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Running Sneakers For High Arches

Ankle Support And Stability


Supination can put excess pressure on the plantar fascia, causing plantar fasciitis. Choose running shoes that are extra stable and supportive to prevent this and any other type of ankle injury.

Nike Flyknit enhances the stability of your running shoe. Its a revolutionary technology that uses high-strength fibers to create lightweight uppers with targeted areas of support, stretch and breathability. The lightweight strands of yarn that have been woven into a one-piece upper, securing an athletes foot to the shoe platform. Fitting like a sock, the threads function like suspension bridge cables, but still allow your feet to move freely.

The Best Running Shoes To Support High Arches

Everyone from professional athletes to everyday runners understands that the key to success partly lies in having the right equipment. Although choosing a shoe may be influenced by styling and durability, there may be times when you might be wearing the wrong type of shoe, especially if you havent considered your foot type and conditioning.

In this article, we discuss specific remedies for athletes with high arched feet and the best running shoes for this condition. A high arched foot, sometimes referred to as a cavus foot, is simply a condition where the foot has a very highly defined arch between the heel and the toes. The effects of this is that an overbearing amount of load rests on the ball and heel of the foot when walking, running or standing which can lead to injuries.

Injuries caused by this condition can lead to a variety of painful experiences, imbalance and instability during exercise. As a consequence, any runner with this condition should seriously consider purchasing a shoe specifically designed for the cavus foot condition. So, on that note, here are our top picks:

Saucony Ride 9 Mens Running Shoe From 10349saucony Ride 9 Womens Running Shoe From 10349

Fresh out the box, these are the most recent update to the highly rated Saucony Ride 8.

Ride 9s still come with the traditional neutral support system and the new EverRun top-sole construction gives smooth landing, cushioning and shock absorption. The Ride 9 is one to surely make you feel like you are running on soft foam with their tri-flex system that impressively distributes pressure over a larger surface area. This is precisely what high arched runners need to keep as much weight off their heels and balls of their feet as possible.

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Flarut Running Shoes Women’s Casual Walking Athletic Non

Flarut running shoes that are made of leather and the rubber sole that make the boots durable and flexible. The shoes have the engineered arch support that keeps your high arches feet relaxed. Along with there is present the cushioning material that provides the heels with the best comfort and safety. Another good feature is that these shoes are multipurpose and you can wear in any activity as well as in any surface as it has the non-slip and flexible outsole with air cushioning that gives the maximum moving power. The shoes also have the breathable lining that offers excellent comfort as well as keep your feet dry all day long.

Why do we like it?

  • Leather shoes
  • Breathable lining

Our Verdict

  • We want these shoes because these are incredibly comfortable and breathable shoes that keep you feeling good. There is no painful feeling after wearing these shoes. Thus these provide the comfy feeling as long as you wear them.

Skechers Womens Go Walk Joy Walking Shoe

7 best running shoes for high arches  your feet will ...

Sketchers have managed to make a shoe with an amazing stretch mesh on the upper that still has all the support of a regular lace-up sneaker. They hug your foot like a glove for a super comfortable fit, and the flexible mesh accompanied by the heel loop ensures they slip off and on easily whenever youre ready, but stay put when youre not.

They feature Skechers unique 5Gen cushioning and Goga Max high rebound insole, making them ideal for those who need some extra arch support. The Skechers Womens Go Walk Joy walking shoe is lightweight, flexible, and includes a soft padded collar and fabric lining.

These cute, casual shoes come in 24 colors youll love to wear with any everyday outfit out and about at the grocery store, hanging with friends, or just taking a walk.


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Best Running Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis In 2021

Based on studies, plantar fasciitis affects 1 in every 10 adults, both men and women. Whether you are an athlete or not, one of the ways to reduce plantar fasciitis is to wear comfortable shoes.

We have tested over 40 running shoes that are recommended for plantar fasciitis in our lab to help you find the best ones. And because you may have preferences regarding the level of support, cushioning, or the price range, we have selected our top picks in five different categories.

And if you want to learn more about this foot condition, read our in-depth article on plantar fasciitis and how to deal with it.

Tips On Running With High Arches

While the right running shoesare helpful in keeping your feet supported, its not the only thing you shoulddo for better runs! You need to know how to run in proper positioning and whatto do to prevent pain. Here are the helpful tips to follow for running withhigh arches:

  • Before and after running, you have to do your stretches! This prevents any injuries or pain that may happen as you run. Take at least five to ten minutes to warm up and cool down, your muscles are going to thank you! Start off slowly when you just began your running session, working your way up in intensity a few minutes into the run
  • During running, focus on your positioning and stance. If youre able to count, maintain a cadence of about 180 strides per minute, regardless of what your speed is
  • Land on your feet properly, not out in front but below the center of gravity, which is your hips. This is a midfoot strike, where you can also land your feet a bit behind the center of the hips
  • As you stride, hold the pelvis level, which strengthens the tissue around your get arch and pelvis. This helps stabilize your ankles and keep it from bending
  • Avoid overexerting yourself during your runs and know your limits! Those with high arches are more susceptible to injury, so its better to run within your limits and increase the speed or distance every week. If you feel any discomfort while running, stop and take a break. If the pain is too much to bear, its best to stop and rest, resuming in your next session

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Nike Womens Air Pegasus+ 30

Nike Womens Air Pegasus+ 30

The Nike Air Pegasus+ 30 Womens Running Shoe continues with the legendary tradition of Pegasus womens high arch shoes for the last 30 years. The new version is with an updated breathable upper and a responsive cushioning that remains odourless and dry. . It has been voted as the best buy in the Runners World 2013. There are no sewing overlays all over which makes a more supporting and comfort able interior. The internal heel wraps the heel twice to give a close fit. The rubber waffle outsole is preferred for durability and multiple actions of the feet. The customers have liked the colours of Nike+30 as they tend to match with most colours of womens dresses.

How We Chose The Best Running Shoes For High Arches


We used data from our fit id® outfitting process, interviews with designers and real-life wear testing to determine the best running shoes for high arches.

You can shop with confidence at Fleet Feet: We offer free shipping on all orders over $99, and you have 60 days to return any gear if you dont like the way it looks, fits or feels. Plus, with our price-match guarantee, you can make sure you never pay too much for a new pair of running shoes.

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Cushioning Absorbs Shock For Soft Contact

A good cushion under feet can keep the run in stability and support. The shoes that are engineered with padding systems will absorb shock and prevent the impact from affecting your feet and joints.

Some latest technologies that are foam, gel, or EVA promote to increase the cushion. It is essential to select a shoe that packs in these extended padding for long-term benefits and long-lasting duration.

How To Pick The Best Running Shoes To Support Your High Arch

When on the hunt for the best running shoes for high arches, you want to look for shoes with a higher shaft for better ankle support, an insole with a thick, cushioned arch and wide heel, a wide toe box, a platform sole, and a rigid shank . All in all, these features provide the stability and support needed for those runners with high arches.

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When in doubt, though, always go for comfort, says Paul Langer, D.P.M., a podiatrist in the Minneapolis-St.Paul, Minnesota area.

There is not one brand or model that works for all runners or all foot types, he notes. Instead, focus on the feel and the fit, and trust your instincts.

be sure to give your running shoes a real test drive, as what might feel comfortable while walking the length of the department store might not work when youre actually out their clocking mileage.

Comfort decreases from standing to walking to running, so when selecting running shoes, you have to run in them, says Langer, who recommends trying on at least three shoes before making a final selection.

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What Separates Asics From The Rest

Since stepping onto the running shoe scene in 1953, ASICS has been innovating technology like flared soles for stability and reflective heels for nighttime visibility. Back when air pockets in shoes were all the rage, ASICS innovated their famous GEL® technology, which absorbed 28% more impact than air. ASICS ongoing commitment to innovation is why theyve maintained such a loyal fanbase over the years.

ASICS is one of the most recognizable brands of running shoes around, but competition has stiffened in recent years as more brands have entered the market. In order to set themselves apart, theyve been focusing their efforts on producing shoes with both the environment and their communities in mind.

Theyve carefully chosen materials and re-engineered their manufacturing process in order to reduce CO2 emissions by 27%. And theyre projecting that theyll get to a 55% reduction by 2030. Theyve also been streamlining their entire manufacturing process to use 50% less water when dying materials.

Mizuno Wave Rider Series

Best Running Shoes for High Arches 2020

Mizunos go-to neutral running shoe has plenty of cushioning for long distances, and yet its firm and responsive enough for shorter, faster spurts. Featuring Wave cushioning technology, the Wave Rider offers a comfortable, supportive feel that will help keep your form in check without being intrusive. And the mesh upper is light, allowing your feet to breathe comfortably.

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What Are Some Of The Conditions That Can Result From Having High Arches

There are quite a few problems that can arise from having high arches if you dont wear a shoe with excellent support.

Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis is an extremely common condition for those who stand on their feet for long periods, and having high arches only aggravates it. The condition is the inflammation of the plantar fascia tendon that runs along the bottom of the foot, connecting the heel to the ball of the foot.

IT Band Syndrome

The iliotibial band runs along the side of the quadriceps and can become inflamed and tightened along the knee and outer thigh when the weight is shifted onto the outside of the foot, as it is with high arches and supination.

Achilles Tendinitis

When the foot is rolled outward, it can cause inflammation of the Achilles tendon as it works overtime to stabilize your foot and ankle.

Stress Fractures

With high arches and supination, because of the rolling out of the foot, the shock absorption we all need on the bottom of the foot to reduce the impact on our bones is decreased. Particularly in runners, small fractures can result from improper shock absorption.

Ankle Problems

Rolling of the ankle outward can easily occur when the foot is rolled outward during your stride, causing strained or even sprained ankles.

Causes Of High Arches

If you have high arches, when walking or standing, there will be a large amount of weight placed on the heel and ball of your foot that often causes pain and instability . This can occur at any age, and in one or both feet.

A neurologic disorder or other medical condition such as Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease, cerebral palsy, polio, spina bifida, muscular dystrophy, or stroke are the main causes of high arch.

Besides, it is also a result of an inherited structural abnormality. Normally, high arch caused by medical condition or a neurologic disorder is likely to worsen. However, if this is caused by another factors, there will not be a change in appearance.

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Features To Look For In High

The imperative is to look for comfort. Then, take into account other features. The end goal is to lessen or prevent pain caused by high arches.

In the pursuit of high-arch support, these are the features of running shoes you should focus on:

  • Well-cushioned running shoes, especially in the ball and heel of the foot. They should offer good to maximum shock absorption to compensate for the decreased foots ability to absorb the shock
  • High arch support to help with the pressure distribution and pain by preventing the arch from collapsing too much
  • Neutral running shoes which help with supination through the cushion that supports the arch.

Saucony Axon was cut in half in our lab and is a good example of a high-arch running shoe.

Bonus tip: look for shoes with a removable insole, just in case you decide to go for special arch-support insoles or orthotics. Also, we analyzed 183,911 running shoes and discovered that the more arch support you request, the more expensive they become.

A removable insole from Nike Air Zoom Pegasus, a popular daily running shoe for high arches.

What Problems Do High Arches Cause

Brooks Glycerin 13 Best Running Shoes for High Arches and Plantar Fasciitis

High arches can cause a range of issues, including plantar fasciitis and metatarsalgia. Claw toes, hammer toe, and foot and ankle instability are other problems that can arise due to high arches. These can all increase your risk of ankle sprains due to the heels being pointed toward the middle of the body. High arches can also lead to other problems like corns and calluses on the bottom of the foot and put people at increased risk for developing tight lower calf muscles.

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Best Value: Brooks Womens Ghost 13

Key features

  • Unique BioMoGo DNA and DNA LOFT cushioning
  • Advanced Segmented Crash Pad
10 x 15 x 6 inches
Colors Various

The Brooks Womens Ghost 13 is one of my most favorite shoes when it comes to footwear for high arches. Firstly, I want to mention its material. The upper is made from mesh, allowing the air to go in and out more straightforwardly. The sole is reinforced with sturdy rubber, providing you with additional stability for firmer movements.

As this is a neutral support type, it will give you ultra-energizing cushioning thanks to the combination of the BioMoGo DNA and DNA LOFT. This design will make the shoe more lightweight while still offering excellent softness and comfort. It is ideal for different types of running, workout, cross training, etc.

3D Fit Print technology is another outstanding feature of this pair. It makes the shoe stretchable enough while keeping its stable construction. Whats more, the manufacturer equips this sneaker with an innovative shock absorption system. As a result, you can enjoy smooth transitions from toe to heel without worrying about pain or stress due to the impact caused by high arch feet anymore.


Colors Various

Another excellent feature when it comes to running shoes is the heel style. This model comes with a cushy elastane heel, letting you run or walk very naturally. As a result, it can lessen some impact on your arch, knees, and back. So you will feel better when using this pair for a long time.


Do You Need Arch Support

Not all high arches need support. If you arent experiencing pain or problems during running, there is probably no need to look for arch support. Just because you have a certain arch or pronation type, it doesnt mean its something that should be fixed.

However, if you have a visual confirmation that you have high arches and youre experiencing some of the symptoms, arch support is recommended.

Types of arch support in running shoes from least to most supportive:

neutral or no support

stability: support for mild to moderate overpronation

motion control: supports severe overpronation

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Mizuno Wave Inspire 17


There have been some pretty big changes in the newest edition to the Wave Inspire from Mizuno. These changes provide users with added levels of stability and support while keeping this shoe lightweight and comfortable for long rides. What we loved most about this design is that it is the perfect trainer for long-distance running, as well as speed.

What makes the Wave Inspire 17 unique is the addition of the Fan Wave Plate. This fan design helps to distribute weight evenly throughout your foot and makes it more responsive when running on hard surfaces. Plus, the wave design makes this trainer lighter than previous versions of the Wave Inspire.

Users also love the design and fit of the upper of this design. It is composed of an engineered mesh that stretches over your foot for a snug fit and excellent lockdown. It boasts additional stability panels in key areas to help keep your foot supportive while the mesh panels lift hot air up and away from your foot.

If you are in the market for something that is both lightweight and supportive, this design from Mizuno is a great choice. It is composed of incredibly durable and lightweight materials that make you feel like you are running on a cloud. Whether your goal is speed or distance, the Wave Inspire 17 is a great choice.

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