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Where Can I Sell My Jordan Sneakers

Potential Scams / Lack Of Customer Protection

WHERE to SELL Sneakers ONLINE in 2020 FAST! (NEW and USED!)

Ive used Kixify for about 4 years now and it was legit for the transactions I had in the past. I eventually began using StockX more because they have a higher chance of having the shoes I want, despite the high prices. Because of StockXs high prices, I went back to Kixify to find a better deal & was scammed out of my money. I purchased a pair of AJ1s and the resellers order under my account denied me access to the order details and tracking information. I reached out to the reseller, who refused to give me the tracking information directly & I reached out to Kixifys customer service & never heard back from them. I no longer trust Kixify nor believe them to be a legitimate platform to buy and resell sneakers. Kixify says they offer customer protection, but in reality they dont. Its not like StockX where they authenticate the products before delivering them to you. Kixify has zero protection for their buyers against fraudulent resellers. If youre looking for a safe way to enjoy your hunt for DS shoes, dont use Kixify. StockX may be high, but you get what you pay for. Quality over quantity.

Where To Sell Shoes For Cash Near You

In addition to online consignment shops, you might want to consider selling your shoes through local marketplaces. This can be a faster way to sell shoes, and you receive cash instantly instead of waiting for funds to transfer to your account.

Plus, theres no chance of you having to refund a customer because they didnt like the shoes.

Here are some of the best local places to sell shoes for cash.

They Buy Their Sneakers At One Of The Six Best Stores In Canada

Livestock: With three spots in Vancouver and two in Toronto, this growing boutique is the single best place to find rare kicks.

Capsule: The two Toronto locations stock everything you need from Nike, Air Jordan and beyond.

Courtside Sneakers: Check out the Jordans and Nike Women’s at their locations in New Brunswick, PEI, and Nova Scotia.

Off The Hook: This Montreal store keeps it fresh and clean with a wide range of Adidas, Nike, and more.

Adrift: Another Toronto staple, Adrift focuses on skate culture but features an impressive selection of sneakers.

NRML: The Ottawa-based boutique is known for getting the drop on the newest releases.


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Consignment For The Rare Pairs

There is also the consignment option if you have something really, really special. You get paid only if and when the item sells, and most retailers offer an 80/20 split. This is a far higher commission than the online platforms above, however, they do all the work for you, and the selling price will be closest to market value.

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They Know Sneakers Arent Just An Investment

My first ever pair of Jordans! : Sneakers

There’s a vibrant market for reselling popular and rare sneakers. One estimate found that secondary sales on eBay netted $60 million profit for the resellers in 2013, and that figure was about one quarter of the total sales. But if youre just out to make money, sneakers arent your play. Some shoes increase in value after you buy them. The vast majority of them do not.

Now, if youre in it because you are obsessed with sneakersor even if you just want to impress your friendsyou have a better chance of being happy with what you buy.

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They Try To Buy Shoes For Their Actual Retail Price

According to Luber, the single biggest factor to consider when buying sneakers for the purpose of reselling is whether you can buy the sneakers that everyones freaking out about at the suggested retail price. “There can be a lot of hidden costs that newcomers might not think of that can eat away potential profitstaxes, eBay fees, PayPal fees, shipping fees, buying at post-retail prices,” he says. To avoid that stuff, the people who do this for a living wait hours upon hours at their favourite store to acquire pairs of sneakers at as close to the retail price as possible. Boutiques will still markup in-demand drops, but its still cheaper than eBay or other auction sites.

Which means youre going to want to know when the new stuff is going to hit stores. The site Sole Collector is the go-to source for release information.

How To Find Shoes To Buy And Sell

Before you can even begin finding shoes to buy and resell, you need to understand the market better.

Reselling shoes are similar to the stock market. There are pairs of shoes that dont start out too hot but eventually accumulate value later on. Conversely, some sneakers generate lots of attention only to fizzle out as time goes by.

Want even more step by step details on how to find great shoes you can sell for a profit? Check out the Hypemaster Playbook for a great course into the shoe reseller world.

To truly benefit from learning how to resell sneakers, you need to purchase products that are sold on the cheap but have lasting value in the long run. One way of doing so is by buying the sneaker on release day at retail prices, which is where they are at their most affordable.

However, instead of lining up to store for hours to buy them, you can quickly place your orders on Frenzy, a Shopify-owned app.

It will notify you of the release dates of the latest sneakers from the biggest brands. From there, you can place your orders and make a profit by reselling them. The goal of the app is to reduce that friction between retailers and consumers so both can seamlessly make transactions and make money faster.

However, new pairs of shoes come far and few in between. To make money in reselling shoes, you need to find pairs sold under reseller price so you can profit off them. But how can you know how much a pair of shoes cost?

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They Are Sometimes Named Drake

Drake is a dude who knows his sneakers. “Drizzy’s Shoe Game Is Unstoppable” is an Internet headline youre as likely to read as any these days. Now Drake probably isn’t buying as an investment , but he does have darn good taste. He rocks Jordan Retro IIIs, Vs, XIs, Jordan Premio “Bin 23” VIIs, the rare Nike Air Yeezys, Kobes, and LeBrons. His Air Jordan collection alone numbers in the hundreds of pairs. And if youre looking to invest, you could do worse than to buy the shoes Drake has his name on. Pairs from the line he made with Nike, the Air Jordan 10 x OVO, go for $500 or more on eBay. He’ll likely partner with Nike again, and waiting in line for the drop is probably as good a bet as any. Besides, it could be worse. You could have stood in the cold to buy his sweatshirt collaboration with the Jordan brand.

Writing An Accurate & Personal Description

How To Sell Sneakers On StockX (MAKE MONEY)

Youve hooked them in with your title, theyve scrolled through the photos, and now theyre reading your description.

Youre unlikely to be the only one selling your particular sneakers, so you have to stand out. Think of the copy as what a salesperson might say in a store thats how you want to come across.

Firstly, the details you have to include:

  • Brand, color and model. Use the exact colorway description if you can e.g. University Red, Safari etc. because this will enable accurate searches.
  • Sizing in US/EU/UK, because buyers could be from anywhere.
  • Condition e.g. New with tags , New without tags , Like New, Worn Once, Hardly worn, Used in good condition, Used with signs of wear. If there are specific marks, call these out e.g. Small stain on toe, please see photos for more.
  • With original box
  • Materials: nubuck suede, leather, mesh etc.

If you can find your sneaker listed by the brand or retailer, it can be time efficient to copy parts of the official description, especially when it comes to materials and colors.

Secondly, these are the details which will personalise your description:

  • Why youre selling them: too big/small, closet clear-out, dont wear enough.
  • Who they would work for: To add bright colors to your rotation.
  • Outfit suggestions: These look great with sweats for a cosy look.

Add in anything else you think is relevant after all, youre selling yourself as much as the sneakers.

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How To Become A Sneaker Reseller: Make Money Flipping Sneakers

I continue to wear my shoes with holes in them. I cant remember the last time I paid over $100 for a pair of shoes. However, in todays day in age, there are hundreds of people paying top dollar for pairs of shoes. Im a fan of taking advantage of opportunities when they become available and theres no better place than flipping sneakers at the moment. In order to invest at a faster rate, I need to continually find ways to increase my income and cash flow.

Flipping sneakers is one of the most lucrative ventures today. If you land the right sneakers and resell a pair of them, you can make tons of money. This article is your ultimate guide on how to become a sneaker reseller and make money flipping sneakers. You can buy certain sneakers are retail price and sell them on a secondary market for sometimes 2-3x retail price.

Opportunity is key. One key thing that millionaires have in common. They take advantage of opportunities when they present themselves. The time is now for hustling sneakers.

Here are several other money management tips that you should learn to increase your income.

Sneaker Reselling Tip #: Let Trends Guide You

Aimé Leon Dore x New Balance 550 Sneakers JJJJound x New Balance 992 Sneakers New Balance x One Block Down Milan 991 Sneakers

For shoppers, theres nothing more thrilling than finding those trending, sold-out-everywhere kicks on TRR for sellers, theres nothing like capitalizing on the buzz and flipping them to earn more. Whats popular in the retail sphere is often what shoppers want most, so it makes sense that with limited supply and high demand, the latest drops can earn you a tidy profit. But you may be surprised to learn that New Balance, the unsuspecting performance running shoe brand, has risen to new levels of hype, with NB sneaker resale value following suit.

Two years ago we were pricing sneakers from the New Balance 990 line for $50-$75, but now were seeing them sell for $200-$300, with some collaboration pairs going for even more, says Azarcon. New Balance had an incredible year in 2020. Weve seen collaborations with Joe Freshgoods, WTAPS and even Aimé Leon Dore exceed the $1,000 mark in the secondary market, which has never happened before with New Balance. As sneakers in general become more mainstream, many people are drawn to more niche, new-to-them brands such as New Balance. The brands Made in the US line boasts great quality and is a huge draw for consumers who appreciate craftsmanship.

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Why Lil Nas Xs Satan Shoes Are The Hypebeast Purchase Of The Year

During the pandemic, the Virginia native also relocated from Queens to Tennessee: The perks of living in New York disappeared overnight, he said. Sharitt was initially looking for a storage place to house his inventory, but he wasnt finding anything suitable. Instead, he rented a retail space and opened up Unique Sneaks, a sneaker resale store in Johnson City, Tennessee. He said he also bought his first home.

Every year my business keeps growing. I would like to say most successful resellers do because they just keep reinvesting their money, he said. I am always patient, waiting for good deals to pop up or a shoe to be undervalued.

Even Wu, who is not a reseller by trade, made about $40,000 casually selling sneakers because they were in demand.

I did it as a hobby and made a pretty significant amount of money without really trying, said the Lower East Side resident.

Wu said he recently scored a pair of red hot Travis Scott Air Jordan 6 in British khaki which sold out in just a day for his girlfriend. At the moment, they are the most sought after. Travis Scott is probably the biggest collaborator right now, he said.

Wu added that Yeezys the collaborations between Adidas and Kanye West are just as popular as Air Jordans. And Reeboks Allen Iverson Legacy kicks are also in demand.

Hasbani said he honed his work ethic by studying his father who owned a restaurant.

General Resale Sites & Apps

Air Jordan 4 Retro  Royalty

If you aren’t able to flip sneakers via the above marketplaces and apps, the next best place to resell sneakers for profit is through general resale sites.

Here are a few places to check out:

The advantage of going through larger sites such as eBay or Facebook Marketplace is reaching a wider audience. The biggest disadvantage, of course, is not having a platform dedicated to the business of reselling sneakers.

So you might not have a middle man to process the transaction. You could also run the risk of striking a bad deal. Nevertheless, these general resale sites are where many people get their start, so it’s not a bad idea to sort through the listings. If you have a rare item to sell, sometimes general resale sites will result in higher final sales because of market competition.

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Adidas Human Race Nmd Pharrell X Chanel

The collaboration was done exclusively for Colette, a shop in Paris described by some as as the trendiest store in the world. It closed about a year-and-a-half ago, Morrison says. Now the price tag makes a little more sense. Sells for: £6,000-£10,000

Kanyes final collaboration with Nike is ludicrously in-demand. Its almost like people have forgotten he made them, because he moved to Adidas soon after, says Raichura. I actually sold a pair myself, for £6,000, which is crazy. Sells for: £4,500-£6,000

Most Valuable Sneaker Ever: Michael Jordans Game

Danny Hasbani has been selling sneakers since he was 14, but during the pandemic, the 18-year-old Little Falls, NJ, resident saw his profits skyrocket: He said he made more than $1 million in sales in 2020, about triple from the year before.

It was a lot easier to sell shoes during the pandemic, Hasbani told The Post. People wanted to spend money on shoes and clothes. They went online because they didnt feel comfortable going to the stores to spend their stimulus check.

Hasbani, who is now a student at Montclair State, noted UPS and the United States Postal Service never shut down. Plus, the then-football player and wrestler at Passaic Valley High School had more time to devote to his side hustle. I had more time on my hands. The gyms were closed, school was taking up less hours and sports were on hold, he said.

The sneaker resale hustle has flourished during the COVID-19 lockdown and beyond. In February 2021, research firm Piper Sandler estimated the market was worth an eye-popping $10 billion a $4 billion increase from 2019. In April, high-end online reseller StockX was valued at $3.8 billion. And Cowan Equity Research predicts the industry will mushroom to $30 billion by 2030.

But when the pandemic hit, sending the country into a state of the unknown, kicks were the last thing on peoples minds. Then a collision of boredom, stimulus checks and, notably, a blockbuster Michael Jordan documentary sparked a boom in buying and selling limited-edition soles.

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How To Sell Your Sneakers Online: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

Not every sneakerhead is in the game for the same reasons. Some are in it for the nostalgia, still in love with the pairs they wore in their teens. Some are in it for the clout, addicted to posting their latest pickups on Instagram. Others, meanwhile, are in it for the profit, running their sneaker closet like a business.

Regardless of how you got into sneakers, these days it’s nearly impossible to keep up with all the shoes dropping every weekend. The reality is, eventually a time will come when youll feel the need to liquidate some of your stash, either to make way for new pairs, or simply because you feel its time to downsize the collection. In turn, sneaker-specific marketplaces such as Grailed, Klekt, StockX, and others have been on the up, connecting buyers and sellers around the world.

For those who are new to the hustle, heres a step-by-step guide to selling your sneakers online:

How To Buy & Sell The Most Expensive And Sought

Selling Stolen Jordans To Pawn Shops!

Ever since the 70s, there are only two brands that mattered to most sneakerheads: Nike and Adidas.

Both brands have produced lines of sneakers and shoes for athletes and artists. Some of those lines have withstood time and exponentially increased their value since their release. Some brands have made waves and are poised to make one . However, if youre in the sneaker industry, you cant go wrong with these two brands.

Below are some of the more popular expensive shoes in the market pioneered by the two brands:

Most Popular Expensive Shoes to Resell

As mentioned, there are other up-and-comer brands with pairs of sneakers worth looking into. Thanks to Stephen Curry, Under Armours stock is rising. And while Big Baller Brand built their brand around hype , the $500 pair of kicks theyre selling is interesting to say very least.

That being said, when youre starting out with flipping sneakers and learning about the resale market for popular sneakers, you should stick with the most popular brands.

In the beginning, learning about the sneaker resale market, secondary markets, and spotting fake sneakers will take up plenty of time and energy. You dont need to be speculating until you get your sneaker game up to snuff!

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