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Sneakers I Can Wear To Work

What To Look For In Work Sneakers

How To Wear Sneakers To Work | How To Wear Tennis Shoes To Work

“For the office, you want to choose sneakers that are smart and reflect minimal flair,” says Newberger. “Premium materials like vegan leather always signify status, while metallics, platform silhouettes, and hints of color bring in more personal style.” the stylist says, “the soles of your sneakers are important too, whether they be a platform or close to the ground. You also want to stay away from shoes with strong tread, as they will signify youre ready for a more athletic experience than a work-oriented one. A chic pair of faux leather kicks are a no-brainer. But running shoes? Leave those at home.”

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star 70 High Top

The Chuck 70 is the remastered version of the Chuck Taylor from the 1970s. The sneaker utilises vintage details to celebrate the original design by including stitching on the sidewall, heavier grade canvas for the upper, and a slightly higher sidewall. Put the current Chuck Taylor alongside the Chuck 70 and you will notice these subtle changes amount to a more premium sneaker. Its the subtle differences that can be the difference between acceptable office attire and an outfit that is best kept for the weekend. The Converse Chuck 70 has an unmistakable design, one that is widely adopted by artists, musicians, thinkers and originals across the globe. This shoe is best paired with selvedge denim jeans, and a nice polo or bowling shirt to reflect the vintage vibes this shoe gives off.

Sole: Rubber 100%Features: organic cotton canvas, OrthoLite® cushioningPrice: $130

Leave Behind Your Tired Old Footwear And Bring Out These Comfy Laidback Sneakers That You Will Definitely Want To Wear To Work

Good shoes take you to good places. So walk in style in these sneakers, which are totally office-appropriate.

The trick to avoid looking like youre headed for the gym is to avoid graphic designs, bright colours and chunky soles. Keep it professional with a sleek silhouette, a monochromatic palette and special, subtle details.

Check out these chic and stylish sneakers that you can take with you to the office.

The sneaker gets the grown-up treatment with laser cut detailing.

Sleek and shiny in feminine pink, this Classic Cortez will work with a minimalist outfit.

Make a statement with ecological sneakers that are a hit with celebrities like Emma Watson and Marion Cotillard.

For a pared-down, minimalist aesthetic, look no further than Common Projects.

Gold detailing and a hand-painted camo swoosh from this Singaporean sneaker customizer add subtle touches to the classic Nike Air.

With a slim sole and white-on-white design, this Onitsuka Tiger sneaker is great to wear with an immaculate shirtdress.

Embellished with sequins and crystals, these are not your everyday running shoes.

Black ankle-high trainers are fashionable and functional, especially when paired with wide-leg pants and an architectural top.

A flash of metallic gold and silver will add polish to a pantsuit ensemble.

The satin laces and embroidered roses make this classic leather sneaker really pop.

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Pairs Of Sneakers You Can Totally Wear To The Office

If theres anything worse than a painstakingly long commute to work during rush hour, its getting to the office and discovering youve acquired a ton of nasty blisters due to your poor choice in footwear. Seriously. Been there, done that.

Thanks to the athleisure and normcore movements of recent years, sneakers have slowly but surely become an acceptable shoe option in many workplaces. Because lets be honest: who wouldnt trade in heels for a pair of pillowy kicks? Sneaker culture is alive and well, and with buzzy names being linked to massive brands , we dont see this trend dying down any time soon. With so many sleek options on the market, weve scoured the internet for the best of the bunch. Note: If your office abides by a strict dress code, you can always change out of your sneakers once at your desk.

From the classic Adidas Gazelle to streamlined Common Projects, click through the gallery for 19 pairs of stylish sneakers that you can totally wear to the office.


Retro Track Shoes You Probably Wanna Race To Get Before All The Nostalgic ’80s Kids Snatch Them Off The Shelves

Trendy Sneakers You Can Wear To Work

Promising review: “I wasnt sure about the look of these, as they are a bit light and long and narrow. It turns out I love them! They are super comfortable and the look is retro and they go with everything. I am considering buying a second pair, just not sure what color…or maybe the same for when these are worn out. They are exactly what I wanted.” JAMonOtt

Get them from Everlane for $98 .

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Fashionable Sneakers You Can Wear To Work

Were all about comfort when it comes to finding the best pair of heels, flats, wedges, and more. Since athleisure has made its way into everyday apparel, were one step closer to ditching our slacks for workout pants that look like real pants and trading in our heels for office-appropriate sneakers.

Were not talking about your running sneaks, but instead trendy sneakers that are stylish enough for the office.

Below, 17 fashionable sneakers you can wear to work:

The Outfit Is Just As Important As The Sneakers

Sneakers shouldn’t be an afterthought. They should be as considered of a choice as the chinos and merino wool sweater you put on regularly. Figure out how everything works together and it will open the door for more opportunities to wear something other than bench made shoes everyday. A pair of Air Max 1s or mono-colored ASICS Gel Lyte Vs can go with almost any ensemble purchased at J.Crew just as much as a pair of boat shoes can. It’s all about how it’s styled.

If the sneakers are loose and untied and the pants don’t fit well, of course the higher-ups are going to think it’s a sloppy look. But if the pants fit OK and they’re worn with a plain Oxford shirt popping out from underneath a grey sweatshirt, then adidas Pure Boosts might go unnoticed as everyone else is wincing around in their flat-soled shoes.

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Tip #: Muted Colors Are Your Friend

Muted colors and subtle patterns lend a more formal, refined vibe to your overall look.

If its spring or summer when youre reading this, you cant go wrong with your mid grey and pale pastels in combination with your menswear neutrals. For these looks, I typically go with an all-white or cognac leather dress sneaker.

If its fall or winter, you have many more shades and tones to work with. See my article about mens winter fashion we break down the color and types of clothes you should have in your closet for this time of year.

So in addition to the menswear neutrals, you can wear more rich, vibrant tones like deep purple, forest green, burgundy, burnt orange, mustard, and so on.

And as far as the dress sneakers, you can go with any of the three colors I mentioned: all white, cognac, or black.

J Crew Saturday Sneakers For Supportive Versatility

6 Best Shoes For Work/ What Shoes To Wear For Your Job

A pop of pink keeps these shoes fun.

J.Crew is a well-known go-to for prim, stylish flats and sandalsbut they also have a killer pair of prim, stylish sneakers. The shoes, made with a classic white leather, pink trim, and a pair of pink or white laces you can switch out, are ideal for heading to the office and the bar after work.

Bought these as a can wear with anything type sneaker and they have been great, writes a reviewer. Incredibly comfortable and cute enough to pair with a dress or skirt. Feels like nice quality leather and the color of the pink looks exactly like the pictures.

The Saturday Sneakers come in womens sizes 5 to 11 and run half a size large.

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Tretorn Sneakers Casually Cool Leather Sneakers You Can Count On When You Don’t Know What To Wear Start With Your Feet And Work Your Way Up

Promising review: “I bought this because they’re so dang cute in summer. These were so hot in the ’80s but they have made some upgrades since then. I had to run outside and slipped them on without socks and they are so comfy inside with soft cushiony sides as well as insole that I prefer to wear them without socks.”

Get them from Amazon for $37.50+ .

What Style Of Suit Is Best

Some would argue that you can wear any type of suit with sneakers. However, doing so and looking good is another matter.

Sure, any style has the potential to work well with sneakers, but that’s not to say that every man can pull it off.

Here at RMRS, I always talk about timeless style. Today is no exception so I’m not going to suggest a high-fashion, multi-colored suit is a style choice you should make

To keep things classy, simple, and timeless stick to one of the following:

  • Monotone Your suit, sneakers, and shirt are all shades of the same color. This works great for men who want to wear a suit with their sneakers while maintaining a sense of continuity throughout their outfits. With this style, your sneakers will not stand out they should blend in nicely with the rest of your outfit.
  • Patterned There’s no harm in incorporating patterns. A pin-stripe or checked suit is always an excellent option for fine tailoring. However, to help reduce the contrast between your suit and sneakers, opt for a heavier fabric suit and a t-shirt that matches the color of your footwear.
  • Light Colored Not everything has to be black and white. A light-colored suit can be a great way to add variety to your officewear. A powder-blue suit, for example, pairs incredibly well with plain white sneakers and a white shirt. Once again, for continuity’s sake, ensure the color of your shirt matches your trainers wherever possible.
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    How To Find Comfortable Work Shoes

    “Of course, style is up to you,” New York City-based podiatric surgeon Dr. Jacqueline Sutera details, “but when looking for sneakers to wear to work, make sure they have foot-loving features.” Keep the following in mind when shopping for sneakers to wear to work.

    “Sneakers should be wide enough so the toes are not jammed or crammed and must fit your foot well without having to be ‘broken in,” she explains. “They should also be able to accommodate any corn, callous, hammertoe, especially in the toe box.”

    “Everyday shoes that are worn a lot and for long periods of standing and walking should have a thicker sole,” says Dr. Sutera. “The sole should also, preferably, have a heel-to-toe drop, meaning that the heel and back part of the shoe is thicker than the front. Chunky sneakers, especially if they have a flat insole, should really be worn for short periods of walking and standing.”

    “I cannot stress enough how important arch support is! It can help set a more neutral foot, keep you from overpronating, and stabilize the foundation for the entire skeleton,” details the podiatrist. “And if the arch is abnormally flat or pronated, many problemssuch as bunions, hammertoes, tendonitis, back, hip, knee pain, etc.can occur or be made worse.”

    How To Keep Sneakers Clean

    Stylish Sneakers You Can Wear To Work

    Newberger says proper upkeep of your work sneakers is also paramount. “Its important that your work sneakers stay clean and clever. Make sure to invest in sneaker wipes and dont be afraid to use them.” She implores you to also keep your in-office styles separate from your “‘play sneakers,’ as those can get as dirty as you want, but your work sneakers should stay in tip-top shape.” Another tip she has for you: “Invest in shoe boxes that will always keep dust away from your favorite sneakers.”

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    Always Opt For Something Dark

    Having a clean pair of sneakers isn’t all it takes to make them pass as acceptable at sometimes. It often helps to have something either black, or as close to black as possible, as the only thing being worn if they’re not shoes.

    At first glance, many all-black sneakers go undetected as options that are way cooler than something with brogueing or a leather sole. The less attention they draw, the better. The goal is to wear sneakers and get away with it, not announce to the world that rules are being broken. And that advice can go for multiple aspects in life.

    Switch Out Old Sneakers

    You might have an old pair of running shoes that feel as comfy as slippers. But odds are these worn-in sneakers are wearing out your feet.

    “Most walking or running shoes only last for approximately 500 to 600 miles of wear,” Dr. Mendeszoon says. Once you pile on more miles than that, the shoe supplies less support. That means more strain on your feet.

    “On average, your shoes should be changed at least every six to 12 months depending on how many miles are covered,” he says.

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    Can Nurses Wear Cowboy Boots

    If you love cowboy boots and would love to give a western-style touch to your uniform you need to verify the dress code and hospital regulations of your area.

    You will need to contact your supervisor before taking a decision that could affect your job.

    Cowboy boots usually have heels which makes them a liability in a place where your footwear should be waterproof and non-slip which are characteristics that not all cowboy boots share.

    Keep in mind that while looking your best is still possible in your job you need to have in mind your safety.

    If you work in a hospital where cowboy boots are accepted just look for one that is safe and comfortable.

    They look great with scrubs but please avoid tucking them inside the scrubs because fluids could drip inside.

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    Now the huge question is: What to look for in cowboy boots?

    They shouldnt have heels, an anti-slip surface, and a waterproof material, and last but not least reflect your style.

    Johnston & Murphy Waterproof Prentiss For A Fashionable Durable Sneaker

    Classy Elegant & Timeless Sneakers For Women 2021 / Trainers for work, smart casual

    Sleek leather and cushy soles make for a great, comfy work shoes.

    These Johnston & Murphy sneaks have the silhouette of a running shoe but the sleek leather upper of a sophisticated pair of brogues or loafers. Reviewers love that they are waterproof, durable, and comfortable enough to justify the price.

    Was a little unsure about buying and keeping them due to the price, however, after wearing them all week to work everyday, I am very satisfied and happy to have kept them, writes a Zappos reviewer. Very comfortable, and I like the style.

    Johnston & Murphy Waterproof Prentiss shoes come in mens sizes 8 to 16 and are true to size.

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    How To Wear Sneakers Smart Casual Without Looking Sloppy + 5 Outfit Examples

    Special thanks to Thursday for sponsoring this piece!

    Every stylish man has had a sartorial stumbling block at some point in his life. Maybe its figuring out the middle ground between collared shirts and crew neck tees. Or finding the most flattering pair of shortsnot too fitted, not too baggy, but just right.

    Other guys trip over their feetor at least their footwear. It should be easy, right? Dress shoes are for work and more formal occasions, boots are for dates and bad weather, and sneakers are for working out and keeping it casual.


    Not quite.

    Just because the shoe fits doesnt mean you have to wear it.

    A few readers have reached out expressing frustration that when they try to wear sneakers in a dressier way it never seems to have the same refinement that their inspiration has.

    Do you relate to this:

    • You’ve tried every pair of sneakers in your closet but you always feel they make you look too underdressed for where you’re going
    • When you wear sneakers with an evening outfit you feel like a grandpa wearing his old trainers with his suit
    • You try to wear your office pants with your go-to sneakers and you look like you got dressed in the dark
    • Or you copy an outfit exactly, but on *you* it looks sloppy or lazy

    If you’ve all but given up on trying to wear sneakers in a more intentional way, fear not: There are some easy but important tricks to remember to nail that perfectly casual but still put-together style.

    Think About The Impression That The Sneakers Are Making

    Sneakers say a lot about who we are. Wearing an O.G. runner from the ’90s might say that someone is a certain type of collector, or a pair of loud, over-the-top high-tops could indicate the wearer wants to make a statement.

    Either way, going to work is first and foremost about conducting business. If it’s time to go to an important meeting with big-time clients, then it might not be the wisest decision to lace up a pair of highlighter-yellow ASICS or camp-print Reebok Instapump Furys.

    It might even be more appropriate to wear traditional dress shoes. But there’s a middle ground, too. Nike Tennis Classics, adidas Stan Smiths, and Common Projects Achilles are appropriate to wear with work attire and they won’t look as awkward as the latest signature basketball sneaker when coupled with a pair of chinos or trousers.

    When putting on one of these options, it still says, “Hey, I know what’s up and I’m not square,” but it also notes that someone cares about their job and the perception that others formulate about them. Consider it the best of both worlds.

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