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Silver Sneakers Vs Silver And Fit

Which Medicare Advantage Plans Have Silversneakers

Silver Sneakers and Silver & Fit

While some companies are more notorious for offering fitness benefits, our agents can usually find solutions to any preference.

Many Advantage plans provide gym benefits to their members, although not every plan or service area offers this benefit.

Some of the major carriers that provide SilverSneakers are:

  • Aetna

Our agents can help you to identify coverage and find affordable gym options.

Silver And Fit Medicare Program

Posted: Silver& Fit toll-free Member Services hotline at 1-877-764-2746 for more options or to see if they can nominate the facility to become a Silver& Fit location. Is Silver& Fit the Same as SilverSneakers? Silver& Fit is similar to and is sometimes mistaken for another Medicare fitness program called SilverSneakers.

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Silver And Fit Vs Silversneakers

Silver and Fit and SilverSneakers are similar in the fact that theyre both fitness programs through Medicare, but theyre not the same plan. These are different companies that provide comparable benefits.

Both companies offer fitness opportunities and group fitness classes. The programs are attainable with Supplement and Advantage plans.

Check location listings in your area to make sure that a program IS near you. Those without a local gym can choose Silver and Fit, which provides a home fitness kit.

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Does Tricare For Life Cover Silversneakers

TRICARE For Life doesnt provide SilverSneakers coverage. But, enrolling in an Advantage plan could provide you with extra benefits.

If there is an Advantage plan with fitness benefits in your area, enrolling will give you access. You must review your benefits before joining.

Choosing an Advantage plan could limit you to a network of doctors smaller than the TRICARE network.

Does Cigna Or Any Sup Carrier Have Gym Membership

Trainers Prada

Posted: Nov 04, 2018 · Cigna ARLIC uses Silver and Fit. Supplements with UHC, Humana, and some of the Blues have Silver Sneakers, with UHC switching to Renew Active in more states in 2019 for their MA plans. Anyone know which fitness benefit Cigna HealthSpring has for its MA plans? I have a client whose only criterion for an MA plan is S& F …

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Question #: What Is Silversneakers

SilverSneakers is a health and fitness program designed for adults 65+ thats included with many Medicare Plans.

SilverSneakers members can:

  • Take fun exercise classes designed for seniors of all fitness levels and led by trained instructors.
  • Go to thousands of gyms, community centers, and other participating fitness locations across the nation.
  • Find a friendly, supportive community in person and online.

The goal? To help you stay strong in body, mind, and spirit. Regular physical activity keeps your heart, brain, bones, muscles, and joints healthy. If you have a chronic condition like arthritis, diabetes, or osteoporosis, safe exercise can help you feel better. Plus, staying social is vital to good health.

According to SilverSneakers members, it works. In fact, 94 percent of members rate their health as excellent, very good, or good. And 88 percent say SilverSneakers has improved their quality of life.

Silversneakers And Silver And Fit Insurance Providers

While we cant list out the current SilverSneakers® and Silver and Fit® insurance providers , we can tell you that many of the major carriers that youve heard of offer these programs as a part of their Medicare Advantage plans.

If youre interested, we can set you up to chat with a licensed agent who knows everything about what plans are available in your area today. Just call 844-431-1832 or .

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How Much Does Renew Active Cost

There is no additional monthly premium to participate in the Renew Active program. Many UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage plans that include the Renew Active benefit are available with a $0 premium.

The cost of a UnitedHealthcare Medicare Supplement Insurance plan with Renew Active will vary depending on location and the level of coverage selected. You can explore the UHC Medicare Advantage plans available where you live to find a plan that covers Renew Active.

Does Cigna Health Insurance Have Silver Sneakers

What Is SilverSneakers and Silver & Fit?!?

Posted: Seniors across the nation with a Silver Sneakers membership have unlimited access to over 14,000 gym locations where they can participate in healthy physical activity.25 juil. 2018 How long does it take Cigna to reimburse? See also How much money can you make and still qualify for Oregon health Plan?

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Question #: Do You Have Online Classes

Yes, and lots of them! If youre a SilverSneakers member, you get access to both live online classes and prerecorded video workouts.

SilverSneakers LIVE offers full-length SilverSneakers classes live through Zoom. With over 50 classes a week, theres something for everyone. Youll find favorites such as SilverSneakers Classic Light, Circuit Light, Yoga, EnerChi, and BOOM MIND. Theres also Zumba Gold, Cardio Mix, Bodyweight Boot Camp, and Group Personal Training. Plus, youll find live workshops, including Balance Builder, the Happiness Effect, and Nutrition as We Age.

Classes and workshops occur multiple times throughout the day and are exclusive for SilverSneakers members. Learn more in our guide to SilverSneakers LIVE.

SilverSneakers On-Demand features hundreds of videos for SilverSneakers members only. Youll find workout videos for cardio, strength training, and fall prevention. Youll also get nutrition videos, such as healthy eating habits for older adults and how to read food labels.

To get started, log in to or create your online account.

Find Silver Sneakers Gym Locations Near Me

Posted: Jul 22, 2021 · Locate a fitness center near you by visiting the main website and entering your zip code in the Find Silver Sneakers Location app on the homepage. With so many locations across the country, its easy to find Silver Sneakers gyms near me. There is a gym for everyone with everything from small, privately owned local gyms to some of …

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United Healthcare And Silver Sneakers

After learning about Silver Sneakers, you are probably impressed with the program. You can imagine yourself in a gym getting fit or adhering to a nutritional plan, and feeling 30 again. But theres more to the story

As of October 2019, United Healthcare announced that it will no longer offer SilverSneakers as a benefit. Anyone who was not enrolled in United Healthcares plans by January 2021 will not be able to access SilverSneakers as a benefit.

This drop in support is not a falling-out between the companies. NPR even did a story on the breakup.

But you still might be shocked, considering the benefits and robustness of Silver Sneakers. United Healthcare found that despite offering SilverSneakers, 90% of those who have the benefit never set foot in a SilverSneakers gym. Many Medicare recipients may have not been aware of the benefit, thus not using it. Those who reap the benefits of this program will, however, be supported.

United Healthcare is not alone in ending their relationship with Silver Sneakers.

The Tennessee YMCA and BlueCross BlueShield have ended their relationship with Silver Sneakers in all their locations.

Tivity Health announced that if you are already enrolled in United Healthcares plans and receive SilverSneakers as a benefit, then it will remain available to you through December 31, 2022.

Mutual Of Omaha Senior Fitness Benefits

Diesel Sneakers In Silver

Recently, Mutual of Omaha Medicare Advantage plans began a wellness initiative with the Tivity Healths Prime Fitness network of over 10,000 workout locations. With the help of a mobile app, customers have access to many resources.

Further, the wellness program includes complementary and alternative medicine services like chiropractic, acupuncture, massage therapy, and more. The program has a discount network with over 20,000 doctors.

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How Do I Join Silver Sneakers Gym

Posted: Nov 25, 2020 · Does Planet Fitness do Silver Sneakers? Where is SilverSneakers Offered? SilverSneakers has more than 15,000 locations at participating gyms, community centers, and fitness centers around the country. This includes some of the countrys largest chains, like LA Fitness, the YMCA, and Planet Fitness. Is Silver Sneakers being discontinued?

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Question #: I Lost My Silversneakers Card How Do I Get A New One

If youre already a SilverSneakers member, you can get your digital membership card instantly here.

To make things even easier, download the SilverSneakers GO app . Youll be able to:

  • Access your digital membership card anytime.
  • Find SilverSneakers locations and classes near you.
  • Discover, schedule, and track your workouts.

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Which Medicare Plans Have Silver Sneakers In 2022

Posted: SilverSneakers is a fitness program that is specifically targeted to seniors in order to help them stay fit and healthy. In participating fitness and wellness centers, gyms and YMCAs and currently also online, you will find specially trained instructors to teach SilverSneakers classes.

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Silver And Fit Locations

Get Fit Fast Challenge: 7 Days of Quick Workouts | SilverSneakers

If you choose to enroll in this program, you will have access to over 11,000 Silver and Fit gyms and locations nationwide. These locations can include gyms, wellness centers, and YMCAs. Once you have your Silver & Fit® membership info, you can select a gym. Just be sure to call the gym and verify that they are participating in the Silver & Fit® program.

Weve put together a few quick lists based on where the majority of our audience lives. If your location isnt listed, go to to find locations near you.

Have more questions specific to Silver & Fit®? The Silver and Fit phone number is 1-877-427-4788.

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Chief Experience And Innovation Officer

As Chief Experience and Innovation Officer at Tivity Health, Stacey Santo is responsible for all customer and innovation initiatives, digital product and service offerings, and the companys data-driven marketing strategies, platforms and programs. With a wealth of experience in strategic marketing and consumer engagement, Santo is passionate about combining data insights and creativity to create deeper and more relevant connections.

Prior to joining Tivity Health, Santo served as Executive Vice President of Global Digital Strategy, Consumer Engagement and Digital Marketing for ASICS Digital connecting commerce, fitness services and digital consumer marketing globally for ASICS. Driven to create new services and products that change consumer behavior, she has been on leadership teams of four successful digital start-ups including Rue La La and RunKeeper.

Santo holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Boston University.

Is Crunch Fitness Part Of Silver Sneakers

Posted: Jan 09, 2020 · But Crunch Fitness, unlike Gold’s Gym, does not offer Silver Sneakers. The benefit of the Silver Sneakers program goes beyond the free gym membership. It also includes access to many of the club’s amenities and the customized Silver Sneakers classes. Click to see full answer. People also ask, what gyms honor Silver Sneakers? A National Network.

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Planet Fitness Banned Exercises

Posted: It is weird for gyms to ban exercise! After all, they are gyms and all exercise should be welcomed. Additionally, Planet Fitness claims that they are a judgement-free zone. So why do they judge the exercises and ban them? The reason for banning such exercises may be due to the target market of Planet Fitness. They target people who arent bodybuilders. PFs target market is those who just want to start their journey into fitness. Thats also the reason why they mostly have car

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Silversneakers How Does It Work

[Made To Order]Large Stock!!! Super Perfect CHristian ...

SilverSneakers is a program encouraging older adults to participate in physical activities that will help them to maintain greater control of their health. SilverSneakers sponsors activities and social events designed to keep those 65 and older healthy while encouraging social interaction. As well as keeping you physically healthy, SilverSneakers can contribute to your overall well-being by connecting you to others in fitness classes and helping you stay social. According to, 88 percent of SilverSneakers members say that SilverSneakers has improved the quality of their life.

SilverSneakers is available around the country, and membership provides access to any participating gym locationincluding all amenities included with basic level access. Each SilverSneakers location is outfitted with an advisor who will introduce you to the program and help get you started. SilverSneakers also includes an invitation to sponsored health education seminars and other fitness-related events.

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Which Insurance Companies Offer Silversneakers

Some of the health insurance companies that offer Medicare Advantage plans offer at least one plan that includes SilverSneakers membership.

Some Medicare Advantage plan carriers that you may consider include:

For California residents, CA-Do Not Sell My Personal Info, . is a website owned and operated by TZ Insurance Solutions LLC. TZ Insurance Solutions LLC and TruBridge, Inc. represent Medicare Advantage Organizations and Prescription Drug Plans having Medicare contracts enrollment in any plan depends upon contract renewal.

The purpose of this communication is the solicitation of insurance. Callers will be directed to a licensed insurance agent with TZ Insurance Solutions LLC, TruBridge, Inc. and/or a third-party partner who can provide more information about Medicare Advantage Plans offered by one or several Medicare-contracted carrier. TZ Insurance Solutions LLC, TruBridge, Inc., and the licensed sales agents that may call you are not connected with or endorsed by the U.S. Government or the federal Medicare program.

Plan availability varies by region and state. For a complete list of available plans, please contact 1-800-MEDICARE , 24 hours a day/7 days a week or consult

Medicare has neither reviewed nor endorsed this information.

Silversneakers Eligible Gyms And Locations

There are over 16,000 SilverSneakers® locations across the United States. These locations include gyms, wellness centers, and YMCAs. Additionally, each location can provide equipment demonstrations.

Are you in Tennessee? Read this: YMCAs in Tennessee will no longer be accepting SilverSneakers®.

Once enrolled, you have access to any of these participating facilities. Enrollees receive a list of local participating facilities, including addresses and phone numbers.

Weve compiled lists of SilverSneakers® locations based on where most of our audience is located. If your location is not listed,

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Enrolling In Silversneakers& Silver& fit


SilverSneakers is available at additional cost to individuals who belong to participating Medicare health plans or Medicare Supplement carriers. When you enroll in SilverSneakers, you receive a free membership to Walton Lifetime Health Complex and access to all of our classes – go to for more information about programming, eligibility and enrollment.

Silver & Fit

The Silver& Fit program is available to individuals who belong to participating Medicare health plans or Medicare Supplement carriers. A Silver& Fit membership grants you access to the entire WLHC facility for a one-time annual fitness fee or for free, depending on your insurance carriers guidelines. Go to for more information programming, eligibility and enrollment.

How do I enroll?

Contact the Membership Office at 479-524-7303 or for more information regarding our SilverSneaker & Silver& Fit fitness programs.

® SilverSneakers is a registered mark of Healthways Health Support, Inc.

® Silver& Fit is a registered mark of American Specialty Health, Inc.

2000 W. University St., Siloam Springs, AR 72761 | 479-524-9500 |

John Brown University is a leading private Christian university, training students to honor God and serve others since 1919. Arkansas top-ranked university and top-ranked regional university , JBU enrolls more than 2,200 students from 37 states and 48 countries.

Quick Answer: Is The Silver Sneakers Progrsm Only For

Assess Your Overall Fitness with SilverSneakers

Posted: does planet fitness accept silver sneakers? Various Planet Fitness locations throughout the country participate in the SilverSneakers® program. It all depends on where you live and what is included in your SilverSneakers® membership. Planet Fitness is one of many large gym chains that participate in the program.

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Renew Active Vs Silver Sneakers: How Are They Similar

When comparing Renew Active vs Silver Sneakers, you will find they are very similar in their main functions.

  • To start, both programs offer free gym memberships at local fitness facilities.
  • In addition, you can sign-up for multiple fitness locations with both memberships.
  • Both plans offer at-home options for people that are too far away from any participating facilities.
  • For at home options with Renew Active you must call their customer service phone number. Apparently, you can find this on the back of your health plan member ID.
  • You can find SiliverSneakers at home programming information online here.
  • Finally, Medicare Advantage Plans include one of these programs at no additional cost to plan members.
  • Free Senior Gym Membership Program In Florida

    Posted: SilverSneakers gives you free access to multiple gyms and fitness centerslike the YMCAfrom Pensacola to Palm Bay. More than just a free gym membership for seniors, SilverSneakers provides a network of fitness locations, full access to amenities and a roster of energizing classes led by certified instructors.

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    What Is Silversneakers

    SilverSneakers is a fitness program for beneficiaries. The program promotes optimal health and can help create bonds within the community.

    Group fitness classes go hand in hand with SilverSneakers and offer training classes from instructors. The program is nationwide and available through more than 16,000 fitness centers.

    Further, you have access to on-demand workout videos and classes. You can download the SilverSneakers GO app to get a digital membership card as well as workouts on the go.

    The program aims to help seniors find a healthy, supportive community, online and in-person. Over 85% of members say the program is improving their quality of Life.

    Some plans include this benefit at no extra charge, and some policies require an additional payment for gym benefits.

    Silver And Fit Program

    Chiara Ferragni

    Posted: Join a Fitness Center. Join a participating Fitness Center where you can work out, take classes, and meet other Silver& Fit members $25 annual non-refundable membership fee. OR. Join a qualified, out-of-network Fitness Center and receive up to a $150 reimbursement annually for your fitness center membership dues and fees. Online Community

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