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Does Aetna Plan G Cover Silver Sneakers

Which Medicare Plans Have Silver Sneakers In 2022

Total Body Workout with Weight | SilverSneakers

SilverSneakers is a fitness program that is specifically targeted to seniors in order to help them stay fit and healthy.

In participating fitness and wellness centers, gyms and YMCAs and currently also online, you will find specially trained instructors to teach SilverSneakers classes. Of course, the availability of SilverSneakers classes varies by insurance plan and your location, and is subject to change, but if one is available to you, you may be able to join group exercise classes, the classic program with a variety of exercises, fitness and workout programs for cardiovascular and muscular strength, aerobics, yoga, as well as relaxation and stretching classes for stress reduction. All programs are designed to be easy-to-follow, low-impact on movement, safe, heart-healthy and gentle on the joints. Many classes offer chair support in order to increase flexibility, balance and range of movement.

What Insurance Plans Offer Silversneakers

Before we list the specific insurance companies that include SilverSneakers coverage, its important to keep several things in mind:

  • The list of providers currently offering access to SilverSneakers changes every year.
  • This list below details the major carriers widely known in the United Statesyou may find other, lesser-known insurance companies that offer SilverSneakers.
  • Not all plans in all states or counties will have SilverSneakers, even if the insurance company is listed as offering the program. For this reason, you should always check the specifics of any plan youre interested in.

For 2021, the following alphabetical list comprises insurance companies that offer SilverSneakers as part of their plan benefits:

How Can I Get Silver Sneakers If I Have Original Medicare

Learn what the Silver Sneakers program is and how it works with Medicare.

Mental and physical well-being is an important part of overall health at any age. Silver Sneakers is a well-known program that is catered to seniors. Medicare recipients can save on health care costs by taking advantage of wellness opportunities with Silver Sneakers.

Find out what Silver Sneakers offers, how to get access to it, and how you should make choices on your Medicare options in regard to Silver Sneakers.

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What Are The Benefits Of Silversneakers

SilverSneakers hosts group fitness classes in 17,000 gyms and community facilities across the United States. Additionally, its FLEX program covers 80 different activities outside of the gym environment, from outdoor walking to yoga to strength training all of which are activities promoted by public health organizations to benefit older adults.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control recommends that healthy adults age 65 or older get 150 minutes per week of moderate to intense aerobic activity and two days per week of muscle-strengthening activities. Fitness programs like SilverSneakers encourage this regimen with an added social incentive in which members engage with a community of peers for support and encouragement on their fitness journey.

According to an annual member survey, 88% of SilverSneakers participants said participating in the program boosted their quality of life, while 64% saw improvement in hypertension symptoms, and 62% experienced arthritis relief.

For members seeking to participate from home, SilverSneakers on-demand video library offers the same experience in a virtual setting. Online content includes fitness classes, step-by-step workouts, and other educational videos.

Using the programs Android and iOS app, SilverSneakers GO, users can customize their health plan, communicate with peers, find participating fitness facilities, and even track their progress.

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How Much Does Medicare Supplement Plan G Cost

25+ Dental Insurance Statistics For 2022 &  Beyond

Since Medicare Supplement or Medigap plans are sold by private companies, the cost of your Medigap Plan may differ from company to company, according to the Medicare Interactive. Although all the companies offer the same set of benefits under Plan G, differences in the premiums that they charge can vary greatly.Therefore, when you decide to buy a Medigap policy, you should compare the plansâ premium between different companies.The cost of your Medigap Plan depends on which factors your insurance company has chosen to decide the premium of the plan. Factors that may affect the cost of your Medigap Plan are:

  • Your marital status
  • Your use of tobacco

âFor someone turning 65, a Plan G can be as inexpensive as $80/month or as much as $200/month in other areas,â Ball says. âPrices for Plan G are considerably higher in some states than others. Also, although coverage on a Plan G is the exact same from company to company, the pricing is set by the company and can vary considerably. It is always prudent to check rates from a handful of companies before making a decision.â

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Silversneakers Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if Im eligible?

You can verify eligibility through your health insurance provider by calling the 1-800 number on the back of your health insurance card. Or you can call Tivity directly. If you are eligible, your provider will give a 16-digit Tivity SilverSneakers ID number. To enroll, we ask that you bring this ID number and your photo ID to Life Time.

Can I access multiple locations with Silver Sneakers? Or just one location?

Your membership will include access to most locations that are equal to or less in membership costs nationwide that partners with Silver Sneakers. To verify location access, please contact Tivity and/or your health insurance provider to discover your access level.

Are there specific Silver Sneakers Classes at Life Time?

Are your trainers certified in Silver Sneakers?

Life Time Personal Trainers are nationally certified and customize programs based on a clients goals, preferences, and fitness level. Many trainers also have a degree in Kinesiology or Sports Medicine as well as seek additional certifications that support healthy and active aging. Additionally, weve hand-selected a group of trainers who are certified to train active, older adults. These trainers have extensive knowledge in common injuries, surgeries, medications and more all to customize the personal training experience.

How do I enroll?

Is a card on file required?

Do I pay anything to begin my membership?

Who may I add to my membership?

Is Beach Club included?

Aetna Medicare Advantage Plan Benefits Focus On Your Well

Medicare Advantage plans from Aetna offer a wide range of benefits in addition to SilverSneakers membership. These benefits are designed to help take care of your total health.

Aetna Medicare Advantage plans may also include:

  • Prescription drug coverage
  • Prescription home delivery for plans that include prescription drug coverage
  • 24/7 nurse hotline
  • No-added-cost annual flu shots

Plan availability and features can vary by service area. Be sure to ask a licensed insurance agent or check your plans Evidence of Coverage to see what benefits are offered with your plan.

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What Are Silversneakers Eligibility Requirements

Silver-Sneakers requires a Medicare plan or Medigap plan. You can search for insurers by going to

Do Medigap plans cover the SilverSneakers program? Yes, some Medigap plans cover SilverSneakers . For example, Anthem, Humana and Blue Cross and Blue Shield Medigap plans provide SilverSneakers as an added benefit in some states.

Medicare Prescription Drug Plans

Aetna Medicare Advantage PPO With $0 Premiums?

The Aetna standalone prescription drug plans serve 5.7 million members. In 2022, Aetna Medicare will offer the same three individual standalone PDPs as in 2021. SilverScript SmartRx , featuring an average monthly premium of $7.08, will again be the lowest premium plan available from Aetna. SilverScript Choice will be under the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services benchmark pricing in 49 states and D.C., while SilverScript Plus has the most robust prescription drug coverage. All three plans are available in all 50 states and D.C and feature lower Tier 1 and Tier 2 copays at preferred retail pharmacies. Source: CMS 2022 PDP Landscape Source Files available at

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Best Exercises For Seniors

As a senior its important to stay active. Sure, it can get hard as you get older, but there are so many senior fitness programs that offer great ways you can get your exercise when you dont have time for the gym. We went through the Silver Sneakers videos and library and compiled a list of the best exercises for seniors using a simple resistance band. You can literally do these Silver Sneakers exercises anywhere!

Does Medicare Advantage Pay For Silversneakers

Nearly all Medicare Advantage plans include SilverSneakers or other fitness programs with no added cost. Half of the major insurers have SilverSneakers or a similar benefit, including AARP, Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Humana and Kaiser Permanente.

All the plans we reviewed cover free memberships in participating gyms across the U.S. and access to other wellness and mental fitness support services. Renew Active and Silver& Fit also provide home fitness kits for those who qualify.

Silver& Fit

All policies listed include free fitness benefits. Some insurers also have plans that charge for fitness coverage.

Regular exercise is good for overall health, and a SilverSneakers membership can help you achieve fitness goals. But when shopping for a Medicare Advantage plan, we don’t recommend using SilverSneakers or a similar benefit as a major deciding factor. You’ll want to make sure the plan is affordable, accepts your preferred doctors and covers prescriptions you take. If your ideal policy doesn’t cover fitness, you can save in other ways like joining a gym with a senior discount.

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Why Take Advantage Of Silver Sneakers

The Silver Sneakers program has both physical and emotional effects. You can lower cholesterol, blood pressure, lessen the side effects of diabetes, and have more energy just by walking 30 minutes a day. Working out can improve mental health by lowering depression and loneliness while meeting new people.

According to Pychs Central, researchers at the University of Chicago have found: the impact of loneliness on premature death is nearly as strong as the impact of disadvantaged socioeconomic status, which they found increases the chances of dying early by 19%

Which Gyms Are Included

Get Your Free Prescription Drug Card  Save Up To 80% On Rx

There are over 14,000 gyms that accept the SilverSneakers program., such as Snap Fitness, 24-hour fitness, AnytimeFitness, Planet Fitness, and the YMCA.

The official website for Silver Sneakers can help you find a gym near you. Though many gyms participate in the Silver Sneakers program, you can find some parts of the country where it is less active. Make sure to compare your options before you sign up.

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Silver Sneakers Gyms Locations

Posted: Jul 08, 2021 · Planet Fitness Silver Sneakers Derby 56 Pershing Drive Derby, CT 06418 278-8116 Anytime Fitness Silver Sneakers Wilton CT 84 Danbury Rd Wilton, CT 06897 210-7474 Note: Call before first visit LA Fitness NorwalkCT ** 761 Main Ave. Norwalk, CT 06851 842-0012 Riverbrook Regional YMCA 404 Danbury Rd. Wilton, CT 06897

Fitness View More

Which Insurance Plans Include Silver Sneakers

If you are looking forward to starting a steady, exciting, and rewarding exercise program, Silver Sneakers may be a suitable option for you. Getting active and setting up an exercise regime is important to keeping good health and leading a well-balanced lifestyle. Some insurance plans even offer coverage for the Silver Sneakers program. If youre wondering how to enjoy the benefits of the extensive program and what your insurance offers, keep reading.

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Does Aetna Supplemental Insurance Cover Silver Sneakers

Looking for does aetna supplemental insurance cover silver sneakers? Get direct access to does aetna supplemental insurance cover silver sneakers through official links provided below.

Follow these easy steps:

  • Step 1. Go to does aetna supplemental insurance cover silver sneakers page via official link below.
  • Step 2. Find the official insurance at the bottom of the website.
  • Step 3. If you still cant access does aetna supplemental insurance cover silver sneakers please leave a message below .

To learn more about Aetna Medicare Advantage plans in your area that offer SilverSneakers membership, or to enroll in an Aetna Medicare Advantage plan, speak with a licensed insurance agent. You can reach one by calling 1-877-890-1409 1-877-890-1409 TTY Users: 711 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Not every Medicare Advantage plan whether through Aetna, or a different private Medicare-approved insurance company offers SilverSneakers. An Aetna Medicare Advantage plans SilverSneakers membership may also include the FLEX program, which is a network of senior fitness classes such as line dance, Latin-style dance, walking groups, and more.

Does Medicare Pay For Silver Sneakers

AARP Dropping Silver Sneakers and ALTERNATIVES!

Medicare Advantage plans are private insurance companies approved by Medicare that must offer the same benefits as original Medicare. And, many of the Medicare Advantage plans offer additional benefits such as Silver Sneakers.

What is the silver sneakers age requirements?

As long as you are eligibile for Medicare Parts A and B, you can enroll in a participating Medicare Silver Sneakers plan.

This means that the private insurance companies are picking up the bill for Silver Sneakers and passing that benefit to you as a member.

This is how you are able to get your free Silver Sneakers membership.

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Gym Memberships And Fitness Classes

Posted: Dec 09, 2021 · 1 Participating locations are not owned or operated by Tivity Health, Inc. or its affiliates. Use of PL facilities and amenities is limited to terms and conditions of PL basic membership. Facilities and amenities vary by PL. 2 Membership includes SilverSneakers instructor-led group fitness classes. Some locations offer members additional classes.

MembershipInstructor View More

What Insurance Plans Include Silversneakers Coverage keeps our resources free by working as an affiliate partner with some companies mentioned on our site.These partnerships or the commission we may earn do not affect our opinions or evaluations of the products we mention.Our reviews are solely based on our research methodology and from input from our Advisory Board.Learn more about our ad policies.

What Insurance Plans Include SilverSneakers …

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Top Aetna Medigap Plans

The top Medicare Supplement plans in all states are Plan F, G, and N. Since Medigap plans are standardized, Plan F with Aetna offers the same coverage as Plan F with Humana. The difference? Cost.

So, if Aetna has a lower premium for a high coverage option in your area, you should enroll. But, if you can find a lower rate for a Humana Medicare Supplement with the same coverage, you should go with that carrier to save money.

There is no reason to pay more for the same coverage. But, we understand if you only want to do business with a particular company.

As for us, were not biased. We understand that Aetna is not going to be the most competitive across the board. But we also know theyre competitive in over 35 states.

You should choose your policy based on premiums.

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Which Plans Offer Silver Sneakers

Remember most plans do not offer Silver Sneakers. Check out our Silver Sneakers Search tool to see if there are any in your area. You can see which Medigap plans participate in Silver Sneakers and can get quotes and apply directly.

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Aetna Medicare Supplement Reviews

Because Medicare Supplement plans offer standardized benefits, choosing a high-rated carrier for your Medigap coverage is essential. Aetna is an A-rated Medicare Supplement carrier by AM Best and receives a 73/100 from the American Customer Satisfaction Index.

While all insurance companies receive complaints, Aetna Medicare Supplement plans tend to receive less negative feedback than compliments when it comes to benefits, customer service, and claim approval.

Compare Aetna Medicare Plans

Find the most affordable Medicare Plans today!

Overall, when compared to other Medicare Supplement plan carriers, Aetna boasts high overall ratings.

Tell Me The Meaning Of Silver Shoes

After age 60, health and happiness are more than just medical issues. This includes emotional aspects as well as physical. Silver Sneakers aims at addressing this need by offering a health-focused exercise program. It is available via many Medicare Part A Supplement plans. You realize you’ll need physical activity when you grow older.

Having to get into the gym can be daunting. As you exercise, a support network develops through interaction. Silver Sneakers offers indoor, outdoor, online and on-site fitness solutions. There will be several other activities that encourage social interaction.

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Does Original Medicare Cover A Medicare Gym Membership

Original Medicare includes Part A and Part B. Part A covers some of your hospital expenses. Part B is for medical costs, like doctor visits and some equipment. Original Medicare does not cover all costs, however. It does not include coverage for prescription medications. It also does not offer a Medicare gym membership as one of its benefits.

Aetna 2022 Medicare Plans Feature More Benefits Lower Member Costs And Greater Affordability

2021 Aetna Presentation

84 percent of Medicare beneficiaries can choose a $0 premium Aetna Medicare Advantage plan

HARTFORD,Conn., October 1, 2021 Aetna®, a CVS Health® company , announced its 2022 Medicare offerings, featuring expanded benefits focused on a holistic approach to health and new Medicare Advantage plan options, including Dual Eligible Special Needs Plans and Aetna Medicare Eagle® plans designed especially for Veterans in additional states.

A pioneer in the Medicare industry, Aetna has served Medicare beneficiaries since 1966, when it paid the nations first Medicare claim. Aetna now serves nearly 9.8 million Medicare members nationwide, as of .

The pandemic continues to disrupt so many aspects of our lives, including our health and well-being, said Christopher Ciano, president of Aetna Medicare. While were still focused on protecting our members from COVID-19, we also want to help improve their overall physical and mental health. Thats why we expanded our Aetna Medicare Solutions portfolio of products to include more benefits designed to make care more affordable, accessible and convenient. As part of the CVS Health family, Aetna helps provide access to the coverage and care you need from trusted health care professionals, when and where you need it, for maximum peace of mind.

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