health Plan Locator to find out which plans currently offer Silver Sneakers benefits. Perhaps you will even find out that you have the SilverSneakers benefit already included in your current Medicare health plan? If not, you may be able switch to a plan in your area that offers this fun way of staying healthy for seniors.

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Did You Know You Can Go To Multiple Silversneakers Locations

The senior gym membership includes unlimited access to any SilverSneakers location. Thats right! You can attend exercise classes and visit multiple locations.

Access to multiple locations can come in handy if you are traveling or for those seniors who are snowbirds and like to escape for warmer weather in the winter months.

Silver Sneakers Program Requirements

SilverSneakers eligibility is based around the Medicare Advantage plan you are currently enrolled. Below are the Silver Sneaker eligibility requirements:

  • Currently eligible for Medicare Parts A and B
  • Policyholder of a Medicare Silver Sneakers partner Medicare Advantage insurance provider

You are eligible to switch your Medicare Advantage plan every year during the annual election period . At that time your Silver Sneakers membership will seamlessly transfer with any Medicare Silver Sneakers partner you enroll with for your health benefits.

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Silversneakers Flex Classes Near Me

What Medicare Ploicies Offer Silver Sneakers

While many in-person workouts are available at fitness centers and traditional gyms, over 80 exercise classes are held at local community centers and outdoors at parks, beaches, and neighborhood gathering spots.

As with all SilverSneakers classes, FLEX Classes are taught by experienced instructors and cover a range of workouts:

  • Senior Stretch to improve flexibility and range of motion
  • Circuit & Interval Training to increase muscle strength and cardiovascular health
  • Core Conditioning to improve core strength and body flexibility
  • Cardio & Strength to increase cardio endurance and muscle strength

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What Does Silversneakers Cover

A SilverSneakers membership includes a basic gym membership that grants you access to any amenities included with that level of membership at the respective gym or fitness center. That could include the use of pools, saunas, tennis or racquetball courts, locker rooms and more.

SilverSneakers members are free to work out on their own, but they also have the option of participating in a variety of clubs and group exercise classes and programs. These classes are designed specifically for older adults and are taught by instructors who are trained to work with seniors.

Programs can include things like:

  • Strength or cardio training

There are even some SilverSneakers classes designed to boost brain health, reduce stress or practice mindfulness and meditation.

There are more than 15,000 exercise facilities across the country that participate in SilverSneakers. If you cant find one near you, or if you simply prefer to exercise at home, you can participate using the SilverSneakers mobile app, online workout videos, live online classes and even a FitBit watch issued at no extra cost.

How To Qualify For Silversneakers

Unfortunately, Original Medicare plans dont cover a SilverSneakers membership. SilverSneakers is considered a gym membership or fitness program, and the Medicare website explicitly says it wont cover those.

However, there is the chance that a Medicare Advantage plan will cover it. A supplemental plan could also cover the SneakerSilvers program. The SilverSneakers website says the program is covered by one in four Medicare programs, though the organization doesnt specify if this is 25 percent of Medicare Advantage plans or 25 percent of all Medicare plans.

You can check if your Medicare Advantage or Medigap plan covers SilverSneakers on the programs website. You can visit that same link if youre in the market for a Medicare Advantage or Medigap plan and want to find one that include SilverSneakers in its coverage.

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